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Array e***JlMM. (Pacific
WORLD'S  GREATEST TRAVEL SYSTEM In the Pacific Basin area, you'll thrill to the romance of the Orient
Facing the Federal Building, the Towers of the East beckon to adventure A PAGEANT OF THE PACIFIC
The entire West joins in this cordial invitation to
visit San Francisco in 1939—to make the great Exposition there the highlight of your next vacation in
that vast playground of mountain and valley, studded with
gloriously varied National Parks, that is the million square
miles bordered by the blue Pacific.
See all that the West has to offer . . . There never was
a better time to make a start, or to continue your explorations, than this year when San Francisco plays host to all
the world.
In 1939, the West presents the San Francisco World's Fair,
pride of a beautiful, cosmopolitan city whose first World's
Fair, in 1915, still lingers as a precious memory in the
hearts of millions, and whose two incredible new bridges
alone are worth crossing the continent to see.
Here is a $50,000,000 Exposition conceived on a scale so
grand that those who planned it could find no existing site
worthy of it.
So they raised a magic island in the middle of San Francisco
Bay—the largest island ever built by man—with inspiring
views of the Bay Bridge, the Golden Gate Bridge and San
Francisco's skyline.
They named it "Treasure Island."
Upon this island they built a magic city in an entirely new
"Pacific" style of architecture . . . strange, high-walled
buildings surmounted by Oriental spires and massive elephants, spaced by stately courts and radiating from a
400-foot Tower of the Sun. They planted millions of
exotic flowers and shrubs and stately trees. They created
peaceful lagoons, laughing fountains and giant statues.
Then to Treasure Island they brought priceless things from
China and Japan, native villages from the South Sea Islands,
temples from the Indies, rare books and paintings, the
world's latest miracles of science, agriculture and industry.
And now they invite you to come and see this treasure-
store, and with it the ageless wonders of the West. and
the newer wonders that man has built: the bridges across
San Francisco Bay, the Big Trees, the National Parks, the
mountains, the forests and the endless miles of cool Pacific
Ocean beaches.
eft *
The railroads of the United States, Canada and Mexico
invite you to see the West and the San Francisco World's
Fair in 1939.
From the time your train pulls out for such a western
vacation, to the time it brings you home again, we promise
you an experience you'll remember all your life.
Air-conditioning assures you cleanliness and quiet en route
. . . pleasantly regulated temperatures, regardless of the
season. You'll eat delicious meals . . . sleep at night in
the comfort and security that only modern trains provide.
And when you come to add up the cost, you'll find your
train trip was amazingly economical, while giving you much
more for your money than any other mode of travel.
See the West, too
Your destination will be the Golden Gate International
Exposition on San Francisco Bay, but en route you'll see
the West, too. You can choose from scores of different
routings, including one or a dozen National Parks.
This is your opportunity to take the trip of a lifetime
through the storied West, with the San Francisco World's
Fair as a glorious climax!
An Inexpensive Trip
The cost of your trip can be just about what you want to
make it. You can "write your own ticket," or you can go
on an all-expense tour with nearly every cost and detail
taken care of in advance.
We urge you to start planning now. Any railroad agent
will be glad to show you all the various routings and types
of train accommodations you can choose from. And he'll
be happy to give you a detailed itinerary and an accurate
estimate of what your trip will cost.
Rail fares to the San Francisco World's Fair are very reason- \
able.   We invite you to compare them with the cost of
other forms of transportation, remembering always the advantages in speed, safety and comfort of rail travel.
See the dramatic wonders of the West
.. • plus the San Francisco World's Fair! WHAT YOU
The San Francisco World's Fair is, in the opinion of those
who have seen it, the most beautiful in history.
Its setting, on a great island in the middle" of San Francisco
Bay, grips the imagination. By day you will find an enchanted city whose walls and towers recall the temples of
the Mayas, Incas and Cambodians; by night a glowing
fairyland suspended between bay and sky.
