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Travel suggestions for summer vacations Canadian Pacific Railway Company 1929

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CANADIAN PACIFIC Other Canadian Pacific
All handsomely illustrated, and to be
obtained free from any Canadian
Pacific Agency.
Resorts in the Rockies /
Banff, Lake Louise and the Canadian
Pacific Rockies
Bungalow Camps in the Rockies
Across The Great Lakes
Resorts in Ontario
French River Bungalow Camp
Nipigon River Bungalow Camp
Kenora Bungalow Camp
The Muskoka Lakes
The Kawartha Lakes
Pointe au Baril
Resorts in Quebec
A Week in Quebec in the Spring
Atlantic Coast Resorts
Game Fish in Ontario
Fishing Waters and Game Haunts of
Winter Sports at Quebec
Open Seasons in Canada
Hotel and Boarding House List Where Shall I Go?
r"Pms little booklet is intended to help
you   form   your   vacation   plans—
particularly if you are still undecided.
There are hundreds of beautiful, in"
teresting and enjoyable resorts on or
adjacent to the lines of the Canadian
Pacific. In these pages we offer a brief
summary of some of the principal
For complete information, see our various
illustrated publications, which can be obtained
either direct from us or from any of our agencies. On the opposite page is a list of these
booklets: and at the bottom of each of the succeeding pages is a cross-reference to the particular publication in question.
Summer Tourist Fares are in effect from
May 15th to September 30th.
Canadian Pacific
World's Greatest Travel System
Printed in U. S. A. Algonquin Hotel, St. Andrews-by-the-Sea
A magnificent Canadian Pacific Hotel.    St. Andrews
is 440 miles east of Montreal.    Standard and Compartment sleeping cars are run daily.
Landing a Big One
Salmon fishing is the King of Sports.    New Brunswick excels in its salmon rivers. New Brunswick
»■ ....ii i «
A Admirably suited as a summer play-
ot. Andrews- ground, the coast of New Brunswick
by-the-Sea is indented with many harbors, bays
and sounds, so formed by Nature as to be ideal for fishing,
boating and yachting. Passamaquoddy Bay and its
calm waters are warmer than those on the exposed coasts
a little farther south. St. Andrews-by-the-Sea, at one
of the most picturesque points on this bay, was therefore
selected by the Canadian Pacific Railway as a suitable
location for a summer hotel. St. Andrews is a favorite
summer resort.
No prettier place can be found on the Atlantic Coast.
Here are two of the best seaside golf courses in America,
a delightful bathing beach, numerous tennis courts, a
bowling green, charming drives and other attractions.
The bathing is excellent, the sailing equally so.
. Saint John,  the largest city of the
Saint John       province, is situated on the northern
shore of the Bay of Fundy, at the mouth of the Saint
John River, 481 miles east of Montreal.    It is essentially
a maritime city and its fine docks and harbors are always
interesting.    Among  the  sights  of Saint  John  is  the
remarkable demonstration known as the Reversing Falls.
„ Fredericton,   the   Provincial   capital,
Fredericton     45 miles from Saint John, is situated
on the noble Saint John River, which drains a territory
larger than any river on the Atlantic Coast, and traverses
a district of great beauty and fertility; and it is doubtful
if a more beautiful spot can be found for a summer outing
than on the banks of this river, anywhere in the long
stretch between Fredericton and Saint John.
The best salmon fishing today in the
Fishing Province is the result of stocking certain
rivers with fry and then protecting the salmon when
they ascend from the ocean. Naturally such effort has
demanded a considerable outlay, and as a result the best
water is either leased or owned by clubs or private individuals. There is, however, "water" to which at times the
public has access.
The trout fishing is unexcelled in most of the rivers
and streams.
Remarkably good fly fishing in season is offered on
the upper Nepisiguit, Bedell Brook, the Tabusintac,
Green River, the Madawaska and other streams.
For fuller information,  see  our folder
ATLANTIC COAST RESORTS Digby—Looking Across the Bay
Digby is a three-hour steamer journey across the Bay
of Fundy from Saint John.    Daily train service from
Montreal and Boston to Saint John.
.^[JIAM^J-JV^J-J-^   r..^^^w-w1-r1.1 , QflfoaM
Evangeline's Well at Grand Pre
The Land of Evangeline has been rendered immortal
by Longfellow's poem Nova Scotia
Nova Scotia and the Land of Evangeline are just across
the Bay of Fundy from New Brunswick, reached by
a direct Canadian Pacific steamer service from Saint
John to Digby as well as by a rail route round the Bay
to Moncton, Truro and Halifax. It abounds in excellent
motor roads leading through drives of great beauty.
Digby is a beautiful hill-climbing
Digby seaport,   with  long  and lofty  piers
jutting far out into the tide, forming a favorite promenade.
Digby has pleasure boats, fishing boats, yachts, bathing-
houses, and is abundantly equipped with summer cottages and hotels, the chief of which is The Pines, operated
by the Dominion Atlantic Ry. For the golfer Digby has a
capital nine-hole course.
Taking the Dominion Atlantic Ry.
Yarmouth westward from Digby brings one to
Yarmouth, at the extreme southern end of Nova Scotia,
and the favorite entry point for visitors from New England.
Direct steamer services connect it with Boston.
Yarmouth is beautifully situated. In the hottest
summer the thermometer hardly goes above seventy.
A |. Eastward from Digby the Dominion
AnnapOllS Atlantic   Railway   runs   along   the
Royal south shore of the beautiful Digby
Basin, through several popular summer settlements.
