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Open seasons for hunting : Canada, Maine, Newfoundland and Alaska, 1938 Canadian Pacific Railway Company 1938

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SwuitcwcUa THE Canadian Pacific Railway gives access to many
attractive hunting districts where big game is plentiful.
Sportsmen desiring information concerning game conditions,
outfitters, guides, or anv other features surrounding a hunting
trip, should write to A. O. SEYMOUR, General Tourist Agent,
Canadian Pacific Railway, Montreal, Que.
The following hunting laws are compiled from latest Governmental advices. As changes are frequently made, however,
the information cannot be absolutely guaranteed. Intending sportsmen should consult the official sources of information mentioned to be on the safe side.
CARIBOU AND MOOSE—Sept. 1st to Sept. 30th and Oct. 21st
to Nov. 30th in certain sections only.
License Fee—Non-resident $25.00.
Limit—One bull moose or one stag caribou.
NOTE—Limited number of licenses will be issued. Applications accompanied by fees will be considered in priority
of  receipt.
or other wild or migratory birds—October 1st to December 20th except Avalon Peninsula on which season
closes November 30th.
Hunting or shooting on Sundays illegal,
(For further information, apply to Commissioner for Natural
Resources, St. John's, Newfoundland.)
MOOSE—Closed season.
CARIBOU—Closed season.
DEER—Oct. 1st to Oct. 31st.
Limit—One deer, either sex.
Sale of game meat prohibited.
GAME BIRDS—Woodcock, Wilson or Jacksnipe—Oct. 1st to
Nov. 15th.
Ducks, geese, rails and coots—Counties of Yarmouth, Digby,
Annapolis, Shelburne, Queens, Richmond and Cape Breton,
November 1st to December 31st.
Counties of Kings, Hants, Colchester, Pictou, Antigonish,
Guysboro, Inverness, Halifax, Lunenburg and Victoria—
October 1st to November 30th.
Cumberland County, September 15th to November 15th.
Brant, Plover, Yellow-Legs—No open season.
All other migratory game birds protected.
Partridge (Ruffed Grouse)—Oct. 16th to Oct. 31st.
Limits—Ducks, day 12, season 150. Geese, day 5, season 50.
Woodcock, day 8, season 100. Rails and Coots, day 25.
Wilson's or Jacksnipe, day 25.
LICENSE—Non-resident license fee for all game, $50.00. Nonresident (Deer only), $25.00. For small game (excepting
woodcock and snipe), $15.00. For Woodcock and Wilson
Snipe, $25.00.
(For further information apply to Minister of Lands and
Forests, Halifax, N.S.)
Summary of General Game Laws
DEER—Aroostook, Penobscot, Somerset  Piscataquis, Franklin,
Oxford—Oct. 16th to Nov. 30th.
Androscoggin, Cumberland, Kennebec, Knox, Lincoln, Sagadahoc, York and Waldo—Nov. 1st to Nov. 30th.
Hancock, Washington—Nov. 1st to Dec. 15th.
Season Limit on Deer—1 of either sex.
BEAR—Oct. 1st to Nov. 30th, except in towns and plantations
where a bounty has been declared.
GAME BIRDS—Partridge, Oct. 1st to Nov. 15th inclusive.
NOTE—If guide is employed, the combined bag of sportsman
and guide must not exceed these limits.
Game birds cannot be sold or purchased at any time.
Motor boats cannot be used for hunting sea birds, ducks and
water fowl in any inland or tidal waters of Maine.
Dogs must not be used in hunting Deer.
All Sunday and night hunting prohibited.
Unlawful to use silencers on firearms.
GUIDES—All non-residents, while hunting in unorganized territory prior to Dec. 1st each year, if camping or kindling
fires, must be in charge of a registered guide—not more
than five hunters with one guide.
LICENSE—As license fees, hunting territories and conditions
vary according to districts hunted, and changes are continually being made, hunters should apply to local sources
for this information.
MOOSE—No open season.
DEER—Sept. 15th to Nov. 30th—Limit two deer.
Islands of Grand Manan Group—Oct. 15th to Nov. 15th—
Limit one deer.
Special complimentary spring bear hunting license for months
of April, May and June may be obtained from the Dept.
GAME BIRDS—Geese, Ducks, Coots and Rails—(except St. John
County and Charlotte County south of Highway  No.
1)—Sept. 15th to Nov. 15th.
St. John County and Charlotte County south of Highway
No. 1—Nov. 1st to Dec. 31st.
