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Vancouver wharf balance sheet Canadian Pacific Railway Company. Travelling Auditor (Vancouver) 1937

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 1>   2 3  3 © 4
.   .Arnuin,   Esq. 9
Auditor of  Agsiciea,
Montreal,   Que.
er 8tkti937«
^aar Sir:-
F>/r>r.   #60.38  I Cert
J.28     ..      257
!Tov. 30/36
,93)   Cr.Dwdv^all  Co.
.1)0)   ..  Dingwall Catta*
"una 14/37.
p/nrv -:;]■•>» 21 _ ^^e^ill^^ tu_ of 1 set  F/.\r,j;>bjjg6j*J:cm 2JS7.
iadj   P
24 Dee • 6t3a,
now fee required by Mr. Luxmia»   and that
. ::.Sly#   for adjustment witk consigneae
"go y^'u7 xat^ar   ruvember jv^k«
•ant  hag
that  $47.91  1
^32.96  will be  refunded
at destination.
I would  explain that  tha  adjustment  of all Audit Office
differences,   in connection with  the strike  trouble,  kaa been handled
the one clerk,   and  that  it  nag been a heav^   ta&k.   Soma files
required a. lot  of time to   investigate  the  transactions  involved,   and
some 0^ the difficult an&iz  ware laid aside and &adly neglected.
Agent should have,   of course,   acknowledged your letters
and  explained delay t^   investigation and adjustment,   however,   I am
advised that all  the  delayed files have now been closed or placed in
line for early adjustment/ But would mention  chat the Jol* seems   ta be
an endless one,   as»   almost daily?   gone  new file turns  up  in connection
with amounts   required t%)  adjust with foreign lines,   ete«
Yours  trulyt
T.A. F.38824- HB.
Vancouver Wharf, B. C. Dee© iber 6th, 1937.
u© •
B/3he©t BOV, 30,  1936
B/Sse #60.38 Ite© 263 {part y2878.93) ey©<iit Dodwell Co.
3/Br     3.28 I tea 287  (part f2229.60)      M      Dingwall Cotts
B/Sheet Jan. 141  1937
S/Dr S17.21 itaia 111 to offset s/Cr Feb. 28th item 287.
Replying to y<
connection vnth th® above.
•;©r 1st,  file L-23o04 in
aid advise that ae both Messrs. Dodwell ft Ce*_>any ana
Ding otta & Company have confirmed that oeean charges ©f #32.08
and #47.89 respectively have been paid to their principals in iian
tfranolseo, these asounts are sot required by theM and it ha© how
been neeee x'or im to issue ta® correction Hot* 1713, 1714 and 1715
to agents San Francisco and los JUageles cancelling oper 'ges of
#4»1S, 19,80 and 23.98 as per copies attaches, amotr on
th© combined eorreetioiis being avi lable in mp S/Dr It©ia :,i iheet
(mm loveaher 30th,  1936 part of $2878.93 Croup a. for credit of Or.
J.   hUMIliS,
fhe balance of still open on the combined s/Drs
will be required djj as for refund to 0. I. J\* account shir- ;ont 1 Case
Cottons 99mmm ex au "Kibe" and 8 Cases hollow glassware ex aa "Seattle"
laving been delive: t lin© y.ut forwardanee to ,    alif.
and Los Angeles, on which oeean 9.03 and   23.93 were
adVAieed by 1 or collection from consignee anft duly paid to th s
lee© two i
I am ";-'*lng up with CtaF.   i
and will advise yon im.
view to
ao Mr*  J* Lucrais*    Herewith please find two copies e*ehwor my corrections 1713* 1714 and 171§ issued to adjust ioean ehargei advanced
on my to San franeiseo W/Bs C 6406 Deo
ouver to Los Angeles W/B C 4796 of Deo*
jfarious corrections being available in
part of $60*58 part of #2878*92 Sroup
S/Dr to adjust*
j/bc   im   ffm   Tennant,
Travelling Auditor.       To note.
691i Dee* 22
56.%, ocean charges on these
and ¥ane~
L^^ean charges on tin
TtWT 253 B/S Hot* 30th
you please pick up these -—•'KB
fancouver Iharf, B» C. ber 6th, 1937,
D. W. ttuc>rthur.   a .,
.. ' -..-■
* b. e.
