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1£* ^
i'^S "- -     ,;,,   '■' "
QaMaJtioun. (?eui£ic
WORLD'S  GREATEST TRAVEL  SYSTEM Treasure Island at night, an enchanted city afloat on San Francisco Bay, as seen from Yerba Buena Island.
Beyond the lovely Court of Reflections rises the Arch of Triumph.
Pacifica, Goddess of Treasure Island.
PRINTED   IN   U.   S.   A.
RAND   MCNALLV The Most Beautiful World's Fair in History
Re-opens for Four Thrilling Months in 1040
magine, for a moment, that you are standing high on
Telegraph Hill in San Francisco. It is night, and to your
right the great Bay Bridge flings a path of golden light
across the water to the million twinkling lights of
Oakland and Berkeley. Before you—almost at your
feet it seems—lies an enchanted island in the middle
of the Bay, a magic island of glowing walls and towers
splashed with vivid red, and blue and green . . .
Treasure Island!
Surely in all the world there is no sight like this—the
Golden Gate International Exposition on San Francisco
Bay. Millions came to see it last year, and thrilled at its
stately courts and palaces, its acres of brilliant flowers,
its laughing fountains and quiet lagoons, its rare
treasures from far Pacific lands. Millions called it the
most beautiful world's fair in history and pleaded that
it be not allowed to die after one brief year.
Return Engagement
So it is that the world's most beautiful World's Fair
stages a return engagement, opening May 25, 1940 and
closing forever on September 29. But it will be no
mere "repeat performance". It will be a new show
throughout, with more color by day and night, more
brilliant flower displays, more precious wonders from
Asia, Latin America and the South Seas, more free
entertainment, more fun for everyone.
The management of the new San Francisco World's
Fair has combed the museums and private collections
of the country for the new art exhibit on Treasure
Island. Industry has contributed its newest wonders.
The big names of Hollywood and radio have been
engaged for new and bigger shows. Famous orchestras
have been lined up for free concerts and evening
dances.   Illumination  engineers   have   created  entirely
new lighting effects for the massive walls, the fountains and towers, with accent on color. Millions of new
flowers have been planted, completely changing the
landscaping of the courts and gardens.
While the basic theme of the Fair—"A Pageant of the
Pacific"—remains unchanged, its pace will be stepped
up. The new Golden Gate International Exposition
will be a livelier, faster show, with something going
on every minute.
This is the Year
This is the year to take that western trip you've
planned so long. A million square miles of playground
are beckoning you to come—to see the National Parks,
the high mountains and broad valleys, the great, wide
rivers that wind down to the blue Pacific Ocean, and
the endless miles of warm, white beaches that edge this
land from Canada to Mexico.
Perhaps never again will you have a chance to see all
these wonders, plus the world's most beautiful World's
Fair. Start planning now. See how little it really costs.
The railroads cordially invite you to see California's
great exposition and all the West in 1940.
Ntw sin f«*n'
WOttlU S FAIR   *   ,94°
I THf WEST See the West and a World's Fair
in One Glorious Vacation
I he west and the most beautiful World's Fair in
history! Can you imagine a more glorious vacation?
Millions of people enjoyed this opportunity last year.
This year the opportunity is yours again, perhaps for
the last time.
The railroads of the United States, Canada and Mexico
who sponsor this booklet offer you an almost limitless
choice of routings to San Francisco, including one or
a dozen National Parks. They offer you a wide variety
of low fares, on air-conditioned trains that make their
own weather (and it is always perfect, regardless of
the season). They serve you delicious meals at low
prices and give you the friendly, hospitable service
that makes the train trip there and back a real part
of your vacation.
You can literally "write your own ticket", or you can
go on an all-expense tour with nearly every cost and
detail taken care of in advance.
See Both  Fairs for $90
If you wish to see both World's Fairs (San Francisco
and New York), the railroads offer you the most
amazing travel bargain in history—a "Grand Circle
Tour" including both San Francisco and New York
for only $90 round trip in chair cars and coaches, from
any point in the United States and from many points
in Canada, hometown to hometown! In standard sleepers, the "Grand Circle Tour" round trip is only $13 5,
plus $45 for a lower berth all the way, or $34.50 for
an upper.
