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Array I»f
QcudKc According to an old adage, "it is better to travel
hopefully than to arrive''. That may have been true in
the days of panniers, pillions and post-chaises —
today, it is better to travel comfortably and to arrive
refreshed — the Canadian Pacific way.
This is the day of air-conditioned, picture-windowed
steel coaches, parlour cars, dining cars,
observation cars — of economical upper and lower
berths, roomettes, bedrooms — of compartments and
On this page travel comfort is shown in the
privacy of the roomette (above) and genial spaciousness
of coach travel, with foam-rubber-cushioned reclinable
seats that adjust to suit your mood. mm
Low in cost — high in comfort, the roomette, a
completely equipped miniature room for day and night
use, is illustrated at the top of this page. Ingeniously
contrived as a sitting room by day and an equally
private bedroom by night, your roomette has a
full-length bed; disappearing wash-basin; toilet;
wardrobe; luggage-space and plenty of lights
and electric outlets.
Most economical form of night travel is the standard
sleeping car berth — upper or lower. Partially
enclosed by day, a section of four seats forms two
full-length berths at night, each curtained securely,
equipped with clothes-hangers, stowage space, its own
air-conditioning controls, reading lights, spring mattress,
fresh linen and porter's call button.
&*> r
Canada, island-guarded by Newfoundland—
lapped by the western waters of the Atlantic, and
Vancouver Island—eastern-most of the fabulous
islands of the Pacific, is 3,000 miles and more of
beauty-filled countryside; bustling productive
cities; game-filled lakes and forests; grain-gilded
prairies; glacier-topped mountains; teeming
rivers; lakes and health.
Twin threads of steel link the seas, serve farms,
forests, factories, open remote beauty to the
visitor. The Canadian Pacific Railway—seven
decades ago the flux that fused scattered
provinces into a great nation—today is the
world's most complete travel organization.
Nova Scotia, most easterly of the mainland provinces,
counts an incredibly long coast-line due to its almost
island formation; the fragrant Annapolis Valley; the
world's highest tides; game fishing — inland and
deep sea; hunting; an historical background immortalized
by Longfellow's "Evangeline"; one of the world's
great harbours amongst its blessings. Canadian
Pacific hotels are; The Digby Pines, at Digby;
Lakeside Inn, Yarmouth — open in summer;
Cornwallis Inn, Kentville, year round headquarters for
business and pleasure. Good hotels characterize
the cities and holiday accommodation to suit all
tastes and purses is available.
The Dominion Atlantic Railway unites Halifax and
Yarmouth with Digby, port for C.P.S.S. Princess
Helene, passenger and automobile connection
with Saint John, N.B. te&#$tfl
Heavily woott^^ith tide-water beaches and famous
4nd hLrtJn#Auntry, New Brunswick
round. SanrMohn, winter  ~*
lake and rivgd
attracts visffl
uarters for Canadian Pa&ffic Atlantic steamships,
: ui^Mmc^^^/ersin| f^^^^feBderiGton,
■As**   ^. i    . • , - < »   ■ : • .    "      • ,
site of
the capfaly in ^dJtiioi to §<
smess centres
with good hotels are starting poihts for lovely vacation
areas^The Algonquin Hotel; Canadian Pacific summer
T M-\ : ' ■' B':"'   "'*
resort at St.-Andrews by-the-sea, just across the
border from Maine., is noted as eastern Canada's I
Outstanding holiday centre. For hunters, fishermen and
Up-country travellers, McAdam Hotel at McAdam
(Junction is convenient. Holiday accommodation
throughout New Brunswick is reasonable and of hfgh
standard. Good connections are made with
Prince Jidwanl Island, famous for spacious sand beaches.
. ...
■ x. y.X
X ft' ,
................        ....     .-        ... :;, ■-,.. •     .;.;     ....    .
■: xSggsjM
ffl&m&M?* jis?*=a*r
: yy
Cosmopolitan Montreal, second largest French-speaking
city of the world; ancient Quebec, only walled city
on the North American continent; the pleasure-filled
Laurentian Mountains; the mighty St. Lawrence River;
forests; prosperous farms; manufacturing centres;
quaint villages; a culture four centuries old —
these are the Province of Quebec. French Canada's
appeal is universal — the year round. Lakes, rivers,
mountains — well-supplied with accommodation to fit
taste and budget, are popular for hunting, fishing, riding,
swimming or hiking holidays. Cities, towns and villages,
famous for ecclesiastical architecture, tempt shoppers
with attractive typical French-Canadian handicrafts.
