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So much to do, so much to see : Banff Springs Hotel Canadian Pacific Railway Company. Canadian Pacific Hotels. Banff Springs Hotel 1932

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-:'..-..;y- ,-■:■
What a thrill, as the motor swings up the mountain
road and sweeps into the great stone court-yard of Banff
Springs Hotel! Here, only a generation ago, the red
man danced around tribal campfires. Now the pale
face dances to the end of a glorious day of golf or
riding in this alpine resort.
Page     Two
y I he Rotunda is gay and spacious, a fitting introduction to the rooms and public halls and lounges. All
Banff's six hundred bedrooms face tremendous views
and are furnished with apparently small thought for
cost. Comfortable chairs, deep soft beds, beautiful
stationery in the desks. And at night, when you
finally do go up to bed, you find the lamp warmly
glowing, the covers invitingly turned down, your
pajamas and dressing gown and slippers laid out.
It's that sort of place to the last tiny detail.
Page     Three \
It's a Stanley Thompson golf course,
recently re-made at a cost of hundreds of
thousands of dollars. It lies in the Bow
Valley a few minutes from the hotel,
with the romping river for hazards, mile-
high peaks for out-of-bounds, and a new
hundred thousand dollar club house for
the right refreshments at the right time.
Par is set at 73 with three sets of tees for
crack, average and novice golfers. The
bunkering is so worked out that each
tee is practically a different course, with
two routes to each hole. It's the greatest mountain course in the world.
Indian caddies wait for you.
Page     Four —^~~~~~.. r^~ -^Bj^.^.
JLyiviNG off the top of the world into a warm sulphur pool is one of
Banff's unique joys. Plunging from the sulphur pool into an invigorate
ing warmed glacial pool is another joy. The radio-active mineral waters,
with the ultra-violet rays of an Alpine sun, make the outer pool a perfect
health resort.
The glacial pool is glass enclosed and brilliantly lighted for evening sport.
There are graduated depths, high and low Jack Cody diving boards, 100
foot racing lanes, Turkish baths and massage parlors, even an ice cream
parlor and a little brown Tavern, equally popular after golf or a long ride. *^uv%
Xjike an eagle in his eyrie, high above
Bow Valley, you lounge on sunny terraces and let your spirits soar to the
shining peaks that kiss the radiant skies.
Far below in that velvety green bowl,
ambitious bipeds pursue a little ball, or
scurry around in motor cars, but only
eagle eyes could see them from this
height. Hours you could dream here,
watching the orchid and rose cloud
nymphs dance across the gigantic stage
and tint the mighty back drop of the
Fairholme range. But rustic stairs woo
you down, down, down, into the cool
sweet forest beside the chuckling Bow
Falls. No crowds here, just peace,
melodious silence, the fragrance of sun-
splashed spruce and forest flowers.
Page     Six Where have they been all day, these butterfly ladies
who flutter around the hotel at night in Paris gowns?
Riding the trails and roaming the forests in strictly
utilitarian togs. After sundown they revert to type,
chattering over Banff's smart frocks, whispering over
newly met "hims," in this purely feminine retreat.
Women especially delight in Banff's refinements of
service, its exquisite linens and china, its tasteful
appointments. Another purely feminine joy is the
beauty parlor, where some of the smartest women in
the world are skilfully attended.
Page     Seven ■"""-"W^
>-ys££: <
Page     Eight
IVlouNT Stephen Hall is like nothing else on this Continent. It is furnished with rare antiques and reproductions from old-world monasteries.
Grilled balconies along one side reveal glowing vistas of the Spanish Foyer
and underneath runs the cozily secluded Cloister Corridor leading to the
billiard room.
Although the hotel is new, completed in 1928, at a cost of over eight ■   "     ■■     ■::■:■ :■■■ -■:-:
million dollars, making it the finest resort hotel in the Americas, yet it
seems always to have reigned over this spectacular play world, so harmoniously was it conceived. There are thirty-eight de luxe suites—the
vice-regal suite of fourteen rooms, several times occupied by H. R.H. the
Prince of Wales, the Italian Renaissance suite, the Jacobean, Swiss,
Louis XV and XVI, the Art Moderne suites. Living here is as much
like living in an enchanted castle as anything outside a fairytale.
