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Auto-tours in the Canadian Rockies to Canadian Pacific resorts Canadian Pacific Railway Company. Canadian Pacific Hotels 1931

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Resort Hotels in the Canadian Rockies
TO the motorist seeking a vacation that combines
recreation, comfort and convenience, in a scenic
setting unparalleled the world over, the Canadian
Rockies stand foremost in appeal.
From the Pacific Coast states, fine highways lead
into this magnificent territory through several central
points of entry. Once in the Rockies, the same excellent roads prevail and a vacation by motor is a succession of delightful thrills—whether one is en route or
stopping off at one of the famous Canadian Pacific
Resort Hotels or Bungalow Camps.
The Resort Hotels are four in number: Banff Springs
Hotel, Chateau Lake Louise, Emerald Lake Chalet and
the Palliser Hotel. While the latter is not strictly a
resort, its location in Calgary makes it a distinct part
of a complete motor tour of the Rockies. Each of these
hotels is strategically located to appeal to the motorist,
and each affords much opportunity for its guests' recreation and pleasure.
Banff Springs Hotel is a magnificent hostelry in the
heart of the Banff National Park, backed by three
splendid mountain ranges. The hot springs here are
among the most important on the American Continent.
Alpine climbing, swimming, golf on a new champion
ship course, tennis, fishing, boating, horseback riding
and hiking are among the diversions that Banff affords.
Chateau Lake Louise, on Lake Louise, Alberta, is
another hotel of metropolitan magnificence, facing an
exquisite Alpine lake in the same district as Banff.
Here may be found Alpine climbing with Swiss guides,
pony trips or walks to several points of interest, horseback riding, swimming, boating and fishing.
Emerald Lake Chalet, near Field, British Columbia,
is situated at the foot of Mt. Burgess in Yoho National
Park. Roads and trails from this charming Chalet hotel
lead to Burgess Pass, Yoho Valley and other neighboring scenic points, and boating and fishing may be enjoyed on Emerald Lake.
The Hotel Palliser, at Calgary, Alberta, is a handsome
hotel that caters to the motorist en route to or from
the Canadian Rockies. Calgary is known particularly
for its fine golf courses and its interesting scenic attractions, and a day or two spent here with the Palliser
as headquarters is always highly enjoyable.
In each of these Resort Hotels, Canadian Pacific
service, cuisine and standards assure complete enjoyment for every guest.
i Bungalow Camps in the Canadian Rockies
Wapta Camp
Radium Hot Springs
Castle Mount.
One of the hubs of the Rockies, Wapta Bungalow Camp is the
first camp reached traveling west from Lake Louise. It is located
on the far side of Wapta Lake across from Hector Station, just
four and one-half miles west of the Great Divide. It is 5,200
feet above sea-level. A veritable village of cabins forms the
The main, or Community building, has a wide verandah on
three sides. It consists of a large combination dining and lounging room with open fireplace, also reading and working room.
Cabins are scattered among the spruce and pine trees on the hill,
and others are located on the shore of the Lake. Each cabin has
a large verandah, hardwood floors, screened windows, electric
lights, running water and compact little stoves.
Wapta offers particular advantages to the fisherman, hiker and
horseback enthusiast, with many delightful trips of varied lengths
easily arranged any time. Saddle horses and row-boats for hire.
Accommodations: for 55 guests in one and two-room
Season: June 15 to September 15.
Rates: $5.50 per day; $35.00 per week. American plan.
Postal Address: Wapta Bungalow Camp, Hector, B. C.
Reached via:  Main  line Canadian  Pacific  Railway  trains to
Hector; or motor road from Banff to Golden.
Ninety miles from Banff, on the Banff-Windermere Highway, Radium Hot Springs Bungalow Camp is situated on a hill
overlooking Sinclair Canyon. The surroundings of this camp are
among the most exotic of any of the Bungalow Camps.
The Camp consists of a large building with wide verandah
and a combination dining and lounging room with an open fireplace. Clustered about it are the sleeping bungalows, each with
single beds, clothes closet, stove, table, chairs, washstand and
mirror. The Camp is equipped with electric lights, has two bath
houses with tub or showers and hot and cold running water.
The principal appeal here lies in the radio-active hot springs
that have decided remedial properties. An open air swimming
pool with adjoining bathhouse has been built by the government.
Temperature of water,  1 1 4° to 1 1 8° F.
Accommodations: For 45 guests.
Season: June 15 to September 15.
Rates: $5.50 per day; $35.00 per week. American plan.
Postal Address: Radium Hot Springs Bungalow Camp, Radium
Hot Springs, British Columbia.
Reached via: Banff-Windermere Highway, west from Banff or
east from Lake Louise. Also by train from Golden or Cran-
brooke, nearest station Park Gate, B. C.
Castle Mountain Bungalow Camp, twenty-six miles from
either Banff or Lake Louise in Banff National Park, stands high
up above the world overlooking the sweeping amphitheatre of
peaks that encompass the Bow River.
It consists of a main building, constructed of logs, with a
broad verandah and containing a combination lounging and dining room. Clustered around it are sleeping bungalows, also of log
construction, some with one room and others with two rooms.