See the dramatic wonders of the West—plus the San Francisco World's Fair, As you can see from this aerial view, Treasure Island is no small place. It is more than a mile long and two-thirds of a mile wide!
A Bigger and Better Show on Treasure Island
Iyriad wonders await you on Treasure Island. As
you can see from the picture at the top of this page,
it is a big place—more than a mile long and two-thirds
of a mile wide. From any building in downtown San
Francisco or Oakland, it dominates the Bay—by day
a gleaming city of white walls and towers; by night a
glowing fairyland of white and red and blue and green,
seeming to float on the dark waters of San Francisco
Let us take you on a tour of Treasure Island, and give
you a brief glimpse of the fun and excitement that
await you at the new Golden Gate International Exposition in 1940.
You board a ferry at San Francisco's historic Ferry
Building, (by motor coach from Oakland) and after
a ten-minute cruise over smooth water, your ferry
noses into a slip. You walk up a ramp and before you
lies—adventure! Ahead and to the right are the famous
Elephant  Towers—massive  sculptured  elephants  that
might have come straight from some Cambodian
Temple, and between them are the high walls of the
first exhibit palaces and the tall "baffle" gates to all
the courts beyond. In the great space in front of the
Island is a "Magic Carpet" of flowers—acres and acres
of living Mesembryanthemum, in the intricate, vivid
design of a Persian rug.
jTB Fa'rs
,i.«i     CAS 00 lower berth, $34.5^ T
Approaching Treasure Island from the ferry—a magic city rising from the Bay.
The entrance to Treasure Island is lined with palms and graceful lanterns.
The Elephant Towers, with the Tower of the Sun in background.
You walk through the entrance gates into the Court
of Pacifica. Before you bubbles a vast, circular fountain, surrounded by grotesque statues. Authentic
works of art, these statues have nevertheless caused
considerable merriment—one of them being dubbed
"The Peanut Pusher". To the left is Pacifica, herself,
an enormous statue eighty feet high, the ruling Goddess of this Exposition. With her hands upraised, she
gives her peaceful benediction to all the nations of the
Pacific. Behind her, a great chime curtain of silver
stars tinkles musically, and from her feet a cascade of
water flows into the central fountain.
On the high walls of the Court of Pacifica, talented
San Francisco artists have created gigantic murals and
bas-reliefs interpreting the art and culture of the Pacific
Basin. One bas-relief is 144 feet wide and 5 8 feet high,
consisting of 270 separate panels!
Court of the Seven Seas
Turning to your right you stroll down the Court of
the Seven Seas between the two mammoth halls that
house the exhibits of science and transportation. The
Court is flanked with tall standards resembling the
masts of ships, trimmed with gaily colored streamers.
You'll notice that each entrance to the exhibit halls is
decorated with a beautiful mural, each path is lined
with a lovely garden.
Tower of the Sun
Before you, dominating every view of the Exposition,
rises the 400-foot Tower of the Sun, a graceful column
whose 40-bell carillon entertains with its haunting music.
This 80-foot statue dominates the circular Court of Pacifica. Before continuing your tour of Treasure Island, you'll
want to browse through the great exhibit palaces that
radiate from the Tower of the Sun. In the Halls of
Science, Electricity and Communications, you'll visit
the immensely popular telephone exhibit, where you
have a chance to win a demonstration long distance
telephone call to any place in the United States.
You'll see the House of Magic, and the latest discoveries in radio, television, chemistry and medicine. You'll
see a model of the University of California's famous
Cyclotron, better known as the "Atom Smasher".
You'll see plants growing luxuriantly in chemical solutions, without soil—the new science of "Hydroponics".
In the mammoth Vacationland Building on the east
side of the Court of the Seven Seas, all the wonders of
modern transportation are displayed for you. Exquisitely accurate model railroads operate through typical
western scenes. Here are dioramas of the National
Parks. The oil industry is represented here, and a
miniature refinery, all made of glass, shows how petroleum products are produced.
