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Array Anadian,
\jsnadian fat SEEING
Carefree Days....
Play Among High Peaks
While Prices Are Low !
1st Day
2nd Day
Ar. Banff, Train
Transfer to Banff Springs Hotel—
Lunch-Dinner- Lodging
At Banff Springs Hotel
Meals and Lodging
General Drive around Banff 10.30 a.m. or 1.30 p.m.
3rd Day     Breakfast
Lv. Banff Springs Hotel 9.00 a.m., Motor to Chateau Lake
Louise-— Lunch-Dinner- Lodging
4th Day     At Chateau Lake Louise
Meals and Lodging
Motor to Moraine Lake and return, or Pony Trip 10.00
a.m., 1.30 or 4.00 p.m.
5th Day     Breakfast
Lv. Chateau  Lake  Louise 9.00 a.m., Motor to Emerald
.Lake Chalet
Lunch at Emerald  Lake Chalet  (or in dining car after
leaving Field)
Lv. Emerald Lake Chalet, Motor to Field Station
Lv. Field, Train
1st Day
2nd Day
3rd Day
4th Day
5th Day
Ar. Field, Train. Motor to Emerald Lake
Chalet—Lunch at Emerald Lake Chalet
(or in dining car before arrival at Field)
Lv. Emerald Lake Chalet 3.30 p.m.,
Motor to Chateau Lake
Louise.—Dinner- Lodging
At Chateau Lake Louise—Meals and Lodging
Motor to Moraine Lake and return, or Pony Trip 10.00 a.m.
1.30 or 4.00 p.m.
Lv. Chateau Lake Louise 9.00 a.m., Motor to Banff Springs
At Banff Springs Hotel—Meals and Lodging
General Drive around Banff 10.00 a.m. or 1.30 p.m.
Breakfast— Lunch
Lv. Banff Springs Hotel
Transfer to Banff Station
Lv. Banff, Train
[These tours available for passengers travelling on Trains 3 or 4, and, if operated, on Trains 13 or 14]
... 126WUc± o[ Sublime (UpweTtlatoriruf
1st Day      Ar. Banff, Train
^^fHf Transfer  to  Banff Springs  Hotel
Lunch-Dinner- Lodging
2nd Day    At    Banff    Spring    Hotel—Meals    and
General Drive around Banff 10.30 a.m. or 1.30 p.m.
Lv.  Banff Springs  Hotel *9.00 a.m.,  Motor to Chateau
Lake Louise—Lunch-Dinner-Lodging
At Chateau Lake Louise—Meals and Lodging
Motor to Moraine  Lake and return,  or  Pony Trip 10.00
a.m., 1.30 or 4.00 p.m.
At Chateau Lake Louise—Meals and Lodging
Breakfast- Lunch
Lv. Chateau  Lake  Louise 2.30 p.m.,  Motor to Emerald
Lake Chalet—Dinner- Lodging
Lunch  at Emerald  Lake  Chalet   (or in  dining car after
leaving Field)
Lv. Emerald Lake Chalet, Motor to Field Station
Lv. Field, Train
♦Departure from Banff Springs Hotel is optional for either third or
fourth day.
3rd Day
4th Day
5th Day
6th Day
7th Day
1st Day
2nd Day
3rd Day
4th Day
5th Day
6th Day
7th Day
Ar.   Field,  Train.    Motor   to   Emerald
Lake Chalet—Lunch at Emerald  Lake
Chalet  (or in dining car before arrival
at Field)
Dinner- Lodging
Lv. Emerald Lake Chalet 9.15 a.m., Motor to Chateau Lake
At Chateau Lake Louise—Meals and Lodging
Motor to Moraine Lake and return or Pony Trip 10.00 a.m.,
1.30 or 4.00 p.m.
Lv. Chateau Lake Louise 9.00 a.m., *Motor to Banff Springs
Hotels Lunch-Dinner- Lodging
At Banff Springs Hotel—Meals and Lodging
At Banff Springs Hotel^Meals and Lodging
General Drive around Banff 10.00 a.m. or 1.30 p.m.
