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Loomis armoured car service - C.P.R. & B.C.C.S. offices Canadian Pacific Railway Company. Travelling Auditor (Vancouver) 1952

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Array me #167
Loomis Armoured Car Service - C.P.R. & B.C.C.S.  Offices
Vancouver, B.C., August 10th, 1951.
. Mm  A. -Ic Into ah,
Auditor of AgenElee,
Lent real i ^e.
Loomia Armouredi Car dervioe
deferring to my letter of July 16th in reply
to your& of July 9th, file G-127157.
_e service was commencou August 1st, the
Loomis car picking up remittances at Vancouver Wharf height
jouver ..harf Passenger twice daily except Saturday at
10.00 A.M. ana z*oQ  P.k., and on -Saturdays at 10.00® A.M.
Agent Vancouver wharf Passenger ,-dvises the
Jank of Montreal the amount of change required each day and
that change ia brought down to Agent by the Loomis Oar Company
in the afternoon on their trip to pick up the afternoon The amount required to cover the change is then
sent to the bank along with the remittance.
j. lullaby wrote both the freight and Pas sen*
Agents July «x';th giving the necessary irrtruotions ana copies o:
Aie letters, file 46083. have been Jfes    d to you.
fhe service ia wording smoothly and is very
Travelli"    ..itor. FORM   10l(^^)
0 FiLE  OR   CLAIM        T-6063
Y Vancouver, B. C.$
July 50bh, 1951.
S.  §.   Ijentaon,  Seq*,
Wharf Passen^ir Agent*
Vancouver, B.  C.
Dear Sir:
C^wianoing August let,  19S1, bank reialttanees
made by Wharf Passenger Agent and Wharf Freight Agent niH
be picked up for delivery to the Bank of Montreal, Main
Branch, Granville & Pender Sts., naralqg approximately
9i50 and afternoon approximately 2i30 D.L.S.T., by the
Looaii Aro>r#d Car Service ltd.    In tha case of Wnafef Ticket
Office, change will be obtained from the Bank by Loosiia
messenger on the afternoon pick up end delivered to Passenger
Agent aans afternoon*
This does not entail any change in the setting up
of remittances, but they will be placed in locked bag
provided by Looiiis Service Comply.    When read tunica ia
checked by Barik, your receipted duplicate remittance slip
will be handed to Cashier from Local treasurer1 a Department
and forwarded to you through the mail in the usual im^tmvm
In the case of obtaining cash for Payroll advance
cheques in favour of Mr.  Lemon*  these will be picked up
by Looiais on afternoon trip to Bank and funds already
arranged for by Mr.  Lewion with the teller of the Bank of
Montreal brought back in looked bag by Loonia Mrstenger
same afternoon*
Xours truly,
WM/S Local Treasurer.
cc.    W.S. Harrison, Aast*to Gen*  Supt., Vancouver
\SE* Villa* !&*av* Auditor, Vancouver
L.B* tJtewin* Vice-President, Montreal
Dm A* HeXntosh, Audltir of Agencies, Montreal,
C.G.  ; a* Asat.  Qas.  Passenger Agfe** Vancouver
E.Stafford, ^r.Looais'Armored Car Service* FORM   101 ClL
Vancouver, B.   C,
f July SOth, 1951.
D„   J.  Thoisaa,  Saq.,
Wharf ?rol£;ht Agent*
Vancouver* B*  C.
Dear Sirs
Comsienelng August 1st,  19S1, bank reialtt&ncea
made by Wharf Passenger Agent and Wharf Freight Agent
will be picked up for delivery to the Bank of Montreal* .
Main Branch, Granville & Ponder Sts., morning approximately 9:30 and afternoon approximately 2:50 D.L.S.T.
by the Looiais Armored Car Service Ltd.     in the case of
Wharf Ticket Office*  change will be obtained .from tha
Bank hj Locals messenger on the afternoon pick up and!
delivered to Passenger Agent same afternoon*
This does not entail any change in the sotting
up of remittances, but tiiey will be placed in locked
bag provided by Loomis Service Cowpany.    rJlxen ranlttanae
la choked by Bank, your receipted duplicate remittance
slip will be handed to Cashier frcm Local Treasurer1 a
Department and forwarded to you through tha mil In the
usual manner*
Xours truly*
R9   MAl_L-A©y
WmfS Local Treasurer*
cc:    W.M.  Harrison, Asat*to 0en*3upt*, Vancouver
i/^Um 1*1 lis, Trav* Auditor, Vancouver
L.B. ttewin, Vice-President, Montreal
D, A. Mcintosh, Auditor of Agencies, Montreal
0.0*  Jordan, Asat.  Gen*   Pass.Agent* 'Vancouver
If.  Staffed, Mgr.LooiiiIs  Armored  Qb,t Service, Vancouver* FORM  IOIGjhS
~ 6711,! -
FILE OR CLAIM ^ ' #-***P
Fancouver, B. C, July 26, 1951*
Uj.1    icii-ji_ 1 JucJ {j   iLAjAjD    1H1-3 If   1jl\J O.AM
«i_ LcUl'^Li.O    Cc __J    v»/4__t.    -/«jii«/ j» <*X~ s     i,. DX *
_.    86% C.G. Jorda- (   ssenger Department
<£~y—~t_ar. I. km  rills, auditor
ix. W.E. Goodman, Treasury Department
t§3% F. Fisk, Canadian Pacific Airlines
16% E. Stafford, Loo. ds .xnoured Car Service.
r  review of the service desired from Loomis Armoured Gar
Servii    s made, and it war:        that the service would
into effect August 1st.
