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Alaska Princess Line Passenger List Canadian Pacific Railway Company Limited. British Columbia Coast 1936

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FOR OVER thirty years Canadian Pacific
"Princesses'7 have been performing a
regular all-year round service to Skagway
and other ports in Southeastern Alaska
carrying His Majesty's mails, passengers
and freight, connecting at Skagway with
the White Pass and Yukon Route for
points in the interior.
"Princess" steamships are renowned
throughout the world for their splendid
standard of service provided for the
safety, comfort and pleasure of those who
patronize them, and it is the earnest
desire of the Company that our clients
will find the service such as will enable
them to enjoy to the utmost the beauty
and grandeur of the "Inside Passage"
famous the world over for its magnificent
panoramas of sea and snow capped
mountains. Canadian Pacific Railway Co.
B. G. Coast Steamship Service
W. Q. Palmer, Master
F. McGraw, First Officer
B. F. Osbon, Chief Engineer
A. H. Bird, Purser
T. Brown, Chief Steward
Sailing from
Vancouver, B. C, July 19, 1936
Southeastern Alaska Ports Approximate Distances
Victoria to Vancouver ..
Vancouver to Alert Bay	
Alert Bay to Prince Rupert.
Prince Rupert to Ketchikan .
Ketchikan to Wrangell	
.„_._. 72
...1. 183
______ 294
..___._ 91
y... 90
Wrangell to Taku Glacier  -- -  161
Taku Glacier to Juneau  25
Juneau to Skagway —   100
Information for Passengers
MAIL arriving on board ship at Prince Rupert or Skagway
will be delivered to rooms. Mail addressed to ship or in
care of Company at Vancouver will be held at the Information Bureau in Canadian Pacific Station at Vancouver until
called for. If not called for within 30 days it will be
returned to the sender or the Post Office.
TELEGRAMS for passengers in care of their ship at any
scheduled port of call will be delivered on board.
PASSENGERS desiring to remain on board ship at Skagway are requested to leave their names and room numbers
with Purser. Accommodation and meals while ship is at
Skagway will be charged for at tariff rates, but passengers
may leave their baggage in rooms without charge.
WHITE PASS & YUKON ROUTE—Information re service
from Skagway to Bennett, Carcross, Whitehorse, West
Taku Arm, Atlin or Dawson will be gladly furnished at the
Purser's office.
An envelope for mailing this passenger
list may be obtained at Parser's office. List of Passengers
Adams, Mrs. Margeret W., Newton, Mass.
Adee, Miss Nettie D., Cobleskill, N. Y.
Allie, Franklin W., Buena Vista, Cal.
Anderson, Miss Mae, Tacoma, Wn.
Andrews, Mrs. R. S., Warren, Me.
Andries, Miss Yvonne, Detroit, Mich.
Arms, H. C, South Lyon, Mich.
Arnold, Mr. and Mrs. L. E., Salt Lake City, Utah
Ball, Mr. and Mrs. M. T., Port Arthur, Texas
Ball, Miss Dorothy B., Port Arthur, Texas
Bechtel, Miss Sarah S., Morrisville, Pa.
Bell, Mrs. A. J., Philadelphia, Pa.
Bertsch, Miss Ruth, Detroit, Mich.
Bertsch, Ted, Detroit, Mich.
Bird, Mrs. Lora F., Harrisonville, Mo.
Bond, John, Detroit, Mich.
Boost, Miss Hazel B., Portland, Ore.
Brenizer, Chester E., Detroit, Mich.
Brooks, Paul R., Riverside, Ont.
Brown, Miss Marjorie C, Detroit, Mich.
Buchanan, Geo. E., Detroit, Mich.
Buckland, Mr. and Mrs. J. Roy, Belen, N. M.
Burgess, Mrs. L. H., N. Weymouth, Mass.
Burthe, Dr. and Mrs. J. Leo, New Orleans, La.
Cantrick, Geo. A., Monroe, Mich.
Carriere, Mrs. Emma, St. Eugene, P. Q.
Casale, Chas., West Newton, Pa.
Case, Mr. and Mrs. M., Peoria, 111.
Carter, T., Rochester, N. Y.