Breakfast— Lunch
Lv. Banff Springs Hotel 1.00 p.m. Transfer to Banff Station
Lv. Banff, Train
*Departure from Chateau Lake Louise is optional for either fourth or
fifth day.
[These tours available for passengers travelling on Trains 3 or 4, and, if operated, on Trains 13 or 14]
The picture tells the story . . . and it is magnificent. Banff Springs Hotel nestles in its idyllic
setting as though its existence had been planned from the beginning of time . . . every view
is worthy of a frame. Great mountains on all
sides. The winding Bow River in the foreground, its green valley providing glorious fairways for the famous golf course, lends a restful
touch and leads the eyes naturally to the
snow-crested skyline of the mountain tops.
Truly, Banff is the paradise of North America
for outdoor-lovers.
can add fishing
to the thrills at
Banff. The waters
have been well
stocked with
mountain trout. 'Ill
SWIMMING—Situated immediately in front of the Banff
Springs Hotel, this warm sulphur pool affords a view of
the Bow Valley, has an excellent lawn terrace where
swimmers may loll in the sun, and is unquestionably one
of the most popular sports centres in Banff.
TENNIS — Banff Springs boasts
some of the finest, fastest clay
courts in resort-land. You never
seem to tire . . . the scenery itself
is so restful... the air is so invigorating. No wonder tennis is so
popular in Banff.
RIDING—The facilities for riding are
exceptional: fine ponies, sky-sloping
trails, competent guides. Cantering
along tree-embowered mountain
trails you are amazed at the many
varieties of beauteous flowers and
grasses,   abounding   on   every   side.
Mounties to
enforce the law GOLF
or just
/o ftf and rest
Pine-laden Alpine
air.. and food fiL
for a King
Your hotel is a baronial castle—
with chefs to match. Delicious
food makes eating a happy
ritual. The dance orchestra
spins moonlight into dreamland magic. Every sport is provided: golf, tennis, swimming,
fishing, boating, riding, Alpine
climbing, motoring, hiking.
Banff-life is lived in a happy
tempo  of  rest   and   adventure. Everii window frames
a view,mojestic pines
below, snow capped
peaks above
A tour of Banff is included in
the itinerary. So are visits to a
corral to see bison, moose and
antelope, the Government Museum, a Zoo with 4'grizzlies,"
cougar and other mountain
animals, a fish hatchery, the
Observatory, and famous beauty
spots  in the  vicinity  of Banff.
Evenings if ou re-live ..the
golden motnenfsof perfect*
After enjoying perfect days at Banff,
you motor in commodious buses to
Lake Louise. The road winds for miles
along the valley of the rippling Bow
River. Deer scamper before you.
Sure-footed mountain goats stand
sentinel-like on their rocky perches.
Stop to explore the wild gorge of Johnston Canyon, then continue on, admiring the serrated cliffs and peaks,
until ahead is the hospitable doorway of
the Chateau—and that is Lake Louise. di1!
M.        ■■■■■
-   yyfm^xmsm:
World's most beautiful
lake, "birthplace of the
spectrum—home of the rainbow"—such is Lake Louise, the lovely.
Fitting perfectly into this sublime setting, the Chateau Lake Louise,
is a charming hostelry with a Continental atmosphere and a friendly
social life. Dancing in its great ballroom is heavenly. Adjoining the
Chateau is a magnificent glass-walled, outdoor swimming pool, built
in the Roman manner. It is hard to imagine a more spectacular setting.
Sublime in its mountain
Hi  ■
<1| Jl ;
The shore-line trail lo eternal
Intriguing trails lead from Lake Louise to
the mountain tops. Trail riding with cowboys, Alpine climbing with Swiss guides,
swimming, motoring, tennis, boating, fishing
in neighboring waters, all thrill you in this
roof garden of the world. Lake lot*ise, the lovely.
Across the front of the Chateau, vast single-
paned windows open to a scene of surpassing beauty. Lake Louise, probably the finest
gem of scenery in the known world, reposes
amid great mountains, heavily fringed with
forests, which slope skyward from either
shore . . . and a wonderful Alpine garden
is the foreground with the resplendent Victoria Glacier as a backdrop. There are
other famous jewels in the Rockies' tiara
besides Lake Louise, and as lovely as any is
that sapphire lake—Moraine. Nine miles
of thrilling Alpine motoring brings you to
the Valley of the Ten Peaks, not one of
which is less than 10,000 feet in height.
