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Van. wharf temp Canadian Pacific Railway Company. Travelling Auditor (Vancouver) 1977

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internal Correspondence
Dafe VANCOUVER, 23 June 1977 File: 651
From    M.W. Holland
To     f.w. Barham
Divisional Manager
Accident Claims and Safety
C.P, Transport
This will acknowledge your letter of May 30 file 7-1-0
concerning rough roadways and ramp approach at this location.
We have taken the matter up with C.P. Rail Superintendent,
Vancouver Division for necessary work to be done and hope to
be in a position to rectify the situation soon.
-      Manager, B.C.C.S.S.
^\cc. A.N. Cairns
CA. Aitken
S3 Form 102-R CPRall W^A
internal Correspondence \m^
Date  VANCOUVER, 24 June 1977 File: 651
From  m.W. Holland
7"° G.A. Swans on
Reference your file Cas 47*374 concerning maintenance of
properties occupied by B.C.C.S.S. at Vancouver.  The maintenance
committee comprising of your Mr. S. Annus and our Messrs. A.N. Cairns
and CA. Aitken met, at which time it was suggested a list be
prepared indicating various jobs to be undertaken.  Such a list
of 17 items was prepared and forwarded to you on 26 May 1977.
Can you now advise the status of these items, especially in view
of the many complaints being received by phone and especially
the one from C.P. Transport, copy attached.
Your early reply would be appreciated.
N_     A
\£c. A.N. Cairns
353 Form 102-R \
Internal Correspondence
Data     VANCOUVER,  7 June  1977. * File:     651
From.    m.H.  Holland
To     Mr. G.A. Swanson
Superintendent, Vancouver Division
Vancouver, B.C.
Reference your File Cas.47.374.44 of 25 May 1977.
In regard to Paragraph 3i7of your above-mentioned letter, we do not;
envision any conflict to our present operations with the closing
off of the wooden portion of the seawall roadway (western end) ,
*  as is now the case.
In view of your intent to permanently close off this access y it
is requested consideration may be given to allowing the wooden
deck area in question to be used for staff parking only, for not
more than eight or 10 passenger vehicles, sufficiently spaced so
as to avoid excess weight concentration.
Manager, B.C.C.S.S.
)Form 102-R CPRall
Internal Correspondence
DatQ  VANCOUVER, 30 June 1977. File:  113
From  M.W. Holland
j0  Mr. G.A. Swanson
Vancouver, B.C
Reference your File 233/78 of 17 June 1977, relative to projects included in 1978 appropriations.
May I draw to your attention correspondence on your File VIC 47.011-
233.78, concerning improvements to certain areas in Wellcox-Nanaimo
Terminal, also letters to you concerning activities and requests of
the Maintenance Committee.
In the case of the Nanaimo project, we have your reply to hand. As
far as the Vancouver file is concerned, we have not received a reply
to date regarding the status of the 17 listed items.
It is our contention that requests we have made are in connection with
general maintenance and not capital improvements, and should therefore
be included in the general maintenance budget.
As a result of forming a Maintenance Committee early this year, it
was agreed that where BCCSS are operating from CP Rail properties,
we should be consulted regarding expenditures, because of the cost-
sharing arrangement, and would appreciate your keeping me apprised of
the proceedings.
For the past 12 months there has been very limited maintenance carried
out, and feel it has affected our BCCSS as well as the Corporate image,
because of complaints from patrons. Ttfe would appreciate the opportunity to review with you these items, and any requests you may be
making on appropriations in which the BCCSS is expected to share.
As I will be on annual vacation until July 20th, you are requested
to contact Bob Reid in my absence, on these matters.
to contact Bob Reid xn
Manager,  B.C.C.S.S.
-^9£.     Mr.   R.]
^^S.Mr.   C._
R.   Reid
_.A.   Aitken
_5bForm 102-R Mr.  A.N.   Cairns CPRall
Internal Correspondence
Date    VANCOUVER, 26 May 1977, File:  651
From    C.A. Aitken
To    Memorandum
Mr. M*WC Holland
The following personnel attended a Maintenance Committee meeting
Tuesday, 24 May, at 1400 in Mr. A.N. Cairns1 office;
S. Annus CP Rail - Engineering
AoN* Cairns "     B.C.C.S.S.
CA. Aitken "   - B.C.C.S.S.
