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Open seasons for hunting : Canada, Maine, Newfoundland and Alaska, 1927 Canadian Pacific Railway Company 1927

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 Open jeajonj
Canada. Maine,
Newfoundland 6
MONTREAL The hunting laws herein set forth are compiled from latest
Government advices. As changes are frequently made,
however, they cannot be absolutely guaranteed, and intending sportsmen are recommended to consult the
sources of information mentioned to be on safe side.
CARIBOU—Closed season for three years from January 1st,
MOOSE AND ELK—Protected indefinitely.
OTHER GAME—Beaver—Protected.
WILD RABBIT OR HARE—Guns, September 20th to December 31st. Traps or Snares, September 20th to
February 28th.
OTTER, MARTEN, LYNX—October 1st to March 31st.
FOXES—October 15th to March 14th.
WILD GEESE—All year.
PTARMIGAN, WILLOW GROUSE (commonly called Partridge), CURLEW,  PLOVER, SNIPE, or other wild
or migratory birds.    Sept. 20th to Dec. 31st.
NOTE—hunting or shooting on Sundays illegal.
(For further information, apply to Game and Inland Fisheries Board
St. John's, Newfoundland).
M00SE (bull)—October 1st to Oct. 31st, except on Island
of Cape Breton, where they are protected.    Cow moose
protected, and it is not permitted to kill or hunt calf
moose under the age of two years.
Limit—One bull moose.
CARIBOU—Closed season.
DEER (except in Counties of Cape Breton, Inverness, and
Victoria), Oct. 1st to Oct. 31st.
NOTE—Hunting of deer prohibited in Counties of Cape Breton,
Inverness and Victoria.
Limit—One deer.
Sale of game meat prohibited.
OTHER   GAME—Beaver,   Fisher,   Marten—Protected   indefinitely.
Mink, Otter, Fox, Raccoon and Muskrat—Nov. 1st to
Jan. 31st.
HARE OR RABBIT—Nov. 1st to March 1st.
GAME BIRDS—Woodcock, Wilson or Jack Snipe, Oct. 1st
to Nov. 30th.
DUCKS AND RAILS—Except  Yarmouth  and  Shelburne
Counties, Sept. 15th to Dec. 31st.
Yarmouth and Shelburne Counties, Oct. 15th to Jan. 31st.
GEESE AND BRANT—Except Shelburne and Queens Counties, Sept. 15th to Dec. 31st.
Shelburne and Queens Counties, Nov. 1st to Feb. 14th.
(Special License.)
Plover, Yellow-Legs—Aug. 15th to Nov. 30th.
All other migratory game birds protected.
Partridge (ruffed grouse)—Closed season.
LICENSE—Non-resident license fee for  all  game,  $50.00.    For  small
game (excepting woodcock and snipe), $15.00.
(For further information apply to Minister of Lands and Forests,
Halifax, N.S.)
Summary of General Game Laws.
MOOSE (bulls only)—Nov. 21st to Nov. 26th in counties of
Washington, Hancock, Aroostook, Penobscot, Piscataquis, Somerset, Waldo and Lincoln.    Limit—one bull
DEER—Nov.  1st to Nov. 30th—Androscoggin, Kennebec,
Waldo, Lincoln, Knox, Sagadahoc, Cumberland and
Oct. 16th to Nov. 30th in counties of Aroostook, Penobscot, Piscataquis, Somerset, Franklin and Oxford.
Nov. 1st to Dec. 15th in counties of Washington and
Hancock.    Limit—one male or female deer.
Caribou, cow and calf moose protected at all times.
BEAR—No closed season in territory open to hunting.
RABBITS—October 1st to March 31st (except in counties
of Androscoggin, Sagadahoc and York where season
is Oct. 1st to Feb. 28th).
GAME BIRDS—Partridge and Woodcock, Oct. 1st to Nov.
30th, inclusive.
31st inclusive.
RAILS—(except Coots and Gallinules), Sept. 16th to Nov.
Daily limit on game birds.—No person can kill, have in possession
or transport in any one day more than 5 Partridges (season limit
on Partridge, 25); 4 Woodcock; 10 Ducks; 10 Snipe, and 5 Plover.
(Federal law limit, 8 Geese, 8 Brant, 25 Rails, Coots and Gallinules, Plover and Yellow-legs 15 in all).
NOTE—If guide is employed, the combined bag of sportsman and
guide must not exceed these limits.
