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Draft payment instructions Canadian Pacific Railway Company. Travelling Auditor (Vancouver) 1978

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Array  r#_o
MiG 2
o 8 \a/e
lTE:  MONTREAL, August 23, 1978
File:  AD94A8W
Subject:  Accounting Instructions for the use of Drafts on
Effective September 1, C.I.B.C. Money Orders will be replaced
by Drafts on Treasurer (DOTTs) which are negotiable instruments drawn on the Treasurer, Canadian Pacific Limited.  While
accounting procedures outlined below remain essentially the
same as those for money orders, there have been minor changes
which effect reporting to this office and local Data Centres.
Further revised accounting instructions for handling DOTfs,
including the use of a new input form to replace the D0601,
will be issued in the near future.
Accounting Procedures
1) White copies of D0T!s are to be forwarded daily to the
Assistant Treasurer Banking, Toronto, however will continue to be accounted for on a weekly basis on form
D0601.  Please ensure your agency number which has been
changed to correspond to your responsibility number,
followed by your location has been entered in box entitled "Originating Office/Bureau dTorigineM.  A ten digit
reference code space has been provided on the DOT and
can be used to further identify the payment or for your
own internal control purposes.  There are no Accounting
Requirements as far as this space is concerned.
2) Prepare form D0601 in duplicate using separate forms
for U.S. and Canadian DOT'S.
3) When DOTfs are issued they should be listed in DOT number and date order on this form with a brief description
of the payment.  Agents v/ho forward D0601rs to Data
Centres for accounting should continue to show a Responsibility Code and Expenditure Code with the description.
. .V./2 - _- -
4) Show CANCELLED opposite numbers that have been voided;
it is important that all DOTfs are accounted for.
5) Show total U.S. or Canadian DOTTs issued on line provided and total U.S. or Canadian dollar value.
6) Attach related certified invoices to the D0601.  Because DOT!s are produced only in three parts it is
not necessary to include a copy as was previously
done with money orders.  However the second green
copy must be retained for your records along with a
copy of the corresponding D0601.
A daily report is no longer required by the Assistant
Treasurer, Banking and it will therefore not be
necessary to include forms 1177 or 1178 .with the
7) Form D0601 must be approved by an authorized employee
whose name and specimen signature have been given to
the Treasury Department for the approval of DOT'S.
8) Prepare a voucher in favour of Assistant Treasurer
Banking, Toronto for the total value of DOT'S listed
on form D0601 showing in the "Statement of Account"
R8 General Disbursement DOT'S
Regional Mgr. M & S
Dist. Mgr.    M & S
Credit Account Z75470
Attach the original D0601 and supporting invoices to
the Voucher Docket and forward to Manager Disbursement Accounting in the usual manner.
...-a/3 - 3 -
NOTE: This applies only to Data Centres and Agents who
normally submit vouchers to Disbursement Accounting.  Agents who were submitting DO601's directly
to their local Data Centre for voucher preparation
should continue to do so.
• *
The maximum value of an individual DOT has been set at $500
rather than the $250 previously in effect for CIBC money
orders.  This higher value was implemented only to compensate
for general price increases over the past few years and in
no way changes their intended use.  DOT'S should not, under
normal circumstances be used for caretaker service, outside
aid, material purchases or any other item covered by regular
terms of purchases.  If bills are approved promptly and
handled through normal channels most due dates can be easily
met.  DOT'S should only be used in real emergencies; when
discounts may be lost or penalties incurred because of late
payment or when it is impractical to use a pay voucher or
purchase material through the merchants' invoice procedure.
iti   Disbursement Accounting r y
y ■
i'K)_I_I-_i\L, January 17, 1973
Mm  J» Co£_erfcrd. . ..... .. .
Hr. K* M*.  Holland . :■: Yy'.
IlanaS-r, B»C»C»3».  ', A
Vanccur/er* 3*C,'„:•-■.
:£ile Ho,
Shla refers to your latter of January 10, _?il_ 429~*V:C.".. ■;'■
•: to £_?*' P* :J__£_2otrn?e with, a copy to this office, v.: •'•:'.
. __ii_. office concurs in tne uso of CP Bail Drafts on".
Sr-CBuror for tha purposes aa- outlined in your  -  I.
letter*. ,Hr* Lol?euvro.will "bo rocuoated to forward-
•"■ direct to your attention the follovdng m_abe_* of >*•
. drafts for use in the ilorthland navigation operations
: and iri the B»C*0»S» operations* covering rei^ndins of
• cruise ticketsj».•..-.-..'' ••   ...A '  ' . ■■
_;.   0792 y A7y;y-
'••...;•: 9992 (Vancouver) ,25.
