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Highway - trucking service - L.C.L freight Canadian Pacific Railway Company. Travelling Auditor (Vancouver) 1952

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  FORM 102 ("in
FILE OR CLAIM   L 7  3 7 2 5 T
Montreal, March 28, 1952.
Mr. H.A.Mills,
Travelling Auditor,
Vancouver, B.C,
Highway Trucking Service.
I attach copy of Circular dated March 27,1952,
covering trucking service operated by Dench of Canada Ltd., account
L.C.L. traffic handled from Lethbridge up to and including Fernie
not including Pearce.
The service to commence on April 28,1952,
Auditor of Agencies.
--A FORM  101
Freight Agent, Vancouver
Freight Agent, Edmonton
Freight Agent, Lethbridge
Igent, Brocket
Agent, Hillcrest
Agent, Coalhurst
Agent^ Pincher
Agent, Frank
Agent, Natal
Agent, Fernie
Agent, Crowsne st
file or claim L 73725-T
Montreal 3, March 27, 1952.
Freight Agent, Calgary
Freight Agent, Medicine Hat
Freight Agent, Regina
Freight Agent, Winnipeg
Agent, Monarch
Agent, Cowley
Agent, Blairmore
Agent, Macleod
Agent, Lundbreck
Agent, Coleman
Agent, Michel
The following instructions supplement the instructions
previously given on September 25th, 194&.
A trucking service, operated by Dench of Canada, Ltd.,
has been reinstated and actended to handle L.C.L. Freight traffic
daily except Saturday and Sunday on the Crowsnest and Cranbrook subdivisions from Lethbridge, west up to and including Fernie, not
including Pearce. Fernie traffic to be local business from
Lethbridge and from points adjacent to Lethbridge presently transferred at Lethbridge. The service to commence on Monday, April
25th, 1952*
The arrangements are that the truck drivers will deliver
shipments direct to consignees, also pick up shipments for for-
wardance, and will collect any Freight charges on inward movements,
and turn in such collections to the local railway agents at all
points except Monarch, Macleod, Brocket, Pincher, Michel, Natal
and Fernie, where freight will be left or picked up at freight shed
or station, and deliveries or pick ups will be as at present. FORM   101
-2- f.leorcla.mL 73725-T
The C.P.R. will make up and supply Dench drivers with
separate manifests for goods consigned to each station, and
agents are to sign these manifests as receipts for Freight or
Freight chargesturned over to them by drivers. The Agents
are also to check these manifests to see that all waybills and
remaining portions of expense bills for shipments listed
thereon, are turned over to them for accounting.
On rail traffic originating east or south of Lethbridge,
also east, west, or north of Calgary, the billing will be
channeled through the Freight office at Lethbridge, with the
exception of Fernie.
With respect to the distribution and mailing of combination waybill expense bills, the Freight agents at Vancouver,
Calgary, Edmonton, Medicine Hat, Regina, and Winnipeg will receive
instructions from the Auditor of Freight Receipts that in connection with traffic for stations on the Crowsnest and Cranbrook subdivisions between Lethbridge and Hosmer, they will allow those
portions which were formerly mailed direct to destination to
accompany the W/B portion along with freight to Lethbridge.
The Freight Agent at Winnipeg will foj&ward complete
billing under cover to Lethbridge for cars carded on Lethbridge
and whose subsequent distribution is between Lethbridge and
Hosmer. Freight for Fernie to be handled through Calgary as at
present. In the case of combination waybills from other points
only the waybill portion will be availablef  and the agent at
Lethbridge will make up expense bills for such shipments, leaving the pro numbers blank. He will also make up expense bills
in cases where combination billing is not used.