Woodcock and Snipe—Entire Province except Grand Manan
Group—Oct. 1st to Nov. 15th.
Grand Manan Group—Oct. 15th to Nov. 30th.
Game Birds—Limits.
Ducks, 12 per day, 150 per season.    Geese, 5 per day, 50 per
season.    Woodcock, 8 per day, 100 per season.
Wood Duck, Brant, Plover, Yellow-Legs—Protected.
Other migratory birds protected.
Partridge—Oct. 1st to Oct. 31st.
Limit—6 per day or 20 per season.
Hungarian  Partridge  (European gray partridge)—No open
Each non-resident hunter must be accompanied by a licensed
Sunday hunting and shooting prohibited.
Sale of game meat prohibited.
Non-resident hunters are allowed under special permit, from
the Minister of Lands and Mines, to ship game they kill
to their homes by complying with customs regulations at
port of exit.
LICENSES—(non-resident)—Two deer, four bears, partridge
and ducks, $25.00. Two deer and 2 bears, $10.00. Game
Birds only, $15.00. Spring Bear License—April 1st to June
30th,   non-residents,   complimentary.      Limit—4   bears.
(For further  information,  apply to  Chief  Game Warden,
Department of Lands and Mines, Fredericton, N.B.)
Sept. 25—Nov. 24th.
Sept. 15—Nov. 14th.
Oct. 1—Nov. 30th.
Sept. 20—Nov. 19th.
The Province of Quebec has recently been divided into
the following four zones for the more effective administration
of regulations governing the hunting of moose and deer:
the province extending west of the electoral districts
of Riviere du Loup and Temiscouata and south of the
St.   Lawrence   River.
(B)—GASPE SECTION—That portion of the province lying
south of the St. Lawrence River and east of the Eastern
Townships Section  above described.
(C)—SAGUENAY SECTION—That portion of the province
lying north and east of a line extending eastward from
the Western boundary along the 48th parallel of latitude
to the St. Maurice River and down that stream to the
St. Lawrence River and eastward along its north shore
to Labrador.
(D)—MONTREAL SECTION—That portion of the province
north of the St. Lawrence River lying south and west of
the Saguenay Section above described.
NOTE—It is pointed out that these territorial divisions
do not apply in the case of other species of wild life.
Montreal Section
Saguenay Section
Eastern Townships Section
Gaspe Section
Sale of moose or deer meat absolutely prohibited.
Use of dogs prohibited.
CARIBOU—Sept. 20th to Nov. 19th—Protected except in the
counties of Bonaventure, Gaspe, North and South. Limit—
one caribou per season.
LIMITS—One    Moose    and    one    Deer.
The young of ueer or Moose, under the age of one year, must
not be hunted or killed.
Cow Moose must not be killed at any time.
BEAR—August 20th to June 30th.
NOTE—Line between Northeastern and Southwestern
Migratory Game Bird Districts is roughly described as
follows. Sportsmen are advised to consult regulations
before making trip:
"From Western boundary of Province follow along
49th parallel of latitude, thence southward along Eastern
boundaries of the counties of Portneuf, Laviolette,
Lotbiniere,  Megantic and Frontenac."
Northeastern District—Sept.  1st to Oct. 31st.
Southwestern District—Sept. 15th to Nov. 14th.
Sept. 1st to Nov. 15th.
Limits—Ducks 12 per day, 150 per season. Geese 5 per day,
50 per season.   Woodcock 8 per day, 125 per season.
PARTRIDGE—Season closed.
LICENSE—Non-resident's license fee for general hunting (entire
province), $25.00, plus $1.00 issuer's fee.
Non-residents who are active members of duly incorporated
Fish and Game Clubs of the Province, lessees of hunting
territories, $10.00, plus 50 cents issuer's fee.
Caribou license, $1.00, plus 10 cents issuer's fee, in addition
to general $25.00 hunting license.
Game Bird license, $15.00 plus 50 cents issuer's fee.
(For further information, apply to Superintendent, Fish and
Game Branch, Dept. Mines and Fisheries, Quebec, Que.) ONTARIO
MOOSE AND DEER—North of Mattawa River, Lake Nipissing and French River to C.P.R. crossing at Bigwood and
following line of the Canadian Pacific Railway through
Sudbury to Fluorite thence westerly following southern
boundary of district of Sudbury thence along southern
boundary of range 15 to Lake Superior—Oct. 15th to Nov.
