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Canadian Chamber of Commerce special train Banff-Vancouver Canadian Pacific Railway Company 1950

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Array /
Glen Coe
Olive Groye
Fort Clements
Wash.  Square
LaFayette Square
Lake Ontario
Walnut Grove
Glen Fee
Glen Major
Penn Square
Peach Grove
Cape Race
1250 ■
Mr.   &Mrs„  A.  C.  Ashforth,
Mr.   &Mrs.  H„  G.  Birks,
The Dominion Bank,
Head Office,
Henry Birks & Sons Ltd* ,
Toronto,  Ont.  (F Car 1275)
Phillips Square,
Montreal,  Que.   (B Car 1274)
Dr,   &MrSe  O.   C.  Baker,
601 Canada Bldg, ,
Mr.  &Mrs.  Noble Birks,
Windsor,   Ont.   (C Car 1277)
Henry Birks & Sons Ltd. ,
Calgary,  Alta.   (D Car 1272)
Mr.   &Mrs.  C.  S.  Band,,ACar 1277)
Miss Helen Band, (5 Car 1277)
Mr.  Jackson Bogue,
Gutta Percha & Rubber Ltd. ,
Sales Development Manager,
2 McKenzie Avenue,
Dye & Chemical Co.   of Canada Ltd. ,
Toronto,   Ont.
P.O.  Box 176,
Kingston,   Ont.   (8 Car 1277)
Mr.  Kenneth J.  Barry,
Mr.   &Mrs.  A.  E.  Boothe,
North Bay Chamber of Commerce,
330 Ferguson Street,
Bell,  Gouinlock & Co.  Ltd. ,
North Bay,  Ont.   (5 Car 1276)
25 King St.  West,
Toronto,   1,  Ont.   (E Car 1272)
Mr.  &MrSo  J.  H.  Barth,
Gotfredson Ltd. ,
Mr.  J.  A.  Brabant,
Walkerville,   Ont.   (E Car 1275)
Mr.  Charles E.  Brabant,
5438 Durocher Avenue,
Mr.   feMrs.  H.   C.  Beatty,
Montreal,   Que.   (I Car 1256)
General Manager,
Montreal Board of Trade,
Mr.   &Mrs.   Harold Braden,
42 5 Board of Trade Bldg, ,
Hamilton Chamber of Commerce,
Montreal,  Que.   (A Car 1252)
Terminal Bldg. ,
Hamilton,  Ont.   (B Car 1272)
Mr,   &Mrs.  Alfred W.  Bennie,
Leamington Chamber of Commerce,
Mr.  R.  A. Bryce,
117 Erie Street,   South,
Macassa Mines Ltd. ,
Leamington,   Ont.    (E Car 1274)
85 Richmond St.  West,
Toronto,   Ont.   (A Car 1274)
Mr.  &Mrs.  K.   C.  Berney,
Executive Vice-President &
Mr.  &Mrs.  J.   O.  Bujold,
Managing Director,
Bonaveriture Chamber of Commerce,
The Robbins & Myers Co.   of Can.  Ltd. ,
Bonaventure,  Que.   (A Car 1250)
Brantford,   Ont.   (I Car 1272)
Mr.   ScMrs.  Fraser Buzza,
Mr.   feMrs.  Paul Bienvenu,     (J Car 1255)
G.  F.   Buzza Real Estate,
Miss Nicole Bienvenu,   (I Car 1257)
29 James Street,   South,
Hamilton,  Ont.   (E Car 1278)
Catelli Food Products Ltd.,
6890 Notre Dame Street,  East,
Mr.   feMrs.  J.  E.  Cahoon,
Montreal,   Que.
Murray's Restaurants Limited,
774 St.  Paul Street,  West,
Montreal,   Que,   (E Car 1255) Mr.  J.   L.  Carson,
Bank of Toronto,
Toronto,   Ont.   (G Car 1253)
Mrs.  Alexandra Cook,
322 Glenayr Road,
Toronto,   Ont.        (7 Car 1277)
(Accompanying Mrs.
