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A suggestion for your return trip from California or the North Pacific coast Canadian Pacific Railway Company 1930

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A Suggestion
for your
Return Trip
California or the
North Pacific
ALBERTA TfF YOU intend traveling to California or the
J|^ North Pacific Coast this year, via one of the
U. S. lines let us suggest an ideal way to
return. The ticket agent who makes up your
ticket will doubtless ask—"HOW DO YOU WISH
TO RETURN?" Read this brief descriptive folder
and it will quickly solve this problem for you.
FROM CALIFORNIA: Your summer Excur-
sion ticket permits choice of rail or steamer lines
to either Portland or Seattle; this must be
designated at time of purchase.       >
FROM SEATTLE to Victoria and Vancouver
the Canadian Pacific operate the splendid
"Princess" steamers—the fastest and best equipped
in the Pacific Coastwise trade. This is a most
delightful inland voyage of 165 miles through
Puget Sound, Straights of Juan de Fuca arid Gulf
of Georgia, which we especially recommend be
made by daylight.
Canadian Pacific "Princess*   service between Seattle, Victoria   and Vancouver
Schedule of "Princess" Steamers—Seattle—Victoria—Vancouver
Lv. Seattle. .     9:00 A.M. daily. ... ... .11:30 P.M. daily 0,,*12:00 Midnight daily ex. Saturday
Ar. Victoria 12:45 P.M. daily  .-.*  9:15 A.M. daily ex. Sunday
Lv. Victoria  .   1:45 P.M. daily    11:45 P.M. daily
Ar. Vancouver    5:45 P.M. daily    8:00 A.M. daily      7:00 A.M. daily
*Fuget Sound Navigation Company Steamer.
(Subject to change)
VICTORIA: Population ^0,000. From the foregoing schedule you will note there is a "Princess" steamer leaving
Seattle every morning, stopping one hour at Victoria enroute to Vancouver, permitting passengers to go ashore. Twenty-
four hours or longer can be well spent in this charming city. Victoria's beauty lines in her residential districts, boulevards,
Darks, public buildings, numerous bathing beaches,
ler semi-tropical foliage, flower gardens, also splendid
golf links. A delightfully mild climate makes Victoria
a favorite summer and winter resort. One of the
celebrated Canadian Pacific hotels, THE EMPRESS,
with 300 rooms, commands a magnificent view of the
inner harbor and is close to the Parliament buildings,
which rank among the handsomest in America.
Adjoining THE EMPRESS, a new amusement
Casino known as the CRYSTAL GARDENS, occupying two acres of property, recently constructed
by the Canadian Pacific Railway at a cost of over one
quarter million dollars, forms a new center of social
and recreational interest that provides one of the
finest places of amusement on the Pacific Coast. It
contains one of the world's largest glass-enclosed salt
water swimming pools, conservatories, a large pavilion
for dancing and facilities for other indoor amusements.
Empress Hotel, Victoria, B. C. ym
VANCOUVER: Population 130,000. Is the western
terminus of the Canadian Pacific Railway and port of
the Company's fleet of steamships to and from
Alaska, Honolulu, Australia, New Zealand, and the
Orient. Vancouver is the largest commercial center
in British Columbia and possesses many attractions,
including Capilano Canyon, a gorge of great natural
beauty, the Marine Drive, English Bay, Kitsilano
bathing beaches, and Stanley Park, one of the largest
natural parks in the world—a remarkable forest of
almost primeval characteristics is situated within the
city limits. This park is encircled by a perfect motor
boulevard. The City has several admirable golf
courses which are opened to visitors. "LANGARA"
located at South Vancouver overlooking the delta of
the Fraser River is a sporty 18-hole championship
course, recently built by the Canadian Pacific Railway
„    - . t- at a cost of $160,000.00. It is the "Mecca" for visiting
Hotel Vancouver, Vancouver, B. C. golfers   and  stands  linrivalled   among  public  courses
along the Pacific Coast. HOTEL VANCOUVER, with 500 tooms and a ROSE ROOF GARDEN is owned and operated
by the Canadian Pacific and is second to none on the Pacific Coast.
At Vancouver you begin a trip of more than 500 miles eastward that truly beggars description—one which will long
.linger in your memory. If convenient, this journey should be started on our morning train, enabling you to view by
daylight the spectacular and marvelous beauty of the Fraser, Thompson and Black River Canyons, with towering peaks
seeming to touch the skies on either side.