25th, inclusive. Exceptions—Season for moose closed—
(A) West of Can. Nat. line from Fort William to Superior
Jet., and south of Can. Nat. line from Superior Jet. to
Manitoba boundary. (B) North and east of Can. Nat.
line near Bigwood to Westree and south of highway from
Westree to Quebec Boundary.
South of French and Mattawa Rivers and Lake Nipissing
(except southwestern and eastern counties)—Nov. 5th
to Nov. 20th.    (Deer only—moose protected.)
Parts of Sudbury, Algoma and Manitoulin districts south of
the above described area and north of the French River—
Nov. 1st to Nov. 25th inclusive except St. Joseph's
Island and Manitoulin Island where season is from Nov.
10th to 25th.
Limits—One Deer or one Bull Moose.
Reindeer or Caribou and Elk—Protected.
Female Moose and Moose under age of one year, protected.
(Doe and fawn deer may be taken only in accordance with
Special Camp license may be obtained by organized resident
hunting parties to kill one deer to be eaten in camp. One
such license to every four persons. Deer killed under
authority of this permit will not affect limit under Hunting
BEAR—All year. Hunting or trapping license required.
GAME BIRDS—Partridge, Plover, Pheasant, Prairie Chicken,
Ptarmigan, Quail and Wild Turkey, protected.
An open season may be authorized by an Order-in-Council
where conditions will warrant.
NOTE—For ready reference. The dividing line between
the Northern and Southern Zones is briefly described
below but intending sportsmen are advised to consult
regulations when planning a trip:
"A line following the southern boundaries of Bruce and
Grey counties eastward to and following the south shore
of Lake Simcoe, Highway No. 12 to the C.P.R. at Myrtle,
the C.P.R. to Peterboro, and following Highway No. 7 to
the western boundary of Lanark county and along north
shore of Rideau Lake and Rideau River and thence along
the north sides of Grenville, Dundas, Stormont and Glengarry counties to the Quebec Boundary."
Northern  Zone—Sept.   15th—Nov.   15th.
Southern  Zone—Oct.   1st—Nov.  30th.
except counties of Essex, Kent and Elgin where open season
for geese is from Oct. 15th to Dec. 15th.
Limits—Duck 12 per day, 150 per season.    Geese 5 per day,
50  per  season.
WOODCOCK—Entire province Sept. 15th to Nov. 30th.
WILSON'S OR JACKSNIPE—Northern Zone Sept.   15th to
Nov. 15th.   Southern Zone Oct. 1st to Nov. 30th.
Limit—Woodcock 8 per day, 125 per season.
Eider Duck and all other migratory birds not specified above,
Sale of moose, deer, wild ducks, geese or other waterfowl,
snipe, quail, woodcock, ruffed grouse, or partridge, pheasant
and other protected game birds and animals, is prohibited.
Non-resident—To hunt Bear, Game Birds and Rabbits,
$15.50; to hunt Deer, Bear, Game Birds and Rabbits,
$25.75; to hunt Moose, Deer, Bear, Game Birds and
Rabbits, $41.00.    Bear only (April and May), $5.25.
Special Camp license (residents only, see above), $4.00.
(For further information, apply to Deputy Minister of Game
and Fisheries, Toronto, Ont.)
Oct. 15th., in that portion of the Province lying north of
the Winnipeg River, east of Lake Winnipeg to the Ontario
boundary and north to the 53rd Parallel of north latitude.
Re-opens Nov. 28th to Dec. 8th. Nov. 28th to Dec. 3rd,
in that portion of the Province lying south of the Canadian
Pacific Railway, Winnipeg to Edmonton line and west
of the Red River.
Nov. 28th to Dec. 8th, in any other portion of the Province not included in the above.
ANTELOPE, CABRI, ELK or WAPITI—Protected at all times.
DUCKS, GEESE, COOTS AND RAILS—North of 53rd parallel
of latitude, Sept. 10th to Oct. 31st.
South of 53rd parallel of latitude, Sept. 20th to Nov. 15th.
WILSON OR JACKSNIPE—Sept.  15th to Nov. 30th.
Limits—Ducks 12 per day, 100 per season. Geese 5 per day,
50 per season. Coots and Rails 25 a day. Wilson or Jack-
snipe, 25 a day.
Possession limit—40 ducks, 15 geese.
PTARMIGAN—Oct. 1st to Oct. 20th.    Limit—15 a day, 50 per
GROUSE,   commonly  known   as   PARTRIDGE—Date
and bag limit will be set by Order-in-Council.
or YELLOW-LEGS—No open season.