Near the farther end of the basin is Annapolis Royal.
This historic old town is the oldest European settlement
in Canada.
xr     4-   #ii A Kentville and the pretty college town
«rCIf;V-V of Wolfville are the headquarters of
Wolfville visitors to the "Land of Evangeline."
Grand Pre Three miles east of Wolfville is Grand
Pre. If a link were needed to connect
this beautiful Grand Pre country with the equally beautiful
Evangeline story, it has been supplied by a statue of
Evangeline that has been erected at this very spot.
Halifax, the largest city and provincial
Halifax capital of Nova Scotia, has an un
rivalled harbor, capable of holding all the navies of North
America. Halifax is full of historic interest and is a most
delightful place to visit.
Nova Scotia has fishing in lake and
rlShmg stream for trout and salmon, in the
deep-sea tides for cod, mackerel, haddock and pollock, and
fine shooting in the woods that form the province's backbone.
For fuller  information,   see  our folder
ATLANTIC COAST RESORTS |ggS if'**-..-** ^^^J&WWS)<WW&^^   .^Sy>flrtittttiX>^0»^W^^
Crawford Notch
In the  White Mountains on the line to  Portland,
Maine.    Through  daily   trains from  Montreal  via
Canadian Pacific.
^i^^<mmmxm^mmv': ■■■■•■•*. mx?*.mm>.: ^?^ *s^?^^ &#$ft$&
■   ''M,MM%J£ >     V r •.%*:%* V ^ ?i
S-.•.•.•.■. •••.■.••■a: .v »'■'•*-*•■-*•'•*•"•*-*
■r   '   %-' :-:-:•••^•••*   -^an
Old Orchard Beach, Maine
One o/ f/ie most famous bathing beaches of America,
294 miles east of Montreal.    Through daily trains
from Montreal, via Canadian Pacific. White Mountains and Maine Coast
The route to the White Mountains and the Maine
Coast is over the Canadian Pacific from Montreal.
The White Mountains comprise 400
Mount square   miles   of   mountain   peaks.
Washington      Mount Washington is 6,293 feet high.
Fabyan is the central point for White Mountain travel.
The famous Fabyan House is the starting point for the
summit of Mount Washington over a cog-wheel railway.
Eastward   from    Fabyan   is    Twin
Bethlehem        Mountain,   Maplewood    and   Bethlehem.
The journey to Portland is resumed
North from Fabyan through the Crawford
Conway Notch   and    North   Conway.
.        _ The coast of Maine forms a summer
JVLaine Coast playground of exceeding great attraction. With its inlets, coves, harbors and bay shelters, it
is extraordinarily irregular; and in this setting high
cliffs, rock-bound promontories, sandy beaches, pine
forests, and islands, make a delightful combination of
inland and shore life.
^      -      A Portland, the "Forest City,'1 at the
-Portland head of Casco Bay, is the gateway to
the Maine Coast. It is one of the finest summer cities on
the Atlantic Coast, and from it excursions can be made
in every direction. Casco Bay contains nearly 200 islands.
_       « - Beyond Casco Bay is the Boothbay
rJootnoay Harbor   region,    where    there   are
Harbor numerous other pleasant resorts.    An
hour's ride brings one to Brunswick, seat of Bowdoin
College. A few miles farther is Bath, near the mouth of the
Kennebec River.
_      tt    i. Bar   Harbor  is  located   on   Mount
rJar Harbor Desert Island. It is one of the widest
known and most popular summer places on this coast.
fWA n Vi A Between Portland and Boston the
(JIa (Jrcnara shore-line is one long succession of
attractive and popular summer resorts. Twelve miles
south of Portland is one of the most famous bathing
beaches of America—Old Orchard, the rallying point
every summer of thousands who enjoy sea-bathing, the
surf, and the cooling breezes of the ocean. Other popular
beaches in this locality are Scarboro Beach, Prout's Neck,
Higgins Beach, Pine Point, Wells Beach, Ogunquit, and
For fuller  information,  see  our folder
1 Quebec
||^:H ? *"«?•«:•'*:*
Windsor Station, Montreal
The priest railway station in Canada, and headquarters of
the Canadian Pacific.
With forests covering 130,000,000 acres, with a national
park of over three thousand square miles, with opportunities for hunting and fishing as wonderful as anywhere on
this continent, with three centuries of romantic history in
its two great cities, the Province of Quebec has alike for
the tourist, the traveller and its own two million people
what is almost an embarrassment of riches.
Montreal stands on an island on the
.Montreal site of the ancient Indian village of
Hochelaga. It not only enjoys the distinction of being a
great ocean port nearly a thousand miles inland, but
in point of foreign commerce is the second port of North
America. The city is 150 miles above salt water, but
the broad St. Lawrence forms a highway upon which
ocean-going steamers ascend.
Prominent from every part of Montreal is Mount
Royal, a large and beautiful public park. From the Lookout a wonderful panoramic view can be obtained of the
city and river. Historically, Montreal is as interesting
as the City of Quebec, although it lives so strictly in the
present. Montreal is the fourth largest French-
speaking city in the world; over half its population
of 1,000,000 speak French as their mother tongue.
There are a large number of first-class hotels, among
them being the "Place Viger," owned by the Canadian
8 Quebec
Chateau Frontenac and. Lower Town, Quebec
The Chateau overlooks the St. Lawrence River and affords
one of the most magnificent views in America.
There are about twenty golf courses in Montreal, one
of them a municipal course.