777  Loomis Armoured Gar will bring change from the     to
the Wharf Ticket Office every moraina;, collect Wharf Ticket    ca,
Iftmrl Freight Office, and Canadian Pacific Airlines remittances and
transport them to the Bank of Lontreal.  The morning collection to
be     -X  approximately 9»30k and the afternoon collection at 14.30k.
•. Goodwin is to work out details with the Bank for supply!.:'? with the necessary change for the Wharf Ticket Office, after
he has been advised b -   Jorc- ather the change will be required
in the morning or In the afternoon.
xe  monthly cost of the contract' for all the three services
will - b  ant to ^112.50 - OlO.OO of which is to-be billed to the C.P.A.
and 16% Jordan will take up with the J.G.C.S. and establish an
amount 4°u &e  billed against that seri^ice each month for the transportation of Wharf Ticket Office    -tances, it Is expected that FORM   tOlQjN
mm       9        mm
this amount will be somewhere between $30.00 to $50.00 per month,
as the/ are being relieved of an expense of ,,30.00 per month for
taxi fare alone.  Under the new arrangement the Operating Department
will absorb the balance.
The maximum liability insurance of $50,000 will be carrl
for the Jharf Freight and Wharf Ticket Office remittances and
,,000." for the Canadian Pacific Airlines.
Is ar:    cent has been put into effect in order that
greater ade of the service of the Constable Who now goes
as escort and also to provide       Utional leaway in the
offices involved, inasmuch as it 'will no longer be necessary for a
member of the staff of either of the three offices to go to the Bank.
In order to derive the greatest benefit possible from this
an      b, it was suggested that a review be made of other trips
which require the services of an escort, and which could not very
all be brought under the Loomis Armoured Car scheme because the
additional cost involved did not justify their inclusion, it is
hoped that these trips can be consolidated or confined within a
spread of one and a half or two hours during the day, preferably
in the afternoon so that the services of the Constable now performing
the escort can be utilized in the handling of automobile traffic
on and off B.C.C.S. ships.  This feature has been discussed with FORM   101 O*
Mr. Johnston this afternoon and he will contact Mr* -Jordan to
see if the City Ticket and Depot Ticket Office trips can be combined
and performed in the afternoon, and If the remittances from t
Local Freight to the Bank can be consolidated or performed at tirses
which will work in to better advantage than at present.
It has also been arranged for the first two or three days
until the system is running smoothly, the head of the Departments
handing remittances to Armoured Car Service will be on hand when
the service is performed In company with a Uniformed Constable.
This Is deemed necessary until our various cashiers become acquainted
with trie Armoured Car Service employees and vice versa, so that
we will be sure that remittances are being placed in the proper
hands*  Loomis Armoured Car Service employees are provided with
proper identification and this will be demanded as long as it is
deemed necessary to do so.  Representatives of the Loomis Armoured
Car Service will also be on hand during this period.
8 foregoing arrangement has the concurrence of those who
attended the meeting and copies of Instructions which Mr. i^allaby
will issue to the various Agents will be provided for your files.
cc:  J,    \*  Johnston, Isq« Assistant to
_« b.  iairasey,   _sq. General Superintendent.' FORM   101 S_*
FILE OR  CLAIM      -     6711$     **
Vancouver,  B.   C,   July 24,  1951*
iallaby, Esq.
.ills, i_!sq.
J. James, Esq.
A »  j!
?isk, Esq.
J.  1
■<;art, Esq.
J. £
.- •:   ,  • ' .
Dear Sir:
Authority has been received to proceed with the
inauguration of Loornis Armored Car Service to handle re-
■ tances of the ¥harf Ticket Office, Wharf■Freight Office
and Canadian Pacific Airlines to the Banks.
In order to finalize the arrangements, a meeting
will be held in my office at 10:00k Daylight Saving Time,
ursday, July 26th.  It will be necessary to arrive at a
mutually convenient time -to have remittances picked up and
complete arrangements for return of duplicate receipts from
th.    i  111 you please have someone represent your
Department at' this meeting.
Tours truly,
Assistant to
General Superintendent, __
Vancouver, B.G., July 16th, 1951
Mr, D. A. Mcintosh,
Auditor of .Agencies,
Montreal, Qae.
Your letter July  9th, file 0-12716?.
Mr. Mallaby advises that arrangements have not yet
been completed with the Loomis Armored Gar Service, and until the
return of the Assistant to the Vice-President, Mr. W. K. Harrison,
from annual vacation, which will he about July 24th, the matter
will be left in abeyance.
There are details, such as the time remittanaea are
to be picked up, the obtaining of change from the bank for the
lharf Ticket Office each morning, etc., which have yet to be
discussed and agreed upon.
As soon aa a definite arrangement has h99n made
I will advise you.
Travelling Auditor* FORM 102 QjiN,
Montreal, July 9, 1951
Mr. H.A. Mills,
Travelling Auditor,
Vancouver, B.C.
The Vice-President of Finance, under date of July
4, 1951, with copy to Mr. Mallaby, wrote Mr. Manson, Vice-President,
Vancouver, authorizing arrangement be made with the Loomis
Armored Car Service to pick up remittances at Vancouver Wharf
Freight and Ticket Offices for conveyance to the Bank.
Will you please get in touch with Mr. Mallaby and
ascertain what instructions have been issued and if the arrangement
is working smoothly.
JR/Rfffi Auditor of Agencies Qrd


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