LICENSE  FEES—Non-residents,   Big  Game,  $40.00.    Game
Birds, $25.00.    Non-resident British subjects,   Big Game
$25.00, Game Birds, $10.00.
To bona fide residents of a province which extends a like
game bird shooting privilege to Manitoba residents, $2.25.
NOTE—Under Section 10 of "The Game and Fisheries Act"
of Manitoba, authority is given to vary the open dates or
effect a close season and reduce the game bird bag by
Big Game
MOOSE, DEER AND CARIBOU—Nov.  14th to Dec.  17th,
both dates inclusive.
Bag Limit—1 male moose only or 2 caribou, either sex; or
2 deer, either sex; or 1 caribou and 1 deer, either sex.
No open season on deer south of Township 34.
ANTELOPE—Oct. 10th to Oct. 29th, both dates inclusive.
Bag Limit—1 antelope only, either sex.
ELK—Nov. 14th to Nov. 30th, both dates inclusive.
Bag Limit—1 male elk, 2 years old or over.
Game  Birds
19th to Oct. 15th, both dates inclusive.
Bag  Limit—7  birds  per  day,   possession  limit    14   birds.
PRAIRIE CHICKEN—Sept.   19th to Oct.  15th., both dates
Bag Limit—7 birds per day, possession limit 14 birds.
RUFFED GROUSE—Sept.   19th   to   Oct.   15th.,  both dates
Bag Limit—7 birds per day, possession limit 14 birds.
SPRUCE    GROUSE   AND    PTARMIGAN—Nov.    14th   to
Dec. 14th., both dates inclusive.
Bag Limit—5 of either or both of these birds per day, possession limit 10 of either or both of these birds.
Migratory Birds
—Open season north of Township 62 from Alberta border
east as far as the third meridian and north of Township 60
east of the third meridian to the Manitoba border, Sept.
1st to Oct. 29th, both dates inclusive. In remainder of
Province, Sept. 19th to Nov. 19th, both dates inclusive.
Bag Limit—Geese 5 per day, possession limit, 10 birds, season
limit, 20 birds. Ducks 12 per day, possession limit, 24
birds, season limit, 100 birds. Coots 30 per day, total
for season, 150 birds. Wilson's or Jacksnipe 15 per day,
total for season,  150 birds.
NO OPEN SEASON—Female elk, female moose, fawn, sage
grouse or pheasants.
Game Birds—
Non-resident (Canadian), $10.00
Non-resident (Alien), $25.00
Big Game—
Non-resident (Canadian), $25.00
Non-resident (Alien), $40.00
31st:. <
Bag Limit—One male sheep and two goats.
DEER, MOOSE, CARIBOU—Nov. 1st to Dec. 14th.
Bag Limit—One Buck Deer, one Bull Moose and one Bull
Female Moose, Deer, Caribou and Mountain Sheep protected.
Moose, Deer, Caribou, Mountain Goat and Mountain
Sheep with horns less than four inches—Protected.
A special license may be obtained to hunt deer, moose and
caribou in the Forest Reserve of the Rocky Mountains
north of the North Saskatchewan River during September
and October.
ELK—An Order-in-Council provides for the opening of a season
on Elk in the Pembina-Brazeau Elk Preserve and adjacent
areas, under certain restrictions.
BEAR—Sept. 1st to June 14th.
Limit—1 of each species.
ANTELOPE, BUFFALO—Special license may be arranged for,
GAME BIRDS—Ducks, Geese, Coots and Rails—north of line
extending roughly along Canadian Pacific Railway at east
boundary of Province near town of Compeer, through
Lacombe and Red Deer, thence westerly along C.N.R. to
Saskatchewan River, following middle fork that stream to
western boundary—noon, September 15th to sundown,
November 15th. South of said line, noon October 1st to
sundown November 30th.
WILSON'S OR JACKSNIPE—north of line extending roughly
along Canadian Pacific Railway at east boundary of Province near town of Compeer, through Lacombe and Red
Deer, thence westerly along C.N.R. to Saskatchewan
River, following middle fork that stream to western boundary—noon September 1st to sundown November 15th.
South of said line, noon October 1st to sundown November
Limit—Ducks, day 12, season 100.
Geese, day 5, season 25.
Possession limit—36 ducks.
Hungarian Partridge—Open season south of north Saskatchewan River—Oct. 1st to Nov. 30th., both dates
inclusive. Season closed north of north Saskatchewan
Bag Limit—15 per day, 200 per season.