Game birds cannot be sold or purchased at any time.
Motor boats cannot be used for hunting sea birds, ducks and waterfowl in any Inland Waters of Maine.
Dogs must not be used in hunting Deer.
All Sunday and Night hunting prohibited.
Unlawful to use silencers on firearms.
GUIDES—All non-residents, while hunting in unorganized territory
must be in charge of a registered guide—not more than five
hunters with one guide.
LICENSE—As license fees, hunting territories and conditions vary
according to districts hunted, and changes are continually being
made, hunters should apply to local sources for this information.
MOOSE—Oct. 1st to Nov. 30th.
Cow and Calf Moose must not be killed at any time.
Bulls under age of three years or bulls having than less
ten points, protected.
Bag Limit—1 Bull Moose and two Deer.
DEER—Sept. 15th to Nov. 30th.
BEAR—All year.
OTHER GAME—Beaver—protected.
Mink, Otter, Fisher—Nov. 1st to March 31st.
Muskrat—March 25th to May 1st and in certain counties to May 25th.
GAME BIRDS—Geese, Brant, Duck or Rails—Sept. 15th
to Dec. 31st.    Except the islands in the Grand Manan
Islands in the Grand Manan Group, Oct. 15th to Jan.
Woodcock and Snipe—Oct. 1st to November 30th.
Plover, Yellow-Legs—August 15th to November 30th.
Other migratory birds protected.
Partridges—Subject to order in council.
Non-resident hunters must be accompanied by licensed guides.
Sunday hunting and shooting prohibited.
Non-resident  hunters  are  allowed  under special  permit  from  the
Minister of Lands and  Mines to ship game they kill to their
One moose and two deer $50.00
Two deer    25 .00
(For further information,  apply to  Deputy  Minister,  Department
of Lands and Mines, Fredericton, N.B.)
MOOSE—North of St. Lawrence River, Sept. 10th to Dec.
South of St. Lawrence River, Sept. 20th to Dec. 31st.
DEER—Sept. 1st to Nov. 30th.
CARIBOU—Sept. 20th to Dec. 31st.
Limits—One Moose, two Deer and two Caribou.
The young of Deer, Moose or Caribou, under the age of
one year, must not be hunted or killed.
Cow Moose must not be killed at any time.
BEAR—August 20th to June 30th.
OTHER   GAME—Mink,   Marten,   Fisher,   or   Raccoon-
November 1st to March 31st.
Beaver and Otter—Dec. 15th to April 1st.
FOX—November 1st to February 28th.
HARE—October 15th to January 31st.
MUSKRAT—March 15th to May 1st.
North of 50th parallel, November 1st to May 31st.
GAME   BIRDS—Woodcock,   Curlew,   Snipe,   Plover   and
Yellow-legs—September 1st to December 15th.
Geese, Widgeon, Teal or Wild Duck of any kind (except
Eider  Duck,  Wood  Duck,  Wild  Swan,  Sea  Parrot,
Gannet,   Guillemot   and   Sea   Pigeon)—Sept.   1st   to
Dec. 15th.
BIRCH OR SPRUCE PARTRIDGE—Sept. 1st to Dec. 15th.
WHITE PARTRIDGE (ptarmigan)—November 1st to January 31st.
LICENSE—Non-resident's license fee for general hunting (entire province), $25.00.
Non-residents who are active members of duly incorporated Fish
and Game Clubs of the Province, $10.00.
NOTE—For the convenience of sportsmen the General Tourist
Department of the Canadian Pacific Railway at Montreal, is
authorized to issue resident and non-resident hunting licenses for
the Province of Quebec.
(For further information, apply to Superintendent, Fish and Game
Branch, Dept. Colonization, Mines and Fisheries, Quebec, Que.)
French and Mattawa Rivers, Nov. 1st to Nov. 30th
inclusive (except on St. Joseph Island where open
season is Nov. 15th to Nov. 30th). North and West
of French and Mattawa Rivers, Oct. 10th to Nov. 30th
Female Moose protected. Moose, Reindeer or Caribou
under age of one year, protected.
Limits—One Deer, one Bull Moose, or one Reindeer or
Special Camp license may be obtained by organized resident hunting
parties to kill one deer to be eaten in camp. One such license to
every six persons. Deer killed under authority of this permit
will not affect limit under Hunting license.