The Chateau Frontenac, "trade-mark of Quebec", a
metropolitan Canadian Pacific hotel, is the focal point
for sightseeing, golf, fishing, the scenic Gaspe coast in
summer; headquarters for skiing at Lac Beauport
and Valcartier in winter.
:     ft;
-.'yy.,:%.jiy yy
■•    . -.ft--..!?.'..     .:*
'8=^ ■■"" '=te MONTREAL
'&& '''
Montreal, deep-sea port 1000 miles from the sea;
transport^j^^^^yfjcUiring, trading and retail centre,
is well-senled by metropolitan hotels, departmenirftiii*-
specialty stores. Though predom
in population, with rest au ran tinfeted To
.........    . -.-» - . '-....: ■   «   v   ft -. ..ft.-:*.. ■»»        yy-yy-.-.   .,   .
peaKHiQ       ;   •
Ji   l
touch, the city is thoroughly bilingual
in its glittering night-life*
Troi^.f^ivieres, Sherbr
ke, Rouyn,  No rand a, Vai d'Or,
londville, are imporl ml centres
bf tt
■     ■ •
ig,. lumbering, a
inum and
textile indus
jHtinting and fishing are
Within easy reach of M
of this vast holiday are?
v5 oeauty in every season  §
he Laurentian Mountain^'
it re a! the summer resorts
>ecome ski-centres when
powder-topped snow lies deep on the slopes.
Southward, towards the Green Mountains, the "Eastern
Townships'^feickon to summer and winter guests.
Westward from Quebec to Manitoba, northward to
Hudson Bay is the great central province of Ontario,
rich in minerals, timber, farmlands and manufacturing.
Ottawa, capital of Canada; Toronto, provincial
metropolis; Hamilton; North Bay; Sudbury; Port Arthur
and Fort William; Sault Ste. Marie; Kingston; Oshawa;
Niagara Falls — these and other busy cities supply
much of Canada, and export all over the world.
From Toronto, site of the Royal York Hotel —
largest in the Canadian Pacific chain, Casa Loma, the
Canadian National Exhibition, Royal Winter Fair,
Royal Ontario Museum and many fine golf courses, to
Niagara Falls orchard country lines the many beaches of
Lake Ontario culminating in the Niagara Peninsula.
West and south lie London, Lake Erie, the tobacco
belt and Windsor, manufacturing border city.
ft '..'■■.   ■    . ■ ..:.;.. : ■ ft   ■ ft 'ft  . ftft. .ft. ... ft   : . -     ft      '        ■
...ft,      . ...   ft'.  .    .     :,,     .;    .
Georgian Bay, the Kawartha Lakes; French River,
Temagami, Muskoka, Manitoulin Island, the North
Shore of Lake Superior, Nipigon, the Lake of the Woods
— these are double duty playgrounds. In summer the
mecca of holidaymakers who revel in the cool waters
of tree-fringed lakes, paddle sleek canoes in rivers
fast or placid — or just lounge in comfortable
summer hotels; resorts or camps, Ontario's holiday
country in proper season gives the top in sport to
hunters and fishermen.
Fast-running rivers, white water, the still, deep,
blackness of wilderness lakes, occasional sight of deer,
moose, black bear, beaver — these reward paddlers who
try the many charted canoe trips that pierce
Ontario's northfand.
RECOLLET FALLS, FRENCH RIVER Sea voykgein the heart of a continent? Sure!
Between Port McNicoll on Georgian Bay — a few hours
from Toronto, and Port Arthur and Fort William
twin ports at the north-western head of Lake Superior
— with a call at Sault Ste. Marie, Canadian Pacific
*&:■ ;•»
liners steam regularly with passengers, automobiles
and cargo all summer long. As a holiday cruise or an
.interlude in the train journey across Canada
',■:■';.'.■■•■' t^**""*.<>. : Mm 'MM
the nearly-two-day trip with two restful nights afloat
is popular with Canadians and visitors alike.
Island-studded Lake of the Woods, its focus Canadian
Pacific's "Devil's Gap Lodge" at Kenora, calls to  Ip
anglers and outdoor devotees, On the trahscontineHi;
line, it is a holiday goaf in itself or a restful,
wood ed sto po ve r f o r e x p 16 re rs of Canada.