Chambers, Miss Ruth, Vancouver, B. C.
Chatfield, Miss Ruby McL, New Haven, Conn.
Chesney, Mrs. Dorothy, Antioch, Cal.
Clay, John G., Grand Rapids, Mich.
Coffin, Mr. and Mrs. A. R., Riverside, Cal.
Cohn, Miss Isabella, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Cohn, Howard, Rochester, N. Y.
Colville, R., Royal Oak, Mich.
Cox, Mr. and Mrs. R, F., Media, Pa.
Crawford, Mrs. Adah, Indianapolis, Ind.
Crawford, Miss Jane A., Indianapolis, Ind.
Curtis, Miss Patricia W., Grand Rapids, Mich.
Dickinson, Mrs. Gladyce, Los Angeles, Cal.
Donaldson, Mr. and Mrs. H. B., Watertown, N. Y.
Duffy, Jack, Detroit, Mich.
Del Toro, Duncan, Santurce, Puerto Rico
Dunn, Jas., Detroit, Mich.
Durand, J. E., Rochester, N. Y.
Edmonds, Miss Helen, Wausau, Wis.
Erley, Walter, Chicago, 111. Estwick, Mrs. J. M. S., Springdale, Conn.
Evans, Miss Anna E., Pittsburgh, Pa.
Feldes, Mr. and Mrs. J., Milwaukee, Wis.
Fishel, Chas S., Indianapolis, Ind.
Fitzgerald, H. H., Pontiac, Mich.
Fleming, Mr. and Mrs. D. J., New York City
Forman, Miss Emily, Trenton, N. J.
Forsyth, Wallace, Bamfield, B. C.
Frankel, Mr. and Mrs. Julius, Los Angeles, Cal.
Freebourn, Mr. and Mrs. Jas. R., Salt Lake City
Friedrichs, Mr. and Mrs. H. B., San Francisco, Cal.
Fulton, Mr. and Mrs. R. S., Los Angeles, Cal.
Furey, Mr. and Mrs. W., Peoria, 111.
Goodnough, F. C, Binghamton, N. Y.
Hagler, Chas. M., Salina, Kan.
Hagstrom, Miss Ruth, Detroit, Mich.
Hanger, Mrs. Zillah, Indianapolis, Ind.
Hoyer, Miss Helen F., Chicago, 111.
Heidsieck, A. H., St. Louis, Mo.
Henderson, Mr. and Mrs. H., Fullerton, Cal.
Hinkle,  Mrs.  Mary,  Indianapolis,   Ind.
Hoagland, C. LeR., Detroit,  Mich.
Holme, B. J., Monroe, Mich.
Home, Miss Ethel B., Waltham, Mass.
Horsey, Miss Eliz. L., Media, Pa.
Horwitz, K. N., St. Louis, Mo.
Hunt, Dr. and Mrs. Lee F., Anderson, Ind.
Hunt, Miss Anne, Lincoln Park, N. J.
Hirsch, Mr. and Mrs. Morris, Los Angeles, Cal.
Hutchinson, Miss Julie N., Oswego, N. Y.
Jackson, Leonard, Chesterton, Ind.
Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. A., Ratou, N. M.
Jones, Dr. and Mrs. H. W., Utica, N. Y.
Jones, H. W. Jr., Utica, N. Y.
Jones, T. R., Utica, N. Y.
Joseph, D. B., New York City
Keenehan, Miss Nellie C, New Haven, Conn.
Kemp, Mrs. Margaret, Little Silver, N. J.
Kemp, Clark, Little Silver, N. J.
Kennedy, Miss Faith, Glendale, Cal.
Keough, Miss Jean M., Detroit, Mich.
*-~Kessler, J. E., Winnipeg, Man.
Kienstra, Miss Jeanette, St. Louis, Mo.
Kincade, Miss Ercel, Charleston, 111.
Kneiding, Miss Dorothy, Detroit, Mich.
Kneiding, Miss  Norma, Detroit, Mich.
Koehler, Miss Christina M., Glen Ridge, N. J.
 • Konder, Mr. and Mrs. Arno, Montreal, P. Q.