Large, but Compact
Treasure Island is large—400 acres in extent—but it is
compact. In this Fair the buildings are grouped as close
together as possible. You can walk from one exhibit to
another with a minimum of effort, but if walking tires you,
there are rickshas, wheel chairs, and specially designed motor
The Island is very easy to reach. Located in the center of
the San Francisco Bay area, it is joined by a six lane causeway with the Bay Bridge and is only 15 minutes from
downtown San Francisco and 20 minutes from the center
of Oakland. You can visit the Fair via the Bay Bridge or
you can sail there as an adventurer should. There is frequent
ferry service from both San Francisco and Oakland.
Delightful Weather
Treasure Island enjoys a mild, equable climate. You'll
feel like seeing more and doing more,  regardless of the
season of your visit. Even in the warmest summer, it is a
rare day when the temperature rises to 80 degrees.
A $50,000,000 Show
The San Francisco World's Fair represents the expenditure
of more than $50,000,000 by the Exposition, the Federal
Government, the State of California and other states, foreign
countries, industrial exhibitors and concessionaires.
To tell you all you'll see at such a gigantic show is impossible. But in these pages we give you a brief pre-view,
a glimpse of what you'll find on the Treasure Island of 1939.
By bridge or by boat you approach an enchanted city seemingly afloat on the blue waters of the Bay, its high walls
sm ***** **»*
surmounted by sculptured elephants, and behind them the
400-foot Tower of the Sun, with a golden Phoenix flashing
at the top. The Phoenix, a mythical bird, symbolizes San
Francisco rising from the ashes of the great fire in 1906.
Even as you approach, the tower's carillon chimes a welcome.
You land on Treasure Island.   Adventure begins.
A $1,500,000 Flower Show
Flowers! All California was scoured for the 4,000 trees,
70,000 shrubs and millions of flowers on Treasure Island—
almost every variety of tree and shrub and flower known
to man. Massed effects of incredible beauty enchant your
eyes. There are 45,000 specimens, of 46 different varieties,
in the golden Court of Flowers alone; banks of red blooms
in the Court of Reflections; blue and white in the Court of
the Moon; yellow and white in the Court of the Seven
Seas and, on the western side of the Island, a "Persian
Rug" 25 acres in extent, made entirely of living flowers!
A Trip to the Orient
First, perhaps, you'll visit the Pacific Basin area, a chain
of quiet lagoons surrounded by temples, pagodas and native
buildings from Japan, Bali, Java, Johore, Indo-China, Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii and the other romantic countries around the Pacific Ocean. Here you'll wander through
foreign streets, sample exotic foods, study strange and lovely
handicrafts, listen to haunting music. You'll thrill to the
graceful rhythms of Oriental dances, go big game hunting,
sip tea in a Japanese Garden.
CENTRAL AMERICA More than thirty nations display their art and scenic and
cultural treasures in this magnificent setting. And, since
San Francisco is the key seaport of the Pacific, the countries
of the Pacific sent their most outstanding and costly exhibits
to her Fair.
Central feature of the Pacific Basin area is the great Pacific
House, picturesquely situated on an island in the lagoon.
Here are dramatized the common interests of the countries
surrounding the Pacific Ocean, their exciting history, their
culture, arts and crafts. Here are gigantic mural maps by
Covarrubias and other famous artists, and dioramas describing the thrilling voyages of Drake, Magellan, Viscaino
Cabrillo and other great explorers.
A Trip Through the West
In the Hall of the Western States, the Eleven Western States
and British Columbia have gathered the wonders of a
million square miles. In the building's court you'll stroll
on overhead walks across a gigantic million dollar relief
map of the West. Here you'll see, at close range, the
National Parks, mountain ranges, rivers and cities, and the
engineering miracles that are so swiftly transforming the
Many of the other states have exhibits, so you'll be able
to take a quick trip around America on Treasure Island.