BEAR—All year.
BEAVER AND OTTER—(By resident Indians only)—South
of French and Mattawa Rivers, protected. North
of French and Mattawa Rivers, including Manitoulin
Island—Jan. 10th to Feb. 20th.    Subject to change.
MUSKRAT—March 1st to April 21st in that part of the
Province lying south of the French and Mattawa
Rivers, and April 1st to May 21st in that part of
Province lying north of the French and Mattawa
FISHER, MARTEN, MINK, Nov. 1st to March 31st.
RACCOON—Nov. 1st to Dec. 31st.
SQUIRRELS (Black and Grey), protected.
No person shall hunt, take, trap, shoot, kill or molest any
fur-bearing animal without a special trapping license
or permit.
[4] GAME BIRDS—Partridge—an open season may be authorized by an Order-in-Council where conditions will
Plover, Pheasant, Prairie Fowl, Quail and Wild Turkey,
WOODCOCK—Sept. 15th to Nov. 30th.
Plover, Snipe, and Yellow-legs—Sept. 1st to Dec. 15th.
Ducks, Geese, Brant and Rails—Sept. 1st to Dec. 15th.
Duck Limit—25 per day—200 per season.
Eider Duck, and all other migratory birds not specified
above, protected.
Sale of moose, deer, caribou, wild ducks, geese or other waterfowl,
snipe, quail, woodcock, ruffed grouse, or partridge, is prohibited.
LICENSE—Non-resident license fee (general shooting), $41.00.
Non-resident hunting license for Game Birds and Rabbits, $21.00.
Special Camp license (residents only, see above), $4.00.
(For further information, apply to Deputy Minister of Game and
Fisheries, Toronto, Ont.)
Nov. 30th.    One Male adult only. •
ANTELOPE, CABRI, ELK or WAPITI—Protected at all
South of Fifty-third Parallel of North Latitude.
OTTER and BEAVER—No open season.
to March 31st.
MUSKRAT—March 15th to April 30th.
North of Fifty-third Parallel of North Latitude.
OTTER—Nov. 1st to April 30th.
1st to March 31st.
FOX or LYNX—Nov. 1st to Feb. 28th.
MUSKRAT—March 15th to May 15th.
PTARMIGAN—Oct. 1st to Oct. 20th.
RUFFED GROUSE, commonly known as PARTRIDGE—Oct. 15th to Oct. 22nd.
WILSON AND JACKSNIPE—Sept. 15th to Nov. 30th.
WILD DUCKS and WILD GEESE—North of Fifty-third
Parallel—Sept. 1st to Nov. 30th.
South of Fifty-third Parallel—Sept. 15th to Nov. 30th.
LICENSE FEES—Non-residents Big Game $25 .00
Game Birds       $25 .00
Non-residents, actually domiciled
in British Territory Big Game $15 .00
Game Birds       $10.00
NOTE—Under Section 74 of Game Act of Manitoba authority is
given to vary the open dates or effect a close season and reduce
the game bird bag by Orders-in-Council.
DEER, CARIBOU, MOOSE—November 15th to December
14th—North of Township 34 only.
ELK—November 15th to November 30th.
Bag Limit—One Moose, one Elk, two Deer (bucks only),
or two Caribou, but not more than two animals in all.
OTHER GAME—Mink, Fisher, Marten, Lynx, Fox—Nov.
1st to March 31st.
OTTER—November 1st to April 30th.
MUSKRAT—South of Township  53,  March   1st to April
30th.    North of Township 52, March 1st to May 15th.
BE AVER—Protected.
GAME BIRDS—Ducks, Geese, Rails, Coots, Snipe, Plover
—September 15th to December 31st.
CHICKEN—Sharp Tailed Grouse, Pinnated Grouse,
Canadian Grouse (commonly known as Spruce Grouse),
Hungarian Partridge—Oct. 1st to Oct. 31st.
Sage Grouse, protected at all times.
LICENSE—Non-residents,  Big Game, $50.00; Game Birds, for season,
$25.00; if domiciled in Canada, $10.00.
(For further  information,  apply  to   Game   Commissioner,   Regina,
to October 31st.
Bag Limit—One male sheep and one goat.
DEER, MOOSE, CARIBOU—November 1st to December
Bag Limit—One Buck Deer, one  Bull  Moose and one
Female Moose, Deer and Mountain Sheep, and Moose,
Deer, Caribou, Mountain Goat and Mountain Sheep,
under age of one year—Protected.