Prairie Chicken, Blue Grouse, Ruffed Grouse, Spruce Partridge, Greater and Lesser Yellowlegs, Black Breasted
and Golden Plover—Close season.
Sunday hunting prohibited.
LICENSE—Non-resident,    General    Game    License,    $50.00.
Special License, $50.00.    Game Bird License, $25.00.
(For further information, apply to Game Commissioner,
Dept. of Agriculture, Edmonton, Alta.) BRITISH COLUMBIA
The following are the districts into which the Province of
British Columbia is divided for the purpose of establishing game
WESTERN DISTRICT—Includes all that portion of the Province lying west of summit of the Cascade Mountains and
south of the Electoral District of Atlin, except that portion
of the Electoral District of Skeena covered by the Lakelse
and Zymagotitz river watersheds.
EASTERN DISTRICT—Includes the remainder of the Province.
Dividing line between these two districts crosses Canadian
Pacific Ry. a short distance west of Hope.
Eastern District
MOOSE—(Bulls only)—In Electoral Districts of Atlin, Fort
George, Peace River, Cariboo, Omineca, and portions of
Districts of Skeena, Kamloops and Lillooet—Sept. 1st to
Dec. 15th.
Electoral Districts of Fernie, Columbia (except south of
Tobie Creek and west of Columbia River)—Sept. 15th to
October 31st.
CARIBOU—(Stags only)—Except Electoral Districts of Mackenzie and Skeena, and part of Cariboo lying west of
Fraser River; also eastern district south of main line of
Canadian Pacific Railway—Sept. 1st to Dec. 15th.
Eastern District south of main line of Canadian Pacific Railway—Oct. 1st to Oct. 31st.
WAPITI (Elk)—(Stags only)—In Electoral Districts of Fernie
and part of Columbia lying east of Columbia River—-Sept.
15th to Oct. 31st. In portions of Similkameen and South
Okanagan Electoral Districts east of Okanagan Lake and
River—Sept. 15th to Dec. 15th.
MOUNTAIN SHEEP—(Rams only)—Eastern district north
of 56th Parallel—August 15th to Nov. 15th.
South of 56th Parallel and north of main line of C.N.R., formerly Grand Trunk Pacific Railway and portions of Cariboo
and Lillooet Districts south of Chilcotin River and west of
Fraser River—Sept. 1st to Nov. 15th. Districts of Fernie,
Cranbrook and Columbia—Sept.  1st to Oct. 31st.
MOUNTAIN GOAT—North of 56th Parallel of North Latitude
—Aug. 15th to Dec. 15th.
Remainder  of  Eastern   District,  except  North  and  South
Okanagan   and  Grand  Forks-Greenwood—Sept.   1st   to
Dec. 15th.
DEER—(mule,   whitetail   and   coast)—(Bucks   only)—except
whitetail deer in North and South Okanagan and Similkameen Districts and in the Grand Forks-Greenwood district west of Boundary Creek—Sept. 15th to Dec. 15th.
Note—As certain areas are closed to deer hunting, sportsmen
are advised to consult regulations when planning trip.
BEAR-—(see prohibitions)—Sept.  1st to June 30th  following.
Bear cannot be trapped in Eastern District.
Western District
MOUNTAIN GOAT—(except Vancouver Island)—Sept.  11th
to Dec. 15th.
BEAR—(see prohibitions)—Sept. 17th to June 30th following.
Bear cannot be trapped in Western District.
MOOSE—Electoral District of Mackenzie, north  of fifty-first
Parallel, Sept. 1st to Dec. 15th.
DEER (mule, whitetail and coast)—(Bucks only)—Sept. 11th to
Nov. 30th.
Bag Limits
Moose, cariboo, wapiti, deer and mountain goat and mountain
sheep under age of one year protected.
The following bag limits were those in effect last vear.   Certain
minor changes are being made for 1938-39.
DEER—Western District, 3.    Eastern District, 2.
BEAR—Grizzly, 2.    Black or brown, 3.
MOUNTAIN SHEEP—North of C.N. Rys., two.    Districts of
Fernie, Cranbrook, Columbia and portions of Cariboo and
Lillooet and west of Fraser River, one.
CARIBOU—Eastern District north of C.N. Rys., two.   South
of C.N. Rys., one.
WAPITI (Elk)—One.
Game Birds
The following game bird regulations have just been announced for 1938.
Eastern  District—Except  Peace River and portions Atlin,
Omineca and Fort George north of 56th parallel and all
portions of Eastern District south of main line Canadian
Pacific Railway, September 15th to November 14th.
