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Lunch menu from Banff Springs Hotel for 20 Aug. 1951 Canadian Pacific Railway Company. Canadian Pacific Hotels. Banff Springs Hotel Aug 20, 1951

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Array /^5/
Mount Stephen Hall
personifies the grace
and space of
Banff Springs Hotel.
Tomato,        Prune,    Blended or        Apple Juice
Celery and Carrot Sticks Half Grapefruit, Honeyed
Beef Salad, Maxim Sliced Salami with Slaw
Potage Malakoff Consomme, Celery Flavor or in Jelly
Steamed Winnipeg Goldeye, Lemon Butter
Omelette a la Reine
Assorted Fruit Plate with Cream Cheese, Maltaise Dressing
Potted Turkey Legs with Fresh Mushrooms, Portugaise
Prime Roast Beef Hash with Poached Egg
Mixed Grill with Lamb Chop, Alexandra
Baked Sugar Cured Ham, Cider Sauce
Cold Roast Pork and Ox Tongue,   Potato   and   Vegetable Salad
Banff Springs Special:- 10 mins.
Steak Minute Saute, Mushroom Sauce    $3.50
Puree of Hubbard Squash Green Beans au Beurre
Potatoes: Steamed Mashed Minute
Pineapple Pie Grapenut Custard Fruit Sundae
Fresh Berries in Season
Compote of Stewed Fresh Fruit with Cake
Cheese:    Cream Cheese and Jelly,        Gouda, Camembert,
Oka, Danish Blue, Gorgonzola, Gruyere Imported
McLaren's Imperial, Canadian Cheddar,
Imported Roquefort, Wine Cured Cheese Hearts
Old Cherry Hill Cheddar Canadian Stilton
Tea Coffee Milk Buttermilk
French Bread $2.00 Additional charge of 10c. per portion added for service   in   Rooms,   excepting   items   listed
heading Tea, Coffee, Milk, Etc., for which no extra charge is made.
HORS D'OEUVRES:    Radishes 30 Queen or Stuffed Olives 50 Fruit Cocktail 70
Celery 40 Green Onions 30 Preserved Lobster Cocktail 1.25 Crabmeat Cocktail 1.25
Mixed Pickles 30 Sliced Smoked Salmon 80 French Hors d'Oeuvres 1.50 Antipasto 80
Stuffed Eggs, Moscovite 1.50 Pate de Foie-Gras, Domestic 2.00 Fresh Domestic Caviar 2.50
Stuffed Celery 80 Assorted Canapes 1.25 Anchovy Canape 1.00 Grapefruit Supreme 75
JUICES:      Tomato,     Grapefruit,     Vegetable,     Orange,      Apple,     Pineapple,     Grape 30
SOUP: Cream of Tomato, Croutons 40 Chicken Broth 40
Potage Malakoff    40 Consomme, Celery Flavor or in Jelly    40
FISH: Grilled Salmon Steak, Hoteliere 1.35 15 minutes
Filet of Pickerel, Saute, Meuniere 1.35 15 minutes
Broiled Cod Steak with Sliced Cucumber 1.10 15 minutes
Steamed Winnipeg Goldeye, Lemon Butter    1.35
EGGS: Omelette a la Reine    1.00
ENTREES: TO ORDER ' 20 minutes Red Brand Single Sirloin Steak 3.00
Lamb Chops (one) 1.00; (two) 2.00 Sweetbread Saute, Rossini 2.00
Half Grilled Chicken, Provencale 2.25 Grilled Mushrooms with Bacon 1.85
Potted Turkey Legs with Fresh Mushrooms, Portugaise    1.75
Prime Roast Beef Hash,   Poached Egg 1.60        Mixed Grill with Lamb Chop, Alexandra 2.25
Baked Sugar Cured Ham, Cider Sauce    1.50
COLD SELECTIONS: Ham and Turkey, Lettuce and Tomato Salad 2.00
Cold B.C. Salmon with Sliced Cucumber and Tomato, Potato Salad   1.35
Cold Roast Lamb, Potato Salad 2.00
Cold Roast Pork and Ox Tongue, Potato and Vegetable Salad    1.50
VEGETABLES: Green Beans 35    Green Peas 40    Creamed Corn 45    Stewed Tomatoes 45
Puree of Hubbard Squash    35
POTATOES:        Steamed 25 Mashed 30 Minute 35
SANDWICHES: Chicken 75 Lettuce and Tomato 45 Ham 65
Club 1.00 Cold Roast Beef 75 Ox Tongue 65
SALADS: Chicken 1.75 Lettuce and Tomato 60 Fruit 85
Assorted Fruit Plate with Cream Cheese, Maltaise Dressing    85
SWEETS: Compote of Stewed Fresh Fruit with Cake 60 Fruit Jelly 25
Pineapple Pie    25 Grapenut Custard    30
Parfait Cream de Menthe 60 Fruit Sundae 60
ICE CREAM: Vanilla, Maple Walnut, Strawberry, Tutti Frutti 40
FRUITS: Fresh Fruit in Season 50 Banana 25 Orange or Raw Apple 15
Compote of Fruit 55 Half Grapefruit  35 Fresh Berries 50 Melon 50
CHEESE:       Rocky Mountain 35 McLaren's Imperial 40 Gouda 50 Ermite 50
Canadian Loaf 35 Canadian 35 Blue Vein 50 Imported Roquefort 60
Wine Cured Cheese Hearts 50 Black Diamond 35 Trappist Oka 50
TEA, COFFEE, MILK, ETC.: Tea or Coffee 30 Sanka Coffee 35
Demi-Tasse 25 Postum 35 Malted Milk 35 Individual Milk 20   -
Buttermilk 20 Bread 25 Toast 25 Raisin Bread 30
Portions are prepared for one person only.
The use of intoxicating liquor in Dining Rooms and Public Rooms in this Hotel is an offence under Section 99 (a)
of the Government Liquor Control Act of Alberta. ^	
Monday, August   20th, 1951 CANADIAN   PACIFIC   HOTELS
The Digby Pinesf  Digby,   N.S.
Lakeside Innf  Yarmouth, N.S.
Cornwallis Inn Kentville, N.S.
The Algonquinf        .     .      St. Andrews by-the-Sea, N.B.
McAdam Hotel McAdam, N.B.
Chateau Frontenac Quebec, Que.
Royal York Hotel Toronto, Ont.
Devil's Gap Lodgef      ..... Kenora, Ont.
Royal Alexandra Hotel       .     .     . Winnipeg, Man.
Hotel Saskatchewan Regina, Sask.
Hotel Palliser Calgary, Alta.
Banff Springs Hotelf  Banff, Alta.
Chateau Lake Louisef  . .      .       Lake Louise, Alta.
Emerald Lake Chaletf .     .      .     .      .     .       Field, B.C.
Empress Hotel Victoria, B.C.
Hotel Vancouver Vancouver, B.C.
(Operated by the Vancouver Hotel Co. Limited on
behalf of the Canadian Pacific Railway Company and
the Canadian National Railways.)
f These hotels are open in the Summer only.


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