Foods and  Beverages
Extending east from the Tower of the Sun, the Foods
and Beverages Building is filled with appetizing displays of all the good things to eat and drink. Here is
a wine grotto filled with the pick of California wines,
showing where they come from and how they are made.
Here are the intriguing machines of the canner, bottler
and packer.
Hall of Agriculture
Across from the Foods and Beverages Building, the
Hall of Agriculture demonstrates the latest methods
of scientific farming as practiced in California—irrigation, pest control, fertilization, cultivation, erosion
control, agricultural economics and animal science.
No one can visit this building without being impressed
by the tremendous progress that has been made in the
business of growing things.
Court of Reflections
Between the Foods and Beverages Building and the
Hall of Agriculture are two of the Exposition's loveliest courts—the Court of Reflections and the Court
of Flowers. Separated by the gigantic Arch of Triumph,
fifty feet high, the two courts are distinguished by a
large reflecting pool, graceful statues and magnificent
displays of flowers.
Court of the Moon
South of the Tower of the Sun is one of the most
beautiful courts of the Exposition. By day the Court
of the Moon's most prominent feature is the famous
"Evening Star" statue, from which 24 cascades of
water descend toward Treasure Garden. By night the
Court assumes almost incredible beauty as its walls
and towers glow with soft blue and orange light.
Beyond the Court of the Moon, you enter Treasure
Garden, centered by the most spectacular fountain on
the Island. A tall column of white water leaps into
Looking down the Court of the Seven Seas, with its gay streamers. mtmm
Facing the Lagoon is the dual building of California (left) and San Francisco (right). This is the Exposition's hospitality center.
the air, surrounded by four smaller spouts, the whole
pool bordered by a colorful bed of flowers. South of
Treasure Garden is the Port of the Trade Winds, where
the great flying clippers take off for Hawaii, the
Philippines and the Orient.
The  Art Exhibit
East from Treasure Garden you approach the great
Palace of Fine and Decorative Arts. Last year's art
exhibit was one of the most important ever held anywhere. This year's will be even better, with such outstanding American painters as Thomas Benton and
Grant Wood, and top-ranking Europeans, including
Picasso, Gaugin, Matisse, Juan Gris, El Greco, Salva-
dore Dali, Pierre Roy and many others. Private and
public collections throughout the country have been
combed to make this new art exhibit representative of
the finest the world has to offer. You would have to
make a costly world tour to see all that Treasure Island shows you under one roof in the Palace of Fine
and Decorative Arts.
Mrs. Thorne, whose collection of miniature period
rooms created such a sensation last year, will this
year present an entirely new group featuring nine
lovely Colonial rooms.
In recognition of the tremendous current interest in
handicrafts, the Exposition will sponsor a weaving
exhibit, showing how hand-loomed fabrics are made
and used. Realizing, also, that visitors' feet get tired
viewing the exhibits, the Exposition will offer a comfortable lounging room in the Palace of Fine and Decorative Arts.
The Federal  Building
As you leave the Art Exhibit, you see the big group
of exhibits sponsored by the California counties, and
to the left a tremendous building like no other you've
ever seen before. Two hundred and sixty-five feet long
and one hundred and four feet high, it spreads over
seven acres and represents the might and majesty of
the United States Government. The center section is
the Colonnade of States, supported by 48 pillars, each The flags of all nations fly in the Pacific Basin Area, symbolizing the friendly relations that this Exposition hopes to promote.
decorated with a state flag. In the two great flanking
wings and in the courts beyond are graphically told
the story of the American Indian, conservation, social
and economic affairs, the march of science, the Federal
Theatre, WPA art and recreation, Federal Housing,
National Defense and the Coast Guard.
The Indian  Exhibit
The Federal Building's Indian Exhibit was one of last
year's most popular features. This year it will be even
better, showing the art and culture not only of
the American Indian, but also the Aztecs, Mayans and
Incas. Indian artisans from all over the Americas will
demonstrate sand-painting, basket weaving, and many
other handicrafts.
