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Canada in pictures Canadian Pacific Railway Company 1935

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  fy<f        JO
in Pictures..
CANADA is a magic Picture-Book. Its pages live.
The sun shines over and through them ; cloud shadows
play hide and seek with the golden rays, across landscapes of luminous loveliness. Now it is a picture of mountain majesty, solemn and superb in its solitude. Now a busy
city with wheels of industry merrily turning, and people
passing to and fro, grave or gay.
There go great liners arriving in fascinating seaport-
scenes, and sailing forth to greet the dawn or follow the
sunset. A wide page here reveals the boundless prairie—
waving grain and shadow-set sheaves patterned together
under the arch of heaven's fathomless blue. Silver is outspread broad and bravely by the Great Lakes ; and, crowning
all the contents of these jewel-studded pages—the glacier-
reflecting glories and myriad marvels of the Rocky Mountains.
From noble river and smiling countryside, over fragrant
fruit-lands, angler-enticing streams and lakelets, by cosy
farm and incense-breathing lumber camp, through throbbing
streets and down shining river-roads of pleasure, follow the
picture paths of Canada. Reach the high summits of the
Rockies. Look forth across five hundred forest-clad mountain monarchs with their snowy crests.
There is no nook or corner in all that mighty panorama
which cannot leave in  your heart a picture—a Canadian
picture ever to be remembered and rejoiced in for its vitality
and inspiration.    Here are a few, chosen as representative
from thousands which the camera has caught.   How
many more, and more beautiful, await your own
eyes and your own camera when you visit Canada!
At the end of this booklet is a map. Ottawa—The Parliament Buildings
The Wholesome Sea is at Her Gates,
Her  Gates both  East and West.
HOUSES OF PARLIAMENT AT OTTAWA. Here at Quebec you find the old and the new, under the shadow of the Chateau Frontenac
Like a superb and
ever-moving picture
show, Canada comes
close to our view at
Quebec, after two
days* voyage since
we first entered the
noble St. Lawrence
waterway near Newfoundland. Visitors
delight in exploring
romantic Old
Quebec, city of old-
world streets and
lovely vistas. Here
in 1759 was fought
the   great   battle   of
The St. Lawrence ports of Quebec and Montreal are within easy reach of Europe by fast steamships, such as the Empress of Britain (above) The climb to the top of Mount Royal at Montreal is well repaid by the magnificent view
the Heights of
Abraham which
made the British
masters of "New
France"; and the
wharf where we dock
is near the cove
where Wolfe made
his historic landing.
From Quebec we
journey on by river
or railway to Montreal, Canada's
largest city, with
skyscrapers, wide
streets, gigantic
hotels and shops,
and a busy population of considerably
over a million—yet,
withal, an intriguing
city where the development of modern
Canada can be
A " habitant " house of rural Quebec *
Canada outstretches her
maritime provinces like a
lovely arm towards the Motherland. Nova Scotia, New
Brunswick, and Prince Edward
sland bask in summer sunshine, and bathe their borders
in the sea. Here are Halifax,
rich in history and in harbour
magnificence, Saint John with
its two-way tidal cataract, and
Charlottetown, known to early
French sailors as " the Haven
of Joy." Revel here in every
pleasant recreation: visit the
" Land of Evangeline " : here
is the Acadia of romance,
fragrant with blossom and
fruit: or the splendid backwoods hunting country of New
A popular Atlantic Coast summer resort—St. Andrews, New Brunswick Charlottetown, capital of Prince Edward Island.    These are the provincial Parliament Buildings The Canadian National Exhibition—often known as the " Toronto Fair," and largest annual exhibition of the world
Toronto etches its skyline with many skyscrapers.    On the extreme right is the Royal York Hotel
Ontario calls itself the " Banner
Province " of Canada, and Toronto
the " Queen City." The tallest
buildings in the British Empire are
in Toronto, and the largest hotel—■
The Royal York. A city of homes,
universities, art galleries, and golf
clubs—as well as factories—Toronto
will attract you.