The purpose of the meeting was to obtain some indication of the
status of various outstanding works at Piers A-l, 2 and 3. After
consideration of some items, Mr. Annus requested a complete list
of these projects^ and he will indicate beside them their present
Insofar as the one light to be installed at the foot of the
passenger ramp is concerned* Mr. J. Starr advised the matter is
in hand, and this should be installed shortly.
The data listed on the attached sheet require a status report.
cc.     Mr.  A.N.   Cairns
AT 24 MAY 1977
I.  New lighting perimeter of property.
2.  New asphalt surface (ex Immigration Bldg*)
3.  Pedestrian walkway - 2 lines curbing.
4.  Repaving A-l lead tracks to slip.
5.  Repairing odd areas where roadway broken.
6v  Paving roadway under Burrard Overpass.
7.  Replacement wooden decking Burrard Seawall
roadway (west end).
8.  Replacement wooden planking A-3 ramp.
9.     Necessary repairs to A-3 horseshoe.
10.  Back bracing repaired A-3.
11. Attention required to A-3 passenger ramp
12.  Fabco office to be abutted to Wharf Ticket
Office - see file.
13.  Painting undergirding A-3 ramp.
14.  Inspection, replacement lifting cables, A-3.
15.  Drainage for puddling west side A-3 blacktop,
16.  Upgrading roadway to Cardero St.
17.  General painting of A-3 fixtures (towers,
ramps, etc.). internal Correspondence
Date    VANCOUVER, 12 April 1977
From    C.A. Aitken
To    Mr. M.W. Holland
Vancouver f B.C.
File:  651
Reference letter from Mr. P. Georges, 16 March last,
concerning signs and passenger walkway to slip.
As you know, a meeting was held recently with CP Rail
Engineering re lighting, which they had agreed to, obtaining
a price for same, also paving and curbing the ex-Immigration
Building area.
A memo was prepared a few weeks ago outlining the various
areas requiring attention, which includes sprucing up the
passenger and auto ramp.
Regarding the signs, or lack of same, would recommend the
following in line with attachments:
2.  The present conglomeration of signs be removed, with
CP-oriented signs only remaining.
16. Sign atop A-3 ramp be refurbished.
14. This suggestion to be carried out, as the office can be
seen from top end of Burrard Street ramp.
13. This is good suggestion, particularly refurbishing
of the sign.
cc.      Mr.   A.N.   Cairns
^3 Form 102-FT €PHail
internal Correspondence
Date    VANCOUVER, 12 April 1977. File:  651
From    M.W. Holland
To     Mr. G.A. Swanson
Supt., Vancouver Division
Vancouver, B.C
Further to meeting with members your Department, Messrs. Annus,
Zakaluk, Starr and Hayden, and A.N. Cairns and CA. Aitken, BCCSS,
regarding lighting and general passenger safety at Pier A-3 and
adjacent roadway.
Attached is copy of report submitted by our Investigation Dept.
concerning lighting conditions at A-3 passenger ramp.  I am sure
our mutual concern is for safe working areas, and your assistance
in rectifying the problem as soon as possible would be much
appreciated.  In addition, we have a note from our Night Traffic
Supervisors that some of the present cluster lights are burned
Manager, B.C.C.S.S.
cc.  Mr. CA. Aitken
- Mr. A.N. Cairns
)Form 102-R" Canadian Pacific
Canadien Pacifique
Sent T
fr     _   Constable G.T. Suderman
service        Investigation
DE:      Mr.  A._. Schmidt
Superintendent of Investigation
TV an-LQuye-i^JB^Q^- '. :	
01 April 197?
0biGt:     Insufficient Lighting
A3 Ticket Office Area.
►I request that the Manager of British Columbia Coast Steamship Service be    <
asked to supply better illumination at Pier A3, between the Ticket Office
and the passenger ramp. Flood lights above the ticket office and above the
ramp,, have been inoperative for months.       .       _ _  _ 	
A near accident between a hostling tractor and a Yellow Taxi at approximately
0300 Hours March 31, 1977, is one of many I*ve witnessed over the past few
months. The inevitable will happen, it*s just a matter of time. Therefore
I would suggest that the present floodlights be made operative, and/or a new
flood light be installed to better illuminate this dangerous area. The Auto
entrance at the East end of the Ticket Office should also have better lighting.