National Defense
In keeping with the times, the Federal Government
will present a greatly enlarged National Defense exhibit, demonstrating the newest weapons used by Uncle
Sam for preparedness in the air and on land and sea.
California  Building
West of the Federal Building, California and San Francisco welcome you to the hospitality center—a big,
colonnaded building filled with interesting exhibits
telling the whole romantic story of the Golden State.
Behind the tall facade are broad courts of grassy
lawn and lush beds of flowers that invite you to stroll
and loiter. In this magnificent building, your host
city and state invite you to make yourself at home.
There are luxurious lounges furnished with comfortable chairs and sofas where you can rest and relax. No
"pass" is required. These lounging rooms are the state's
gesture of welcome.
Be sure to see the dioramas in the San Francisco wing.
Depicting the history of the City, they are exquisite
examples of the model-maker's art.
Pacific Basin Area
In the center of Treasure Island lies the Pacific Basin
Area, the true "Theme Center" of the Exposition.
Here are the exotic buildings  and exhibit palaces of •f  .'Ctft,[ %.
• 7..,    ,    ,    '     -';*. 7 ;   "''. ;„'
. -  . ■■»*/•
"   «■•,•:.:•':•-..3-,'
/77BI& ..Jilt,
-7:7^  OAKLAND Jj-^7--:_.
^a7is; !f,liri
.   7-?   »"-.^:.n,. *■.,-. ■■.;,-.7v'.:^;.-;V-  :-    ■ ■■■■ +mm:.    ■■-,.,,.   " 'i **w y* •■  ■■■ . ■'* 7:i.v„       ■■■mp.f.   .■■■. -.■■,.; ^:^->-.xt,....^:>;.   .,.■■.■-, y^   ■■  k.*"*^.---''^-.-. ■■■■-:•
•'-■V: '       >.■■■•■
'•.. .       -^  • 7
•   . . .•
l;p^-P^^/c,    7^-7-,
''/V;-/  -77    •   '   ~c='n
****' **£■'*'■ >^ ^T7v^J ^
I-~  ? • '77y-7? -:V   ■•-" ■ This bas-relief in the Court of Pacifica is 144 feet wide and 58 feet high!
A free show in the Temple Compound!
In front of Treasure Island is this 25-acre "Persian Rug" woven from living flowers. Behind is one of the Elephant Towers.
1 f   '
* - r:\C mt
,i mm 7 ~   * 7 detailed explorations more intelligently. Other Fairgrounds transportation facilities include wheel chairs
seating two people, and streamlined 'rickshas seating
one. Charges for all these conveyances are very reasonable.
The West in Miniature
In the graceful Hall of Western States near the Pacific
Basin Area, the eleven western states show you the
wonders of a million square miles. Your introduction
to this West is a giant relief map in the building's
court. Inside you'll see at close range the National
Parks, mountain ranges, rivers and cities. You'll get a
better idea of the dams and other projects that are so
swiftly transforming the great open spaces of the
Homes and Gardens
Famous for its original homes and gardens, the West
has brought its best to Treasure Island. Here you'll
find a complete exhibit of model homes, ranging from
the indigenous Spanish adobe to streamlined modern
homes walled with glass brick. In the great hothouse
known as the "Hall of Flowers", the amateur and professional gardeners of California display their choicest
blooms, changing exhibits every few days.
The States
Along the eastern shore of Treasure Island, several of
the individual states—notably Missouri and Illinois—
have erected buildings of their own, showing in detail
the attractions they offer to tourists and settlers.
The Temple Compound
At the eastern end of Treasure Island's giant exhibit
palaces, two great temple towers—the Towers of the
East—look across the Pacific Basin Area. Around the
base of these towers, banks of semi-circular steps make
a vast amphitheater, facing the outdoor stage where
the big free shows take place. This is the Temple Compound, where thousands will mass this summer to see
and hear shows that are ordinarily presented in theaters
for high admission prices.
