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Export shipments held at Coquitlam B.C. for orders Canadian Pacific Railway Company. Travelling Auditor (Vancouver) 1955

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C.    J.    BLACK,
H.   J.    DALTON,
C.    J.    BLMCK,
H.   J.    DALTON,
^ o
ii JL ,v;.
<&tceyd^^m4 dadoed CANADIAN    PACIFIC   RAILWAY   COMPANY.
C,    J.    BtACK,
H.   J.    DALTON,
April 6tha 1916.
G - 9 2 9 9 9 Z*
AaWeTennant,  Esq* ,
Travelling Auditor*
iTancouver,   BeC*
Dear Sir:-
Storing Carloads at Doquitlam 3fards«
lour letter 2*Hh  Feby*  The method in vogue
at Montreal is as  follows:     Trains are taken into Outremont Yard
and split up there*   Cars afterwards move to Montreal on slip waybills (19^*0 which provides for reference to Revenue Waybills.  These
slip bills are prepared from Revenue WaBs.   which are then sent ahead
by Messenger to Montreal.  Form *r$l is also made up at Giitremont and
handed to Conductor*
Conductor checks his train before starting and
must have a slip way-bill  for each car and see that all  cars in
train are listed on fcjl.  Conductors are penalized for moving any
cars not covered by either a revenue or slip way-bill.
Way-bills are expensed at Montreal before cars
arrive. When expensing an extra sheet on blue paper is also made*
Full particulars of shipment is shown thereon and this goes to (2)
to General Foreman's Office for cheeking purposes and stops there
awaiting arrival of cars.  Any cars arriving for which Foreman has
no check sheet would indicate no  revenue billing was received by
Outwards cars from Montreal  are moved to Outremont
on the revenue billing which is always ready before cars move*  The
only exception to this is when revenue way-bills    are sent ahead
of cars to Otitremont in which  case the cars move on slip way-bills.
The above arrangement is a special  one sanctioned by
Vice-President for Outremont only.
Mr.  Flanagan requests your suggestion re form k be
put in effect to apply on cars moving from Vancouver to  Co^uitlam.
Such  reference way-bills of  course to  be reported by both agents.
Xou can arrange accordingly.
Re check of 0/S.  You  should satisfy yourself  that
cars stored at Coquitlam are actually on hand*
Yours truly,
Ayditor of Agencies.
PaSo I enclose Mr. Flanagan1s letter of Feby 15th. which will
govern movement of inward cars. Return after noting. (19-12-14- *?68)
Form  1944
Canadian Pacific Railway Co.
TRANSFER  WAY-BILL '//Vancouver.   B.   0.  i/arck 7tr./l6a
Cm   J,  Black,  Bsq,t
Auditor ef Agencies*
Dear Sir:*
Sfcorins Carloads at Cequitlam i&rds*
Referring to my latter of feky, 24tfc. and previous
correspondence on above subject,
I    .closing Mr.  c»:rea§t A2/97949 of date, te his
pi1 which is aelf-explanatory,
Ageat advi    as some days ago regards    i« isyeteriette
arrival of this load without billing. 1 a   tied tkat he ail^w the
matter te stand fer a few days: But in the meantime to quietly secure
all possible information a* to destination etaf, Thit would leave, leas
chance for the thing to 'be covered up by some excuse about billing te
fellow in a day or ao.
Mo doubt the Supt1 will now fully investigate this deal.
Ba yeu wish me take any action in the matter*
ase turning up only £oee to show the weakness ®f
\ring traffic teetwe    .neouver and Co^uitlam without billing. Also that
it is advisable to have switching orev^ import c&nsist ol all trains, and
eee ,fhat tt*ey earry waybills covering.
Yours truly,
I. A. ////////////
C.   J.   Black,  Esq*3
Auditor  ef  A;      siea, ,    tt-929992.
l ritreal.
Bear Sir:-
W/Es   in   transit  from Cebeurg  to  Port  Uoody.
r of tke let last,   i see enclose list
of waybills  since  accounted for ky ageat Port i^pody w/s S'eby.   7tk.