A special license may be obtained to hunt deer, moose
and  caribou  in  the  Forest   Reserves  of  the  Rocky
Mountains during Sept. and Oct.
OTHER GAME—Mink, Fisher, Marten—November 1st to
March 31st.
FOX—Nov. 1st to March 1st.
OTTER—November 1st to April 30th.
BE AVER—Protected.
GAME BIRDS—Ducks, Geese, Brant and Rails—Sept. 15th
to Dec. 14th.
WOODCOCK, WILSON SNIPE—Sept. 15th to Dec. 14th.
HUNGARIAN PARTRIDGE—Sept.  15th to Dec.  15th—
Sunday hunting prohibited.
LICENSE—Non-resident,   General   Game   License,   $50.00;  Game  Bird
License, $5.00.
(For further information, apply to Game Commissioner, Edmonton,
The following are the districts into which the Province
of British Columbia is divided for the purpose of establishing
game regulations:
WESTERN DISTRICT—includes all that portion of the
Province lying west of summit of the Cascade Mountains and south of the Electoral District of Atlin.
EASTERN m DISTRICT—includes the remainder of the
MOOSE—'(Bulls  only)—in   Electoral   District   of  Omineca
north of main line of C. N. Rys., also Electoral Districts
of Atlin, Fort George and Cariboo—Sept. 1st to Dec.
Electoral District of Columbia (east of Columbia River)
—October 1st to October 31st.
CARIBOU—(Stags only)—except Electoral Districts of
Mackenzie and Skeena, also Electoral District of
Cariboo west of Fraser River and that portion of
Eastern District lying south of mainline of Canadian
Pacific Railway—Sept. 1st to Dec. 15th.
[6] WAPITI (Elk)—(Stags only)—Electoral Districts of Fernie,
Cranbrook and Columbia, except portion of Columbia
west of Columbia River—October 1st to October 15th.
MOUNTAIN SHEEP—(Rams only)—in Eastern District
north of main line of C. N. Rys. and those portions of
Electoral Districts of Cariboo and Lillooet south of 52nd
Parallel of Latitude and west of Fraser River—Sept. 1st
to Nov. 15th.
Rams only, Electoral Districts of Fernie, Cranbrook and
Columbia, Oct. 1st to Oct. 31st.
MOUNTAIN GOAT—Eastern District except small area
west of Arrow Lake and south of main line of Canadian
Pacific Railway—September 1st to December 15th.
DEER—(mule, whitetail and coast), (bucks only)'—except
whitetail deer in North and South Okanagan and
Similkameen Districts and in the Grand Forks-Greenwood district west of summit of Midway Mountains—
Sept. 1st to Dec. 15th.
BEAR—(except white bear)—Sept. 1st to June 30th, 1928.
Bear cannot be trapped in Eastern District.
15th to Dec. 15th.
Vancouver    Island)—Sept.
BEAR—(except white bear)—Sept. 15th to June 15th, 1928.
Bear cannot be trapped in Western District.
DEER—(mule, whitetail and coast), (Bucks only)—except
Queen Charlotte Islands and those portions of Vancouver Island known as North and South Saanich and
Highland Districts—Sept. 15th to Dec. 15th.
In portions of Vancouver Island known as Highland, and
North and South Saanich Districts—Sept. 15th to
Oct. 31st.
DEER—Eastern District—2.    Western District—3.
BEAR—2 grizzlies and 3 of any other species.
MOUNTAIN SHEEP—North of C. N. Rys.—2. Districts
of Fernie, Cranbrook, Columbia and portions of Cariboo and Lillooet and west of Fraser River—1.
CARIBOU—Eastern District, north of C.N. Rys.—2. South
of C. N. Rys.—1.
COOTS and WILSON SNIPE: Throughout the District—Sept. 15th to Dec. 31st. Bag limits: Ducks,
20 in one day, 150 for season; geese, 10 in the aggregate of all kinds in one day, 50 in the aggregate for
season; brant, 10 in one day, 50 for season; Wilson
snipe, 25 in one day, 150 for season; coots, 25 in one
day, 150 for season.
COOTS: Throughout the District—Oct. 15th to Jan.
31st, 1928.
GEESE AND BRANT—North of the 52nd Parallel of Latitude—Oct. 15th to Jan. 31st, 1928.