These improvements would better enable the truck drivers to see passengers or
autos, and enhance thegeneral security of the ramps and ticket office.
T.. Suderman
Use lower portion for reply.
Utiliser la section du bas pour reponare
Reply frpm
Reponse de CPRall
Internal Correspondence
Date    VANCOUVER, 4 March 1977. File:  513
From    m.W. Holland
To    Memorandum for File
Meeting was held in this office on 3 March at 1500 for the purpose
of reviewing the problems related to the maintenance of BCCS
facilities.  This was the initial meeting of the series that will
be held between Messrs. Cairns and Aitken of this office, and
persons to be appointed from the Vancouver Terminals Superintendents
It was agreed that there had been serious problems in the past
relating to the scheduling of heavy maintenance work, and in general
the lack of communications with BCCS.  It was agreed by all in
attendance that this problem could be eliminated, and in future an
on-going liaison would exist.
The meeting adjourned on the note that B.C. Coast Steamship Service
should list all problem areas and work required, no matter how
trivial, and that such list would be reviewed with the Engineering
Department and the necessary action would be taken.
It was agreed that BCCS people would review the list of maintenance
projects under consideration by the Engineering Department, and
would provide input as to the method and timing that would be
From comments that were made by Mr. Swanson, it is evident that a
review is being made of properties in use by the BCCS and I would
suggest that a renewed approach will be made with respect to the
BCCS paying a rent on the property and the buildings, and would
be responsible for taxes related thereto.  However, this was only
mentioned in passing, and I brought to Mr. Swanson's attention
that this very same route had been followed approximately a year
and a half ago and that it had been decided by Senior Management
in Montreal, that while an assessment for maintenance on the
property was justified, the aspect of rental and taxes should
remain untouched.
S3For_n1Q2-R 2 -
In summary, the meeting was successful in that the lines of communication between the B.C Coast and the Vancouver Terminal
Division have been opened.
Manager, B.C.C.S.S, ^L*_*~ %\%  2_.   '5km k/i dlLdMm^i--
»^>^ ytXAJ^-    y^sdU^t%*^ pfr0-4^-7    m^^^-^tl^Q.    m4^^^ Jd&m
txJ^tA^Z^^X<^^m^^^ ____l_!_!_™3_-: *  .	
Jfcr       ydJ^Jm^**^ v^M^Z^     --^*    -/■-      S\md&mcJbL.4<^ *
3 ^UCU^C   ^/      sjfr^4___ ^(_^*-«__,
*¥      «^<^_>4^<-e*<^   >**AmM<*      F\f   3      ,?*ZUjLd^ ...*m*m-m4r?.      ^Jp &*****%*«& ,^-i-^ ^9**$* mmAydezm
>    i___?
^L ^4^^^
m^mJmdL^ ,Od^S*~*&^^ ^^    S$^
sZ&kjt^^ \Xf s<l&~ ^<JU^J^^ ^a*****^*? n^£m*cdi^
MmmL*4m.m4mm7m TdUm^M^^*-^ mA><A.Yish.JLuu*  sw-4m777J7^m*~-tUL*3 ymXSZmLmYTTTTZTu^/L- .<#___^t<>_>LA*-c_.
YY   3 y st&*A*J° JjL*edduy^ %-ydtd-/tJSi**/ 7L
A7w**4U*s    <s77-'Tdim  su^&QuAjlJ- s
^Y7J*4ULVtY<~- /?a*mmAmA*my~* \^y7fmuAmt***z .._Cc_C   .
y^yiyytyiA^i^yt^ 7f^ 42^edi^^ mdd^^Y^V ad'Yc/tYd^u^^ ckdd^&m
-^'Ttaa^a-a? _
1 March   1977.
Mr.   Cairns:
Please arrange to attend following meetings:
0900 Thurs. 3 March - Conference Room, 7th Floor,
Granville Square with Engineering Staff.  Mr.
Aitken will also attend.
1500 Thurs., 3 March - In my office with Maintenance
Committee.  Mr. Aitken and I will also be in
Mgr., BCCSS AH   I n ■      /to
/_ *_S  / 77] /    //_/*
J ^kYYifTlli J j
j   .   v  .    7/7/ y   7   .
