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[Commission of Matthew Baillie Begbie] [Colony of British Columbia] Apr 29, 1879

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 F -
■"a-u -
^T ^^ ^
SS 3*' feellettcg ^ttfottj Pusgnu^, (fequut, (Bawrncr mtrt
<3{0mman£cr-}n-(3|ht^ 4 ft* ^alottg of grttiak  dfalumfe,
l\-l^»     Wvij     Vvl»
Matthew Baillie Begbie, Esquire,
a Justice of Our Lady the Queen,
;>   reposing especial trust in your learning, integrity and ability, do hereby assign and Commission
you  the  said  Matthew Baillie Begbie,   to  inquire, by the  Oath  of good and lawful men of the  said
Colony of British Columbia, by whom the truth of the matter may be better known, and by other
ways and means whereby you can or may the better know more fully the truth of all treasons, misprisions of
treasons, felonies, misdeeds, ofiences, and injuries whatsoever, and also the accessories of the same, within
the said Colony aforesaid, by whomsoever, and howsoever, done, perpetrated, or committed, and by
whom, to whom, when, how, and in what manner, and of all articles and circumstances to the premises, and
every or any of them, howsoever concerning, and for this time to hear and otherwise determine the said
treasons, and other the premises, according to the Laws now in force of the said Colony. And also to
deliver all the Gaols, and every the Gaol, of Our Lady the Queen, within the said Colony, of the
Prisoners therein being, according to the said Laws now in force of the said Colony aforesaid, with further
power and authority to hold Courts of Judicature, and to summon or cause to be summoned before you,
in such manner and by such form as you may think proper, all persons by means of Avhom it may be
deemed that the truth of the matter aforesaid may be more fully disclosed and made known, and also
to order the production of all books and documents which could be produced or examined in any Court
of Law, and also to commit to the custody of the keeper of Her Majesty's Gaols in the Colony aforesaid,
any person or persons who shall in any way presume to refuse, or neglect to obey, any of your lawful
commands in the premises, and whatsoever you shall do in and about the premises you shall with all
convenient speed return to me at Victoria, the Capital of the Colony aforesaid.
W&IX under my Hand and the Public Seal of the Colony, this   tces&ns&Z — r^u-r^/su
day of ^^U^^ A. D. YSJo.
v^^-^e ^C^-^y


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