—. „ The City of Quebec, 172 miles east of
City OI Montreal,    was   the   birthplace   of
Quebec North America and of the civilisation
that now extends from the Atlantic to the Pacific. The
grandeur of its site, the beauty of its scenery, and the
poignancy of its checkered history endow it with a special
appeal. No other city on this continent has such an
individual charm or such definite personality. The city
occupies the base and summit of a lofty crag projecting
into the St. Lawrence River. Here the Canadian Pacific has
erected the Chateau Frontenac, a perfect and famous hotel.
The Plains of Abraham (Battlefield Park) where was
fought one of the most fateful battles of modern times, is
now maintained as a public park.
A visit to the City of Quebec is
Montmorency incomplete without one or two de-
Falls lightful side trips.    There is a run
of seven miles out to where the Montmorency River
plunges into the St. Lawrence over a 274'foot leap.
Another excursion is to the world-
famous shrine of Ste. Anne de Beaupre,
twenty-one miles east of Quebec.
information,   see  our folder
Ste. Anne de
For  fuller
.    ...i,i.»UHiu.Mi.W,liiiJin,MJ^^
:-Xv:*x:: v ::::::::::x::::::¥;':v;-'.:: :; m■'■ :'■ :'■:- > :':^:::;->x:>vv>':::'::>:::':::::::::::::'
Lac des Sables, Ste. Agathe
A   beautiful  district  in  the  Laurentian  Mountains,   64
miles from Montreal.
The Laurentian Mountains district
is an ideal summer playground im-
Laurentians mediately north of Montreal. It
abounds in streams and lakes, in many of which excellent
trout fishing is to be had. Its proximity to Montreal
has made it a popular summer resort district and many
beautiful summer homes have been erected.
There are a large number of villages along the railway,
in which boarding houses and hotels are plentiful. The
principal places are:—
Shawbridge—One of the earliest settlements, charmingly
situated on the North River.
Piedmont—"the foot of the mountain."  The Y.M.C. A.
Boys1 Camp is here, and many little country houses
round about.
Ste. Marguerite Station is the "open sesame" to as
delightful a stretch of country as can be found in
the Province of Quebec.
Vai Morin—A favorite summer resort on Lac Raymond.    There are a number of other fine lakes in
the neighborhood.
Ste.   Agathe—An  ideal  summer  home  on  Lac  des
Sables.    From  Ste.   Agathe  numerous   interesting
trips can be made, among them being to the beautiful
Lac Archambault and Lac Ouareau.
Ivry—A tiny village on picturesque Lake Manitou,
which is 35 miles in circumference.
10 Quebec
'■■ iiiiki w   III
' ■■"wm.
Fishing in the Laurentian Mountains
There is good trout fishing to be obtained at many
places in the J^prth country.
St.   Faustin—The   gateway   to   many   good   fishing
St. Jovite—The station for Lac Ouimet, which has
a charming Inn on its shores, and a nine-hole golf
Labelle—A typical Laurentian village near which the
fishing is decidedly good.
Nominingue—On Lac Nominingue, one of the largest
and most attractive lakes in the Laurentians.
Mont Laurier—The end of the railway, with many
good fishing waters within easy range.
# The Gatineau Valley is one of the
The Gatineau most attractive sections in the Pro-
Valley vince.    It is reached from  Ottawa
and has a number of popular resorts, among which are
Kasubazjua—Close to a very fine trout stream.
Blue Sea Lake—Where is one of the loveliest lakes
of the Province.
Maniwaki—The end of the railway and a good centre
for canoeing, fishing and hunting.
. Kipawa is on the line north of Mat-
The Kipawa tawa, which is on the main line of
District the Canadian Pacific west of Ottawa,
and is the natural gateway to a vast region of unspoiled
wildness where camping, canoeing, fishing and shooting
can be enjoyed in full measure.
11 Quebec
Near Magog
On the shores of La\e Memphremagog, a magnificent sheet
of water, 88 miles from Montreal
The Pontiac     The Pontiac District lies along the
District north  shore  of the  Ottawa   River,
north-westward from the City of
Ottawa. It has a number of popular resorts, among
the most important being Campbell's Bay, one of the
prettiest villages in the Province. Otter Lake, twenty-
two miles away, is a beautiful spot where the fishing is
excellent. Then there is Devonshire Park, situated on
Coulonge Lake, some 35 miles long, with good fishing for
gamey large and small mouth bass, pickerel, pike and lunge.
Waltham is the end of the line and a point of departure
for the lake country which lies beyond. Not far from
Waltham is the attractive summer resort of Fort William,
which can be reached by steamer from Pembroke.
Memphremagog   .Ma^'.88 m;!f* fr°m Mon^al
r is a thriving little town situated
on the shore of Lake Memphremagog, a magnificent
sheet of water about 30 miles long, whose southern end
lies within the State of Vermont.
Sherbrooke        Sherbrooke, 106 miles from Montreal,
is   the   bustling   metropolis   of   the
Eastern Townships, situated where the St. Francis and
the  Magog Rivers unite.    Near Sherbrooke lies Lake
Massawippi, a lovely expanse of water.
Me&antic Megantic, 175 miles from Montreal,
6 makes  an  appeal  probably  more  to
campers and sportsmen than to those in search of a
summer   resort.
12 Quebec
Mount Orford (2,860 Feet High) Near Magog
One of the highest mountains in the Province of Quebec.
From Foster, 69 miles from Montreal, a
Brome Lake branch line of the Canadian Pacific
runs south to Brome Lake and Knowlton. The boating
at Brome Lake is especially noteworthy.