Courtland Elliott)
Mr.  &Mrs.   Cliffords.   Fortier,
United Shoe Machinery Co.   of
Canada Ltd. ,
2610 Bennett Avenue,
Montreal,  Que.   (F Car 1256)
Mr.  &Mrs.   Edgar Genest,
Molson's Brewery Ltd. ,
1670 Notre-Dame East,
Montreal,  Que.   (C Car 1256)
Mr.  &Mrs.   S.  C.  Cook,
The Dominion Bank,
Winnipeg,  Man.   (D Car 1275)
Mr.   &Mrs.  H.  R.   Cottingham,
Special Ass't.  to the President,
Ford Motor Company of Can.   Ltd. ,
1807 Royal Bank Bldg. ,
Toronto,   Ont.   (B Car 1275)
Mrs.  J.  S.  Craib,
Vancouver,   B.   C.   (3 Car 1257)
Mr.   &Mrs.   John G.   Crean,
Robert Crean & Co.   Ltd. ,
18 Balmuto St. ,
Toronto,   Ont.   (C Car 1274)
Miss D.  Davis,
The Canadian Chamber of Commerce,
530 Board of Trade Bldg. ,
Montreal,   Que.   (I Car 1253)
Mr.   &Mrs.  Hector Deland,
Lacadie9   Que.   (F Car 1255)
Mr.  Albert Deschamps,
Albert Deschamps Construction,
680 Sherbrooke St.,  W. ,
Montreal,  Que.   (D Car 1256)
Mrs.  Courtland Elliott,
Consulting Economist,
614 Canada Permanent Bldg. ,
Toronto,  Ont.   (6 Car 1277)
Mr.   &Mrs.   C.  F*  Fell,
Saratoga Products Ltd. ,
2778 - 82 Dundas St.   West,
Toronto,   Ont.   (H Car 1275)
Mr.  &MrSo Ernest T.  Godwin,
Crown Trust Company,
302 Bay Street,
Toronto,   Ont.   (G Car 1275)
Mr.   8c Mrs.  P.  S.   Gregory,
Shawinigan Water & Power Co. ,
600 Dorchester St.  West,
Montreal,  Que.   (D & E Car 1253)
Mr.   &Mrs.   C.  J.  Griffin,
Barrie    Chamber of Commerce,
Post Office Square,
Barrie,   Ont.  (G Car 1272)
Mr.  &Mrs.  R.  L.  Hearn,
General Manager & Chief Engineer,
The Hydro-Electric Power Commission
of Ontario,
620 University Ave. ,
Toronto,   Ont.   (A Car 1275)
Mr. Harold Heath,
Delhi Chamber of Commerce,
Delhi,   Ont.   (9 Car 1277)
Mr.   & Mrs.  Wellington Jeffers,
The Globe & Mail,
Toronto,   Ont.   (B Car 1277)
Mr.   &Mrs. A.  C.  Jensen,
c/o Bank of Montreal,
Head Office,
Montreal,  Que.   (B & C Car 1252)
Mr.   feMrs,  H.  E.  Josselyn,
Saint John Dry Dock Co.  Ltd. ,
East Saint John,  N.  B.   (E Car 1256) Mr.   feMrs.  H.  A.  Joyce,
Moncton Lumber Co.  Ltd. ,
Moncton,  N.   B.   (H Car 1253)
Mr.   feMrs.  Melville J.  Kelly,
Executive Vice-President,
Canadian Breweries Ltd. ,
297 Victoria Street,
Toronto,  Ont.   (C & O Car 1250)
Mr,   feMrs.   P.  B.  Kimball,
Kimball Automobile Ltd. ,
333 St.  Antoine Street,
Three Rivers,   Que.   (H Car 1256)
Mr.   Gilbert A.   LaTour,
La Chambre de Commerce du
district de Montreal,
14 St.  James Street,   East,
Montreal,  Que.   (6 Car 1252)
Mr.   feMrs.   Aime Laurion,
Granby Board of Trade,
138 Main Street,
Granby,   Que.   (C Car 1253)
Mr,  R.  A.  Layzell,
Addressograph-Multigraph of
Canada Ltd. ,
525 W.  Georgia St. ,
Vancouver,  B.  C.(4Car 1257)
Mr.   feMrs.   Pierre Leduc,
Leduc & Leduc Ltd. ,
294 St.   Paul West,
Montreal,   Que.   (B Car 1256)
Mr.   feMrs.  H.   J.  LeRoux,
Mofax Electric Limited,
1440 St.  Catherine St.   West,
Montreal,  Que*   (I & 2 Car 1252)
Mr.   feMrs.   C.  Wo  Lockard &
Dr.  Isabel Lockard,
International Harvester Co,   of
Canada Limited,
208 Hillyard Street,
Hamilton,   Ont.   (A Car 1276)
Mr.  & Mrs,  T.  C Lockwood,
Cunard Donaldson Ltd. ,
230 Hospital Street,
Montreal,  Que.   (D & E Car 1257)
Mr.  & Mrs    Beverley Matthews,  K.C.
Toronto Board of Trade,
King Edward Hotel,
Toronto,   Ont.   (D Car 1274)
Mr.  feMrs.  M.   W.  Maxwell,
Canadian National Railways,
360 McGill Street,
Montreal,  Que.   (F Car 1253)
Mr.   &Mrs,   Ph.  Morin,
La Chambre De Commerce de
St.  Jean,
69 St.  Georges,
St.   Jean,  Que.   (B Car 1255)
Mr.   feMrs.  D.  L.  Morrell,
The Canadian Chamber of
530 Board of Trade Bldg.,
Montreal,  Que.   (A Car 1253)
Mr.  & Mrs.  Donald A Macdonald,
Alexandria Board of Trade,
70 St.   George Street,
Alexandria,   Ont.   (A Car 1257)
Mr.  feMrs.  A.  E.  McGilvrary,
General Motors of Canada Limited,
Oshawa,   Ont.   (j Car 1278)
Mr.  G.  Robley Mackay,
Associate Treasurer,
Sun Life Assurance Co.   of Canada,
Montreal,   Que.   (1 Car 1257)
Mr.  Vic McKenty feMrs.  McKenty,
Kitchener Chamber of Commerc e,
City Hall,
Kitchener,  Ont.   (D Car 1277)
Mr.   C.  B.  Neapole,
The Royal Bank of Canada,
Montreal,   Que.   (A Car 1256) Mr,   feMrs.   To  Oakley,
Canadian China fe Glass Co.  Ltd.