Continuing on your way, pause at the Great
Divide and Kicking Horse Pass, skirt Lake
Wapta, enter the deep-forested Valley of
the Yoho and see Takakkaw Falls, circle
Mount Stephen, watch tumbling waterfalls
leap down the side of rocky cliffs . . . and
so to Emerald Lake. . . a green jewel setin
an untamed wilderness
Turning off the Lake Louise-Golden highway, you drive along
an avenue cut from the cool green depths of the forest, with
the gleam of snow peaks in the distance—Snowpeak Avenue.
At its end lies Emerald Lake.
This jewel-like lake is included in the All-Expense tours
because it gives an altogether different picture of life in the
Canadian Rockies. The community is like a charming little
Swiss village with twenty-nine cozy individual cabins, a large
central chalet where meals are served and where the guests
gather around a large open fireplace at eventide.
The lake is as gem-like as its name. It has its moods of
change and definite charm . . . frequently the lake is jade
instead of emerald. Too small to mirror the soaring peaks
that almost surround it, Emerald Lake reflects the wooded
slopes with flawless accuracy. Because this sanctuary is so
definitely in the wilds its chief activities are riding, climbing
and hiking. Life here is care-free to an unusual degree and
the spirit of outdoor adventure captures all who linger.
Purchasers of these tours may extend their stop-overs at
Banff Springs Hotel, Chateau Lake Louise and Emerald Lake
Chalet on application to management where stop-over is
desired, and on payment of a minimum rate for room
and meals.
Easq trciiIsrthrilling views
Snow peak Avenue  IwilRidi
of tie
A glorious world
framed by
mountain walls
Exploring the glistening
peaks of the Alps is not
without its fascination,
but for many nothing
surpasses the joy of trail
riding in the Canadian
Rockies. There, astride
a nimble mountain
pony, practically foolproof and untiring, you
ride the mountain tops.
To accommodate these
adventurous souls an association was established
— an international
order that knows neither
creed nor profession —
The Trail Riders.
"The Trail Riders of
the Canadian Rockies,"
for such is its official
title, has been in existence for ten years and
already numbers some
1,500 members. Annual
trail rides are held to
points off the beaten
path. Information may
be obtained from any
Canadian Pacific agent
or at the hotels and
chalet-bungalow camps.
i a,
The world
beneath •.
their kingdom
A kindred order to "The
Trail Riders,"but one more
recently established, is
"The Sky Line Hikers of
the Canadian Rockies."
This order was formed to
encourage walking over
the trails intheCanadian
Rockies, and to enable its
members to gain a keener
perception of the majesty
and beauty of that glorious region. Each year it
sponsors a hike after the
Trail Riders meet.
Calgary Stampede:
July 8-13
Indian Days:     July 19-21
Annual Trail Ride:
July 26-30
Sky Line Trail Hike:
August 2-5
Golf Week:     August 26-31 IndionOays
Once again redskin warriors
a nswer to the beat of drums
One of the glamorous spectacles of the North American
Continent is reserved for those who are privileged to witness "Indian Days" at Banff!    Each year between three
and four hundred Stoney
Indians come from the
Morley reserve, forty
miles east of Banff, for
their tribal sports. These
include a daily parade,
the braves and squaws,
being costumed in buckskin, beadwork and ermine, and making ai
most colorful sight.
Another frontier-day
celebration is the annual
Stampede held at Cal-j
gary, the gateway to the
Rockies. For a week the
glories of the Old West
are revived in a carnival
of frontier sports and
contests. Cowboys, Indians, "mounties" and
old-timers are to be seen
at this western epic—an
event which no one
should miss.
Further particulars of
these celebrations may
be obtained from any!
Canadian  Pacific agent.
fliota bad
liein these
An eighteen-hole
golf course, superbly located on the
banks of the Bow
River, is one of the
glories of Banff.