South of the 52nd Parallel of Latitude—Nov. 1st to Feb.
15th, 1928.
Bag limits—Ducks, daily bag limit, 20, total bag limit,
150; geese, 10 in the aggregate of all kinds in one day,
50 for the season in the aggregate; brant, 10 in one
day, 50 for season; Wilson snipe, 25 in one day, 150
for season; coots, 25 in one day, 150 for season.
The open seasons detailed on page 7   do not apply to
certain small areas in the Province.
NOTE—At the time of going to press certain changes were under
consideration by the Provincial Game Warden, B.C., and intending sportsmen are advised to consult latest regulations to be on
the safe side.
LICENSE—Non-resident, General (Big Game, Birds and Fish), $25.00,
with fee for game shot, namely, $25.00 for each grizzly bear,
moose, sheep, wapiti or caribou; $15.00 for each black or brown
bear, mountain goat or mule deer; $5.00 for each deer of any
other species.
Non-resident, Birds only—season $50.00; weekly (British subjects
only), $5.00; bear, good only between January 1st and July 1st,
For further information, apply to Provincial Game Warden, Victoria, B.C.
MOOSE—(Bulls only)—Sept. 1st to Dec. 31st—Limit 1.
CARIBOU—(In Fur District No. 2, north summit Alaska
Range,)—Aug. 1st to Dec. 31st. (In Fur District
No. 3)—Sept. 1st to March 31st. Elsewhere Sept. 1st
to Dec. 31st.
Limit—South of the summit of the Alaska Range and
Ahklun Mountains, 2: or north of said summit by
a resident, 5, by a non-resident, 3; in case part of the
limit is taken north of the summit and part south
thereof, a resident may take 5 and a non-resident 3 in
all, but in no event shall a person take more than 2
caribou south of the said summit.
DEER—(Males only having horns not less than 3 inches in
length)—-Sept. 1st to Nov. 30th in Southeastern
Alaska east of Longitude 141° only.    Limit 3.
MOUNTAIN SHEEP—(except females and lambs)—Aug.
20th to Dec. 31st.
Limit—South of the Arctic Circle, 2: or north of said
Circle, 3: in case part of the limit is taken north of
the Arctic Circle and part south thereof, a person may
take 3 in all, but in no event shall a person take more
than 2 mountain sheep south of the said Circle.
MOUNTAIN GOAT—Sept. 1st to Dec. 31st—Limit 3—
Kids protected.
BEAR—(large brown and grizzly)—Sept. 1st to June 20th—
Limit 3, in the aggregate of both kinds.
NOTE—Nothing in these regulations shall be construed to permit
the taking at any time of any game animal, game bird, or fur-
bearing animal in Mount McKinley ^National Park, Katmai
National Monument, or, except by the occupant thereof on any
island occupied under lease or permit for fur-farming, or except
under permit of the Secretary, on any bird or game reservation,
or on Kruzof and Partofshikof Islands, or any mountain sheep
or mountain goat in the eastern part of Kenai Peninsula east of
longitude 150° (the location of which is indicated by a north and
south line 5 miles east of the Stalter Place on Kenai River), any
mountain goat on Baranof and Chichagof Islands, any deer west
of longitude 141°.
GROUSE AND PTARMIGAN—Sept.  1st to Feb. 28th—
Limit, grouse, 15, ptarmigan, 25, but not more than
25 in aggregate. ,
DUCKS—(except eider  ducks)—Sept.   1st  to  Dec.   15th—
Limit,25 per day.
GEESE—Sept. 1st to Dec. 15th—Limit, 8 per day.
BRANT—Sept. 1st to Dec. 15th—Limit, 8 per day.
Not more than 25 in aggregate of all kinds of ducks,
geese and brant.
Not more than 75 in possession at any one time.
NOTE—Non-resident sportsmen, hunting in Alaska, except in Fur
District No. 2, must employ licensed guides.
LICENSEE—Non-resident $50.00, (see regulations for special conditions)*
(Further information from Executive Officer, Alaska Game Commission, Juneau, Alaska).
At the time of going to press the open seasons for 1927
had not been announced. The following were those in effect
for 1926.
MOUNTAIN GOAT—August 1st to March 1st.
Bag Limit—1  Moose, 2  Deer, 2 Caribou,  1  Mountain
Sheep, and  1   Mountain  Goat, on license permit of
1 Moose, 2 Deer, 2 Caribou, 1 Sheep, and 1 Goat may
also be killed upon payment of $25.00 for each such
extra head.