Just across Lake Ontario are Niagara
Falls, wonder of the world, easily
reached, beyond description impressive. Their illumination at night
by 1,320,000,000 candle-power in
multi-coloured searchlights makes a
magical effect.
To traverse the country between
Niagara Falls and Toronto is to view
fruitful orchards and luscious4 vineyards in the " Garden of Canada " ;
but a pause at Hamilton, Ontario,
reveals a thriving industrial city
abundant in beauty and interest.
Here, too, there is history; for
throughout this district in an earlier
day, young Canada campaigned in
defence of her borders. Hamilton, Ontario—a busy manufacturing city Shooting the Rapids at French River, Ontario
One method of moose hunting is by " calling '
In the locks of the Soo Canal, between Lake Superior and
Lake Huron
Canada is a veritable paradise for the sportsman,
for its large areas of wild territory offer such
opportunities for hunting and fishing as might
well set the imagination afire. Not only has a wise
policy of conservation protected this wild life i
sport is also available at moderate cost, and the
sporting regions are within easy reach of railways.
So let's away into the fragrant bush ! Rivera
call with the many voices of their adventurous
rapids, challenging the canoeist. In many a
tempting pool game-fish are teeming ready to test
the eager angler's skill. Across a placid lake;
keen hunters wait within rifle-shot for the mightiest
of Canada's big game, the moose. Chalet Bungalow Camps at Kenora (seen above) and French River are attractive centres tor visiting this remoter country •■: m/ ■ - <m    /   4
■ ■/■//''//
2*f7 x
Portage Avenue Wmn«peg   Capital of Manitoba and largest city of the prairies
And now, having passed ihe Great Lakes
and the long stretch of forested land ihat
surrounds them, we have reached the prairies.
Here, outspread for hundreds of miles, is the
land of fertile farm and far-flung furrows,
limitless as the sky, the kingdom of wheat and
Winnipeg is the metropolis of the prairies,
with spacious streets, handsome buildings, and
verdant parks. Within its limits twines the
Red River, murmuring memories of old Fort
Garry,    rendezvous   of   the   first  fur-traders.
But there are many other cities—such as
Regina, which, rapidly growing, remembers
canvas and camp-fire, saddle, stirrup, and spur
in her proud association as headquarters of the
Royal Canadian Mounted Police.
Calgary, the " city of the foothills," gleam s
by the blue waters of the Bow River—brisk,
busy and inviting; and to the north lies
Edmonton, the capital of Alberta and gateway
to the Peace River district.
i "^%.
Spring-time on the prairies
Jasper Avenue, Edmonton: Capital of Alberta
Calgary, Alberta: The busy, progressive " city of the foothills '
The City Hall, Regina: Capital of Saskatchev, Golf at Banff is on a championship as well as picturesque course
From Calgary it
is but a short
journey, as the
railway climbs
the " foothills,"
to the Rockies—
that magnificent
region that forms
the backbone
o f C a n a d a ,
separating the
Pacific slope from
everything which
lies east. A famous mountaineer
once described the Rockies as fifty
or sixty Switzerlands rolled into one,
Towering mountains, snow-capped
peaks, glaciers, swift rivers, enormous
national parks, deep forests—such
does    this    region    contain.      The
Canadian Pacific crosses the Rockies,
reaching at one point an altitude of
5,300 feet, while good roads radiating
from Banff, Lake Louise and other
centres, and good hotels and chalet-
bungalow camps, have established the
visitor's comfort.
Mount Assiniboine: Reached by a magnificent riding excursion from Banff Lake Louise, near Banff, but
higher up in the mountains, is
without doubt one of the world's
most, celebrated beauty spots. Beside
the lake, in a flower garden, is built
The Iron Horse in the Valley of the Kicking Horse: With Mount Stephen in the background The Pearl of the Rockies: Far-famed Lake Louise
«4 WfWftftY   .
