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Transfer Vancouver telegraph Canadian Pacific Railway Company. Travelling Auditor (Vancouver) 1910

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Array ////////// Vancouver* B* C* Oct* 9/10*
C* J* Black, laq*,
Auditer tf Agencies, G*643593*
Dear Sir?~
Transfer Vancouver Telegraph*
Ae instructed in yours ©f I?th Auguet I have made transfr
te A* J* Clark, aa per my  report #1161 and all papars enclosed*
Rexaitttance $200*00 made an  Sept* 2nd a/c Aug, w&s due
to an error in closing off cash book for that month* Cashier thought
that #688*55 closed tha balance, and I did not notice this error until
the following day* This cash was really remitted on Sept 1st in remit*
#404*09 Sept, receipts* ■
You will note that I have riven varioua S/debits, WtSal
#37*43, on Aug* B/s,This waa necessary to get out correct B/s« fer that
m^nth* Tha B/s* was out $24,69 with cash book, and it was necessary t@
check the entire months detail te straighten matters* #12*74 wae placed
in 0/S and since adjusted as shewn onlast sheet ef O/s list,
I would draw yeur attention to s/cr of #14*76 authorised
by me  on Sept* B/S. Would explain that thia ie perhaps not an amount
that I should (Iff s/cr for* It, however, involves ao many small items ,
that I concluded that it might fee mere satisfactory to Mr* Flanagan te
handle in that way* rather than deal with it ae an 0/b  for clearance*
Yeu will nete frem enclosed details that it covers undercheeks, and
failure te check, various offices with amounts paid connecting lines on
. \mJ
# 2  C*J*B,
business delivered te them* fhe sending offices sheuld have aeceunted
for the necessary tells, and no doubt Mr* Flanagan will find amounts
available te apply* It hewefer makes it difficult in connection with
adjusting arr®r  sheets* I foimd that the B*G*Tel* Coy's A/c had not 'hmm
been paid since April* I straightened these out and had them paid ihS©pt
This accounts far May, June? and July column *&* differences appearing
on above mentioned S/Cr statement. It also covers August dfca a/c pay-
tut te Telephone and G*N*W*Tel* Ce* Te change August check reports at
that late data would have caused a serious amount of work and correction
For future guidance I would like to know if this method ef handling
these differences Col* "D* is in order* Sheuld these amounts have been
shewn against the various offices on Sept* check reports, Qr  placed in
0/S and application made for clearance,?
Celumn "T)n  statement has apparently not been checked by
anyone* The debits (Pt $37*43 ) and Credits #14*76 show that 50 errers
have been made en that statement.
Inclosed list ef unpaid O/s items #770*87 covers everything up to end of July* alse all petty O/s in Aug* up te the time ef
age nte* leaving the service* Yeu v^rill note from remarks thereon, that
there is about f200,00 which is doubtful of being recovered* The small
EOBSK P*Ofs are in many cases a matter ef speculation* Ne doubt the
larger portion of them will be collected* but some will be found te have
been paid te Mess * boys, others will be refused a/c bad service and x
ether excuses*
0/S items te end ef July showed #2364*00*©ut of which has
has since been collected #1753*00. I have spent over twe weeks in # 3 C.J*B,
digging into and straightening out the eld A/c'e* Uany of these A/cfs
it is claimed had nm^r  been received and copies had to be made up* *
A number had been disputed and referred back to office for adjustment.
le actitn was taken to straighten* and ae on© knew anything about it*
Items charged to wrong A/c covered a number of balances carried* Some
ef the A/cs are so old that the parties do net remember anything about
them, and in many cases had to l^e shewn original messages before they
would settle* Setting these elaaned up necessitated several calls en
the majority of senders and a loss of time that was irritating*
There is about $75*00 P.Ofs on the enclosed list which
have net been acted an  yet, and it is hard te say the exact outcome.