{.edLt(yj&i/i% Am7llu71
-v by >\/j:gmCj fkAyjp~A7y
Jfjj obeli (Jt£ Mutekmb
y Hi  \M-mi -/v^-vti
~ <7^Mmt
-* vtiiV^u   62.ACK Ci^icl
,/U.cnc/?  77d ll TAbb'
>5 A UTfJmX U'Alfcu
& j d
(Ajy Hfidj .yicitlis af /LewA j»td
- ,Jcmc4tt-^ - /uidftwk <£__£__ jj_r.
.   tltUc 7lrttylo0C7u t£~&LYie7£yt£>
! ^    . *• r 3 £<;£>?> T _M£# . '/!^^ ^^g**-^^ ^^ ^^y£^U^ sJU^cA^ .     ?  fsg$^L«A7>
/sj^m^lji^^^yt^^ C7L*YmjLmm4£mmS - /^L    _J-_       ^^-fe^O_
^tiLvJ^ n 3
-^ ^l^-^^^_^-<c^^^ ^^^^S
"-^_i--2-4-_fe:..--^^-. >4>U*^4A**>
7=) 3.
%       $ J Z__ s^y^^^ 7r. v_^>^Jif ^^^^^^^.^ ^ _«xfr ^JL*y?
.  -73,-
%M«*y+ f^M
F __
J        /^1_^ /LC   3   >c^.-.^.^_4^^ CPRall
Internal Correspondence
Date  VANCOUVER, 5 January 1977. File:  651
From  M.W. Holland
To  Mr. G.A. Swanson
Vancouver, B.C.
Referring to earlier conversations concerning maintenance and
improvements to the BCCSS compound, slip facilities, access and
adjacent properties, and the utilization thereof, it is suggested
that a meeting to discuss these factors would be most beneficial.
As you are aware, effective 1 January 1976, the BCCS Service became liable for 70% of the cost of all maintenance work completed
on property directly related to its waterborne operations.  This
per cent distribution was based on a ratio of rail cars versus
trailer units carried on BCCS facilities.  While this division was
and is accepted, you might note we are currently trying to work
out an equitable per car tariff on rail cars moved to and from the
Island, based on a 1.7 : 1.0 ratio of rail cars to trailers.
Monies are appropriated by the Pacific Region each year for work
to be done on the existing facilities without prior consultation
with BCCS personnel, except perhaps for a cursory glance in the
early stages of their preparation.  We now find that the expended
funds in 1976 exceed those presented in the original profit plan
submitted to Senior Management in Montreal.  While the discrepancy
is not beyond reasonable limits (December charges have not been
determined) , it does show that the BCCS could be faced with a
situation which would demand detailed explanation.
In an effort to avoid such circumstances and to allow the BCCS a
greater participation in the maintenance programme for the
Service's facilities, I recommend that a small working committee
comprised of members of your Department and the BCCS, be convened,
which would meet monthly to discuss the planned maintenance for
the month following, and other related problems.  I believe such
dialogue would eliminate the lack of understanding which currently
exists, would expedite completion of projects of an emergent nature,
and could lead to a new understanding in the cost-sharing concept.
jj) Form 102-R - 2 -
Mr. Aitken is our Terminal Superintendent, and in that position
is responsible for the operative and physical aspects of the
BCCS.  As you are aware, Mr. Cairns has considerable experience
in the engineering elements of our operation, particularly respecting the physical specifications; i.e., vessel/ramp configurations,
and he would provide the input in this respect.  It is these two
gentlemen I would nominate to represent the BCCS should you concur
in a joint committee concept.
I cannot stress the urgency which I feel for such co-operation.
In my brief tenure as Manager, I have experienced the frustration
of facing day-to-day problems which are basically beyond our
jurisdiction to correct, but are of vital importance to our smooth
and efficient operation.  We have been able to achieve a sincere
co-ordinated effort between the Pacific Region and the BCCS with
respect to the movement of rail cars to and from the Island, and
hopefully will have the system proposed by Marketing and Sales in
effect by mid month.  It is this level of co-operation that I believe we can achieve in the maintenance area.
After reviewing the foregoing and considering proposal's advantages/
disadvantages, I would appreciate the opportunity of meeting with
Manager, B.C.C.S.S.
cc.  Mr. J.D. Bromley, Vancouver,
Mr. P.I. Georges, Montreal.
Mr. A.N. Cairns
Mr. CA. Aitken
Mr. W.W. Hocking


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