The China Clipper
From Exposition Harbor at the south end of Treasure Island
the great Trans-Pacific flying clippers arrive and leave for
Hawaii, Wake, Midway, Guam and the Philippines. Their
terminal is a mammoth building on the Island. Here you'll
see all the activities of servicing these flying boats. You'll
share the excitement of their takeoffs and arrivals.
Meet Your Government
The stately Federal Building and exhibit area covers seven
acres. With its 48 slender columns representing the states,
it faces the Court of the Nations where ceremonies, concerts, pageants and army maneuvers are held.
In this building you'll see clearly how your national government operates—how money and stamps are printed, the
latest developments in national defense, Federal housing
projects, control of soil erosion, etc.
Here is the striking Indian exhibit, presenting six different
civilizations of the American Indian, with skilled artisans
weaving blankets and baskets, making pottery and engaging
in other native pursuits. The exhibit proves that the American Indians are not a vanishing race but are a vital,
worthwhile force in modern America.
• . . and California
Sixteen huge buildings are required for the $5,000,000
California exhibit, in which the Golden State plays host to
the world. Here are displayed the scenic highlights of the
State, its history, industry and agriculture.
In the Livestock Coliseum on the Island—an arena larger
than Madison Square Garden—California will sponsor the
(Continued on third page following)
Treasure Island
To visit the San Francisco World's Fair is to enjoy
a quick and stimulating trip around the world. For
on Treasure Island's 400 acres are concentrated
the art, culture, industry and scenic wonders of the
Orient, the South Sea Islands, North and South
America, Europe and Australia.
Following is a partial list of the foreign countries
exhibiting at the Golden Gate International Exposition:
t«* $400,000 IN PRIZES
greatest program of livestock shows ever held, with entries
from every state, most provinces of Canada and many foreign
countries.  A total of $400,000 in prizes will be awarded!
Things to Come
In the Hall of Science you will see not only what has been
done but what is just ahead: black light and fluorescent
light, cathode rays and electric robots. You'll see the "atom
smasher," an electric farm and the miracle of "water farming"—growing fruits and vegetables in water, without soil.
You'll listen to electronic music and perhaps sample "meals
in pills."
Thirty famous research laboratories and clinics have cooperated to tear the veil away from medicine and show
you clearly the story of disease, its prevention and cure.
In a spectacular exhibit, science is explained in animated
displays that any child can understand.
You'll enjoy a five minute trip from the bottom of the sea
to a mountain top, seeing all the fish and animals and
plants in lifelike illusion.
In the Hall of Electricity and Communication you'll see the
latest developments in television, telephony, telegraphy and
radio, with a complete broadcasting studio in operation.
You Enter a Mine
In the Hall of Mines, Metals and Machinery, you walk
into a valley between mountains 50 feet high and 400 feet
long—"Treasure Mountain." Here are tunnels, shafts,
mining railroads, elevators, mills, gold dredges and a mining
town, an actual replica of the "ghost towns" that still dot
the West.
If you wish, you can enter a mine shaft and see at close
range how mining operations are conducted.
In this same building you'll see how steel is made and a
large scale model of San Francisco as it will look in 1999.
You'll see in operation the marvelous precision machinery
responsible for America's industrial progress.
Food and Drink
In the two-acre Hall of Foods and Beverages, you'll see
strange and alluring delicacies from all over the world,
including hundreds of varieties of wines and breads and
imported   cheeses.    You'll   see   demonstrated   the   latest This magnificent panorama of the Bay Bridge and San Francisco's skyline greets you as you round
Yerba Buena Island toward Treasure Island and the Golden Gate International Exposition.
Here you look out over the Court of the Nations.    In the background is the giant bas-relief of the "Dance of Life."
Right:   These   sculptured  elephants  surmounting  the  Portals  of
the Pacific welcome you to the Exposition's inner courts. RICHMOND
.  . 7
■■:     "    7 7
; * ~   ". ** --''«!'...."   '
:■ : ••■ "*-7 ■ *•*••
-■•■' .   *
■V. •:■
■     ■.'■■'
7«pf,v-/ , ^      • 7t*
P    ,  '7    r ■ ■   n '/ >'       "HUPP•""'"- '•-•
'.--<■■       '■•;>'    '.    ■
/77 w,   v
;. ,7;'7
"**■     "":7- .    '■   .
