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Letter of grievances addressed to the Scottish Immigrant Aid Society Clandonald Settlers Association Apr 9, 1927

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 Vermilion,   Alta.,   April  9tk,I9g7
Prom—Glandonald Settlers   Asssciatien,
To    —See'v Scottish immigration Aid S©ci@ty,
i*@ar Sirs;
I  bays  been   Instructed by   the  above Asseciatien  to   inform you ©f the  awful plight of  the s@tt!#cs during this
4A   a meeting  on  trie  7 th, inst .your Sunt.   Mr. Robertson
attended  and was unable   to  gi"e  a satisfas-.tery  answer  to
our questions,   he  ref erri<5 us  to you.   We WouXcf  like  to  Know
ho'"'  it   is   that  one  settler  oan ha*re  five  leads  ©f hay and  any
amount  of others eannot  get hay  atall.   If appr©aoti*^   the
Supt.   says   there  awe no funis  to  fey same.
We being  asfced to   >or:ie here as  Settlers were   told we
were  to have  six  sows—and bv  this—our  living was  assured  to
us.ThiA  is  not  a verbal   statement but was  printed  in  the  $xjib
papers  o"p our old hemes—and. we have  a  sopy   if same.   We have
only  two  cows,   and   a great  ifctahy of Vih did not get   these
for  three month*"!  after our  arrival.
We were  also "promised  a  brood  s©_w  and  to  date none has
been   supplied  to rar "knowledge.
Spring  is here   an-!   there  is  no   seed  t«d no  guarantee
of  any   to  at  this date,   if aeed was here we have no   irenll—
raents  to  put  same   in  the  ground.
The  irapiiraents  that ""ore furnished were  satisfactory
with   the exception of  the ggfegr  and rake—In sorae  oases—as
manv  as  four #f  these  are  on one  section and no hay  to  out,
when one  of  each would have done.   We  asked   to    be  furniAhed
with  a disc harrow  in  their place  and were refused bu your
Supt.   We   as  men  do  not  ask  for   impossibilities,   as  things
jf^rSSiS  exist   all  our chattel's   and land  are under  agreement
to   the  C.P.R.   and  Scottish  Aid,   therefore we have  no  seourit4
ies   to offer  any machine Q.oiapany and under these conditions w
we  ask  you  to  sign or  guarantee  oar  notes with   these  s©rapanie.$.
The  majority ©f our  Agreements were  signed under protest,   -pnv
the  following reasons,©ur horses were purchased  at  a reasonable price  and we have  to pay an exorbitant nriee for  them,
for   instance,and we have   the proo^,   sorae were bought  for
f100.00 per  team ani we were charged from ^140.00  to  1165.00,
while  seme others had  to pay #30.00  over  the price eharged
on o < i p   3on t r ae t s..
Our cows were  a vary  oormon lot,   and  in  a great  raasy ass
cases  could hardly  be oalled cows,   for  these we were eharged
#47.50   and  the  same kind of oattle could have been  bought
last   April   for  prices  between ^T8.00  to  .io5.00,   one   in-
stance   the  cows were bought  for $56.00  and  the Settler is
eharged $47.50  each. —
■rere told by y4 ir SM-P^firitendeht that no feed oats
could be furnished stall to carrv on the work for the som —
rawr an 1 that, groceries f4v  the familiars could not be fur-^
nished dueing this season either.
[tj view of these facts which we have laid before y©u the
Olandonald Settlers Association do hereby ask you to «©nd
a -man or men qualified to investigate onr conditions without prejudice.
Sec'v Clandonald Settlers 43^.,
Vermilion, Alta.


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