.lied me  1x7   several   times  regarding  collection
ef charges,   xou vill  note  ke has   secured #5116.6©;   out   c.-as  unable  to
collect on  the cars not yet delivered,
>r_s me  that car Service  Ageat,   or, B.F.A,,   viill
net rive any definite ruling as  to  the  question of demurrage charges
assdssed at Westminister Jet,   I have  instructed him to  collect all  &uok
charges  from conei-nees,   and to promptly advise our Vice-President,  Wto
ogden,   should they refuse payment,"
£our&  truly,
i  .       A|   , ////////// Vancouver, B, C. itby. 24ti_At>*
C. J. Bl Ok, Esq.,
Auditor of Agencies,
Dear Siri-
Storing Carloads at Coquitlam *ards.
w/Bm  ia transit from Coburg to Port Moody.
I am returning your letters of the 17th inst, dealing
witk above subjects,
ea*e letter of 15tk would apparently intend
that it was in order for revenue waybills to le sent Port Moody, or,
Vancouver, for accounting, a"d that Westminister Jet (Coquitlam } would
keep a record of such waybills and whea cars moved to detination issue
a W & C waybill.
Your letter, re storing carloads at Coquitlam, would
indicate that your understanding is that revenue W/Bs should be
accounted for by the keldiag station (Westminister Jet ) and charges
advanced on rehilJing. This is an important point,' and I would like the
at  ■ade clear.
It is not my wish to suggest tuat Vancouver be made an
exception to any existing rules: j_>ut 1 mm uaaule to arrive ^t- *hat -he
system is elsewhere.
yy # 2 C.J.^lack, iiisq,,
-.-.en loads reach ontr^al, but are stored in £ume
outside yard,'do you bold the l/bs at storing point until cars move to
final destination. Or, do yeu allow W/j::© to reach Montreal. If the latter
what does yardman move car on ?
If it were a matter of these loads holding at Coqitlam
for a few days only, I would presume that W/Bs would remain with cars:
t in quv  case, seme 200 cars have been stored fckere for months waiting
for ships to handle, It would therefore see  necessary tnat.W/Bs be
taken to account in some direction.
In handling the export traffic, it in  very important
that ®Vmiry  detail of eririnal waybill he known to our S/S desk. If the
original waybills are ta,;en to account at Westminister Jet I venture to
say that we ill be put to a great deal of trouble on account of all
details not >#Amg shown     e rebilling.
This traffic, to all intent and purposes, has reached
Vanee^rer: ^t*t, fer tMe o^era-tinr department1 • convenience, they are held
at Coquitlam until such time as we are in a position to handle.
It strikes me that the original waybills should be
recorded by Westminister Jet      in sent to destination. The t.oint
then t . decide is: huw cars should be covered when moved. Mr. -lanagan
evidently agrees that     tn_.eter Jet    Id issue a W & 0  waybill te
cover cars to final destination. #  _>  w . .
I ^ould explain that Coquit>am Yard and Westminister Jet
I one and the same. I v.ould further explain that this arrangement on
wegtbound traffic will seldom he necessary on aayt3    hut exports:
But the yardr-iuster appear© to have taken complete charge of the movement
of all traffic between Coquitlam and Vancouver, and he moves u,ay  traffic
.ween these two points without regular waybill in hand. As already
explain.dt      - does .cove a car out of Coqu.*.:iam he knows where the
waybill covering is, and has a record of i
.For instance; Our       sre advise© list of 10 loads
that are r-^ady for east. Yardma©ter when making up a transfer train for
Coquitlam v ill use any of these 10 cars to fill out on. freight train
may be eche±duled te leave at midnight, and W/B© are sent yard office
that evening. In the     .ime some of these cars are actually at
Coquitlam, bavi-    ~te there without billing. Train really starts from
_ii^r#, and yardmaster will not order any of t.t.ese loads out until he has
rec    I, and recorded, revenue waybill covering.
As expressed    / letter of the 1st, I do not think
any of this traffic should move between these two points without fc/B.