Stop at Sicamous—Evening of First Day
TOPOVER for the night should be made at Sicamous, British Columbia, ideally situated on the shores of
Shuswap Lake. This break in your journey will enable you to view all the scenic beauty of the Rockies by daylight—even if you  are compelled to forego the j
pleasure of a stop at other points of attraction.   At
Sicamous the Canadian Pacific own and operate a
very   comfortable   hotel   on   the   American   plan,
Your journey eastward from Sicamous should be
made on one of the Canadian Pacific morning trains,
in order to enjoy the glorious daylight ride through
the Selkirks and Rockies, amid scenes of grandeur
and exquisite beauty from sunrise to sunset. The
"Imperial Limited" train No. 2 carries you to or
through Winnipeg without change of cars, and The
"Mountaineer" train No. 14 to or through St. Paul,
Minneapolis to Chicago. A most interesting side
trip can be made at a nominal additional cost to the
beautiful Kootenay country—combining an attractive
rail and water journey of more than 300 miles on the
Arrow and Kootenay Lakes—often spoken of by
globe-trotters as "Canada's Lakes of Killarney." To
take in this trip you start from Revelstoke, which is
only two hours' ride by train from Sicamous. j Hotel Sicamous, Sicamous, B. C. Emerald Lake Chalet, near Field, B. C.
Palatial Hotels—
Comfortable Chalets and
Bungalow Camps
FROM REVELSTOKE the railway begins
to ascend the Western slope of the
Selkirks following the Illecillewaet Valley
and running within sight of several remarkable Canyons. The most impressive of the
Canyons is the Albert, where a short stop is
made to view the river 150 feet below the
Shortly after leaving GLACIER, B.C.,
the train descends the Eastern Slopes of the
Selkirks into the upper canyon of the
Columbia River, the most important river that flows into the north Pacific Ocean.
GOLDEN, a two hours' ride from Glacier, is point where change should be made by those
desiring to visit the beautiful Windermere Valley. At Lake Windermere a model bungalow camp
nestles on the shores of the lake (at the edge of a 9-hole golf course), in full view of the Rocky
range to the east and the Gold range to the west. This camp has comfortable bungalows built
around a community hall where you dine, dance and enjoy social hours. The meals are fine and
the food plentiful.   Excellent boating, bathing, and fishing right at your door.
The next stop of importance is FIELD, situated on the banks of the Kicking Horse River. A drive
around the spurs of Mt. Burgess to EMERALD LAKE, one of the most exquisite spots in the
Canadian Pacific Rockies and the entrance to the fascinating Yoho Valley, will be found very
delightful. The spectacular Takakkaw Falls have a sheer drop of 1,200 feet and form a straight
silver ribbon of water descending from precipitous cliffs in clouds of foam. Laughing Falls, Twin
Falls, Wapta and Yoho Glacier, and the Fossil Beds are among the other points of attraction.
A comfortable hotel, with 65 rooms of the Swiss chalet type, operated by Canadian Pacific Railway,
is located 7 miles from Field, on the shores of Emerald Lake. Owing to increasing demand for
accommodation at this attractive resort a number of log cabins have been added each with hardwood
floors, electric lights, running water and real bedsteads, enabling the chalet to accommodate SO
more guests than heretofore. Rustic bungalow camps, cozy and neat, each set like a lookout post
amid glorious mountain scenes, have also been erected by the Canadian Pacific Railway in Yoho
Valley at Takakkaw Falls, at Lake Wapta, Lake O'Hara, Moraine Lake, Castle Mountain, Vermilion River, and Sinclair Hot Springs. Rates: $5.50 per day, American Plan; $5.00 per day if you
stay a week or longer.
Shortly after leaving Field, one of the greatest engineering feats of the world is encountered— the Spiral tunnels.   To reduce the steep grade of the western slope of the Rockies, two immense
spiral tunnels have been driven through solid rock, each tunnel with approaches making a complete
loop of the track, forming a rough figure eight,    i
■••■.'■ ■■•■.'■■■■■<;
What to Do at Lake Louise and Banff
THE next resort of importance is LAKE I LOUISE, the "Gem" of the Canadian Pacific
Rockies, noted for its exquisite setting among majestic snow-capped peaks. Among the
various points of interest which should be visited are Moraine Lake, Valley of the Ten Peaks,
Lakes in the Clouds, Tea House at Lake Agnes and the Observation House on Big Beehive Mountain, Victoria and Lefroy Glaciers, Paradise Valley, etc. The CHATEAU LAKE LOUISE, with 400
rooms, another splendid Canadian Pacific hotels is situated on the shores of the lake from which
it derives its name. In connection with the many attractions at Lake Louise, an open air swimming
pool adjacent to the Chateau is also available for guests.
Leaving Lake Louise by Canadian Pacific train, BANFF, another well-known and popular resort,
is reached after an interesting hour's ride, amidst diversified scenery of incomparable grandeur.