':•   '. 9992 (Prince Buperfc)
;:':;.Cv'.- v.,--   ':.,c.::;;;.:V.:..'C:-.C.-;...2>..
"c:• c9992 (Kitimt) *c§?f25
20 ...- . B»C»C*S* operations'
■VO ■y.:yy,Ayy-. :>-A.
) . Horthlan
rr.    ) .; Savigat
y .V'W" "Operations
L 2m
Xt ia understood that you will distribute the -Tor-bland
itena to the respective offices together with.instruc—...
tions in the handling and accounting requiroi-onts for .'•
the drafts- Snture stock replenishments will have .to.
bo ordered froti 2ree_ury, using Bora 5718 for each.:■ yy'"..
Dollar li-dt. ■ (3av_nlo. attached).    . -.-,.;• -.V.',..,-.,yy ! .
!   y"7r'
B.C-Q.3.- Operations . .. . ' ' -'    . -./.   ■•    A7.j7'•:' \'.'■■..77AA'7$r't- \" cc
•  m*< mm tm mmmmmm m ■ — mmmmimmmmmmmmtm mmmmm — mm        ".•■-. **...."     .   -.^ •'.*-': *-.',     .-.•'■. -.*."„•-. "S.**-: \ ; »*
Shaoo drafts will he held by you and'utilised -JfO-V&iv!..' ''Ay
crefunding cruise tickets and/or wages settlement; ■yTyyy-A..^
. uoon termination of service for-S.C.CS* poraonaoX-^y^K'*:"5
'.; Specimen signatures .will he required hy treasury.; cCe'C-.-yvv-7277/7
. for the personnel, authorised to. sign drafts. c.c^-fCicv.-'.;"{; -:-
£G_* s are in a; 3-p_rt format and distribution ia. as "■■'■■"'"■.
£ollows j .c*;\../ -s,- ■■" ;■-■;.•     '•  ■ ,;->':••"•'■; '-.-*,.'-r- .-■■'■ ';
Original  ,V-*V: So the Payee  ;•»    .V. '7-'"-
\       Yellow     •*  *-Q 2roasury, Toronto, on daily basis
White    " —;  2?or office records   ,   ....
. Upon issuance of a draft, a form 1405 (isasspla attached) c
• must be conploted showing draft number, ^fxjtiQ's name
■ and atiountj Drafts are to be issued in sequential
order. Cancelled or voided drafts oust be attached to
the form 1405 with the .draft number being shown, and
the amount as "Cancelled" • ITo disbursement in easeaa
•of $15*000 i„ to be made by draft but rather a Cash
AdoaSclIfrem treasury is to be requested by spoci-Cjins
€H^rpayoe*s hahe'and e:cact amount required* .  ....... :
..Prior to the end of each month, the form: 1405 covering,v.< .
all drafts issued by your office during that month is " ;-
, to bo given to the Vancouver V<harf Ticket Agent, '.•...- ••</-;-
"together with all necessary supporting doc_i_en_ation•'. .-" -:
required to enable tha.&gent to take credit on his •,--': .
balance- sheet*. Upon receipt of the .1405 the ticket •
;. agent will take a"debit en"his balance sheet as--"Drafts >;■
■:'.XS-Ued.u..-"-C'/v/C>- -, .;■■ c.v..;; :'.,C :--•;.:,; ;.,.;.--.'"..'■.-.,. ,.: ,.'.-, cV;--'.'. *:-:7:
'* 1.
••«•-. •
.. ,1
.. ■'•■ '■ - r
-..'  •••'c*.  C
- t.. p«
■ Horttjland navigation.- .... ■  . c. .;•<«;■ • .. •
' It is understood that drafts to be utilised by Horthland .7-
will bo hold in three locations, ink Vancouver, Prince
. Buport and.Kitinat and each point able topro—
.. vide adequate protection for the draft stock pa hand» . ■. .;.
.'•. Bemarks concerning' the. processing and accounting j?or • ■"*.. A
.drafts outlined under B«.C»C*3„ Operations are the sano A7yy
A'., for- Horthland with the exception being that all forms '■' Yy
1405 in airy one month must bo forwarded to the Vancouver' ..'•
office in time for the* co_g>_lation of the monthly balance '
sheet, as well as support,
clear the disbursements..
documentation, required to
Xf there are- any Questions on the foregoing, please do
not hesitate to contact. Iir» B» U» X-jnsevin on Local
Eanaser   ,'•    '" -'• v-      •-.  , .-..■-'.  .'