:■■-■■ x'y
:■■........,■...  ■:...... .  . ......I..............'..............  .. . ;-.-:..-- / .......
■■■;  ■ FORT GARRY
Winnipeg, history-making gateway to the western
plains, capital of Manitoba, challenges the visitor.
Sited on two mighty rivers, this modern city is a great
manufacturing and railway centre with wide streets
that reflect the spaciousness of the wheat-filled
prairies. Northward within easy reach is Lake Winnipeg,
holiday haven for the granary province. Through
Manitoba reminders of the pioneer days still exist
in Hudson Bay Company trading stations and Mounted
Police posts. The capital, once known as Fort Garry,
preserves the past by maintaining the Fort as a
gardened museum ~— and for your comfort Canadian
Pacific operates the Royal Alexandra Hotel. Portage
la Prairie, Brandon, Riding Mountain National Park,
show other aspects of middle-western Manitoba.
H»: As old as Canada, as new as tomorrow, Canadian Pacific is more than Canada's
first transcontinental railway—Canadian Pacific is the world's most complete
travel organization. Railway, Steamships, Airlines, Hotels, Communications,
Express—these components equip Canadian Pacific to serve your travel needs*
17,000 miles of railway line, from sea to sea, between
great cities, to summer and winter resorts, remote
holiday spots, the mining country; lake, river and
coastal steamships, bus lines.
The white Empresses — in regular passenger service
between Canada and Europe. Quebec — Montreal —
Liverpool in summer, Saint John — Halifax — Liverpool
in winter. M. V. Aorangi — regular sailings between
Vancouver, Victoria, Honolulu, Suva, Auckland, Sydney.
Empress of Scotland, Christmas to Easter, West Indies
cruises from New York. Fast freight service, Canada —
London — Liverpool — Antwerp — Bremerhaven.
Canadian Pacific Hotels — Canada's largest hotel
chain — are at your service from sea to sea. Year-round
hotels, summer resorts in the Canadian Rockies and
by both oceans make your comfort their business.
Canadian Pacific can and
the efficient,
Fast transport of packages and valuable shipments,
money orders, travellers' cheques — these are major
services of the Canadian Pacific Express Company.
Telegraph and teletype, cables, rapid money transfers
are yours to command at Canadian Pacific telegraph
offices throughout Canada.
In Canada Canadian Pacific Airlines fly 10,000 route
miles in regular service. Trans-Pacific routes serve
Canada, Hawaii, Fiji and Australia — with
connections for New Zealand: Canada, Japan, Hong Kong,
China. Four-engined, fully pressurized Empresses of the
Air fly each route on schedule.
will arrange your holiday or business travel
easy way—all in one package. /:
- :■=;■:.
■    -
..'■.. ■ ■ ■
•   *^»^   ™
>#•      ,     ■Jtp'
■■ ■ ■      ■. ■   ■     .       .■.,.■■■
..    ■ . .   .   .
■'V::' ■'■':■   ■■■:: ■ ::■ '■" ■
'■y'y-.'yy.'■:■.:'■ '■'.•y-y.v.':':--, '■■ ■■>■.'■ ■'■'■!:- ;-.'■■• ■ >.•.■■'-■■:'  ■ :^ .-.'
Canada,js a land of surprises, not the least of them the
Prairies — long ftp ugh t of as flayjelds of waving
wheat relieved on'y by grain elevators. There are fieijte,
upon fields of wheat it ts true. But they%t%relieved
by tree#Bhaded|a:Mri buildings, coppices, windbreaks;
bustlingjgwns Bid cities.
In Saskatchewan, Prince Albert National Park
and the provincial parks —Nipawin, Moose Mountain,
Jypress Hills and Gree nwater Lake — preserve wild
ife for your enjoyment. Regina, field headquarters of the
icar let-coated "Mounties" and capita! of the
province, is a tree-sheitered city served by Hotel
Saskatchewan, a Canadian Pacific hostelry. Moose
&id Swift Current, on the trans-continental line, an
Saskatoon on the Winnipeg-Edmonton service of the
Canadian Pacific are major Saskatchewan cities.
.■■■'   ■ : ■
..   ■'     ''.'  ■ . ■..■.:■■,■.,
.   ■-■;.v«k@kHs
.^.^^mmr'^^'     v- Alberta, once known as the foothill province, where
the rising wheat plains slope into the fringe of the
Canadian Rockies and wheat-growing gives way to
cattle-ranching, is fast becoming the oil centre of Canada.