,7 »• '*'     ' <**'*    "> * ^-v - 77
;    V   ' :7r%:;::7i:%l:7'f       ,:; ■ ■
yffl^ft,MARKET  STREET  /r«U>
tl'iKf :w»
. m~-i   '•/  ► v-i
»-,.' . • i- . •> /
,-*:■■:-■.^7    ; ;;7 ;77- '"
■7'   /
"^LINCOLN    -' r :^
LRK    C^scm^;^
■ I - ■"■vi *'v i
/'^7 * ■■"■SHC^ an,ed
ii3h,fry,:;d3oefl:a. lz ****—- °f san
he Court of ?««*««" " •"**
"hind ,his 80-foot *»°,u.e,:nfiLwes in the »ree*e.
Behind tch!me Cortain" tinkles
.,-.1 look through
the massive Arcn » processes in picking, pitting, peeling and canning fruit, a
modern salt refinery in operation, and the wonders of
Priceless Art
In the Palace of Fine and Liberal Arts you'll see the finest
collection in the history of expositions. This collection was
made possible by the fact that only San Francisco could
promise a fireproof building to house it. (The Palace is of
steel and concrete construction, one of the three permanent
buildings on Treasure Island.)
Here are $40,000,000 worth of modern paintings and old
masters, ancient and modern art of the Pacific countries,
rare books, tapestries, porcelains and prints.
Here you'll see the Japanese National Treasure, a priceless
collection never before permitted to leave Nippon.
Another outstanding art exhibit is the famous Thome collection of 32 miniature rooms, each only three feet high,
with every detail of furniture, textiles and decoration exquisitely fashioned in perfect scale.
All Outdoors
In the mammoth Vacationland Building, all outdoors is
brought under one roof. Here is the living story of modern
transportation and where it takes you. Green bowers, living
waterfalls and sweeping dioramas capture the beauty of
National Parks, mountains, forests and strange foreign
countries. Here you'll see dramatized the sensational progress
that has made the railroads the most efficient transportation
system in the world.
Your House and Garden
Probably no other region has given as many new ideas to
homes and gardens as has the West, so the West's World's
Fair devotes an entire building to this highly important
phase of living.
In the great Homes and Gardens Building you'll see the
latest innovations in building, furnishing and decorating.
You'll see what is perhaps the greatest flower show ever
held—a mammoth display of the floral treasures of California and the West.
Outside the building is a complete display of model homes,
demonstrating the latest trends in design and landscaping.
$40,000,000 ART SHOW
I**"- For the Ladies
Women will appreciate the Hospitality Center, sponsored
by the State of California and open to all women. Large and
beautifully furnished, it has a fine restaurant and comfortable lounging and rest rooms. It is an ideal place to rest
and meet friends.
Night Falls . . .
.... and the magic of light transforms Treasure Island to
an enchanted "Never-never Land."
.... great walls glow with moonlight blue and rose and
.... a fountain cascading from the feet of a mighty
statue becomes a river of red fire.
.... columns of luminous vapor rise to the stars.
Under the spell of the night, you decide that the ferries
on the Bay are fireflies, the lights of the Bay Bridge are
lanterns in a Japanese garden, and the whole bewitching
scene is a party staged for you alone.
Which, after all, it is.
Dominating the Court of Pacifica on Treasure Island, this mighty statue of "Pacifica"
is eighty feet high, second in size only to
the Statue of Liberty. 40 ACRES OF FUN
"Right this way, folks . . ."
What's a world's fair without the midway?
This one is big and busy. Adjoining the picturesque Pacific
Basin area, the GAYWAY'S forty acres are filled with the
Oriental color and glamor that make the San Francisco
World's Fair so different from any other. Here you'll find
every kind of fun and entertainment you ever heard of,
plus many new ones.