BANFF SPRINGS Hotel, with 600 rooms, owned and operated by the Canadian Pacific, is ideally
situated on the south bank of the Bow River. Its hot sulphur and fresh water bathingpools are
especially delightful and expert masseurs are in attendance at the Turkish baths connected with the
hotel. Golf on the new and picturesque Banff Eighteen Hole Golf Course with mountains rising a
mile high from the edge of the fair green, is an experience never to be forgotten. There are also many
fine trails, drives and roads leading from Banff into the mountains, including the new motor road
between Banff and Lake Louise. A tennis court; is free to guests of the Banff Springs Hotel. The
Hoodoos, Sun Dance Canyon, Buffalo Park, The Zoo, Cave and Basin, rowing, canoeing and motor-
boating on the Vermilion Lakes and Lake Minnewanka are only a few of the attractions. A motor
trip to Johnston's Canyon is well worth while. Banff is the capital o{ Canada's greatest national
park and headquarters for a detachment of the famous Royal Canadian Mounted Police, formerly
the Royal Northwest Mounted Police. j
i ■
A Side Ttit) While visiting the Pacific Coast, you will find it convenient and interesting to
T A In \trt ma^e a s^e tr^P to ALASKA—the land of unforgetable contrast—2,000 miles
X O rYiaSKa 0f scenic rapture. Only $90.00 minimum round trip fare from Seattle, Victoria
and Vancouver on the palatial Canadian Pacific "Princess" steamships, meals and berth included
except while in port at Skagway. Breakfast will, however, be served on steamer the morning of
arrival and dinner, the evening of departure without charge. Passengers desiring to remain on
steamer while in port at Skagway may arrange with purser. The minimum charge for lower
berth $2.00, upper $1.50, stateroom $3.50, breakfast 75c, luncheon $1.00 and dinner $1.50.
While at Skagway include the trip to the interior of Alaska—fascinating "Lake Atlin" and
Dawson City of Klondike fame. These trips are rare treats, worthy of the short additional time to
make them.    Descriptive folders and rates gladly furnished on request. The "Mountaineer" near Field, B. C.
Open Top Observation Cars
DURING the Summer months open top observation cars are placed immediately in rear of our
compartment-observation cars on trains 1 and
2, "The Imperial;"—3 and 4, "Vancouver-Toronto
Expresses;"—5 and 6,"Soo-Pacific Express;"—7 and8,
"Trans-Canada Limited;"—13 and 14, "The Mountaineer" for the free use of Pullman and standard
sleeping car passengers through the Canadian
Rockies. (See current Canadian Pacific folder A as to
dates and points between which Observation cars
will be operated.) This enables you to enjoy an unobstructed view of the mountains, canyons, glaciers,
waterfalls, etc. Oil burning locomotives are used on
these trains in order to remove any possibility of
annoyance by smoke or cinders and add considerably
to the enjoyment of your trip.
"TranS'Canada Limited"
flytA    ^^nrV% p    ^WctllYltfilWPPY**  Your particular attention is drawn to the Trans-Canada Limited, between
1*111* A IIC    1VALJlAill>MI ICCI        Vancouver and Toronto, and the Mountaineer,between Vancouver and
Chicago, operated during the Summer months—both de luxe trains, for sleeping car passengers only—no extra fare.
/\    Ji^aSt   Vr   OlfCL   This gives some idea of what is m store for you by making sure that the return portion of your ticket reads—
Canadian Pacific Steamer  . Seattle to Victoria and Vancouver
Canadian Pacific Raihvay Vancouver to Portal or Emerson
Soo Line Portal or Emerson to St. Paul or C   icago
.    Canadian Pacific Steamer Seattle to Victoria and Vancouver
Canadian Pacific Raihvay  Vancouver to Toronto and Hamilton—all rail route
Canadian Pacific Raihvay  Vancouver to Fort William
Canadian Pacific Steamer Fort William to Port McNicoll—Great Lakes Route
Canadian Pacific Railway Port McNicoll to Toronto and Hamilton
This costs no more than via any other North Pacific Coast Line returning through Portland or Seattle. STOPOVERS
are permitted on Summer Tourist tickets, also to holders of through standard sleeping car tickets, at all Canadian Pacific
Mountain Resorts.
From the foregoing you will readily see why our Route offers such an attraction for your return journey from the
Pacific Coast. There is no additional expense, and you receive the maximum.
Complete details and illustrated descriptive literature on the Canadian
Pacific    Rockies    and    Alaska    cheerfully    sent    you    on    application.
Traveling Passenger Agent
Traveling Passenger Agent
February, 1928
160 Pearl Street Buffalo, N. Y.
H* R* Mathewson
City Passenger Agent
City Ticket Agent


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