Calgary, frontier city famed from early days, now is
a manufacturing and residential centre on the Canadian
Pacific transcontinental line. Here the Hotel Palliser
represents the Canadian Pacific chain. Edmonton,
provincial capital, connects the Canadian Pacific
northern route from Winnipeg with Calgary, Medicine Hat,
Lethbridge, Macleod and other holiday fields.
Seven parks — Nemiskam, Wawaskesy, Wainright,
Wood Buffalo Park and Esk Lake under the province;
Banff and Jasper National Parks and the international
Glacier Peace Park — conserve wild life.
Ranch holidays, riding on foothill trails once trodden
only by Indian ponies, hunting for big game,
shooting for birds, climbing, fishing, await you in Alberta. IpHftftll
Nature surpassed herself in the Canadian Rockies.
Visible as distant snow-topped peaks from Calgary, the
eastern slopes rise sharply forty miles to the west and
gradually enclose the Canadian Pacific main line as
it traces the ever faster flowing Bow River upwards to
its source. For more than 400 miles the spectacular
railway line makes its way through gorges,
rock cuts, broad peaks, lush valleys, glaciers,
cataracts and hissing, spume-crested white water.
In the heart of this mountain grandeur Canadian
Pacific has developed a holiday area unsurpassed on
the North American continent
Shadowed by Mount Rundle, Cascade Mountain, Tunnel
Mountain, Sulphur Mountain, the Bow and Spray
Rivers unite two valleys. At their meeting point
Banff Springs Hotel, a Canadian Pacific castle,
overlooks the valleys, dominates Banff, Alberta.
Baronial in appearance, this luxury hotel is host, summer
after summer, to guests from ail over the world.
Well-marked trails, magnificent mountain highways,
18 holes of mile-high golf, tennis courts, outdoor and
indoor swimming pools lead to enjoyment. Climbing,
trail-riding, camera-hunting — for this is a National
Park where wild life is protected — motoring, and
sight-seeing from the Alpine lift on nearby Mount
Norquay fill days with healthful pleasure, nights with
sound sleep. Deer, elk, moose, beaver, bear are plentiful
— and unafraid in this boundless sanctuary. In
winter and spring deep snows, long slopes, open high
country, test skiers' skill.
Good year-round accommodation is available in the
Canadian Rockies. Forty miles westward, but a near neighbour in Banff
National Park, Lake Louise, Alberta, is the gateway to
another mountain world. Southward, a mile away
and 1000 feet higher is the mountain-ringed lake and
Chateau Lake Louise, Canadian Pacific owned. Luxurious
as Banff, in keeping with its setting, the Chateau
is headquarters for riding, boating and climbing. Swiss
guides who know every inch of the mountains are
available with climbing equipment for real climbs,
sure-footed mountain ponies know every inch of
wild-flower bordered trails. Victoria Glacier, Mount
Temple, the Beehive, overlooking the Chateau, the Plain
of Six Glaciers, Lakes in the Clouds, the Valley of
the Ten Peaks are nearby. Northward — a daytime
return trip from Chateau Lake Louise on the
Banff-Jasper Highway lies the magnificent Columbia
Icefield, 150 square miles of ice formed by the age-old
confluence of the Athabaska, Dome and Saskatchewan
The Great Divide, backbone of Canada, Lake Wapta —
birthplace of the Kicking Horse River — Yoho Valley,
these mark "the blue jeans country". r
Just inside the western boundary of British Columbia lie
the Kicking Horse Pass, the world-famous Spiral
Tunnels, breathtaking Yoho Valley. In this land 6f:,
glaciers, torrents, wooded slopes and sky-line beauty
Canadian Pacific placed! Lake O'iHai^ Lodge, Emerald
take Chalet, Yoho Valley Lodge, Twin Falls Gimp,
Lake Wapta Lodge — informal spots close to nature,
accessible from the transcontinental line.
Networks of roads from Hector and Field lead to
secret haunts of mountain sheep ~~-£ safe in fbho National
Park—rocky warrens of the hoary marmot, trails
to Takakkaw P^ffs, ape-old glaciers, sky-reaching peaks.
■1 WMix --     m    I '
.!  MM"1      M:
■"W'^-^ ';.■;... wi . ^ 'mrM
Mainland British Columbia, pierced by great rivers that
make their way down the western slopes of the coastal
range to the Pacific Ocean, counts mining, orchard and
truck-farming; lumbering, manufacturing and fishing
amongst its occupations. In addition to Mount Revelstoke,
Glacier and Kootenay National Parks there are 17
provincial parks — including Tweedsmuir, largest
wilderness park on the continent.