This is the backbone of the Rockies.    One way the water fiows east—the other, west
the Chateau Lake Louise, from
which, in the supreme comfort of a
modern hotel, visitors command
views of unrivalled loveliness. Above
the lake rises the majesty of the
Victoria   Glacier,   its   crystal   crags
tinted with saffron and rose hues at
dawn or sunset, and reflected in the
lake with a myriad variations of hue.
Bridle paths lead to the loveliest
scenes; Alpine guides take mountaineering visitors to the summits.
By motor-car are reached Moraine
Lake, Kicking Horse Pass, the Great
Divide, backbone of the Rockies,
the Yoho Valley, Field, Golden,
Emerald Lake, and many another
interesting spot. Takakkaw Falls in Yoho Valley—opposite a Chalet Bungalow Camp
Snowpeak Avenue—which takes you from Field Station out to Emerald Lake „.:px
The opportunities for mountaineering in the Rockies are magnificent
A Chalet Bungalow Camp: Wapta Camp, between Lake Louise and Field. The sleeping bungalows are separate from the dining-community room
From Lake Louise one begins to descend a little
to meet the Kicking Horse River before re-ascending
to further ranges of the Rockies. On the way down
we can pause at Wapta, or take a detour by car into the
Yoho Valley, running trench-like to a converging point.
At both these places are chalet-bungalow camps ; at
Lake O'Hara is another, set in the heart of the wilderness, with no motor road to it—only a seven-mile
trail for riding or hiking. Emerald Lake is as; widely
known as Banff or Lake Louise. & IM.
Off for a Trail Ride
tmUiCm "^Waw^i
Both "riders of the plains" who seem to have wandered into high altitudes: An Indian greets a " Mountie " (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) A winter Sunday morning in the Laurentian Mountains, near Montreal
The Calgary Stampede is a famous annual " frontier day '
Trail riding in the Rockies-r-especialfy with the
organization of a Trail Riders' Association, which holds
annual rides—has gathered to itself thousands of devotees.
So, too (from the spectator's seat) has the famous Calgary
" Stampede "—the annual joust of buck-jumpers, tourney
of lariat slingers, and triumph of the " ten gallon hat."
And something must be said of Canada's winter—a
carnival of winter sports that kindles the enthusiasm of
younger Canada and now attracts a very large number
of visitors from other lands. The Rockies passed, our course
is downwards to the Pacific Ocean
through the province of British
Columbia, with its magnificent
resources and mild climate. On
the way there are many regions
given over to fruit farming—such
as the Okanagan Valley, where the
forest has been tamed to give
place to apple, pear, peach and
cherry trees in profusion.
Vancouver, the province's largest
city, is one of the world's greatest
ports. Not only the outlet for
local production, but also the
gateway to lands beyond the
sunset, it has a history of only fifty
years : for before the railway reached
here, this busy, modern city was
but a forest clearing.
However, Victoria, on Vancouver
Island, three hours away, is older,
and has become—because of its
beauty .and climate—a verv favourite Gold, silver, copper, nickel, coal, lead, zinc—these are some of the minerals Canada produces.
Above is seen an arbestos mine, in Quebec province
This is not primarily a book for manufacturers or investors : yet even the most casual
holiday-making visitor cannot fail to be impressed with the riches with which Nature has
endowed Canada. Her store of natural resources
is vast. Agriculture is, of course, the largest
industry : but Canada also has abundant mines,
forests,    water-powers,    and    fisheries.      Still
further, she has an industrious and progressive
population, who are developing these resources,
and who are rapidly advancing their nation
Ljto being one of the important manufacturing
countries of the world. Great opportunities still
exist in the Dominion for the establishment of
further industry.
Lumbering on a giant scale, in New Brunswick
rge-scale ranching still exists in western prairies
Salmon fishing en the British Columbia coast Dawson, on the Yukon River: Scene of the still remembered Klondyke " gold rush '
From Vancouver or Victoria one can take
steamer up the beautiful west coast of British
Columbia, which, heavily forested, deeply
indented, and warmed by the Japan Current,
presents a magnificent picture of a land almost
uninhabited except by miners and fishermen.