20 Wellington Street,   West,
Toronto,   Onto   (H Car 1272)
Mr.   feMrs.  W.  V.  Saunders,
W.  A.  Sheaffer Pen Co.   of Canada Ltd.
Toronto,   Ont.   (I Car 1275)
Mr.   feMrs.  N.   P.  Petersen,
Canadian Acme Screw fe Gear Ltd. ,
207 Weston Road,
Toronto,   9*  Ont.   (G fe H Gar 1255)
Mr.   Ernest Popkin,
President & General Manager,
George White & Sons Co.   Ltd. ,
London,   Ont.   (C Car 1276)
Mr.   feMrSo  Robert J.   Prettie,
Northern Wood Preservers Ltd. ,
Port Arthur,   Ont.   (A Car 1272)
Mr.  C.  H. Scoffield,
The Canadian Chamber of Commerce,
530 Board of Trade Bldg. ,
Montreal,  Que.
Mr.  W.   J.  Sheridan,
The Canadian Chamber of Commerce,
530 Board of Trade Bldg.,
Montreal (K Car 1255)
Mr.  Gurpal Singh,
India Government Trade Commissioner,
801 Royal Bank Bldg* ,
Toronto,   Ont.   (E Car 1276)
Mr.   feMrs.   T*  A.   Pugsley,
The Canadian Bank of Commerce,
29 George St. ,
Halifax,   No  S.   (B Car 1250)
Mr.   Reid J.  Smith,
Assistant General Manager,
The Bank of Nova Scotia,
Toronto,   1,   Ont.   (B Car 1276)
Mr.   feMrs.  E.   P.   Rees,
Furness Withy fe Co.   Ltd. ,
315 St.  Sacrament Street,
Montreal,   Que.   (B & C Car 1257)
Mrs.  J.  Reeves,
Montreal,   Que.
(Accompanying Mr.   feMrs.   H.  J.  LeRoux)
(3 Car 125 2^
Mr.   C.   S.   Riley,
Northern Trust Co. ,
Winnipeg,  Man.   (F Car 1278)
Mr.   feMrs.   T.  A.  Rice,
International Harvester Co.   of Canada Ltd.
208 Hillyard St. ,
Hamilton,  Ont.   (D Car 1276)
Mr.   D.   Ao  Robbins,
Managing Secretary,
The Hamilton Chamber of Commerce,
Terminal Bldg. ,
Hamilton,   Onto   (H Car 1278)
Mr.   feMrs.   Bert Rymal,
Bert Rymal Electrical Appliances,
Hamilton,   Ont.       (C Car  1272)
Mr.   S.  W.  Stedman,
Brantford Oven & Rack,
Brantford,   Ont.   (D Car 1278)
Mr.   feMrs.  B.  R.  Steen,
Zenith Electric Supply Limited,
177 King St.  West,
Toronto,  Ont.   (3 and 4 Car 1277)
Mr.  A.  K.  Stewart,
Canadian Pacific Railway Co. ,
Montreal,  Que.   (6 Car 1257)
Mr.   feMrs.   C.  C.  Thackray,
Dominion Rubber Co.  Ltd. s
550 Papineau Ave. ,
Montreal,  Que.   (D & E Car 1252)
Mr.   feMrs.  Andre Thibodeau,
69 St.   George Street,
St.   Jean,   Que.   (A Car 1255)
Mr.   Oo  B.   Thornton,
Vice-President & General Manager,
Montreal Trust Company,
lyiontreal*   1,  Que. (B Car 1253) Mrs.  E.  A.  Tinney,
601 Canada Bldg* ,
Windsor,  Ont.        (2 Car 1277)
(Accompanying Dr.   ,fe Mrs.
Oo   C.  Baker)
Mr.   feMrs.  John M.  V an Loon,
Colonial Tool Co.  Ltd. ,
1691 Walker Road,
Windsor,   Ont.   (C Car 1275)
Mr.   feMrs.  R.  W*  Wakefield,
Secretary and Treasurer,
Ciba Company Ltdo ,
1235 McGill College Avenue,
Montreal,   Que.   (C Car 1255)
Mr.  George W.  Wallace,
C.L.C.  Machinery Co. ,
Grant Ave. ,
Hamilton,   Ont.   (4 Car 1276)
Mr.   feMrs.   F.   G.   Winspear,
Winspear,   Hamilton,   Anderson & Co.
Empire Block,
Edmonton,   Alta.   (D Car 1255)
Mr.  feMrs.   Willan Winspear, :.,
The Brock Company(Western) Ltd. ,
Calgary,  Alta.   (E Car 1277)
Duplicated,on a product oL ^x
Addressograph-Multigraph of Canada Limited
Master typed on International Business Machines
Electric Executive Model Typewriter


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