St. Johns and its neighbor, Iberville,
St. Johns both well known as summer resorts,
are situated on the Richelieu River, less than an hour's
ride from Montreal. St. Johns is the starting place for
a number of very interesting excursions in a district
full of historical remains.
Trois   Rivieres, or "Three   Rivers,"
TroiS Rivieres is situated on the north shore of the
St.  Lawrence River about midway between Montreal
and Quebec.    It is an industrial centre and the gateway
to a vast territory of forest and mineral wealth.    ,.
From  Trois  Rivieres  a  branch  line
Grand' Mere    runs north to Shawinigan Falls and
Grand' Mere on the western bank of the St. Maurice.
This river is one of the largest in the Dominion.
For fuller  information,   see  our folder
13 Ontario
VB^WtV ■'' 'W' "*','**'"*?*'**mrm'',''****'*!rm
i       lanipiowi ii^i ilu *0^*f*^~m*mm*mmimmmmr
'■"'M ii UJ	
:.'.':ft: ft?': :'ft:':;::'v ''$XiW$&$Xi
Osgoode Hall, Toronto
One of the stately buildings of "The Queen City\
Of all the provinces of Canada, Ontario is one of the
most richly endowed in natural beauty. It contains
407,000 square miles, of which 41,000 comprise water.
Here, indeed, is Summerland, the true objective of
the vacationist—the land of deep forest and jewelled
waterway, the haunt of fish and game, the home of the
light canoe, and the place of the flat rock and the camp-
fire. And its infinite variety! Let the summer-seeker
stand at Toronto for a convenient point, for example,
and construct an imaginary triangle from that apex.
One side will be Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence
River; the other will sweep across Lake Huron, through
the Soo Canal, then across Lake Superior to Fort William.
The base will be the main line of the Canadian
Pacific. Within this triangle he will find all the variety
he wants.
Toronto is the capital of Ontario and
Toronto the  second  largest  city  of Canada.
It is beautifully situated on the shore of Lake Ontario.
It has immense manufacturing establishments, and some
of the largest commercial houses and banks in the Dominion. Through its crowded streets throbs a vast hum
of commerce. Its educational institutions are well known,
as also is the charm of its residential districts. It abounds
in golf courses and has two municipal courses.
A magnificent new Canadian Pacific hotel—the Royal
York—is being erected at Toronto, and will be opened
in early summer, 1929.
14 Ontario
m,wr. «,, ■—,.,..■■,- .,....,.„.,,.-,    , ,w..r,,^, !,,w?i,  „      .,.„.,,„,„,„,„„,„,,„, ,JWW^^,,t,,,.:.„<^w. ^^
Niagara Falls
From the Canadian side, showing the American Falls on
the left and the Horseshoe Falls on the right.
Hamilton Hamilton,    between    Toronto    and
Buffalo, is beautifully situated at the
head of navigation of Lake Ontario, on a land-locked
arm named Burlington Bay, and has several golf courses.
Niagara From Toronto it is 94 miles to Niagara
Falls Fa^,s' wllich has its hold upon every
.    . one's imagination as one of the most
remarkable works of nature. Illumination by 24 search'
lights of two million candlepower is a spectacular feature
every night. The Niagara Peninsula is one of the finest
truit producing regions of Canada—grapes, peaches
and all kinds of fruits are grown in large quantities.
Ottawa Ottawa, the capital of the Dominion
m j- ^ r r °^ Canac*a> is on the main line of the
Canadian Pacific from Montreal to Winnipeg, and is also
accessible by a through service from Toronto. The city
stands at the junction of the Rideau and Ottawa Rivers,
its site being characterized by a picturesque grandeur
appropriate to its national importance. Ottawa is
the residence of the Governor-General, and here are
located the Dominion Parliament Buildings, among the
hnest in America. Ottawa has a number of fine golf
courses. &
For fuller  information,   see  our folder
15 Ontario
Bala Falls at Bala
The gateway to the Mus\o\a La\es, 120 miles north of
Kawartha The, Kawartha Lakes comprise fourteen
j    « beautiful stretches of water, aggregat-
L#aKeS jng over one hundred and fifty miles
and constitute one of the most popular of Ontario's
summer  playgrounds.
There are three gateways to the Kawartha Lakes—
Bobcaygeon at the central point, 85 miles, and Lindsay
69 miles east of Toronto, and Peterboro at the eastern
end, 76 miles from Toronto.
A motor bus runs from Peterboro to Lakefield, Mc-
Cracken's Landing, and other popular resorts.
From Bobcaygeon one can quickly reach Sturgeon
Lake, which in beauty rivals any in the Kawartha chain.
Where Stony and Clear Lakes meet, Juniper Island
thrusts its granite nose through the waters. This is
one of the popular rallying points for resorters.
Rice Lake, although not strictly a part of the Kawartha
chain, is reached by a delightful sail down the Otonabee
River from Peterboro.
Lake Mazinaw   *t   an   altitude   of   about   two
thousand feet above sea-level, a
great virgin holiday country of
rugged and picturesque beauty, is
to be found in the Lake Madnaw Highlands. It is
reached from Kaladar, on the Toronto-Peterboro-Montreal
line of the Canadian Pacific, 148 miles east of Toronto
and 190 miles west of Montreal.    Its centre is Bon Echo.