The Gayway
Since the accent of the new Golden Gate International
Exposition is on fun, we have reserved an entire section
of this book to describe the Gayway and the many
other entertainment features.
The Federal Building is 265 feet long and 104 feet high.
In this graceful hall, the Western States display their wonders.
The great Orient flying clippers arrive and take off at Treasure Island. Unbelievably beautiful is the lacy Court of Flowers.
From Treasure Island you get a magnificent view of San Francisco.
After Dark
As you stroll around Treasure Island, the sun gradually
sinks beyond the Golden Gate. Day fades to dusk. Then
suddenly the lights go on, and all the beauty that you
knew by day is transformed by the magic of night
and colored light. That bubbling white fountain you
were watching is now a cauldron of green fire, and
Pacifica's great white bulk is changed to shimmering
gold. The silver chime curtain behind her is a screen
against which all the colors of the rainbow march in
review, and the lofty walls of the exhibit palaces glow
as if they were lighted from within. Tiny hidden lamps
paint the green trees with a greener light.
Spectacular Lighting
You walk from court to court, and each one is completely changed by the cunning magic of light. The
faintly tinted walls of the Court of the Moon now
glow with bright blue, and the tower tops are splashed
with orange, while the fountain in the foreground
throws orange jets into the air. The Court of Reflections is pink, and the Court of Flowers mauve. It seems
incredible that mere light could work such wonders!
But the full resplendence of the lighting bursts upon
you on a majestic scale in the Pacific Basin Area. Before you the Towers of the East glow with red and
gold, reflecting their full height in the lagoon. Each
graceful temple around the lake is alive with light,
and tiny lamps on bamboo poles highlight the flowers
and shrubbery at the edge.
Brilliant Fireworks
Suddenly your eyes turn south, as a great sheaf of
rays fans out from Yerba Buena Island. Skyrockets arch
into the air and as they explode in graceful patterns,
the rays change to red and blue and green, painting
with vivid colors the smoke of the bursting fireworks.
Thus Treasure Island's "Scintillator" plays the music
of light nightly against the sky.
Our brief tour of Treasure Island is over. We have
given you but a taste of all you'll see and do at the
world's most beautiful world's fair.
As your ferry sails back toward San Francisco, you
cannot help but look back at the glowing fairyland
you have left, and wonder if you were really there
at all. Oome people go to the World's Fairs to learn, but
most people go to have fun. So this new Golden Gate
International Exposition has every kind of amusement
you can think of. First the Gayway itself, with ferris
wheels, scenic railways, thrill rides, freaks, festivals,
girl shows, acrobats, dancers and the restaurants of
almost every nationality. Here you'll succumb, as all-
good Americans do, to the irresistible wiles of the sideshow barker and the man who offers to guess your
weight! A real Chinese Village is one of the Gayway's big attractions*
On the world's largest stage, you'll see "America! The Cavalcade of a Nation."
Famous orchestras and radio stars entertain you in the Temple Compound.
But the Gayway is anly part
of the fun on Treasure Island
Water Folies Bergere
The sensationally popular Folies Bergere of 1939 is
back as a spectacular "Water Follies" with a mammoth
tank featuring disappearing acts of entire choruses and
girls on horses. The Follies have a new theme and
new personnel throughout.
Cavalcade of A  Nation
Last year's "Cavalcade of the Golden West," (attendance 1,800,000) an amazingly graphic outdoor show
on the largest stage in the world, is replaced by
"America! Cavalcade of a Nation", presenting the
history of the United States from the landing of
Columbus to the present day.
San  Francisco  Symphony
The famous San Francisco Symphony under the direction of Pierre Monteux will be transported to Treasure
Island for frequent concerts featuring famous guest
artists and conductors.
Radio  Broadcasts
Many transcontinental broadcasts will be presented
from Treasure Island, featuring your favorite orchestras and radio stars.
Big Shows
Several original new shows are scheduled for Treasure
Island. Al Jolson in a minstrel show featuring Amos
'n' Andy, and Jack Benny's famous valet, Rochester;
Mae West, and in addition, big names of radio, screen
and music will give free shows in the Temple
Streamlined Operettas
Condensed, fast-moving operettas will be presented in
one-week runs on Treasure Island.