Ite fund
to/Mm* HP ^ "»*¥", ~«* ^
I Brad© St- rag© u   Conpanj pic.      up on
Lpaent 1 Case Cotton Tissue covered hy .iitmmrp/
I be" cor        id to Ca_>pw©ll
:ii£ ray yvo U/lol74 on which oceen  and
in asaou ■„ «ert ?ged s jour
•lo. 1 aid.  end on IA
4th ?arad© d up & Cases of Hollow
covered by Henln<. ■,/!. 1 ©-- 1©** sj ijro
11/16.a.;8 consigned Bullocks flUtA:.*© ;itore l*os .mgeles, c
.,£6.93 ine sb< freight #23.93 having bee
B0ve»abe: . and dulj paid.
Oa Dei
jour behalf
Sim gsaxKJieci
&*%»% m-#
,     :
j*ai v©
direct #9 their
...- ' o i ■   a.
isseassrj o>.
:w.; i. A;
s  -'uiat nceeesi '
ns 1 nmw.
ec B. jmu®, Esq.    fo note In eennee
of lovember 1st.
«^c ...
,ur file L-23304
Tennant,  Esq..     !To note
Htas** te /V /■
CWH:WL fileorclajm      L 23304
Montreal,  November 30,  1937.
Mr.  A. W*  Tennant,
Travelling Auditor, C#P.R.,
Vancouver Wharf B/Sheet Nov.30/36
S/Dr.  #60.38 Item 253   (Part  of #2878.93)  Cr.  Dodwell Co.
w 3.28       "    257   (   * tf #2229.50)  ff       Dingwall Cotts,
Vancouver B/Sheet June 14/37.
S/Dr.   #17.21 Item 111,  to offset S/Cr.  Feb.28,   Item 257.
In connection with the above, I attach hereto
copies of my letters of July 15 and November 1, addressed
to Freight Agent, Vancouver Wharf.
Since June 15, I have addressed four communications to Agent Vancouver Wharf, but to date have received
no acknowledgment whatever.  The last communication I
received from Agent Vancouver Wharf were his letters dated
June 10 and 14*
Will you please have this matter looked into
and let me have your full report*
Auditor of Agencies* JM/s*
Montreal,  July 15,  1937.
L 23304
Mr. A. M. Innes,
Freight Agent, C.P.R.,
Vancouver Wharf, B.C.
B/S 30/11/36 S/Dr.
"     14/6/37 "
$60.38 J-tera 253   (Ft.  2878.93)   Gr.Dodwell Co.
3.28       "     257   (Pt.   2229.50)   "     Dingwall
17.21       "    111 to offset  S/Cr.  28/2/37,
Item 257.
Referring to your letters June 10th and
June  l4th/37,   files F.38622 and A-38624.
I note that #27.40 absorbed period ending
7/1/37,  to apply on item 257,   should apply on item 253,
leaving $32.98 open a/o item 253,  and a total amount  of
#47.89 a/c item 257, and I shall be pleased if you will
advise what action was  taken by dodwell & Co.  on receipt
of your letter June 9th,  in connection with amount #32.98,
and what further information can you give me regarding
clearance of amount #47.89 due Dingwall Cotts & Co.
Please let me have full particulars, as
soon as possible,and if settlements have not yet been made,
what is the  explanation of delay?
Auditor of Agencies,
F 208  -
M    97-
17.21 COPY
CWH.WL L 23304
Montreal, November 1,  1937.
Mr.  A.  M.  Innes,
Freight ^gent,  C.P.R.,
Vancouver Wharf,     B.C.
Balance Sheet November 30,  1936,
S/Dr.  #60.38 Item 253   (part #2878.93)   credit  Dodwell Co.
S/Dr.       3.28 Item258     (part #2229.50)   credit  Dingwall Cotts.
Balance Sheet June 14, 1937,
S/Dr. #17.21 Item 111 to offset special credit ^eb.28. Item 257,
Under date of .august 26, I wrote you as
"Referring to your letters of June 10th and June
14th,  1937,  File  F-38622 and A-38624.     Will you
please refer to my letter of July 15th and let
me have a reply thereto as qMckly as possible."
and repeated you for a reply on October 8, but to  date
am unable  to trace having heard from you.
Please look into this matter and let me have
a reply as soon as possible.
Auditor of Agencies.


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