(Bon Echo) Ontario
On the Kawartha Lakes
There are fourteen of these la\es.    Easily reached from
The Bon Echo Inn forms with its cottages and tents
a self-contained community.
n* j t    *        These   beautiful   lakes,    which   are
JXiaeau l^aKeS reajly  an  expansion  of  the   Rideau
River on its way from its source near Lake Ontario,
form one connected waterway that provides the summer
cottager, motor-boater, or fisherman with remarkable
opportunities for enjoyment. At Kingston Mills the
Cataraqui River is joined for a short journey down to
the fine old city of Kingston—which, itself an attractive summer resort, is a convenient point at which
to commence the journey through the famous Thousand
Islands of the St. Lawrence.
TV/r     1r**h> Beautiful lakes that reflect the "clear
JYLUSKOKa sky- which led the Indian to bestow
Lakes its musical name upon it, tree-hidden
rivers, hundreds of pine-clad islands, a bracing summer
climate, and a wealth of opportunity for recreation—
this is the Muskoka region.
The gateway to the Muskoka region is Bala, a four-
hour ride north of Toronto on the Canadian Pacific. The
wharf adjoins the station, and here one may transfer to
a steamer waiting to speed up through Lake Muskoka,
Lake Rosseau and Lake Joseph.
For fuller  information,   see  our folders
A Beautiful Waterway, Pointe au Baril
This district is one of the most picturesque in Ontario and
is 180 miles north of Toronto.
Muskoka offers perfect immunity from hay-fever.
There are seven golf clubs in the district.
There need be no dull hours in a Muskoka vacation;
bathing in the soft waters of the lakes, canoeing, sailing
and motor-boating, golfing, tennis, fishing, walks through
the woods, and steamboat excursions provide something
new for each day.
Parry Sound, 154 miles north of Toronto,
Parry {s the gateway to one of the finest regions
Sound of the Georgian Bay,  which   among   its
other attractions has 30,000 islands. With
islands of every conceivable sise and shape, separated
by beautiful secluded nooks resembling inland lakes, the
district offers every inducement to the camper and
p  •   f Pointe au Baril is 180 miles north of Toronto,
o   -i        and 25 miles from Parry Sound> and is
oaril fortunate in having good hotels.
While the entire province east of the Great Lakes
is a recreation ground, the portion surrounding Pointe
au Baril has an added charm that is all its own. It is
not only restful, but it spells real "Adventure" to all
who love the wild and picturesque. The black bass,
living in deep cold water, are as lively as trout. There
are also the Great Northern pike, the maskinonge and
the pickerel.
18 Ontario
French River
Where a Bungalow Camp provides splendid accommodation.
215 miles north of Toronto.
Gasoline launches, rowboats and canoes may be rented,
and competent guides are also available. Apart from
the numerous trips in and around Pointe au Baril, an
intensely interesting trip may be arranged up the Shawan-
aga River. Days and weeks can be spent between
the nearby islands or in exploring the waters far afield.
The Maganetawan River with its
Maganeta- tributary   streams   and   lakes,   offers
wan River unusual   opportunities   for  canoeing,
camping and general enjoyment of outdoor life. Byng
Inlet, on the Toronto-Sudbury line, 194 miles north of
Toronto, is the station for this splendid region.
The French River is one of the most
French River desirable vacation districts in Ontario.
Its great fishing possibilities appeal to the angler. It
is 215 miles north of Toronto, 60 miles north of Parry
Sound, and 45 miles south of Sudbury.
The scenery around French River is characteristic of the
whole Georgian Bay region—rocky islands, deep channels,
cool dark waters, dense pine forests, and twisting waterways. Besides fishing, French River affords some unexcelled
canoe trips and a nine-hole golf course opened in 1927.
A Bungalow Camp is located here. For particulars
of this camp see page 23.
For fuller  information,   see  our folders
19 Ontario
Fishing on the Nipigon
A famous  trout  stream.    A Bungalow  Camp   is
located here.
Trout Lake
Trout Lake is a beautiful sheet of
water, eleven miles in length and
averaging % mile in width. The lake and tributary
waters are plentifully supplied with salmon trout, bass
and maskinonge. This region can be reached from Rutter
or Paget, a few miles north of French River.
Exceptionally good bass fishing, excit-
.   .    . *n§ sPort trolling for "lunge1' with
Nipissing pike  and   pickerel  also  on  the   list
ana many interesting canoe trips, are some of the attractions
offered to the sportsman in the Lake Nipissing district.
The lake is a beautiful sheet of water, 50 miles long by
20 wide, plentifully dotted with rocky islands.
This district is reached by the Canadian Pacific through
Sturgeon Falls or North Bay, about 275 miles north of
Toronto and 360 miles west of Montreal.
.   # One of the most delightful resorts in
Nipigon Ontario.    In addition to trout fishing,
highly attractive trips by launch and canoe can be indulged
in.    There is an excellent bathing beach and a good
tennis court.
Nipigon station is on the Canadian Pacific, 922 miles
west of Montreal, 743 miles northwest of Toronto, and
65 miles east of Port Arthur.
A Bungalow Camp is located here. For particulars of
this Camp see page 23.
20 Ontario
Steamship "Assiniboia"
Of the Canadian Pacific Great La\es fleet, which, with the
"Keewatin" plies between Port McNicoll and Fort William.
T ^tr^ Ax-f 4-U*       Kenora is the station for Lake of the
W       ,1 W°°dS-     "La°    ^    IsleS'"    ^    °ld
Woods explorer called the lake and with reason
for its fair expanse is dappled with 11,000 islands. The
fishing in the district for bass, lunge and lake trout is
particularly good.