The regupjlar a/cs and many of the P.Oft are mil in hand and being
followed up* It will, however, take a month er mor^ to sea the finish
ef them, and I have left a complete list with agent with instructions
te keep after them until all cleared up* He has only one collector, but
I insisted en further action being taken* His Stenegragher goes eut in
her spare time, and the night counter clerk comes on for several hears
each day looking after these old items* Agent should have a collector
te deal with the previous dayfs P*0*s and another man to fellow him
right up to get after the items that the first collector oouid not get*
The old stuff will take fully a aeftHk to adjust* there are 50 or mar®
items between I7th and 3lst ef Aug* which incoming agent is responcible
fer, I have not used my time up working on these,
Through an arrar$ on part ef Supt's Chief Clark, agent
Patersen was paid all wages due him* There is no e&tenee of recovering
anything from him that he is not personally responcible for* The attache,. o a
# 4 C. J* B*
mem© ef #11*22 covers all that 1 have placed in 0/S as a shortage
against him, and I have advised him ef the details* He promises te call
and look into them. Ha, however, stated that he would, ask Supt to clear
Item #2*80 a/c March cable differences* says this is clarks errors and
is not up t@ him tp pay*
On my arrival at this office on Sept 1st* I found the
business sixteen days behind in the booking* The agent had evidently
became completely discouraged, allowed things tf go behind, and put in
his resignation* Another experienced clerk left shortly afterwards which
made matters worse* Supt1 authorised more assistance and staff has been
increased by three clerks and a stenographer. They are, however, all
new at the business and the becking yesterday was 15 daya behind*
Agent thinks that he has sufficient to ke€*p up the work if it once get's
caught up* But I dent know when this will be*
August A/cfs \fere  mailed to customers on the 22nd fuJl ef
Sept* Agents reports were sent in en the 24th* It will ba the same delay,
, if net worse, fer Sept A/cs.
Collectors chasing up old P*G,s find a number of them
had been collected by mess, beys* but the beys in th© meantime have left
The question of mass, boys is becoming a serious one. In fact, when agon
does find that a boy has held out the money he cannot afford to discharg
him* They have frem 25 te 30 beys one day, and the next only 15 te 20
repert for duty* As & rule they are a pretty tough let.
Ivory hour of th© day brings some one in with a kick
abeut bad service er tracing sent telegrams* To put it BBti^p it is
fottenw Agent's time is taken up trying to offer an explanation* but the m
# 5 C.J*B,
same thing happens tomorrow and the next day* Some changes and improve)
ments hav© been mads* but there is room  for a lot mora. There was no
use my asking for anything te tse done. I had to get in and do it myself
Those who could be ef use in straightening out old a/c& had already too
much to &**   There is- a small room down stairs used for storing
current messages and stationery* Some person, evidently working at night
,had taken several days business and spread it all over the floor te
make a bed fer themselves. Stationary was mixed up and carelessly stored;
and the room was in a general dirty mess. A door has since been put on
and a man made responciblc for the care of the contents of the room*
Stationery has been neatly sorted out and the telegrams are gradually
being sorted into their date order, Two da;yB  of Aug, business cannot be
found at all, also several days of June business are missing* The record
r®um.  upstairs in  altogether too snail, and a large onboard has now been
built to help matters out* Supt* appears to realize that much has got
to be done to get this office into proper running ahap^* I understand
that he  haa asked for an increase in payroll to the extent of $475*00
per month* In tha meantime the additional staff authorised by him has
net yet bean approved by the management*
A change in cashier has alao been made which I think will-
help matters* The former cashier simply could not get out of the old
rut, and adjusting his cash book cost four days ef my  time ,* I noticed
that July balance- was "cooked" petty overcharge* bringing *ttt a balance-
due agent was covered up by striking off some bad P*G*s *
The cashier claims to have always had a good grip on his
daily balance, but 1 cannot understand how lie did it* I find that depesi
4ta taken fsr return answers were never -out through nash book* This is # 5 C*J.*B*
a point I had not not lead before* but have new instructed how to handle*
Asemt1* letter book is one complete blur caused W
eareiess press copying and I was unable to trace letters which %^ere
exposed to have bean written in connection with O/s amounts* August
reports were alsa badly copied and in most part cannot now be deciphered
I however'checked original reports before being sent in.
