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[Petition to the government of B.C. and the dominion of Canada] Chinese Canadian Association 1944

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W&z <§obetnmente of tfte $robmce of Prtttsfji Columtua
anb tfie ©omtntou of Canaba
THE HUMBLE PETITION of the undersigned members of the Chinese
Canadian Association, representing all persons of the Chinese race
residing in the Province of British Columbia, Canada, coming within the
definition of "Chinamen" as defined by Section 2 of the "Provincial
Elections Act" of the said Province, and hereinafter referred to as
(1) That by reason of Section 5, Sub-section (a) of the "Provincial eJ^V
Elections Act" of British Columbia, "Chinese" of the Province of British ^
Columbia may not make application to have their names inserted in any
list of voters and are disqualified from voting at any election.
(2) That Section 14, Sub-section 2 (i) of the "Dominion Elections
Act", being Chapter 46 of the Statutes of Canada, 1938, disqualifies and
renders incapable of being registered as a voter any person who is
disqualified by reason of race from voting at an election of a Member of
the Legislative Assembly of the Province in which he or she resides.
(3) That because of the provisions of the "Provincial Elections
Act" referred to, "Chinese" residing in British Columbia are prohibited
from voting at any Dominion or Provincial election taking place in the
said Province.
(4) That your Petitioners consist of persons of the "Chinese" race
and are Canadian citizens by birth or naturalization and many are
subject to military call and all, if necessary or required so to do, are
ready to take up arms and lay down their lives in defence of the country
against aggression.
(5) That we consider being deprived of the right to vote is an
unfair and arbitrary derogation of our rights as citizens of Canada.
(6) That unknown numbers of our race have given their lives in the
present struggle for democracy.
(7) That we are loyal citizens of Canada and consider that in view
of our efforts for many years to secure the right above referred to and
in view of our obligations with regard to military service our Petition
should be granted.
YOUR PETITIONERS therefore most humbly pray that Your Governments may be graciously pleased to grant to the "Chinese" resident in
the Province of British Columbia the right to vote at all elections held
in the said Province and that an Amendment will be made to the
"Provincial Elections Act" with the object of removing the disqualification of "Chinese" under the said Statute, thereby abolishing the
racial restriction preventing us from voting at all elections held in
the said Province including elections held under the said "Dominion
Elections Act",
Z^tr&sv     rSsesv'
y? o so. & & stf   6<^>vy<!7r
DATED at the City of Vancouver, Province of British Columbia,
Canada, this day of September, 1944.


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