6,640 yards long, L
with a par of 71, it
is one of the finest,
most accurately balanced and most attractive courses in
the world. The route of the play, the location of the
tees and the selection of greens have been so arranged
as to afford picturesque vistas of the Bow and Spray
rivers, alternating with unique views of the surrounding
mountains. Each hole has three sets, thus providing in
reality three courses—long, medium and short. The
"nineteenth hole" is an attractive club house admirably
situated on the banks of the river. Competitions are held
yearly for the Prince of Wales Cup—an open event—and
the Willingdon Trophy—for which participants play
under club handicaps. Information regarding conditions
of entry, dates, etc., may be obtained from any Canadian
Pacific agent. Easy
to Get There!
Happily, Banff-land is only a relatively few
hours away from you ... if you live anywhere
in North America. The main line of the
Canadian Pacific transcontinental route
passes through the very heart of this famous
playground. Many of the important railway
systems of the United States make connections with fine trains to Banff. If you study
the map, above, for just a few moments you
will be able to judge your distance in hours.
The exceptionally low summer rail fares also
bring Banff-land much nearer, in terms of
The trip itself is most interesting. You enjoy
complete changes in scenery: from prairie
lands to rolling hills to giant mountains.
These low-cost all-expense tours (which will
be operated June 21 to September 10, 1935)
offer.... a complete adventure in that
world-famous playground—Banff-land. Play
in two great national parks—Banff and Yoho.
See three delightful resorts — Banff Springs,
Lake Louise and Emerald Lake. Thrill to 126
miles of spectacular mountain motoring.
Banff, Lake Louise and Emerald Lake, the
crowning jewels of this glorious region, are as
exquisitely different as you could imagine—
ranging from the baronial grandeur of Banff
to the quiet charm of Chateau Lake Louise and
the Swiss-like chalet-bungalows of Emerald.
And your 126-mile motor tour is through the
very heart of this mile-high playground!
Further information and reservations may be
obtained from your own travel agent or nearest
Canadian Pacific office. WORLD-WIDE       SERVICE
• Great Britain and Europe
Air-line route . . . Frequent sailings via the
short St. Lawrence Seaway from Montreal and
Quebec (summer) . . . Saint John, N.B., and
Halifax, N.S. (winter) ... to and from British
and Continental ports .... the majestic
"Empress of Britain" and other great
"Empress," "Duchess" and "Mont" ships of
the CANADIAN PACIFIC fleet set new
standards of Trans-Atlantic service.
• Canada and United States
The Canadian Pacific Railway (comprising
21,235 miles of operated and controlled lines)
reaches from the Atlantic to the Pacific, across
Canada and into the United States. The main
line, Montreal to Vancouver, 2,886, miles passes
through the heart of the famous Canadian
Rockies, with their crowning jewels of Banff,
Lake Louise and Emerald Lake, unsurpassed
as vacation resorts. Modern and comfortable
transcontinental and local passenger train
services link the important cities, industrial
sections, agricultural regions and holiday
resorts. Fast and efficient freight service. Convenient coastal and inland steamship services.
• Hawaii, Orient and South Seas
Sailings to and from Vancouver and Victoria...
Direct Express Route to Orient . . . swift sister
ships, "Empress of Asia" and "Empress of
Russia" . . . Yokohama in 10 days flat!
Via Honolulu . . . The mighty "Empress of
Japan" and her running mate, "Empress of
Canada," make Honolulu in 5 days, Yokohama
in just 8 days more.
South Seas • . . Canadian Australasian Line
fast modern liners to Honolulu, Fiji, New
Zealand and Australia.
• Round-the-World
Annual World-Cruise on celebrated "Empress
of Britain," perfectly timed to see world-
renowned beauty spots at their best . . . Other
attractive cruises to Mediterranean—East and
South Africa—South America, West Indies,
Norwegian Fjords, etc. . . . Independent
Round-the-World tours, choice of 215 itineraries ... 179 offices maintained throughout the
World to assist CANADIAN PACIFIC patrons.