I ahall make it a point to drop into this Office at least
ence each week and aaa  that old O/s items are ItMe^ntMg. receiving the
necessary attention*
Kave btsn unable to follow out instructions contained in
yeur Cir* 193 in re* te P, 153 G,  Out of 101 ef these forms ©ant out
only 49 were returned to me* go many disputes and arr®r&  cropped ugp,
alse tke fact that many ef the A/e* had apparently never been handed te
Customer*,, So much of my time and attention was taken up in adjusting
these that I decided that it would be confusing to s€tnd out a second
form fer confirmation of an a/c O/s ov^r a month ago, I decided~that it
would be best te alio?/ it to stand until the office gets into some kind
ef shape, and then give that form a fair trial*
Accounts in the past kttfS been &ent around by collector
and mess* boys* but this tool: up too much time* I suggested that all
a/cs be mailed for Aug* It proym  far more satisfactory and they will be
mailed in future*
It is to be hoped that eomthlng will ba done with an
effice that takes up thirty days of my  time, whereas a week should have
been sufficient under ordinary circumstance*,
      ■■■■•■•-.■- .       ' • " •.   m  Yours trulv. CANA   -AN   PACIFIC   RAILWAY  C   MPANY.
C.    J.    BLACK,
WWW   Vanccwer. B. C.  July 15/10,
C.  J,  Black, Esq.,
Auditor of Agencies,
Dear Sir:-
Vaneouv*r Telegraph Offict«
Herewith my report #1151 covering check of above*
At time of cut-off. cash, book showed a balance due Co.
of #IHX 1511,71 against cash on hand $1511,45* When using cash book the
following day I discovered that cashier had since collected and entered
'P as 30th June a number of items amounting to II5G.20. Srrer* found and
debits given by me in June A/c mad* a further balance due Company of #$fix
#10,43 this amount together with the 26 cents, short at time of cut-off,
has been mad* good by Cashier,
You will note from memo ef debits given in June, that it
wa* n*cessary to give a S/for for #3.21 to adjust cash book balance with
balance shewn en 7,2),15, I find A/e1* in such shape that it would take
considerable time to adjust the petty 9rrQr&  mad* and enable cash balance
to correspond with the xmrtwm 2.2), 15 and cash look* I checked ever form
1*26 (Cel.D.) with the various debits and dieburaements and find no less
than forty differences b*tw*en col win »D«» and. debits to apply, Th* net
difference between the overcharge* and th* undercharges in this report
is only a matter ef 77 cents. Column ■©• reads #194,21 while agent's
debits and payouts amount to |I94,98, It would take too much time up to
adjust all these petty differences. CANA   .AN   PACIFIC   RAILWAY  COMPANY.
C.    J.    BLACK,
# 2 C.J.B.
The petty 0/* a/c ha* been handled in such a manner that
it would take two or three days checking to balance it properly, and I
decided that it would be a waste of time to go into this detail. Their
balance was at first out some $30,00 but I found a number of errors which
reduced difference to present debit of #3,21,
Hy report #1115 Hov. 26/09, shows that considerable time
was spent at toy last visit in posting Agent and Cashier on various points
These instruction* have only been carried out in part. Cashier does not
appear te have fully understood the importance of properly taking care
of any small difference* between collections mad* and amount actually
required* and does not realise the action this has in balancing cash book
with T.I). 15. He haa aimed to account for, as instructed on last visit,
any petty overcharges from the various branch offices , and for some of
the larger overcharges to public. But odd cents have been allowed to stan
and have net b*en thrown int© miscelaneoua column for S/Dr er other uae.
The net amount ©f such overeoilactions placed in misc. column for month
©f June amounted to #6.63, all of which he clears by credit entry as
refunded. I find that he does not refund these aneunt* but retains and
uses to wipe ©ff any bad petty O/s that they may have. My list of debit*
given in Jun* cover* #2.11 ef this amount, whivh were overcollections
from the public that should have been refunded. Balance of #4.12. cover*
various ©veroollections at the branch office* and which has been used to
clear bad 0/8 . I am satisfied that these petty amounts are not retained
for personal pain, but ar* used as explained. You will note that Agent
was instructed that any bad 0/g should be referred to Supt' and adjusted
on its merit. Agent appears to think that several of these item* shewing CANA   ,AN   PACIFIC   RAILWAY  C   MPANY.