Special  Events
In addition to all the other entertainment features,
there will be several special events on every one of the
12 8 days the Exposition runs. Each state, city, county
and organization participating in the Fair will have its
Day. Each national holiday will be celebrated with
spectacular pageantry and fireworks displays. GENERAL INFORMATION
about the new San Francisco World's Fair
LOCATION—On Treasure Island in the middle of San
Francisco Bay. Joined to Yerba Buena Island and San
Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge by a six-lane causeway.
HOW TO GET THERE — Frequent ferry service from
San Francisco Ferry Bldg. (foot of Market St.). Fare
10c. Or by automobile across the Bay Bridge, round
trip toll 3 5 c. Motor coach fare 10c from Oakland.
ADMISSION — Adult admission to Fairgrounds 50c;
juniors from 13 to 18, 25c; children from 6 to 12,
10c; under 6, free. Transferable books containing five
admission tickets and five concession tickets, $2.50.
DATES — The new San Francisco World's Fair opens
Saturday, May 25 and closes September 29.
REST ROOMS—Large rest room facilities for men
and women are abundant and conveniently located all
over the Fairgrounds. The majority of these facilities
are free.
Trains" make frequent trips around the Fairgrounds on
regular schedules. Fare 10c. Sightseeing tour 3 5c. There
are also wheel chairs and 'rickshas available at low rates.
PRICES—All prices on Treasure Island are reasonable.
There is no attempt to "hold you up". Hot dogs, for
example, are 10c. You can enjoy a light lunch for 50c,
or you can pay as much as you like for a very elaborate
dinner. All of the commercial exhibits are free. Admission price to most concessions is 25 c.
ALL-EXPENSE TOURS — You can make sure of your
hotel accommodations at San Francisco before you
leave your home town, by purchasing all-expense
World's Fair tours from your local railroad agent.
Tours of two, three, four, five, and six days are available at remarkably low cost, including reserved hotel
room at San Francisco, transfers, sightseeing tours of
the city, admission to Treasure Island, and, if desired,
tours of the Fairgrounds and admission to concessions.
1. Auto Causeway from Bay
2. Administration Building
3. Hall of Air Transportation
4. Fine and Liberal Arts
5. California
6. U. S. Government
7. Recreation Area
8. States Exhibits
9. Ford Building
1.0. Parking Area
11. Passenger Ferry Terminals
12. Special Exhibits
13. Theater
14. Hall of Science
15. Vacationland
16. Electricity and Communication
17. International Exhibits
18. Tower of the Sun
19. Convention and Amusement Hal!
20. Homes and 'Gardens
21. Foods and Beverages
22. Pacific Lagoon
23. Pacific Nations
24. Gayway
25. California Agriculture
26. Exposition Harbor ■%
This is San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge, world's longest single span.
These gaily painted cable cars climb San Francisco's hilly streets.
I1 ' ♦
1 i
our host city at the new Golden Gate International
Exposition is San Francisco, "America's Coolest Summer City." While your home town may be sweltering
in stifling summer heat, San Francisco enjoys steady
cooling breezes from the Pacific Ocean. Regardless of
when you come, you'll find the climate as nearly perfect as any you can imagine. Be sure to bring a light
wrap, as the evenings in San Francisco are always cool.
You'll find the Exposition only one of San Francisco's
charms. You'll spend many delightful days getting
acquainted with the City's quaint cable cars, Chinatown, Golden Gate Park and the two largest bridges
in the world.