No female animal shall be killed at any time.
GAME BIRDS—Ducks, Wild Geese, Cranes—September 1st
to December 14th.
Grouse,   Ptarmigan,   Partridge,   Pheasants  and   Prairie
Chicken—Sept. 1st to March 15th.
LICENSE—Non-resident, $100.00.
(For further information,  apply to  Territorial  Secretary,  Dawson,
The control of all migratory birds in Canada is vested
in the Dominion Government. Provincial laws have accordingly been amended to correspond with the Dominion regulations, which latter, however, are subject to change.
A Sportsman's wearing apparel and ordinary baggage, also not more
than 40 cigars and not more than 100 cigarettes in open packages are
allowed free entry into Canada. In addition to this, he may bring in
guns, fishing rods, canoes, tents, camp equipment, cooking utensils,
kodaks, etc., required for his personal use, upon making deposit with
Customs of an amount equal to the duty and this amount will be refunded
to him provided that he reports the goods on his return, to the Canadian
Customs and has same exported in Bond within six months from time
of entry.
United S;tates Sportsmen desiring to export moose, deer, and caribou must present hunting license to Collector or other officer of Customs
and make application for export permit. License tag and permit must
be attached to shipment.
Collectors of Customs designated for the export of moose, caribou
and deer are located at Montreal, Quebec, Sherbrooke, Ottawa, Brockville, Kingston, Prescott, Toronto, Saint John, N.B., St. Stephen, Halifax,
Yarmouth, White Horse, Y.T., and all Canadian Customs ports on the
border of the United States.
< In order to avoid confusion and delay United States sportsmen are
advised to ship game to some point en route where a permit can be obtained. Game can then be shipped through to destination without being
held up at the border.
The exportation of big game from Canada is only permitted during
or within 15 days after the close of the "open season."
Big game being shipped by sportsmen to points in United States
is subject to the laws of the State of destination. In some cases a permit
to import is required. Sportsmen are advised to consult State regulations
on this point.
Ducks, geese and other game birds must be plucked before being
shipped to points in the United States. The export from Canada of
partridge, prairie fowl, quail, wild turkey and woodcock is prohibited.
United States duty on deer and game meat is 4 cents per lb. on the
net weight of meat, and on game birds 8 cents per lb.
IMPORTANT—Non-Resident Hunters—To ship a trophy out of
Canada, the Canadian Customs regulations must be complied with. A
"Declaration Form" in connection with Export of Moose, Caribou and
Deer (copy of which can be secured from any express agent) must be
duly executed. With this declaration the sportsman must personally
appear before a Canadian Collector or other officer of Customs and only
when approved by him and form is returned to the Express Company
will shipment be allowed to leave Canada.
Customs invoices and Export Entry Forms must also be tendered
with the shipment.
If there is no Customs Officer at point where shipment originates,
ship it consigned to yourself at Montreal, Quebec or other Port of Exit,
have the Declaration completed on your arrival, hand it over to the
Express Company and instruct them to re-ship to destination.
Atlanta Ga.—E. G. Chesbrough, Gen. Agt. Pass. Dept..59 N. Forsyth St.
Banff Alta.—J. A. McDonald, Dist. Pass. Agent C.P.R. Station
Boston Mass.—L. R. Hart, Gen. Agt. Pass. Dept 405 Boylston St.
Buffalo N.Y.—H. R. Mathewson, Gen. Agt. Pass. Dept 160 Pearl St.
Calgary Alta.—G. D. Brophy, District Pass. Agent C.P.R. Station
Chicago 111.—T. J. Wall, Gen. Agt. Rail. Traffic. . 71 East Jackson Blvd.
Cincinnati Ohio—M. E. Malone, Gen. Agt. Pass. Dept., 201 Dixie Term. Bldg.
Cleveland Ohio—G. H. Griffin, Gen. Agt. Pass. Dept.. . . 1010 Chester Avenue
Detroit Mich.—G. G. McKay, Gen. Agt. Pass. Dept. 1231 Washington Blvd.
Edmonton Alta.—C. S. Fyfe, City Passenger Agent C.P.R. Building
Fort William Ont.—A. J. Boreham, City Pass. Agt 404 Victoria Ave.