C.    J.    BLACK,
# 3 C.J.B.
up each month as •worthless* would reflect on his management, I have
explained to him that it is necessary that he show good reasons for his
failure to collect. If this is done Supt' cannot refuse to clear such
items, Th* method Of accepting #1000,00 of business each month over phone
and from other sources, from parties not having credit A/c's will naturally result in small losses, as long as the Company thinks it necessary
to accept business In that manner, to meet their Competitors, such items
should be cleared by Supt1, If the latter refuse to Ao  so Agent should
ask for a definite ruling as to whether such credit be discontinued.
Holding cash book ©pen after end ©f month and entering
items up as being received la previous aoath is a point that was fully
understood by Agent and Cashier to "be trregalar, Kemit #266.58 made on
4th a/c June should have been remitted on 2nd, Have again impressed on
them that cash book closes on night of last day in month, and all cash
should be remitted the following day.
Their failure to balance each month is due to Cashier jus
not properly disposing ef small differences in collections, handling of
the petty O/s a/s, arid the proper system of check on column "D". I have
gene fully into these points and changed their system ©f handling petty
0/S. The other tw© points is a matter of Cashier and ledger keeper not
doing tbair #ork properly.
The condition* at tMs office are, however, such that we
cannot expect th* work t© b* properly handled. Agent has been verbally
dealing with Sup*1 for months past, praying for staff and space, I have
had Agent make his complaint in writing so that some action can be taken. CANA   .AN   PACIFIC   RAILWAY  C   \4PANY.
C.    J.    BLACK,
#4 C.J.B.
Copy of his letter attached coverssome of the difficulties under which
this office is being handled, But there are many details which cannot be
fully explained by letter. Irem 1300 to 1800 messages are handled daily
through this office, and the details of following xsp  the numerous
cellections and adjustments are understood only by those actually doing
that work. All hands are working long hours t© keep things moving. The
loss of one good man will b* the last straw and things will go r^ry bad.
The enclosed plan of th* office giv*s som* idea of the cramped quarter*
work Is Am*  under electric light and their is not even a chance for the
proper ventilation. There is no room for more assistant* and no use
talking about improvement tm  this office until this has been changed.
Agent is daily smoothing out complaints from public that is caused by a
r®rj poor service, and ie mvery minute is so $aken up with detail office
work, that he cannot stop and remedy the trouble. There are iaany improvements te b* made in handling this office, but under pree*nt conditions
there is no use talking t® the Agent about it, Supt' does not appear to
realise what the work is, and the matter should be promptly takem up in
some other direction. If it remains as at present, on* or two m*n will gx
quit, and there then will be a mess that will nerer  b« properly straightened out. Agent and Cashier are obliged to attend to many details while
more important work is falling down. The money transfer take up a lot of
time and all k/t between Canada & Washinton. Oregon, and Calif, are
transferred through Vancouver . There is a lot of detail to this branch
©f th* work and whl ch i* attended to by Cashier. Th* latter has far too
much to de, and he is being forced into loos* methods of handling cash
beok, The O/s A/c»s to end of May total $1616,82. fully #1000.00 of this
.       ;       	 C.   J.    BLACK,
# § C.J.B,
can be collected as fast as Collector can go after it. His time is taken
up looking after petty O/s amounts while regular credit A/ces are allowed
to stand, IT© street car tickets ar© allowed and all the ground is covered
by walking. I advised Agent that thie should be taken up with Supt' and
request made for authority to supply car tickets to Collector, The list
of 0/S show that there are some bad and doubtful A/c's, Yeu will not*
that several ar© in the handa of Supt** Agent advises that h* do*s not
know how these stand, and that he does not hear anything from them after
papers have been referred Supt. Have of course told him what is expected
But as have already explained, ther* is no use giving instructions that
you knew cannct be carried out under present arrangements.
The office requires a good man t© handle a lot of detail
now being done by Agent and Cashier, another collector, andther delivery
clerk, and above all. some office room t© put them in.
The City Ticket Agent and the Telegraph staff are doing
business under extreme irritation© and sx a change is badly needed,
long service in this Company of some of tha staff ie the
only thing that holds them. Better offers and conditions are put up to
them frequently by outside firms, and unless conditions ar© materially
altered dissatisfaction is bound to arise and these experienced men fore*
t© r«algn, I do not ka©w hew I can put this more strongly, but am satisfied that if you had first hand knowledge of conditions her© you would
not care to resume the responcibility of jariatxsx Accounts ef this office.
Yours truly,
■t,  A,


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