You'll make memorable excursions to the enchanted
Monterey Peninsula, three hours south of San Francisco, to visit Monterey, California's first capital,
Del Monte and Santa Cruz, with their beaches and cool
Redwood forests. And you'll journey north to Muir
Woods, Mt. Tamalpais and the Redwood Empire, and
east to San Francisco's lovely sister cities across the
Bay—Oakland and Berkeley. On a Southern California beach, you'll bask in warm sunshine,
The Year 'Round Vacationland
V*lose to San Francisco are all the other California
places you'll want to see: Los Angeles, of course, with
its glittering Hollywood, the moving picture and radio
center of the land, its miles of inviting ocean beaches,
its orange groves and oil fields. Close, too, are Yosemite
National Park, the Big Trees of General Grant and
Sequoia National Parks, the 21 California Missions,
the High Sierra and Gold Country, the Shasta-Cascade
Wonderland and the fertile valleys of the Sacramento
and San Joaquin, where orchards and vineyards extend
for miles.
All these places are served by a network of rail lines
that makes your automobile unnecessary in California.
But if you feel you must have an automobile to tour
the State, we urge you to investigate the low cost of
"checking" it on your railroad tickets. You'll be surprised at the reasonable price and the great convenience of this service offered by the railroads. You ride
fast, air-conditioned trains. Your car goes fast freight
and is ready for you when you arrive.
And in Hollywood you may be lucky enough to see movies being made.
You won't believe the Big Trees are real until you see them yourself! I To or from the San Francisco Fair..Include
dance orchestras
Tours begin at Banff or Field, June 8, and
and meals at Banff and Lake Louise, with visit to Emerald Lake, and
126 miles of mountain motoring; or in reverse direction from Field. Add
rail fare to Banff or Field.
from $37.50
from $47.25
from $57.00
from $74.50
include hotel accommodation
• See more of the West on your trip to or
from the San Francisco Fair by routing
yourself one way through the glorious
Canadian Rockies. 600 miles of mountain
grandeur on fast air-conditioned Canadian
Pacific trains. Visit world-famed Banff, Lake
Louise and Emerald Lake. Included on your
ticket is a 165-mile Princess liner cruise
between Seattle and Vancouver with stop
at evergreen Victoria. Alaska also is easily
reached from Vancouver by Princess liner,
cruising the sheltered Inside Passage.
ALASKA a*uttUeUu&cH
 ■■& ^m   js*. w
t   y: ~ * "■■*■
9-MY"Pstincedd G^Uudedrfon sheltered Inside Passage
Add the thrill of Alaska to your trip. See the unspoiled
beauties of the last American frontier . . . the land of
totem poles and Gold Rush towns. Gay ship life aboard
big Princess liners. Time to loaf and enjoy the beauties
of towering fjords and gigantic glaciers.
9-DAY CRUISES ... to Skagway and return. Sailings
irom Vancouver each week during June, July, *-rtP
August.Regular sailings throughout year . .'. from $105
SPECIAL 11-DAY CRUISES... v!a s;tta and a,|w,
trom Vancouver June 25, July 16, Aug. 6...from djioc
tares are from Vancouver, Victoria, Seattle and *1Z3
include meals and berth except at Skagway. the Beautiful Canadian Rockies
Low rail fares via Banff,
to or from the Pacific
Northwest and California
on Canadian Pacific
through transcontinental
trains — air - conditioned.
You'll add a new world
of Fun to your Trip
• Stop over in the Canadian Rockies and visit
the three world-famed Alpine resorts—Banff,
Lake Louise, Emerald Lake—baronial Banff
Springs Hotel, lovely Chateau Lake Louise,
Swiss-like Emerald Lake Chalet . . . each with
its own particular interest and charm. Mile-high
golf, swimming, tennis, riding and hiking skyline
trails, motoring, boating, mountain climbing,
dancing, and famous Canadian Pacific cuisine.
■_,-,    _ fl**/^^     SETON THE SHORE OFTHE MOST
HIGHWAY . . . eotMfUeU $o* i940
... fringed by forests and flanked by Alpine peaks
and vast glaciers . . . Official opening July 1st.
Spectacular tours from Lake Louise to the
Columbia Icefield and return at moderate cost.
Ask your travel agent. . . or nearest Canadian Pacific Office   in
and other cities in U. S. and Canada ... or write Manager, Banff
Springs Hotel, Banff, Alta., or Chateau Lake Louise, Lake Louise, Alta.
GomaJUoh Gkcific


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