A Bungalow Camp is located on an attractive spot
within 20 minutes by launch from the station. For
particulars of this Camp see page 23.
Two days at sea in the heart of a
The Great continent, with all the surroundings
Lakes and pleasures of an ocean voyage—this
is the trip the Canadian Pacific offers you in its Great Lakes
Steamship Service. It is a health-giving trip, within
the reach of all, across broad, beautiful Lake Huron to
Sault Ste. Marie, through the famous "Soo" Canal. Then
across Lake Superior to Port Arthur and Fort William.
The scenery is magnificent, the voyage interesting and the
steamships among the best.
You have your choice of three sailings a week, two
from Port McNicoll and one from Owen Sound. On
the eastbound trip there are similar sailings.
For fuller  information,   see  our folders
21 Bungalow Camp at Nipigon, Ont.
Excellent accommodation is provided.    One of the
most delightful resorts in Ontario.
Bungalow Camp at Kenora, Ont.
The Lake of the Woods District is a magnificent
holiday resort.
22 Bungalow Camps in Ontario
Three Bungalow Camps are now open in Ontario.
The camps consist each of a well built central club house,
where meals are served and opportunity provided for
social diversions. Surrounding this club house are cosy
little bungalows, designed for one, two, or four persons,
equipped simply but comfortably.
They are operated at moderate rates—$5.50 per day,
$35.00 per week, American plan. The camps are open
June 15th to September 15th. (French River until
October 15th.)
•- -   _. French River Station is on the Can-
French Kiver   adian   Pacific,   215   miles   north   of
Camp Toronto,   60  miles   north   of Parry
Sound and 45 miles south of Sudbury.
The Camp is attractively located within 200 yards
of the station, on an elevation commanding a magnificent view of the French River, a 65 mile channel connecting Lake Nipissing with the Georgian Bay. There
is not a point along its course that does not delight the
artistic sense or repay the patience of the angler. A sub-
camp is operated at Pine Rapids, about 20 miles distant.
Nipigon Station is 922 miles west
Nipigon River °f Montreal, 743 miles northwest
Camo °^ Toronto, and 65 miles east of
^ Port Arthur.
The Camp is delightfully situated on the east shore
at the southern end of Lake Helen, an expansion of
the Nipigon River.
t-^     «j    ^ Kenora is the station for Lake of the
Uevil S Uap      Woods, 126 miles east of Winnipeg
Camp and 293 miles west of Fort William,
on the main line of the Canadian Pacific.
Devil's Gap Camp is delightfully situated at a point on
the mainland at the southern end of Devil's Gap, on the
island dappled Lake of the Woods. This wonderful
body of water, fringed by woods, covers an area of nearly
2,000 square miles, accessible by steamer, launch or canoe.
The Camp is only twenty minutes from Kenora station by
For  fuller   information,   see   our  folders
23 HI
Banff Springs Hotel and the Valley of the Bow
<A far-famed resort of the Canadian Pacific Rockies.
«V MyVy^.A^.'-zy-.V I '.■ .^l ^/l f A»t^>f^ .^i«y. y>«^^;iy^^<»V»yvAjyvy;
•*pl*pfs*yyr+ty<fy>yty.».t^pyyV^^ .
Lake Louise, The "Gem of the Rockies"
The Chateau Lake Louise provides superb accommodations at this beautiful and famous lake.
24 The Canadian Pacific Rockies
The Canadian Pacific Rockies stretch from the Gap,
60 miles west of Calgary, practically to Vancouver,—
nearly 600 miles of Alpine scenery. Snowy peaks,
glaciers, rugged precipices, water falls, foaming torrents,
canyons, lakes like vast sapphires and amethysts set
in the pine-clad mountains—these have been flung together
in unparalleled confusion on a scale which the rest of
the world has not known.
_      _, For many years Banff, the gateway to
x5anix Rocky Mountains Park, has attracted
tourists and lovers of Nature from all corners of the earth.
Situated in the heart of the Canadian Pacific Rockies,
with a wilderness of untrodden crags and peaks radiating in every direction and abounding in game of large
and small variety, it bids tho photographer, the naturalist,
and the mountain climber welcome. The traveller
seeking a holiday can find all his wants supplied at the
finest mountain hotel in the world, the Canadian Pacific
Banff Springs Hotel. Sulphur springs and bathing pools,
also an excellent golf course and tennis court, form some of the
many attractions at this resort. The Banff-Windermere
motor road has opened up a magnificent Alpine country.
Lake Louise The lake is one of the most perfect
gems of scenery in the world—"a lake of the deepest
and most exquisite coloring, ever changing, defying
analysis, mirroring in its wonderful depths the sombre
forests and cliffs that rise from its shores on either side,
the gleaming white glacier and tremendous snow-crowned
3eaks that fill the background of the picture, and the
3lue sky and fleecy clouds overhead." On the shores
of this beautiful lake the Canadian Pacific operates the
splendid Chateau Lake Louise. Numerous magnificent
and imposing mountains surround the lake. Victoria
Glacier, which shuts off the southern end of the lake,
is an awe-inspiring spectacle. Along the western shore
of the lake is a delightful mile and a half walk affording
splendid views of these gigantic peaks. Among the
numerous delightful excursions is that to Lakes in the
Clouds, two gems that nestle high up on the mountain
sides, and that to Moraine Lake, a lovely mountain lake
lying in the Valley of the Ten Peaks.