Kuhn, Mrs.  Ella M.,  Detroit,  Mich.
Kuhn, Geo., Detroit, Mich. Lane,   Wesley,   Detroit,   Mich.
Lang, Roland, Chicago, 111.
Lawler, Miss Esther T., Buffalo, N. Y.
Lees,  Miss  Grace,  Philadelphia,  Pa.
Lees,  Miss  Helen,  Philadelphia,  Pa.
Le) page, J. H., Victoria, B. C.
Levac, F., St. Polycarpe, P. Q.
Lilyquist, Miss Agnes, Winthrop, Minn.
Lilyquist, Miss Nell V., Virginia, Minn.
Linn, Mr. and Mrs. J. F., Albuquerque, N. M.
Lipman, Mr. and Mrs. M. E., Salt Lake City, Utah
Lobraico, M. A., Indianapolis, Ind.
Ludwig, L< H., Kansas City, Mo.
Lybarger, Miss Estella, St. Joseph, Mo.
Lynch, Miss Beulah, El Paso, Texas
MacDonald, Mrs. H. C, Bloomfield Hills, Mich.
McAdams,  Jack,   Detroit,   Mich.
McCallum, Dr. and Mrs. S., Niagara Falls, Ont.
McConaghy, Miss Margeret L, Toronto, Ont.
McCormick, Mr. and Mrs. D. W., Gait, Ont.
McCormick, Miss Jean, Gait, Ont.
McCormick, Miss Helen, Gait, Ont.
McCormick, W. F., Gait, Ont.
McCormick, Miss Evelyn G., Gait, Ont.
McCreary, Dr. and Mrs. M., Fort Bayard, N. M.
McCullough, Miss Rose A., Brooklyn, N. Y.
Mcintosh, Robt., Colorado Springs, Colo.
McKenny,   Owen,  Detroit, Mich.
Meeks, Chas. E,, Muncie, Ind.
Meyer, Miss Charlotte R., Chicago, 111.
Meyer, Chas., Chicago, 111.
Mighell, Miss Caroline, Lake City, Iowa
Mighell, Scott, Lake City, Iowa
.Millar, D. M., Vancouver, B. C.
Moody, Mr. and Mrs. E. C, Nora Springs, Iowa
Moody, Mrs. L. A., Nora Springs, Iowa
Moody, Miss Margeret A., Nora Springs, Iowa
Moore, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. A., Topeka, Kan.
Morris, Miss Maud, Tulsa, Okla.
Morse, Chas. W., Salt Lake City, Utah
Munger, H. H„, Hamilton, Ont.
Neel, Miss Helen, Glendale, Cal.
Neumeyer, W., Grosse Pointe, Mich.
Norman, Mrs. Sally, Chicago, 111.
Norman, Miss Audrie, Chicago, 111.
Norton, A. S., Detroit, Mich.
Norton, Chas., Detroit, Mich.
Nowelsv J., Rochester, Mich.
Nyman, C. A., Helena, Mont.
Otrlund, Mrs. Ada H., Evanston, 111.
Owen, Wm., Detroit, Mich.
Peacock, Miss Alice M., Detroit, Mich.
J Peirce, Mrs. Emily, Canaan, Conn.
Peirce, Miss Ruth, Mt. Vernon, N. Y.
Pierson, Carl H., Ft. Wayne, Ind.
Pinkerton, James, Clay Center, Ohio
Prussian, Gordon, Detroit, Mich.
Quimby, Chas. A., Philadelphia, Pa.
Rawles, Dr. and Mrs. Lyman T., Ft. Wayne, Ind*
Regan, Miss Agnes G., New York City
Ritchie, Miss Doris V., Mansfield, Victoria, Australia
Rodger, Jack, Detroit, Mich.
Rogers, Mrs. Cora, Maiden, Mass.
Rosenberg, B., Detroit, Mich.
Ross, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. P., Los Angeles, Cal.
Ruland, Mr. and Mrs. J. R., Patchogue, L. I., N. Y.
Runnenburger, F. E., Harrisonville, Mo.
Runnenburger, Miss Emily, Harrisonville, Mo.
Russell, Miss Minnie, Tecumseh, Mich.