Customer'and Agency Accounts• • '.*'...     "   C.  .
c*c.". Ifccv Sv B»:LoS*ouvr_    *-   Please arrange tp forward
'. y" '','■'■'•."     .•■...;      .'the drafts -indicated to
■■•• v.-.-.;;'  ■   .'..••'.••.»",.. . .W .   Kr» Holland*   •":,_•,.•-'.»*£...     .
c»e»   ticket Agent' • A.
Vancouver i/harf
—   _*lease note last paragraph
undar trB»0*C»3»(Operations",
lioading. •' .;    .     --"..,
I t
\   >'
. • .it
'■■■  r c v*
Diet B.W.U Internal Correspondence
Date     MONTREAL, May 5, 1976 Pile No.  G-00?10-J
From     W_ J. Comer ford
To     Mr. J. C. Lang
This refers to your Report No. 930 in connection
with your audit of New Westminster, B.C.
Your question regarding the issuance of Drafts
v/as referred to Mr. P. E. LeFeuvre and attached
is a copy of his reply.
"5 _\ Manager^
Customer and Age_£y Accounts
3 Form 102-R o
,x  Canadian Pacific Internal Correspondence
Date   MONTREAL, April 12, 1976 File: B 01-97-20
From   P. E. Le Feuvre
To   Mr. W. J. Comerford, Manager, Customer and Agency Accounts
I refer to your memorandum of April 7, file G-00-710-J
concerning audit of the Agency at New Westminster, B.C.
With regard to the issuance of Drafts on Treasurer, the
instructions to agencies located outside the center of
Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg or Vancouver is that they may
issue two Drafts to any one payee; i.e. to a total value
of $10 #000>00 while the instructions to agents located in
tfi5^88BSSr'!,of. the aformentioned cities is that one Draft
only may be issued to one payee i.e. total value $5,000.00.
The reason for this is that cheques for larger values may
only be obtained from Data Centers or from this office and
when the agency is not located within a reasonably close
area it is felt th$t he should be authorized to issue Drafts
for a slightly larger value to ensure that payment is made
as quickly as possible.
;in;D Form 102
* '""-» i  X i Wfymm!>*m«><v--im»>i< nwn"«,fyi
Canadian Pacif ic Internal Correspondence
Date     MONTREAL,   July  8,   1970
From     p.   E.  Le Feuvre
B 09-03-01
B 63-25-29
To  Mr. L.E. Wedman, General Agent, Local Wharf Freight,
CP Rail, Vancouver, British Columbia.
This refers to drafts on Treasurer (form 680 being replaced
by form 680 R) issued by your office.      >
Effective with the implementation of the revised form (680 R)
mailed to you Friday, July 3, together with letter of instruct
tion, you will no longer be permitted to issue drafts in
excess of $5,000.00.  If any payments in exqess of this
amount are required the undernoted instructions are to be
Prepare a form request similar to the attached and forward
to Mr. W. E. Holland, Supervisor, Pacific Region Data Centre,
Vancouver. A cheque would then be issued payable to the
requested payee in the required amount. Dependent upon
your request the cheque could be mailed to payee or held for
you to pick up. Possibly if a designated employee were to
telephone the Data Centre beforehand,the cheque could be
prepared more quickly than if the form request is sent with
no prior notice*
Timing as to a cutoff time should be arranged between your
offices.  The Data Centre has experience in this matter
through a similar arrangement with CP Telecommunications.
mm    mmm
Form *02
- 's A7y V77 "^ T£S ATAiuT^ * r~ - —yy_
ymmmm. w-^f^yw^''
. A7yA''A: '■ ■:'". :,-
■   - *mmmmvmmmmimm*&mjmmmmmim.»s_w._a-__^^r-.|iV<ri tl j.
Please arrange to implement these procedures ijnmediately,
with advice to this office.
AssistantcTreasurer, Banking
cc:. Mr. J. H. Rice
Mr. W. E. Holland
Please arrange to discuss this matter with Mr. L. A.
Wedman and reply as soon as possible whether procedures
are acceptable.  Your co-operation is appreciated.
-"T " " -~- ■ -  '""
y '.:. . •,• v. . . c:: ,
7"    A   .
d7 a ili-&^nin-.ilfi^l>'it.C^l|j,rl^. .,u*___«
Hmm»*«'l.       y^.r-K-S*
Canadian Pacific Internal Correspondence
From L.  A.  Wedman
To Mr.■■ W. E. Holland, Supervisor, Pacific Region Data Centre,
Vancouver, British Columbia.
Please issue a cheque payable to
for $
to cover
General Agent, Local Wharf Freight
> -- -,-  ^»-
• ■ ■


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