• Hotels, Express, Communications
Hotels ... A chain of comfort from Atlantic to
Pacific . . . Sixteen hotels in leading cities and
resorts, including Chateau Frontenac, Quebec;
Royal York, Toronto; Banff Springs; Empress
Hotel, Victoria . . . Eight chalet-bungalow
camps in the Canadian Rockies and at Ontario
fishing resorts.
Communications and Express . . . owned and
operated by the CANADIAN PACIFIC . . .
trans-Canada connections
... travellers' cheques—good the world over.
Atlanta, Ga.
Banff, Alta.  (Summer) .
Boston, Mass	
Buffalo, N.Y	
Calgary, Alta	
Chicago, 111	
Cincinnati, Ohio. ..
Cleveland, Ohio. . .
Dallas, Texas	
Detroit, Mich	
Edmonton, Alta . . .
Fort William, Ont.
Guejph, Ont
Halifax, N.S	
.H. C. James 404 C. & S. Nafl Bk. Bldg.
,. J. A. McDonald Canadian Pacific Station
.. L. R. Hart 405 Boylston St.
.. W. P. Wass 22 Court Street
. . G. D. Brophy Canadian Pacific Station
. . T. J. Wall 71 East Jackson Blvd.
. .S. E. Corbin 201 Dixie Terminal Bldg.
. . G. H. Griffin 1010 Chester Ave.
.. P. G. Jefferson 1212 Kirby Bldg.
. . M. E. Malone 1231 Washington Blvd.
. . C. S. Fyfe Canadian Pacific Building
. . H. J.  Skynner 108 South May St.
. . W. C. Tully 30 Wyndham St.
. . A. C. MacDonald 413 Barrington St.
Hamilton, Ont A. Craig  Cor.  King and James Sts.
Honolulu, T.H Theo. H. Davies & Co.
Juneau, Alaska V. W. Mulvihill
Kansas City, Mo R.  G.  Norris 709 Walnut St.
Ketchikan, Alaska Edgar Anderson
Kingston, Ont J. H. Welch 180 Wellington St.
London, Ont H.J. McCallum Richmond Bldg.
Los Angeles, Cal W. Mcllroy 621 South Grand Ave.
Milwaukee, Wis J. A. Mttlington 1014 Warner Theatre Bldg.
Minneapolis, Minn H.
Montreal, Que	
Moose Jaw, Sask. . .
Nelson, B.C	
New York, N.Y.
M. Tait 611 2nd Ave. South
/ P. E. Gingras Windsor Station
\ F. C. Lydon 201 St. James St. W.
. T. J. Colton Canadian Pacific Station
. N. J. Lowes Baker and Ward Sts.
.J. E.  Roach Madison Ave. at 44th St.
North Bay, Ont R. Y. Daniaud 87 Main Street West
Ottawa, Ont J. A.  McGill 83 Sparks St.
Peterboro, Ont J. Skinner 343 George St.
Philadelphia, Pa E. A. Kenney 1500 Locust St.
Pittsburgh, Pa W. A. Shackelford Koppers Bldg., 444 7th Ave.
Portland, Ore W. H. Deacon 626 S.W. Broadway
Prince Rupert, B.C W. L. Coates
Quebec, Que C. A. Langevin Palais Station
Regina, Sask J. W. Dawson Canadian Pacific Station
Saint John, N.B .. .
St. Louis, Mo	
St. Paul, Minn....
San Francisco, Cal.
Saskatoon, Sask. . .
Sault Ste. Marie, Ont.
Seattle, Wash....
Sherbrooke, Que. .
Skagway, Alaska.
Spokane, Wash. .
Tacoma, Wash	
Toronto, Ont	
Trois Rivieres, Que..
Vancouver, B.C	
Victoria, B.C	
Washington, D.C.. . .
Windsor, Ont	
Winnipeg, Man	
. C. B. Andrews  40 King St.
.G. P. Carbrey 412 Locust St.
. W. H. Lennon Fourth and Cedar
. F. L. Nason 152 Geary St.
. R. T. Wilson 115 Second Ave.
... J. O. Johnston 529 Queen Street
.. .. E. L. Sheehan 1320 Fourth Ave.