Vancouver, largest city and Canada's greatest Pacific
port, is the terminus of the Canadian Pacific Railway's
two routes through the Rocky, Selkirk, Cascade and
Coast Mountains. The southern scenic route, which
-'       ,._-.y .. ■ v'-.ft;
leaves the main line at Hope, B.C., and rejoins it
at Medicine Hat, Alta., serves Penticton, Nelson, and
Cranbrook by way of the spectacular Coquihalla and
Crow's Nest passes. Connecting Canadian Pacific
networks link Vernon, Kelowna and the Okanagan
Valley; the Arrow Lakes, Lake Windermere, beauty
spots of the Canadian Rockies between the two through
lines. From Vancouver Canadian Pacific Air Empresses
fly north and south Pacific routes.
Sleek, luxurious, speedy liners of the British Columbia
Coast Service of the Canadian Pacific link Vancouver
with Victoria, island capital of British Columbia,
Nanaimo, Seattle, west coast ports of Vancouver Island,
the Gulf Islands; Powell River, Comox; Prince Rupert,
Alaska. Holiday and business travellers to Canada's
Evergreen Playground, Vancouver Island, enjoy
the Empress Hotel, farthest west in the Canadian
Pacific chain, an ivy-clad, year-round, metropolitan hotel
in a 10-aere garden,
The Esquimalt and Nanaimo Railway and a network
of scenic roads lead to sandy beaches, hidden lakes,
Strathcona Provincial Park, the Forbidden Plateau.
Automobiles travel with their owners between the
mainland and Vancouver Island. Accommodation for
visitors to British Columbia is of the highest standards
at prices to fit all budgets.
-il-'-.!"' ^^VV?r:*^VV~.^~ft*^""^?;V:*^?y   -y.^x    '
Some of the world's most spectacular scenery, deep
fiords wloded to the water's edge, narrow passes where
tide-rips boil and grumble, Indian fishing villages, log
booms, totem poles, rocky islets, highlight the
"I nside Poute" between Vancouver and Alaska made
famous by steamships of the Canadian Pacific B.C.
Coast Service  Regular time table service is maintained
the year round with additional sailings and cruises during
the summer holiday season — between Vancouver,
Ocean Falls, Prince Rupert, Ketchikan, Petersburg, Jun|au
'•■'■■'■•'■'.'■MMM'" ■■''-'M-MMM'.mmM' -x::;x->x; ,.■:•:•>&%■.   '<■''•'•'■•        .%• '"■  ■
and Skagway. Goat Harbour, Gardner Canal, Grenville
Channel, Wrangell, Glacier Bay and the Behm Canal
highlight summer cruises. Connections at Skagway
with Whitehorse and Dawson City are frequent byihe
White Pass and Yukon Railway which follows the*
'Trail of '98" to Whitehorse and stern-wheel steamers
'XvXvXvXvX-re ■'•X98'
of the same company that make their way down North
on theWukon River to Dawson.
COMMUNICATIONS • EXPRESS Drawing-rooms, right and left above, and compartments
give family parties their own private quarters for
day and night travel. Compartments, completely
enclosed, have upper and lower berths, wash-basin,
toilet and wardrobe. Drawing-rooms, even more spacious,
have two beds and an upper berth, enclosed wash-room
and toilet, comfortable, modern arm-chairs. On many
cars bedrooms, compartments and drawing-rooms
may be reserved as suites.
Observation and club cars (left), daytime lounges for
sleeping car passengers are pleasant places for chats or
games, or a quiet read. Libraries and current newspapers
and magazines are available. You may order beverages,
sandwiches, etc. But for full meal service
there is the dining car (right), a bright,
wide-windowed restaurant serving a la carte and table
d'hote meals. Snowy napery, shining silverware, deft
service and menus that feature local delicacies,
of course. m
Let Canadian Pacific show you Canada—its
sea-girt coasts, lovely islands, great rivers, deep
forests, broad plains, inland lakes, its shining
mountains. From sea to sea Canadian Pacific
hotels and resorts make your pleasure their business.
For your reservations or help in planning your travel
there are Canadian Pacific offices the world over: or
I     IN      ) @curi$u;


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