In electoral districts of Peace River and portions of Atlin,
Omineca and Fort George,   north of 56th parallel, September 1st to October 31st.
Eastern District south of main line of Canadian Pacific Railway, September 21st to November 20th.
(except black brant and snow geese).
Western District—Electoral districts of the Islands, Victoria
City, Esquimault, Saanich, Cowichan-Newcastle, Alberni-
Nanaimo and Comox, November 15th to January 14th.
Remainder of Western District, October 29th to January 2nd.
Electoral districts of the  Islands,  Victoria City, Esquimault,  Saanich,   Cowichan-Newcastle,  Alberni-Nanaimo
and Comox, December 17th to February 16th, both dates
inclusive.    Remainder of Western District, December 1st
to January 31st.
BAND-TAILED PIGEONS (Western District)—Sept. 10th to
Sept. 30th.
The open seasons above mentioned do not apply to certain
small areas in the Province.
LICENSE—(a) $50.00—Non-resident General Firearms and
Anglers' License entitling the holder to hunt big game,
deer and game birds (including Pheasants), and to angle
for fish.
(b) $25.00—Non-resident General Firearms and Anglers'
License entitling the holder to hunt big game, deer and
game birds (except Pheasants), and to angle for fish.
(c) $15.00—Non-resident General Firearms and Anglers'
License (to be issued only to residents of some other
Province in the Dominion of Canada), entitling the holder
to hunt big game, deer and game birds, and to angle for
The following trophy fees are also payable in addition to the
license fees outlined above:
$25.00 on each big game animal with the exception of Black
or Brown Bear, Mountain Goat, Mule, White-tail or Coast
$15.00 on each Black or Brown Bear, Mountain Goat, Mule
or White-tail Deer.
$5.00 on each Coast Deer.
For further  information apply  to   Game   Commission, 411
Dunsmuir Street, Vancouver, B.C.
MOUNTAIN GOAT—Aug. 1st to Feb. 28th.
Bag Limit—One Moose, two Deer, two Caribou, one Mountain Sheep and one Mountain Goat on License Permit of
May kill in addition to above upon payment of $25.00 for
each animal, one Moose, two Deer, two Caribou, one
Mountain Sheep and one Mountain Goat.
No female animal shall be killed at any time, and no moose
or caribou under the age of one year.
BEAR—No closed season.
No bag limit.
BUFFALO OR BISON—Season closed.
GAME BIRDS—Ducks, Wild Geese—Sept. 1st to Oct.  31st.
Snipe—Sept. 1st to Oct. 31st.
Grouse, Ptarmigan, Partridge, Pheasants and Prairie Chicken
—Sept. 1st to Jan. 31st.
Limit—Ducks, 25 day, 150 season.
Geese, 15 day, 50 season.
Non-Resident British subject, $75.00.
Non-Resident alien, $100.00.
Non-Resident Bird License, $5.00.
Certificate required to ship trophies.
(For   further  information   apply   to   Territorial   Secretary,
Dawson, Y.T., or Territorial Agent, Whitehorse, Y.T.)
MOOSE—(Bulls only)—Sept. 1st to Dec. 31st.    Limit one.
CARIBOU—South of Yukon River, Aug. 20th to Dec. 31st.
North of Yukon River, no closed season.
Limit—North of the Yukon River:  by resident, 5 a year; by
non-resident, 2 a year. South of the Yukon River: by resident, 3 a season; by non-resident, 2 a season.
DEER—(Males only,  having horns not less than 3 inches in
length)—Aug. 20th to Nov. 15th in south-eastern Alaska,
east of Longitude 138 deg. only.    Limit, three.
West of Longitude 138 (under special hunting permit prescribed by Secretary, as set forth in Regulation 8)—one.
MOUNTAIN SHEEP—(except females and lambs)—Aug. 20th
to Nov. 30th.
Limit—By non-resident on Kenai Peninsula south of Turna-
gain Arm, Portage Creek, and a line from its head to the
head of Passage Canal, 1 a season; in rest of territory, 2 a
season. By resident south of the Arctic Circle, 2 a season,
except on the Kenai Peninsula south of Turnagain Arm,
Portage Creek, and a line from its head to the head of
Passage Canal, 1 a season; north of the Arctic Circle, 3 a
MOUNTAIN GOAT—Aug. 20th to Nov. 30th. Limit, two. Kids
BEAR—(Large brown and grizzly)—For non-residents— Sept. 1st
to June 20th. Limit on Admiralty Island, 1 a season;
in rest of territory, 2 in the aggregate a season. See
regulations relative to Residents. No closed seasons
except in certain areas (see regulations).