Prince Rupert and the Queen Charlotte
Islands are • passed: and then the "coast is
American—a long finger of Alaska. But from
Skagway a railway leads back over a mountain
pass to Canada again : for here is the Yukon
Territory, with Dawson and the Klondyke,
and still a few optimistic miners.
As equally full of ancient glory are the Totem
Poles of the Coast Indians.   Neglected sentinels
' Totem Poles "at a little Indian settlement on the British Columbia coast
of a dwindling race, they give still to the inquiring mind their carven stories. But the spirit
that inspired them, the craftsmanship that could
fashion them, have vanished. CANADIAN PACIFIC
The most direct, most scenic, shortest route to
Canada and U.S.A. Fully two days cut from the open
ocean, ^ind spent in the sheltered waters of the St.
Frequent sailings from Southampton, Liverpool,
Glasgow, Belfast, etc., to Quebec and Montreal (to
Halifax and Saint John in winter).
Empress of Britain
...    42,500 tons
Empress of Australia ...
...    22,000    „
Duchess of Atholl
...    20,000    „
Duchess of Bedford    ...
...    20,000    „
Duchess of Richmond
...    20,000    „
Duchess of York
...    20,000    „
...    16,400    „
...    16,400    „
...    16,400    „
The Canadian Pacific Railway serves all the important
industrial, commercial and agricultural sections of
Canada, as well as many parts of the United States.
It reaches large cities, famous historic spots, wonderful vacation and sporting resorts, and some of the
most magnificent scenery in the world.   (See overleaf.)
When you travel in Canada, always stay at a Canadian
Pacific Hotel.     (See over page.)
Owned and managed by the same company which
operates the Canadian Pacific Railway and Canadian
Pacific Steamships, these hotels provide a chain of
comfort of the highest possible standard.
Regular sailings from Vancouver and Victoria by
large and famous " Empress " steamers, to Honolulu,
Japan, China and the Philippines. Also Canadian-
Australasian Line fast modern liners to Honolulu,
Fiji, New Zealand and Australia.
Comprehensive programme of cruises from British,
American and Canadian ports—Round-the-World,
South Africa-South America, West Indies, Mediterranean, Norway, Baltic, etc.
Tours to  Canada
To those who like an " all in " organized plan of
travel, we have two suggestions :—
ACROSS CANADA TOUR, an annual seven-weeks
Tour that visits the principal cities and beauty spots
of the Dominion, from the Atlantic Ocean to the
Pacific. Includes Quebec, Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa,
Niagara, the Prairies, the Rocky Mountains, Vancouver, Victoria, etc. Leaves in 1935 on August 2.
Inclusive price—personally accompanied throughout.
SHORT TOURS to Eastern Canada and United
States, from 19 days to 30. In 1935 there are 17,
sailing between April 18 and September 20. Large
choice of itineraries, including Quebec,- Montreal,
Ottawa, Toronto, Niagara, French River, Great Lakes,
Detroit, Chicago, Washington, New York, etc.
Inclusive fares.
INDEPENDENT TOURS. For those who like to
travel independently, our travel service is complete.
Canadian Pacific steamships, trains and hotels are
under our own management throughout, so that we can
offer you the same service and the same standards of
excellence from start to finish. We shall be pleased
to prepare specimen itineraries for any journey.
European Head Office:   62/65 Charing Cross (Trafalgar Square), London, S.W.I
Great Britain.
Bristol ..
Belfast ..
Vienna . .
Czecho-Slovakia   Prague
Tallinn (Reval
Havre   ..
4, Victoria Square
18, St. Augustine's Parade
88, Commercial Street
25, Both well Street, C.2
Royal Liver Building, Pier
62-65,     Charing     Cross,
103,     Leadenhali    Street,
31, Mosley Street
34, Mosley Street
Canute Road
24, Donegall Place
44, Dawson Street, C.2
Opernring 6
25, Quai Jordaens
98,    Boulevard    Adolph
Poric    22,     Legio    Bank
Langermarkt 41
Raadhusplads 47
18, S. Karja
Finska Angfartygs  Aktie-
24, Boulevard des
48, Rue Alfred Rossel
2, Rue Pleuvry
H. G. Dring
European Passenger Manager, London
.    Berlin
.    Budapest
Genoa ..