 J. A. Metivier 91 Wellington St. North
. . . .L. H. Johnston
. . .E. S. McPherson Old National Bank Bldg.
.. .L. N. Jones 1113 Pacific Ave.
fW. Fulton Canadian Pacific Building
\G. B. Burpee Canadian Pacific Building
.J. A. Tourville 1262 Notre Dame St.
.F. H. Daly 434 Hastings Street West
.J. Macfarlane 1102 Government St.
.C. E. Phelps 14th and New York Ave., N.W.
. W. C. Elmer 142 Ouellette Ave.
. E. A. McGuinness Main and Portage
Antwerp, Belgium W. D. Grosset 25 Quai Jordaens
Belfast, Ireland F. Bramley 24 Donegall Place
Birmingham, England. .. J. R. W. Taylor 4 Victoria Square
Bristol, England T. W. Thorne 18 St. Augustine's Parade
Brussels, Belgium G. L. M. Servais 98 Blvd. Adolphe-Max
Dublin, Ireland A. T. McDonald 44 Dawson St.
Glasgow, Scotland W. H. Boswell 25 Bothwell St.
Hamburg, Germany T. H. Gardner Alsterdamm 9
Liverpool, England H. T. Penny Pier Head
London, England |£. E. Jenkins   62 Charing Cross
s \ G. Saxon Jones 103 Leadenhall St.
Manchester, England.. . . R. L. Hughes 31 Mosley St.
Paris, France A. V. Clark 24 Blvd. des Capucines
Rotterdam, Holland J. Springett Coolsingel No.91
Southampton, England . . H. Taylor Canute Road
Hong Kong, China E. Hospes Opposite Blake Pier
Kobe, Japan W. R. Buckberrough 7 Harima-machi
Manila, P.I G. R. Razavet 14-16 Calle David
Shanghai, China. A. M. Parker The Bund and Peking Road
Yokohama, Japan B. G. Ryan 21 Yamashita-cho
J. Sclater, Traffic Manager, Can.  Pac.  Ry., for Australia and New Zealand,
Union House, Sydney, N.S.W.
A. W. Essex, Passenger Manager, Can. Pac. Ry., for New Zealand,
32-34 Quay St., Auckland, N.Z.
Adelaide, Aus Macdonald, Hamilton & Co.
Auckland, N.Z Union S.S. Co. of N.Z. (Ltd.)
Brisbane, Qd Macdonald, Hamilton & Co.
Christchurch, N.Z Union S.S. Co. of N.Z. (Ltd.)
Dunedin, N.Z Union S.S. Co. of N.Z. (Ltd.)
Fremantle, Aus Macdonald, Hamilton & Co.
Hobart, Tas Union S.S. Co. of N.Z. (Ltd.)
Launceston, Tas Union S.S. Co. of N.Z. (Ltd.)
Melbourne, Vic H. F. Boyer, Pass'r. Rep., C.P.R., 59 William St.
Union S.S. Co. of N.Z. (Ltd.)
Perth, W.A Macdonald, Hamilton & Co.
Suva, Fiji Union S.S. Co. of N.Z. (Ltd.)
Sydney, N.S.W Union S.S. Co. of N.Z. (Ltd.)
Wellington, N.Z Trav. Pass. Agt., C.P.R., 11 Johnston St.
Union S.S. Co. of N.Z. (Ltd.)
PACIFIC . /y'm
MS #1
■   *   LAfVirjj a  *
Coxy* Charming../Modem
and'so inexpensive
m   0    m
Among the most appealing resorts
in Banff-land are the chalet-bungalow camps nestling in the heart of
the Canadian Rockies . . . Yoho,
Wapta, Lake O'Hara, Radium Hot
Springs, Moraine Lake, and also
Mount Assiniboine Lodge and Castle
These  resorts  are  not  included  as
stopping places on the all-expense
tours because the facilities are not
sufficient to accommodate great
numbers of guests. But those who
take the tours and want to include
this type of adventure may do so9 and
the cost is extremely moderate. If
you are interested, be sure to ask for
full information about the chalet-
bungalow camps. (anadian l&ckies


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