NOTE—Nothing in these regulations shall be construed to
permit the taking at any time of any game animal, game
bird, or fur-bearing animal in Mount McKinley National
Park, Katmai National Monument, Glacier Bay National
Monument and adjacent closed area, or, except by the
occupant thereof on any island occupied under lease or
permit for fur farming or except under permit of the
Secretary, on any bird or game reservation, including the
areas along the Alaska Ry. or on the Kruzof and Partof-
shikof Islands or drainage area of Eyak Lake and Power
Creek; north and east of Cordova, containing approximately 22,000 acres; or Big Delta closed area; or in Keystone Canyon, including half mile each side of Richardson
Highway from mile post 13 (from Valdez) to mile post 20;
caribou in Steese Highway closed area including half mile
each side of Steese Highway from mile post 85 to mile post
88 (Twelve Mile Summit) and from mile post 106 to mile
post 111 (Eagle Summit); or any mountain sheep or mountain goat in the eastern part of Kenai Peninsula east of
the centre line of the Alaska Railroad, any mountain goat
on Baranof and Chichagof Islands, any deer west of longitude 138 deg. Buffalo and musk ox in any part of Alaska;
moose on the Alaska Peninsula south and west of the
Kvichak River, Iliamna Lake and the old portage from
Kamishak Bay to Kakhonak Bay; or on Kenai Peninsula
north of Kenai River and Skilak Lake, south of Turnagain
Arm of Cook Inlet, and west of Chugach National Forest;
or large brown or grizzly bear on Afognak Island. See
also regulation 14 providing continuous close season in
certain   areas.
GROUSE and PTARMIGAN—Sept. 1st to Feb. 28th.
Limit—Grouse, 15; ptarmigan, 25; but no more than 25 in
aggregate of grouse and ptarmigan a day.
WATERFOWL    (except  those   species   not   permitted   to   be
taken),    WILSON'S   SNIPE   or   JACKSNIPE—Open
season bag and possession limits to be fixed by regulations
under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act.
NOTE—Non-residents   hunting   big   game   animals    must
employ licensed guides.
LICENSE—Non-resident citizen of the U.S., general, $50.00;
alien, $100.    Small game license for non-resident, $10.00.
(See regulations for special conditions).    Resident, $1.00;
when required by Commission.
(Further information from Executive Officer, Alaska Game
Commission, Juneau, Alaska).
Game Birds—Special Note
The control of all migratory birds in Canada is vested in the
Dominion Government. Provincial laws have accordingly been
amended to correspond with the Dominion regulations, which
latter, however, are subject to change.
Special Note—Baiting and the use of live decoys prohibited.
A sportsman's wearing apparel and ordinary baggage, including guns, rifles (not including revolvers and pistols), fishing tackle,
golf clubs, tennis racquets and cameras, dogs and other animals
for hunting or as pets, also not more than 50 cigars and not more
than 200 cigarettes are allowed free entry into Canada. In
addition to this he may bring in canoes, outboard motors, tents,
camp equipment, still cameras and reasonable amount of unexposed film, phonographs, radios, musical instruments, etc., for
his personal use, provided that he reports the goods on his return
to the Canadian Customs and has same exported in Bond within
six months from time of entry.
Weapon Permit (Form 76 B) is required when bringing rifles
and shotguns into Canada if the sportsman is not a British subject. Permit may be obtained upon application to the Attorney
General's department of the province in which hunting is to be
Ammunition brought into Canada is subject to duty.
NOTE—Revolvers cannot be brought into Canada except
on special authority. In certain cases, permits may be
issued by the Attorney General of each Province.
Automatic pistols are prohibited.
Sportsmen must obtain, from the Canadian Customs, a permit
to export, this permit together with hunting license tag should
be handed to the express company to go forward with shipment.
Canadian Customs authorized to issue export permits are
located at Montreal, Quebec, Sherbrooke, Ottawa, Brockville,
Kingston, Prescott, Toronto, Port Arthur, Saint John, St.
Stephen, McAdam, Halifax, Yarmouth, Windsor, N.S., White
Horse, Y.T., and at all Canadian Customs ports on the border
of the United States.
In order to avoid delay at the border, sportsmen are advised
to ship game to one of the above Customs ports en route where
permit can be obtained.
The export of deer is allowed from the commencement of the
"open season" until the following 31st of January.