Ryding, R. B., Detroit, Mich.
Sadow, R. A., Detroit, Mich.
Sanderson, J., Cleveland, Ohio
Schaubel, Mr. and Mrs. H. W., Saginaw, Mich.
Schelling, C. G., Rochester, N. Y.
Sheridan, Miss Mary E., Brooklyn, N. Y.
Shriver, H. B., Rochester, N. Y.
Shroder, Miss Joan, New York City
Sifferman, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Jr., Cicero, 111.
Smith, Miss Eula, Los Angeles, Cal.
Smith, Miss Helen B., Hoboken, N. J.
Smith, D. D., Detroit, Mich.
Snyder, Mrs. Helen, Detroit, Mich.
Spriess, Geo.  G.,  Detroit, Mich.
Steele, Miss Margeret E., Wyandotte, Mich.
Tall, Miss Minnie S., Brooklyn, N. Y.
-Taylor, Miss Margeret A., Gait, Ont.
-Taylor, Miss Euena, Toronto, Ont.
Thomas,  Mrs.  Carrie  L., Philadelphia, Pa.
Toney, Thos. E., Jr., St. Louis, Mo.
Todd,   Miss   Leah,   Charleston,  111.
Trask, Mr. and Mrs. Jas., Little Falls, N. Y.
Tufts, Miss Lily E., San Francisco, Cal.
Variel, Miss Mary E., Los Angeles, Cal.
Waldron,   Robt.,  Grosse  Pointe,  Mich.
Warner, Miss Ruth E., Brooklyn, N. Y.
Warshaw, Miss Rose, Chicago, 111.
V/augh, R. A., Chicago, 111.
-Weir, Mrs. Mary A., Gait, Ont.
West,  E.   M.,  Pittsburgh,  Pa.
Whisnant, J. B., Summerville, Ga.
Willard, Mrs. Grace, Maiden, Mass.
Williams, Dr. and Mrs. Ed. B., Utica, N. Y.
Wright, Mr. and Mrs. E. M,, Salina, Kan. Famous Canadian Pacific
• Jz
A fascinating change of surroundings and a year-round
mild climate make Victoria an outdoor playground
every day in the year—tennis, golf, swimming in the
pleasant Crystal Garden, delightful walks and nearby
fishing. Rooms with bath $3.50 per day, European plan.
Vancouver offers many appealing diversions to the
visitor—Stanley Park, Burrard Inlet, Capilana Canyon,
Grouse Mountain and popular Hot Springs at Harrison
Lake. Rooms without bath $2.50, with bath $3.50 per
day, European plan.
Unlike anything in the Canadian Rockies, this quaint
little Alpine village with a central Chalet clubhouse and
individual modernly equipped bungalows, lies hidden in
the wilds by the shore of a jewel-green mountain lake.
One of the supremely beautiful places of the world. A
lake that puts soul into colors. A chateau as foreign
and interesting as you can imagine, surrounded by brilliant Alpine poppies with snowtopped peaks for a
It must be described in superlatives. Mile-high golf, all
degrees of climbing with Swiss guides, warm sulphur
or cool clear swimming pools—with glorious sunbathing on the terrace. Fast clay court tennis, fishing,
boating, riding, and always interesting people.
Enquire about the all-expense
tours to mountain resorts.
Empress of Britain
(42,500 Gross Tons)
From New York—
January 9, 1937
130 DAYS
Improved itinerary
includes Barcelona, Spain,
and the Island of Bali.
Take this voyage of a lifetime on
the  largest  World  Cruise  Liner,
cheaper than comparable living at
Fares From $2300
including   a   comprehensive   programme of sightseeing at all ports.
Complete information from any
Canadian Pacific Agent.
Six and a Half Day Cruises to the
West Coast of Vancouver Island
SUMMER, 1936
Sailings from Victoria
June  1,  11, 21  — July 1,11
S.    S.    "PRINCESS   NORAH"
July 21  — August  1,  11, 21
For   further   information   regarding   these
cruises see the purser or any C.P.R. Agent
Return Fare
Including Meals and Berth
A delightful voyage at very
moderate rates, including
calls at many different ports


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