Our local freight office is a considerable distance from yardoffice faere,
and the waybilling is done between noon and midnight. It. is not
practicable to have a waybill ready as soon as car is. In fact; we are
advised of the completion of loads fa urs before receiving     mg bills.
Cars are also in  hand by yardisaster for weighing up, and are often on 0*1    Wf. M
# 4
the way to Coquitlam before ayent is advised weighing particulars.
If it is agreed that the operating dept1 should move
freight between these point© to suit'their convenience, then hew is best
to „v-ru^a the objections raised ,
It 're&ted a     a    e use a regular switching
bili. Same to read "hast Load* or "Went Load". Vancouver, or,
Coquitlam, to endorse reference to revenue waybills on such xa|_ switch
waybill, and turn into Dr _ anayan.  Supply el   &e waybills to be in
the hand© of yardmaater© at bo    >int©, and have it definitely understood that no loads --.ove without a waybill. If necessary, demand that
switch train ies-ie a report, of all cars hai .ed.
If     et use regular fr-tt waybill form 4. we can
no doubt  a o  some ar..:   iment to have aj ent 'Vancouver quote w/b number
that frill cover revenue, and have yard office jlh&uq  a W & C way till to
carry car to Coquitlam, Cars mevi    st can be covered by W & C billing
from Coquitam in every case, as they already have particulars of
revenue waybill.
Will you please let me know just what .you with done, . nd
say if I shall take up with Supt. and _ardisaster, to have your wishes
carried out,
■ rrie re cheek of 0/s A/c has not been fully replied
to. When I cut off accounts at tie  wharf we were o/S charges on some
150 cars gtored at Coquitlam. Should I y:o to Co quit., am to ersenally gee that these loads sure on hand. Or, *?euld yardoffice record of loads
stored there f.r  Vancouver be sufficient. If such loads were for local
delivery the cmestion would be an important one: hut the fact that this
traffic is for export does not allow much chance for manipulation,
considering our system of settlement with I    >ra. ' ill you pleaae
advise as to ihis.
lours truly,
i. A. COPY.
Montreal Feby. 17th/l6.
A. W. Tennant, Esq.,
Storing Carloads at Coquitlam Yards.
Your letter February 1st. I do not see why the practice
all over the system should be made an exception at Vancouver,; viz. that
freight billed on a certain station, if the freight is left there or at
a siding short of such station waybills should also be left there, or if
a flag station, at the next accounting station, and when the cars are
lifted, rebilled on destination, advancing the inv/ard charges.
This rule should be put in effect in this case, and
when checking the station, if the charges are still 0/s latter should be
verified in the usual way -i.e. by seeing the loaded cars are on hand.
Yours truly,
.. COP  Y.
Montreal  Peby 17th/l6.
A. W. Tennant, Esq.,
W/Bs in Transit from Cobourg to Pt Moody.
Your letter of 1st i»et. attached. Please note Mr
Flanagan1© letter of 15th inst. and return. This will apply of course  ,
to all cases where waybil1s^have been sent on to Vancouver, and not
taken to account at the next accounting station to Coquitlam.
Yours truly,
■-_- COPY.
Montreal Feby. 15th/l6.
A-549393.   M.McD.
Mr C.J.Black,
w/_e in. transit from Cobourg t© Pt. Moody.
Referring t© your G-929992 of the 8th inst.The Yard
Caster at Coquitlam should keep a record of all waybill, which are sent
on to Vancouver or Port Moody for which cars have been held at Coquitlam
and when cars are forwarded on to detsination, Yard Master should advise
agent at Westminister Jet. to issue a way-bill covering giving reference
to the original billing covering revenue. This is similar to the
instructions which Travelling Auditor has already given _fc*_ iknxxx in
connection with the Cobourg way-bills.    /
Yours truly,
TRANS^I^E^y J,      3f©fcy.      !©t/l6,
C.   J,     lack,  3bo.,
Auditor "of Agencies,
*.ont real.
Dear Sir:-
Storing Carloads at Coquitlam lards,
irther to my  letter of date, enclosed,.