The export from Canada of partridge, prairie fowl, quail,
wild turkey and woodcock is prohibited.
Free entry is allowed returning sportsmen of their trophies
of game—this may be arranged by any United States Deputy
Collector of Customs located in Canada or in the United States.
tins* /<?9> «   «   PRINCIPAL   »   »
Atlanta, Ga W. A. Shackelford 404 C. & S. Nat'l Bank Bldg.
Banff, Alta E. Officer
(Open June 1—Sept. 30).. . Canadian Pacific Station
Boston, Mass L. R. Hart 405 Boylston St.
Buffalo, N.Y W. P. Wass 22 Court St.
Calgary, Alta J. W. Dawson Canadian Pacific Station
Chicago, 111 T. J. Wall 71 East Jackson Blvd.
Cincinnati, Ohio A. D. Macdonald 201 Dixie Terminal Bldg.
Cleveland, Ohio G. H. Griffin 1010 Chester Ave.
Dallas, Texas P. G. Jefferson 1212 Kirby Bldg.
Detroit, Mich M. E. Malone , 1231 Washington Blvd.
Edmonton, Alta W. L. Mitchell Canadian Pacific Bldg.
Fort William, Ont H. Lyall Martin 108 South May St.
Guelph, Ont W. C. Tully 30 Wyndham St.
•Halifax, N.S A. C. MacDonald 413 Barrington St.
Hamilton, Ont A. Craig 4  King St. West
Honolulu, T.H Theo. H. Davies & Co.
Indianapolis, Ind D. W. Allan Merchants Bank Bldg.
Juneau, Alaska V. W. Mulvihill
Kansas City, Mo R. G. Norris 201-2 Waldheim Bldg.
Ketchikan, Alaska Edgar Anderson
Kingston, Ont J. H. Welch 180 Wellington St.
London, Ont H. J. McCallum 417   Richmond   St.
Los Angeles, Cal Gen. Agent 621 South Grand Ave.
Milwaukee, Wis J. A. Millington 1014 Warner Theatre Bldg.
Minneapolis, Minn. . . .H. M. Tait 611 2nd Ave. South
A/r „,„    .   niwa /P. E. Gingras Windsor Station
Montreal, Que fa c  Lydon 201 St  James gt w
Moose Jaw, Sask T. J. Colton Canadian Pacific Station
Nelson, B.C N. J. Lowes Baker and Ward Sts.
New York, N.Y J. E. Roach Madison Ave. at 44th St.
North Bay, Ont R. Y. Daniaud 87 Main Street West
Omaha, Neb H. J . Clark 803 W. O. W. Bldg.
Ottawa, Ont J. A. McGill 83 Sparks St.
Peterboro, Ont T. G. M. Jamieson 343  George St.
Philadelphia, Pa E. A. Kenney 1500 Locust St.
Pittsburgh, Pa W. N. McKendry, Koppers Building, 444 Seventh Ave.
Portland, Ore W. H. Deacon 626 S.W. Broadway
Prince Rupert, B.C W. L. Coates
Quebec, Que C. A. Langevin Palais Station
Regina, Sask J. C. Pike Canadian Pacific Station
Saint John, N.B C. E. Cameron 40 King St.
St. Louis, Mo G. P. Carbrey 418 Locust St.
St. Paul, Minn W. H. Lennon Fourth and Cedar
San Francisco, Cal S. E. Corbin 152 Geary St.
Saskatoon, Sask R. G. West 115 Second Ave.
Sault Ste. Marie, Ont. J   O. Johnston 529 Queen Street
Seattle, Wash E. L. Sheehan 1320 Fourth Ave.
Sherbrooke, Que J. A. Metivier 91 Wellington St. North
Skagway, Alaska L. H. Johnston
Spokane, Wash E. S. McPherson Old National Bank Bldg.
Tacoma, Wash L. N. Jones 1113 Pacific Ave
^        .     ~  . /C. B. Andrews Canadian Pacific Building
loronto, Ont \G. D. Brophy Canadian Pacific Building
Trois Rivieres, Que J. A. Tourville 1262 Notre Dame St.
Vancouver, B.C F. H. Daly 434 Hastings Street West
Victoria, B.C J. Macfarlane 1102 Government St.
Washington, D.C C. E. Phelps 14th and New York Ave., N.W.
Windsor, Ont W. C. Elmer 196 Ouellette Ave.
Winnipeg, Man E. A. McGuinness Main and Portage
Printed in Canada, 1938


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