Page     Nine hat marvels the mountains hold for
those who motor, climb, ride! Skyline
trails where you look out across a sea of
peaks rippling away into tinted infinity.
Old Indian trails through primeval
forests where every step reveals new
wonders—a rare flower, a jewel-colored
lake, a rustic tea house. Marvellous
motor roads down Kicking Horse Canyon, up Tunnel Mountain, to Lake
Louise, the place the rainbow calls home.
Stiff Alpine climbs, such as Assiniboine,
that has seldom been scaled, and easier
ascents without Swiss guides. Exhilarating, glacier-cooled atmosphere that is
wine to spirits and tireless energy to
the body.
Page     Ten i
Indian Days
Page     Eleven H****""
Page     Twelve
ome of the most treasured moments of Banff are spent in dining. That
touch of continental formality in the service . . . the international crowd
with its blissful dress-as-we-please Banff spirit . . . the sublime pictures
crowding each vast window . . . the concert from the lounge drifting
across the Fairholme dining room . . . the exotic beauty of the Alhambra
dining room centred in its $30,000 bronze doors ... all play exquisitely
upon the emotions. ^v*8*^,.
/ind Banff's worldly-wise cuisine lives up to its reputation. Here, in the
heart of primeval fastnesses, the fruits seem more delicately luscious, the
salads more crisply fresh, than in the work-a-day world, the tender cuts
of meat, and the delicious hot dishes, seem seasoned just for you. It's a
miracle that you can depend on three times every day at Banff. The
Fairholme dining room is table d'hote, the Alhambra a la carte.
Page     Thirteen holly sophisticated is Banff's Ball Room. Here,
each night, under the spell of a perfect symphonic
orchestra and rainbow-tinted lights, sparkles the brilliant social life of Banff . . . beautiful women in gowns
that will be fashionable next winter, distinguished
looking men with the stamp of foreign courts about
them, faces familiar in society pages and international
news, a stunning Spanish girl and a famous painter, a
diamond studded dowager and a British army officer,
and, because some are always just coming or just going,
men and women in smart travelling clothes. A dazzling, cosmopolitan crowd that it's thrilling to be a part
of, and to watch.
page     Fourteen
Open May 28th to September 26th.
Typical Rooms
Single room with bath 	
Double room with bath	
Limited number of   rooms  on   higher
floors with  architectural  irregularities
Single room with bath	
Double room with bath	
Parlor, bedroom, bath
One person 	
Two persons	
Parlor, Two Bedrooms with  baths
Two persons	
Three persons	
Four persons	
Special reduced rates for stay of  two
weeks   or longer   [European   plan]
Special American Plan Rates
June and September only
Family Rates
Sulphur   Mountain
Bow Valley
$ 9.00-$ 10.0 3
14.00- 15.00
$ 7.00
$ 8 00
Sulphur   Mountain
$ 7.00
Bow Valley
$ 7.00
$ 8.00
$ 8.00
$20.00 and up
$35.00 and up
$35.00 and up
$40.00, $45.00, $50.00, $60.00.
$50.00, $50.00, $65.00
$20.00 and up
35.00 and up
35.00 and up
$40.00, $45.00, $50.00, $60.00.
$50.00, $60.00, $65.00
ROOMS™ To guests staying two full weeks--A  reduction  of   50  cents   per
person per day.
To guests staying one month or longer—A reduction of $1.00 per person
per day.
SUITES—To guests staying two full weeks—a reduction of 10 percent.
To guests staying one month or longer—a reduction of 20 percent.
For stay of one week or longer :—.
Single room  with bath and table d'hote meals—1 person $10.00  per day and
Double room   with bath and table d'hote meals--2 persons 18.00 per day and
Special rates for families with children quoted on application.
Children, seven years and under-half rate.
MEAL RATES  :    A la carte. Also table d'hote : Breakfast $1.25, Luncheon $1.50, Dinner $2.00.
Further enquiries as to accommodation, rates and general facilities may  be addressed to :
General Manager,
Western Hotels, Winnipeg, Man,
Passenger Traffic Manager,
Montreal, Que. JZ^**"^.
JJJ.VU.... ■..„j.aj^4^Ui^4iiJ4.ll.i..i'.'l...i44iJ:.^,l...
'■■y.m- :zryy ■■■[:■:::
, .-.■ ■   ■
■     .:
yy    ■


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