As ad, we have a lot of export carload© stored
at our Coquitlam ifards, while waybills covering are to account at the
Wharf Office.
I am now checking that office, aad Ik© queetien arises
as to verification of ayent's outstanding© on this traffic. Can I accept
the car records that such car© are at Coquitlam, or, is it necessary
that I personally check same.
It is only recently that it has heen found necessary to
store Vancouver loads at Coquitlam. 3*he charge© will run into several
thousands of dollars,  nd I would like to know what is expected of us in
confirmation of agent9©.o/s A/c in &ue$i case.
Yours truly,
. r
///■ - .   C   j-'eby.  Iat/l6.
C.   J.  Black,   Bsq.,
Auditor of Agencies,
^ear  Sir:-
Waybilis in transit from Cobury ^nt.
Following up my  wire of date in re ly to yours of 51st.
I-attach copies of ~ny letter© to a        gp  feetminieter Jot
I Port oody.
Earria,     .      int, inform© me that we
contracted to build a aiding at Port ..?ioody for this firm. We were delayed
in the constructionP      ma only completed on Dec. 22nd. Heavy storm©
since that date have made it impossible for the consignee© to handle
these      .-.te, and, through an arrangement with our Company, we have
stored cars at our Coquitlam. Yards. 7r  Harris has the question of
demurrage in hand, and intimated that the circumstance© would recommend
waival of all demurrage charges,
consignees have a credit account, and I have auye;eet©
-ed to agent that erery  effort should be made to collect all freight
charget as soon as waybills are to account "by him.
In looking into t.    itter I find that carloads are
frequently moved between Vancouver and Coquitlam without waybills. In
fact: the latter yard is considered part of Vancouver. Switching, or
transfer trains, working between these point© handle all cars without
^av^ # 2 C.J.Black, Isq.,
knoic-in;- anything about revenue waybills.   a v,hole thing is controlled
by the General Yardmaeter here who has personally explained their system.
Revenue     lie 8    rm 77 is sent to yardmaeter care of conductor in
charge ef       ' train: But the latter does not make any check, or
bother himself about what he is hauling. Coquitlam checks up on arrival
of train. 'Forms 431 and 861B are also made up \>y  yardmasters and sent
to car service agents at Vancouver and Winnipeg. Conductor's tonnage
report Form 125 is not used between here and Coquitlam,
.■.rdmaater,e records show what cars move* without w/bills
and also when waybills covering are forwarded to Coquitlam. His records
show where waybills are, and receipt is taken for all' waybill© delivered.
When lie moves a oar from Coquitlam he know© that there is a revenue
waybill to cover.
Yards here recently become congested on account of the
numerous export load©, Vancouver Wharf has taken many waybill© to a/c
covering export traffic now stored at Coquitlam. When agent requires
certain cars he advises yardmaeter, and the latter locates, and handles.
Is arrangement would strike me. as requiring special
permission from your de car truant, as it conflicts with instructions
governing movement of freight wixnout rerenue  waybills,. However, I
presume we are in the same position as Montreal is to Outremont, and no
doubt reu will advise me your requirement© in this connection.
Slip bill Form 436 is frequently u$ed *by  yardmaeter in
handling car© from storage to point required.
mm /
3 C.J.Black, Esq.,
You will note that I have instructed agent Westminister
Jet to issue a regular waybill when moving the cars that are now under
I mm  satisfied that the yardmaeter has a good grip on
this business: But at the aawt time it ia quite a streech between here
and Coquitlam, and I dont see anything to prevent manipulation on any
local loads handled by ti       -rain     au  Vane i    and Coquitlam,
It seems to me that the man     arge of train fti   ! be required to
know what he is hauling, and put himself on record hy some report form.
W* t ir _*  4 m* Form 106
in Td
Yj     (y£^c^^t-^tl><^y{
-d&LyUi^^ o n TdkATT^
._          fd^r
^Asf f~**—»       ~7i^C/xTTU
^^^st^ed^    C7e-d>-o-*<-^f    (d    / td;
^C7t>    7JF     <^^,umu^^/?r>dy-
M     7^>    Mm
i ari


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