You'll ride on the Cyclone Coaster, as thrilling as its name,
and board the giant Aerial Crane to swing out high over
Treasure Island for a breath-taking view of the Exposition,
the Bay Bridge and the Golden Gate Bridge.
Food ? The Gay way will tempt your appetite with the food
of almost any nation you can name. For here are the
restaurants of France, Spain, Russia, Sweden, Italy, Germany, Mexico, China, Japan.
Music? There are great name bands playing "sweet" music
or  "swing"  music,  as you prefer.   There are  symphony
concerts and band concerts. There are tango bands, marimba
bands, Hawaiian orchestras. And there are dancers and
entertainers from the glamorous countries of the Pacific . . .
Balinese dancers from the East Indies, Hula girls from
Hawaii, Geishas from Japan.
Theaters?   Everything from Movies to Chinese Opera!
Four features of the Gayway are so outstanding that we
have reserved the following page to describe them in detail. CAVALCADE OF THE GOLDEN WEST
On an open air stage 300 feet long, screened between scenes
by a curtain of water, the San Francisco World's Fair presents The Cavalcade of the Golden West three times a day.
Eclipsing all previous pageants, this show parades before
your eyes the thrilling chapters in the building of the West
. . . the Spanish Conquest . . . the founding of the Missions . . . the coming of the Russians . . . and then the
Yankees, trading, discovering gold, building railroads . . .
the whole romantic story of California under twelve flags.
More than $2,000,000 was spent to bring the Streets of the
World to Treasure Island. Grouped around a central plaza
in the Gayway, near the Pacific Basin area, eight foreign
villages accurately re-create the architecture, customs,
theaters, shops and restaurants of Hawaii and the South Seas,
Russia, Latin America, France, Italy, Switzerland, Ireland,
and Asia Minor.
In the plaza, foreign orchestras, singers, acrobats and other
entertainers put on free shows at frequent intervals.
An authentic reproduction of an ancient Chinese walled
city, this $1,200,000 village is complete with temples,
pagodas, native markets and bazaars, theaters, restaurants,
tea gardens, many of them brought over from China.
You'll watch native craftsmen fashioning jade and cloisonne,
and coolies at work in rice paddies. You'll go for a sail
in a Chinese junk, ride in a ricksha, attend Chinese Opera,
sample Chinese food and shop in Oriental bazaars fragrant
with incense.
For the first time in the history of expositions, "The most
glamorous street in the world" is transplanted to the fairgrounds. In more than 100,000 square feet of space, Hollywood shows you the highlights of the moving picture
industry and gives you a glimpse of the smart night spots
where the stars gather. At one end of the boulevard is a
real sound stage where you can actually watch moving pictures being made and perhaps see your favorite Hollywood
General Information
LOCATION: On Treasure Island in the middle of San
Francisco Bay, 15 minutes from downtown San Francisco
and 20 minutes from Oakland. Joined to Yerba Buena
Island and the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge by a six
lane causeway.
HOW TO GET THERE: Frequent ferry service from
San Francisco and Oakland (a 10 minute trip—fare 10c),
or by automobile or motor coach across the Bay Bridge.
ADMISSION: Adult admission to Fairgrounds 50c. Children from 6 to 12 years inclusive 25 cents; under 6 years
no charge.
DATES: The San Francisco World's Fair opens at 10 A.M.
Saturday, February 18, 1939, and closes the night of December 2,  1939—288  days.
REST ROOMS: Rest rooms for men and women are
abundant and conveniently located on the Fairgrounds. In
the majority of cases, these facilities are free.
HOTELS: The hotels of the San Francisco Bay region have
advised that there will be no advance in rates during 1939.
Since there are more than 1,000 hotels in the region, ample
accommodations are assured.
TRANSPORTATION: Specially designed motor coaches
make regular tours of the Fairgrounds—fare 10 cents, or
you can ride in a ricksha or wheel chair. However, you
will find walking unusually pleasant because of the ideal
:limate and the compactness of Treasure Island.