« * j Emerald Lake, as green as its name, is a
xsmeraia seven-mile drive from Field, at the end
Lake of   which   accommodation   may   be
obtained at the cosy Emerald Lake Chalet.    An attractive
For fuller  information,   see  our folder
25 Wapta Bungalow Camp
Starting off on the Trail to Lake 0' Hara.
Lake O'Hara Bungalow Camp
One oj a chain of Bungalow Camps that
entice the trail-rider.
26 Bungalow Camps
Canadian Pacific Rockies
two-day riding trip can be made from Emerald Lake
Chalet, spending a night at Yoho Valley Camp, and
continuing next day up the Kicking Horse Pass to Wapta
Awaiting you in the Canadian Pacific Rockies is a
chain of eight Bungalow Camps, forming the finest
centres for vacations in the heart of this most magnificent
mountain region. They are the ideal headquarters
for those whose heart is close to Nature's, and who wish
to enjoy to the fullest degree the wonderful hiking, riding
and climbing excursions of the Rockies.
These cosy, comfortable Bungalow Camps together
provide the opportunities for delightful "grand circuit1'trips.
The camps are operated at moderate rates—$5.50
per day, $35.00 per week, American plan.
The camps which are open June 15 to September 15, consist each of a well-built central community hall or clubhouse, where meals are served and opportunity provided
for social diversions. Surrounding the club-house are cosy
bungalows, designed for one, two or four persons, equipped
simply but comfortably.
Overlooking beautiful Lake Wapta,
Wapta Camp just west of the Great Divide. Station,
Hector (just across the lake).
? On a beautiful Alpine lake,  of ex-
Lake O Hara quisite coloring and charm. Reached
Camp by trail from Hector (8 miles).
At the most delightful location in
Yoho Valley Yoho Valley, facing Takakkaw Falls.
Camp By  road  from   Field   (11   miles)   or
Wapta Camp (13 miles) or by trail from Emerald Lake
(7 miles). Twin Falls Tea House, in the upper valley,
and Summit Lake Tea House, on the Yoho Pass, are reached
from Yoho Valley Camp.
At the head of the Valley of the
Moraine Ten   Peaks,   nine   miles   from   Lake
Lake Camp     Louise (open June 1st to September
T5      rr Four halts for meals or sleeping ac-
«r   j commodation   are   open   along   this
Windermere magnificent automobile route at Castle
Road Mountain Bungalow Camp, Vermilion
River Camp, Radium Hot Springs Camp, and Lake Windermere Camp (see page 29).
For fuller  information,   see  our  folder
27 Kaslo, on Kootenay Lake
A   delightful   district   for   an   outing.     Numerous
picturesque camping sites are adjacent to the town.
A Stern Wheeler
The type of steamer that operates on the inland lakes oj
British Columbia.
28 The Lake District
Southern British Columbia
i      •————
Between the prairies of Western Canada and the
Pacific Coast lies a wonderful summer playground—a
world of snow-clad peaks and valleys gay with flowers, a
world of forest, lake and river, the haunt of game and of
countless fish.
- Lake   Windermere,   a   lovely   warm
Lake water   lake,   is   ten   miles   long by
Windermere     nearly two miles broad.
A bungalow camp has been established on the shore.
Hot springs, long known to the pioneers of the valley
for their curative properties, are situated at Radium
Hot Springs, near the north end of the lake. The Banff-
Windermere Highway affords a splendid motor trip.
Kootenay Lake forms a kind of splitting
Kootenay wedge that breaks the huge bulk of
Lake the   Selkirk    Mountains   into    two
separate and magnificent ranges.
Nelson, with a population of 6,000, is the commercial centre of the Kootenay district.
At the central point of the north end of the lake lies
Kaslo, the distributing point and residential centre for
the surrounding mining districts.
Kaslo has good hotel accommodation, moderate in
price. Furnished houses and cottages for the summer
can be rented. Surrounding the town are numerous
picturesque camping sites.
T    - The Arrow Lakes, a widening of the
Arrow Lakes Columbia River, lie in a long, deep
valley between the western slope of the Selkirk Range
and the somewhat smaller Gold Range.
Leaving Nelson it is a short trip to Robson West.
From here to Arrowhead is a deeply interesting and
picturesque steamer trip of 130 miles.
Eight miles north from Nakusp are the Nakusp Hot
Springs. These springs, easily reached from Nakusp
by saddle-horse, are famous for their curative qualities
in cases of rheumatism.
1 Okanagan Lake,  which is over  100
Okanagan miles   in   length,   lies   between   the
Lake west slope of the Gold Range and the
Coast  Range. a
Either Penticton or Kelowna makes an ideal resort
for the summer visitor. Penticton possesses the splendid Incola Hotel, operated by the Okanagan Hotel Company.
Kelowna is situated on the eastern shore of the lake,
about midway of its length, and reached by steamer.
29 The Hotel Vancouver at Vancouver, B. C.
A Canadian Pacific Hotel which is among the best
on the North Pacific Coast.
The Empress Hotel at Victoria, B. C.
The Empress is the western most of the chain of
Canadian Pacific  Hotels.
30 British Columbia and Alaska
V^nrouver       ^e term*nal °f *ke Canadian Pacific's
transcontinental   rail   lines   and   its
trans-Pacific steamship routes, Vancouver is the largest
commercial centre in British Columbia.
It has an excellent harbor nearly landlocked and fully
sheltered and faces a beautiful range of mountains.
The Hotel Vancouver, of the Canadian Pacific Hotel
System, is the largest of the North Pacific Coast.
It is only a short run by Canadian Pacific steamer
to Victoria and Nanaimo, where the Esquimalt 6?