All waybills and expense bills will then be turned over
to the drivers who will deliver shipments direct to consignees
at delivery points giving them the No. 1 portion of the expense
bill in the case of collect shipments and the No, 3 portion in
the case of prepaid shipments, securing receipt for the goods on
the No. 2 portion. The receipted Mo. 2 portion, together with
the remaining copies of the expense bills and waybill, will be
handed to the destination railway agent for accounting purposes. CANADIAN    PACIFIC   RAILWAY   COMPANY
-3- f.le or claim L 73725-T
In this regard, the drivers doubt already been
instructed but the agent at Lethbridge is to see that the foregoing requirements are clearly understood and will be carried
out* If/ for.any unforeseen reason the bills from Vancouver,
Calgary, Edmonton, Medicine Hat, Regina, or Winnipeg, do not
reach Lethbridge with or ahead of the goods, such shipments will
also have to be expensed at Lethbridge.
Prepaid shipments offered to the Railway and covered
by C.P.Ry. shipping bills will be waybilled by the Agent at
originating point, similarly collect shipments offered to the
Railway will also be waybilled by the agent at originating
point, who will also issue expense bills, handing all copies
to the truck driver who will obtain signature and collect charges
from the consignees at delivery points, and then deliver expense bills
together with the waybill and the cash collection, to the destination agent. As Fernie truck will not work intermediate stations
between Lethbridge and Sentinel, freight picked up at these
stations for stations west of Coleman up to and including Fernie
will be forwarded to ^ethbridge together with billing, and expense
bills when required for transfer to Fernie t ruck.
Dench traffic channelled through Lethbridge destined
for stations on the Crowsnest and Cranbrook subdivisions, also
Dench traffic between intermediate stations, will be covered by
Dench paper and all charges collected by the Transport Company.
Rail billing will not be issued.
When drivers pick up shipments for points east of
Lethbridge, they will give shippers No.1 and 3 portions of the
bill of lading, retaining the No. 2 portion to permit billing
to be issued. C.P.R. bills of lading are to be used in this
If the charges are collect, the driver will carry the
shipment and the shipping bill to the railway agent at Lethbridge,
who will perform the billing. This will permit drivers to ccon- FORM   101
~4- f.le or cla.m %  73725-T
tinue their runs without having to wait for billing to be issued
at local intermediate points. This will not apply to points
where Dench of Canada does not perform pickup and delivery service,
Freight from these points will be picked up at station and way-
billed by agent at shipping point. The following example will
demonstrate our requirements:-
A collect shipment picked upat Coleman for Winnipeg,
will be carried to Lethbridge for billing. The waybill will read
from Coleman B/A Lethbridge, and charges will be rated from
Coleman, but the waybill will be numbered under Lethbridge series,
and reported on Lethbridge forwarded abstracts as a flag station.
Prepaid shipments must be taken by the drivers to the
nearest accounting agent for billing and that agent will also be
responsible for collection of charges. This refers only to shipments tendered at points within the regular pick-up and delivery
zones as published in our tariffs.
Shipments tendered at flag points, or points outside
the regular pick up and delivery zones, for rail movement beyond
Lethbridge, will be picked up only when charges are collect.
Prepaid shipments are not to be picked up by drivers.  If shippers
desire to prepay charges, they must take the shipments to the
railway station, which is the present practice.
When collections are made by agents, they must be made
within the time limit at present authorized to local pick-up and
delivery contractors, unless regular weekly credits have been
authorized by the vice-President of Finance.
Drivers must be instructed that in the case of C.O.D.
shipments, all charges (including freight charges on collect
shipments] must be collected at time of delivery and funds turned
over to the agent on whom the waybill is drawn.
Drivers are also to be instructed that tTorderft shipments
must on no account be delivered without surrender of properly
endorsed original norderTT bill of lading.  Should the bill of
lading as described not be available, the driver will carry the
shipment and the bills to the accounting agent on whom the billing CANADIAN   PACIFIC   RAILWAY   COMPANY
— 5— file or claiml 73725-T
is drawn, and that agent will handle as per instructions in
Freight Traffic Department Circular W.I.B.
Please acknowledge receipt, and if there is any
feature not clear to you, advise me what it is.
Auditor of Agencies


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