SPECIAL EVENTS: More than 3,000 special events of
various kinds are scheduled for the 288 days of the San
Francisco World's Fair, an average of more than ten a
day . . . fireworks, sports events, air shows, band concerts,
yacht races and hundreds of others. MAKE SURE YOUR ITINERARY
Banff Springs Hotel adds style to
the zest of life on top of the world.
* Include the glory of the Canadian Rockies
. . . also 165 smooth, restful miles on
Canadian Pacific "Princess" liners in
your western itinerary, going or coming.
Majestic peaks. Lakes that glaciers make
pearly . . . mile-high golf. Ride on the
crest of the world. Tennis, fishing, hiking,
swimming in fresh and sulphur water
pools, motoring, dancing—clear, sharp
mountain air and sparkling sunshine.
Gay hotel life . . . intriguing trails . . .
scarlet-coated riders of the Royal
Canadian Mounted. New low cost
all-expense tours (2, 3, 4, 6 days). Get
the details from your travel agent or
nearest Canadian Pacific office.
. . . $1000 IN CASH PRIZES
Capture the Canadian Rockies in
color films...enter your best"shotsw
in a fascinating contest..Gleaming
glaciers, flaming flowers ...
reflected in lakes of sapphire,
emerald and ever-changing
hues. Write now for full
details and booklet... p. O.
Box 6000, Montreal, Canada.
" P. O. Box 456, Chicago, 111.
The new Columbia Icefield Highway opens
spectacular vistas that only the Alpine climbers have seen before , 1: 90 miles of glacial
wonders, peaks of 11,000 feet and more. Daily
round trips from Lake Louise, only $5.00, 777-
Golden Gate Bridge, world's longest single span
Cable cars climb San Francisco's hilly
The battleships weave their lights behind  the Bay Bridge
A Pleasant Ail-Year Climate
Your host city at the Fair is San Francisco, whose slogan
"America's Coolest Summer City" is no idle boast. While
your home town may be sweltering in summer heat, San
Francisco enjoys steady breezes from the Pacific Ocean.
You should bring a light wrap, as the evenings are always
cool. You will find San Francisco a pleasant place to visit
at any season of the year, with few extremes of heat or cold.
You'll spend many delightful days getting acquainted with
her quaint cable cars, Chinatown, Golden Gate Park,
Fishermen's Wharf, the Bay Bridge, the Golden Gate
Bridge, the world-famous shops and restaurants and the
busy Embarcadero, where ships come in from the Seven Seas.
You'll make memorable excursions to the enchanted Monterey Peninsula, only three hours south of San Francisco,
to visit Monterey, California's first capital, Del Monte and
Santa Cruz with its beaches and cool Redwood forests. And
you'll journey north to Muir Woods, Mt. Tamalpais, just
across San Francisco Bay, and the Redwood Empire. Southern California is famous for its palm-fringed beaches
The Year 'Round Vacationland
Close to San Francisco are all the other places in California
you'll want to see: Los Angeles, of course, with its glittering Hollywood, its miles of wonderful ocean beaches, its
orange groves and oil fields. Yosemite National Park. The
Big Trees of General Grant and Sequoia National Parks.
The twenty-one California Missions. The High Sierra and
the 'ghost towns" of the Mother Lode, where countless
millions in gold were mined. The Shasta-Cascade region.
The fertile valleys of the Sacramento and San Joaquin where
orchards and vineyards extend for miles.
You can easily get to most of these places by train, so you
won't find your automobile a necessity. But if you must have
your automobile, we urge you to investigate the low cost of
"checking" it on your railroad tickets. We predict you'll
be glad you did.
1939 is Fiesta Year in California and throughout the West.
Every celebration, fiesta, rodeo and pageant will be augmented to better entertain the West's millions of visitors.
On top of the world91
te National Park
Trees so big that roads are cut through them
■PES**-* eaMoJUoH Qacifat      &ihoAIoh (Pacific


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