Each has a verandah, single beds, clothes closet, fireplace, table,
chairs, washstand and mirror. There are two bathhouses with
hot and cold running water, and separate bathroom and toilets.
The Camp has electric lights throughout.
Although Castle Mountain is noted primarily for its magnificent scenic attractions, anglers will find nearby lakes and streams
well stocked with trout and white fish. Golf enthusiasts who
have their cars can motor to Banff in the morning, play 18 holes
on the beautiful Banff Springs Hotel Golf Course, and return to
their cabin home the same day.
Accommodations: For 32 guests.
Season: June  15 to September 15.
Rates: $5.50 per day; $35.00 per week. American plan.
Postal Address: Castle Mountain Bungalow Camp, Post Office,
Banff, Alta.
Reached via: Automobile highway from Banff or Lake Louise,
or by train from Castle Mountain, B. C. If advised in advance automobile will meet train.
.     . s;    ■   ■   : :
Moraine Lake
Yoho Valley Bungalow Camp
Lake O'Hara Bungalow Camp
Nine miles from Chateau Lake Louise lies Moraine Lake Bungalow Camp, situated on the shores of Moraine Lake below the
high-pitched mountain ramparts that encompass the Valley of
the Ten Peaks.
The Camp itself, just above the green-blue waters of the Lake,
is as charming as any camp in the Canadian Rockies. There is a
bright, comfortably-furnished living and dining room in the
main building, which is surrounded by several smaller bungalows
with sleeping accommodations.
Hikers, trail-riders and anglers who wish to linger in this
magnificent region will find Moraine Lake Bungalow Camp a
delightful place for a visit.
Accommodations: Meals for transient guests; sleeping accommodations for 1 0 guests.
Season: June 15 to September  15.
Rates: $5.50 per day; $35.00 per week. American plan.
Postal Address: Moraine Lake Bungalow Camp, c/o Chateau
Lake'Louise, Lake Louise, Alta.
Reached via: Motor road from Lake Louise station or Chateau.
(Cars  leave the Chateau three times daily,  or by special
arrangement at any time.)
Facing Takakkaw Falls, in the beautiful Yoho Valley, this
Bungalow Camp is an ideal place for both riders and hikers.
From Yoho Valley Camp begin the rides that carry on to Du-
chesnay Lake, Laughing Falls, Twin Falls, Yoho Glacier, Twin
Falls Lodge, the High Trail, Summit Lake, Burgess Pass, even
to Emerald Lake Chalet.
Yoho Valley Bungalow Camp has a delightful community
house with dining room, lounge room, sun porch and large fireplace. About it, in a semi-circle, are the sleeping bungalows,
each with the simple necessities for those going into the mountains. There are both one or two-room bungalows and separate
Accommodations: For 44 guests.
Season: June 15 to September 15.
Rates: $5.50 per day; $35.00 per week. American plan.
Postal  Address: Yoho Valley  Bungalow Camp,   via  Field,
British Columbia.
Reached via: Automobile road from Field Station, on the main
line of the Canadian Pacific Railway; or by motor from
Lake Louise, Banff, and Emerald Lake.
' ,   ,,:/\L BRIDG
Lake O'Hara Bungalow Camp, at beautiful Lake O'Hara in
Yoho National Park, lies close to the Great Divide of the Canadian Rockies. It is the only one of the Canadian Pacific camps
that is not accessible by motor—the only way to reach O'Hara
is on foot or by pony, over any one of three well-defined routes.
The main, or Community building, at this camp is built after
the style of a Swiss Chalet; it is two stories high with comfortably furnished bed rooms on the upper floor, also bath and
toilet. The lower floor consists of a large combination dining and
lounging room, with open fireplace and easy chairs. In addition
there are ten log cabins all built facing Lake O'Hara.
This is one of the beauty spots of the mountains, and of particular interest to those who like mountain climbing, trail riding
or hiking. Very good trout fishing to be had in the lake. The
camp has row-boats for guests, and saddle horses are for hire.
Accommodations: For 34 guests.
Season: June 15 to September 15.
Rates: $5.50 per day; $35.00 per week. American plan.
Postal Address: Lake O'Hara Bungalow Camp, via Hector,
British Columbia.
Reached via: Pony trail from Wapta; Abbot Pass route from
Lake Louise; Ottertail route from Field or by new trail from
Chateau Lake Louise.
Canadian Pacific Offices on the Pacific Coast
VANCOUVER, B. C, 434 Hastings St. W. - VICTORIA, B. C, 1102 Government St. - SEATTLE, WASH.,   1 320 Fourth Ave.
TACOMA, WASH.,  1113 Pacific Ave. PORTLAND, ORE.,   148-A Broadway.
SAN  FRANCISCO, CAL, 675  Market St. LOS ANGELES, CAL., 621  So. Grand Ave.
EMERALD LAKE CHALET, at an altitude of 4,268 feet above
sea-level, is located near Field, B. C, at the foot of Mt.
Burgess. It is a Chalet hotel similar to European mountain
resorts, and affords a delightful hospitality to guests.
PALLISER HOTEL, in the prairies at Calgary, Alberta,
is a handsome hotel suited equally to the business
man or tourist. It is open all the year round, and
prides itself upon the fine service, cuisine and comforts that it affords. CANADIAN


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