Halifax N.S.—A. C. McDonald, City Passenger Agent 117 Hollis St.
Hamilton Ont.—A. Craig, City Pass. Agent Cor. King & James St.
Havana Cuba—Santamaiia Y Ca., Passenger Agts San Ignacio 18
Honolulu T.H.—Theo. H. Davies & Co.
Juneau Alaska—W. L. Coates, Agent.
Kansas City Mo.—R. G. Norris, City Pass. Agt  .723 Walnut St.
Ketchikan. . . .Alaska—F. E. Ryus, Agent.
Kingston Ont.—F. Conway, City Passenger Agent 160 Wellington St.
Kingston. . . .Jamaica—George and Branday, Agents.
London Ont.—H. J. McCallum, City Pass. Agent 417 Richmond St.
Los Angeles Cal.—W. Mcllroy, Gen. Agt. Pass. Dept.. . .621 So. Grand Ave.
Milwaukee Wis.—F. T. Sansom, City Pass. Agent 68 Wisconsin St.
Minneapolis. . .Minn.—H. M. Tait, Gen. Agt. Pass. Dept 611 2nd Ave. South
jQue.—-R. G. Amiot, District Pass. Agt Windsor Station
• iQue— F. C. Lydon, City Pass. Agt 141 St. James St.
Moosejaw Sask.—T. J.  Colton, Ticket Agent. . . .Canadian Pacific Station
Nelson B.C.—J. S. Carter, District Pass. Agt Baker & Ward St.
New York N.Y.—F. R. Perry, Gen. Agt. Rail Traffic, Madison Ave. at 44th St.
North Bay Ont.—L. O. Tremblay, District Pass. Agt.. . .87 Main Street W.
Ottawa Ont.—J. A. McGill, Gen. Agt. Pass. Dept 83 Sparks St.
Philadelphia Pa.—J.  C.  Patteson, Asst.  Gen. Agt .Locust St. at  15th
Pittsburgh Pa.—C. L. Williams, Gen. Agt. Pass. Dept 338 Sixth Ave.
Portland Ore.—W. H. Deacon,  Gen. Agt.  Pass. Dept .55 Third St.
Prince Rupert. . B.C.—W. C. Orchard, General Agent.
Quebec Que.—C. A. Langevin, Gen. Agt. Pass. Dept Palais Station
Regina Sask.—J. W. Dawson, Dist. Pass. Agt. . .Canadian Pacific Station
Saint John N.B.—G.  B.  Burpee,  District  Pass. Agent ..40  King St.
St. Louis Mo.—Geo. P. Carbrey, Gen. Agt. Pass. Dept. . .412 Locust St.
St. Paul Minn.—W. H. Lennon, Gen. Agt. Soo Line. . .Robert & Fourth St.
San Francisco. . . Cal.—F. L. Nason, Gen. Agt. Pass. Dept 675 Market St.
Saskatoon Sask.—G.  B. Hill,  City Pass. Agent 115 Second Ave.
Sault S. Marie. .Ont.—J. O. Johnston, City Pass. Agent 529 Queen St.
Seattle Wash.—E. L. Sheehan, Gen. Agt. Pass. Dept.. . 1320-2 Fourth Ave.
Sherbrooke Que.—J. A. Metivier, City Pass. Agt 91 Wellington St. N.
Skagway Alaska—L. H. Johnston, Agent.
Spokane Wash.—E. L. Cardie, Traffic Mgr., Spokane International Ry.
Tacoma Wash—D. C. O'Keefe, City Pass. Agt 1113 Pacific Ave.
Toronto Ont.—Wm. Fulton, Dist. Pass. Agt Canadian Pacific Bldg.
Vancouver B.C.—F. H. Daly, District Pass. Agt 434 Hastings St. West
Victoria B.C.—L. D. Chetham, Dist. Pass. Agt 1102 Government St
Washington. . . .D.C.—C. E. Phelps, City Pass. Agt 905 Fifteenth St. N.W.
Winnipeg. ..... Man.—C. B. Andrews, Dist. Pass. Agent. ... Main and  Portage
The Canadian Pacific Railway gives access to
many attractive hunting districts where big game is
plentiful. Sportsmen desiring information concerning
game conditions, outfitters, guides or any other features surrounding a hunting trip are advised to write
General Tourist Agent,
Canadian Pacific Railway,
37 Windsor Station,
Frinted in Canada, 1927


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