Nanaimo Railway connects with the beauty spots of
Vancouver Island.
From Vancouver the Company's famous "Princess"
steamers offer splendid service to Victoria, Seattle, Northern British Columbia and Alaska.
_   . . Victoria, the largest city of Vancouver
Victoria Island, is charmingly situated at the
southern end of the Island. It is the provincial capital
of British Columbia and the seat of the government.
The Parliament Buildings are among the finest in America.
Victoria is the Evergreen City of Canada—a city
of flowers. Its mild climate makes it a haven of content,
in summer as in winter. Zero weather and excessive heat
are unknown.
Overlooking the Inner Harbor is the Empress Hotel
of the Canadian Pacific. Nearby is the Crystal Garden,
an amusement casino.
Golf can be enjoyed every day of the year. The
courses are open to visitors.
-tj The East Coast of Vancouver Island
Vancouver      is   served   by   the  Esquimalt   &
Island Nanaimo Railway for 140 miles   to
Courtenay, nearly half-way up the Island.
The West Coast can be reached by Canadian Pacific
steamers that leave Victoria, making stops at a number of
small points as far as Port Alice, near the northern end
of the Island.
From Vancouver, B.C., or Victoria, B.C.,
Alaska to Skagway, Alaska, is a thousand miles
through an entrancing inland channel, winding between
islands and the mainland as through a fairyland. The
journey is made irf the palatial yacht-like "Princess11
steamers of the Canadian Pacific.
Nine days complete the journey into this land of rom*
ance and back.
For further information, see our folder
31 Canadian Pacific Railway
• >
Atlanta, Ga... 1017 Healey Bldg E. G. Chesbrough
Banff, Alta C. P. R. Station J. A. McDonald
Boston, Mass 405 Boylston St L. R. Hart
Buffalo, N.Y 160 Pearl St H. R. Mathewson
Calgary, Alta C.P.R. Station G. D. Brophy
" I24A Eighth Ave F.J. Hurkett
Chicago, III 71 E.Jackson Blvd T.J. Wall
Cincinnati, 0 201 Dixie Terminal Bldg. M. E. Malone
Cleveland, 0 1010 Chester Ave G. H. Griffin
Detroit, Mich  1231 Washington Blvd...G. G. McKay
Edmonton, Alta C.P.R. Bldg C. S. Fyfe
Fort William, Ont 404 Victoria Ave A. J. Boreham
Guelph, Ont 30 Wyndham St W. C. Tully
Halifax, N.S 117 HollisSt A. C. MacDonald
Hamilton, Ont Cor. King and James... .A. Craig
Indianapolis, Ind Merchants Bank Bldg J. A. McKinney
Kansas City, Mo 723 Walnut Street R. G. Norris
Kingston, Ont 180 Wellington St J. H. Welch
Lethbridge, Alta C.P.R. Station H. G. Stretton
London, Ont 417 Richmond St H. J. McCallum
Los Angeles, Cal 621 So. Grand Ave W. Mcllroy
Medicine Hat, Alta C.P.R. Station E. Schmid
Milwaukee, Wis  .68 Wisconsin St F. T. Sansom
Minneapolis, Minn 61 l-2nd Ave. So H. M. Tait |
Montreal, Que Windsor Station P. E. Gingras
" 141 St. JamesSt F. C. Lydon
Moose Jaw, Sask Can. Pac. Station T. J. Colton
Nelson, B.C Baker and Ward Sts J. S. Carter
New York, N.Y Madison Ave. at 44th F. R. Perry
North Bay, Ont 87 Main St. W C. H. White
Omaha, Neb 727 W.O.W. Bldg H.J. Clark
Ottawa, Ont  83 Sparks St J. A. McGill
Peterboro, Ont George St J. Skinner
Philadelphia, Pa 1500 Locust St Jno. C. Patteson
Pittsburgh, Pa ..338 Sixth Ave C. L. Williams
Portland, Ore 55 Third St W. H. Deacon
Port Arthur, Ont C.P.R. Station F. C. Gibbs
Prince Rupert, B.C W. C. Orchard
Quebec, Que Palais Station C. A. Langevin
Regina, Sask C.P.R. Station J. W. Dawson
1812 Scarth St W. D. Buchanan
Saint John, N.B... 40 King St G. B. Burpee
St. Louis, Mo 412 Locust St  .G. P. Carbrey.
St. Paul, Minn Robert and Fourth .W. H. Lennon, The
Soo Line
St. Thomas, Ont 372 Talbot St T. G. M. Jamieson
San Francisco, Cal 675 Market St F. L. Nason
Saskatoon, Sask I 15 Second Ave G. B. Hill
Sault Ste. Marie, Ont. .529 Queen St J. O. Johnston
Seattle, Wash 1320 Fourth Ave E. L. Sheehan
Sherbrooke, Que 91 Wellington St J. A. Metivier
Spokane, Wash Old Nat. Bank Bldg E. L. Cardie,Traffic
Mgr. S. I. Ry.
Tacoma, Wash 1113 Pacific Ave D. C. O'Keefe
Toronto, Ont C.P.R. Bldg  Wm. Fulton
Trois Rivieres, Que 122 Notre Dame St D. Chenevert
Vancouver, B.C 434 Hastings St. W F. H. Daly
Victoria, B.C 1102 Government St L. D. Chetham
Washington, D.C 905 Fifteenth St., N.W...C. E. Phelps
Windsor, Ont 34 Sandwich St. W W. C. Elmer
Winnipeg, Man Main and Portage C. B. Andrews
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