Zagreb . .
Latvia . .
Sfain    ..
.    Barcelona
Madrid . .
Switzerland   .
Basle    . .
Berne   ..
Geneva. .
Zurich ..
Unter den  Linden  17-18
Alsterdamm 9
Coolsingel 91
Baross-Ter. 12, VII
130-131, Via del Tritone
1, Piazza Rucellai
Via Cairoli 16
62, Via Agostino Depretis
59, Gajeva Ulice
Miklosiceva Ulica  13
Smilsu   iela   28-30,   P.O
Box 478
Laisves Aleja 26
Skippergaten 30
Guldskogaarden 2
Ovre Hoi mega te 22
ul Marszalkowska 117
Galea Grivitei 181
8-10 Paseo de Gracia
Calle del Alcala 27
16, Gustav Adolfs Torg
Nils Ericsonsgatan 19
Norra Vallgatan 94
3,     Place    de     la     Gare
Bubenbergplatz 9
Rue du Mont Blanc 13
Haldenstrasse 4
Bahnhofplatz 7
Sir Geo. McLaren Brown
European General Manager, London
PRINTED IN GREAT BRITAIN—1935 £*-£&*.    ^
PRINCIPAL        ROUTES     —     CANA
and     Associated      Compan
was incorporated in 1881 to construct a railway
line across Canada and to connect the eastern
portion of the Dominion with the then newly developing West and the Pacific Coast. The main line was
completed in 1885, and shortly afterwards through
traffic was commenced.
Since that date the Canadian Pacific has been one of
the principal agencies in the expansion of Canada,
and has become not only a national, but an international institution. As the country developed,
additional railway lines were, of course, constructed,
until now the total mileage owned or operated
(including lines in the United States) is 21,195 : but in
addition to this, the company has entered into other
enterprises and is thus able to provide the World's
Greatest Travel System, making contact with every
phase of travel requirement.
Its Atlantic steamships—a magnificent fleet—link
the Old World with the New. Its Pacific steamships
carry the process further by providing a direct Westward route, with through connections from Britain,
to the Orient and to the South Seas.
Its sleeping and dining car services, restaurants,
hotels, and chalet-bungalow camps, house and cater
for the traveller. Its express and telegraph services
administer to his financial and other demands.
Its Cruises offer delightful ocean holidays, long and
short, to many lands.
Its rolling stock consists of 2,048 locomotives,
3,341 passenger cars, and 85,162 freight cars.
Its main line, from Montreal to Vancouver, is 2,886
miles long. On its system in Canada alone it has over
1,400 stations.
-   It operates three transcontinental trains a day to the
Pacific Coast, from Montreal, Toronto and St. Paul.
es     and     Connections
Quebec ... Chateau Frontenac
Montreal ... Place Viger Hotel
Toronto ... Royal York Hotel
Winnipeg ... Royal Alexandra Hotel
regina ... Hotel Saskatchewan
calgary ... Hotel Palliser
Vancouver ... Hotel Vancouver
victoria ... Empress Hotel
all year
Banff Springs Hotel Summer
Chateau Lake Louise only
^Emerald Lake Hotel „
kentville ...    Cornwallis Inn
digby ...    The Pines
Yarmouth ...    Lakeside Inn
All year
mcadam ...    McAdam Hotel All year
st. Andrews ...    Algonquin Hotel       Summer
Reached by Canadian Pacific.  (Open in summer only.)
French River, Ontario Moraine Lake, near Lake
Kenora, Ontario Louise
Toho Valley, near Field,      Radium Hot Springs, on
Lake Wapta, Hector, B.C.
Lake O'Hara, Hector, B.C.
Banff-Winder me re
Motor Road.
Mount Assiniboine Lodge, f \& s


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