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Gracious living in the Canadian Rockies Canadian Pacific Railway Company. Canadian Pacific Hotels 1950

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  Banff Springs Hotel and the Bow River Valley
\ 'f'H .    /8
Pleasant paradox is a quick
definition of life in the Canadian
Rockies. Crisp mountain air
calls you to strenuous daytimes. Evenings amid
the luxury of Banff Springs Hotel and
Chateau Lake Louise accent the gracious.
Forty miles apart, but close neighbours in the
limitless "shining mountains" of the
Canadian Rockies, Banff Springs Hotel and
Chateau Lake Louise offer you every
outdoor mountain activity; from climbing, roped
to expert guides, through the holiday
gamut of swimming, boating, riding, golf,
tennis, to just plain lazy sunning in clear mountain
air; in the world's finest mountain
playground. Mountain motor roads — and
plastic-topped busses in regular daily service
from your hotel — lead to many a scenic
wonder, even the magnificent Columbia Icefield.
Indoors all the comforts of modern civilization
are at your command. In the Canadian Pacific
manner both spacious hotels are metropolitan
in their appointments. Service is deft, suave.
Cooking is for epicures. Sleep is sound
and refreshing in the clear mountain altitude.
Bring warm clothes for crisp mile-high evenings
outdoors. Bring your evening clothes, too, if you
wish — many do. Be as informal as you like at
your sports. But have a jacket and tie handy,
sir — or a dress, madame, for the dining-room. ^mTiqklau
Banff Springs Hotel, heart of the mountain
barony from which its walls were quarried, is
noted for its resemblance to a castle in the
highlands. Its public rooms, spacious and gracious,
lend themselves to social activities, concerts,
dances, illustrated talks on the flora and fauna
of the Canadian Rockies.
Accents on Mount Stephen Hall, pictured here,
are its cloistered gallery, armourial bearings in
relief on its walls. The Garden Lounge is
informal and plays host to table tennists. In it
and the Riverview Lounge great logs crackle and
blaze in massive fireplaces.
Jwv The Alhambra Dining Room, its decor that of
old Spain, is cheerful at breakfast and
luncheon, sophisticated — in keeping with
the cuisine — at the dinner hour. Evening
dress is optional, but, for your protection,
guests without jackets and ties — or wearing
shorts — are not seated at any time.
J-lvcee ao-te
At Banff your holiday can
be a strenuous one —
climbing, afoot or astride
a sure-footed mountain
pony — roaming mountain
trails — fishing, guides
will show you where the
tackle-busters are, you
can even practice casting
in the Spray River only
five minutes from your
room — tennis — golf,
on a spectacular 18-hole
course — or just lazy
sunning on the view-
commanding terraces.
- - - •,- '...*.. ^*    ...      ..--... .-...., *-.,.. ..-^.^^t^j
out Mt**
The Empire style ballroom at
Banff Springs Hotel is a gracious
setting for evening enjoyment.
Smooth dance rhythms, an informally
formal atmosphere — nearby, the
Conservatory, Riverview Lounge
and Library for sitting out. Suites
and bedrooms, steam-heated at
your wish, are spacious, comfortable
— and every window commands a
view of mountain, river or valley.
Room service is efficient and prompt.
ve ian
Not far from Banff is the Stoney Indian reservation.
And every year, usually in late July, the Stoneys
gather at Banff to hold their tribal contests. Known
as "Indian Days at Banff" the four-day festival fills
the town with colour as braves, squaws and even
papooses parade in exquisitely worked traditional
costumes. Colour photographers — still and movie-
make the most of an unusual opportunity to run the
chromatic gamut when the prize winners gather in
the courtyard of Banff Springs Hotel.
<^>LX vet
Swimming, in a warmed, sulphur outdoor pool that
overlooks the golf links and the valley of the Bow, or in
warmed, clear, mountain water indoors, is yours at Banff.
even an,
Just a small section of Banff National
Park, the 2000 square miles mapped
here enclose Banff Springs Hotel and
Chateau Lake Louise. The forty miles
of mountain highway that joins the two
resorts is a favourite and easy drive
through the panoramic Bow River
Valley. Conveniently timed, frequent
departures in both directions by plastic
topped buses make this a pleasant all
day outing. Alert drivers keep you
posted on the scenery and wild life.
In the Vermillion Lakes you see the
beaver at work; at Johnston Canyon
the perky "Whiskey Jack" will chatter
at you as you make your way up the
trail to the falls.
Moose feeding,
Vermillion Lake. North of the road, patrolled by the Royal Canadian
Mounted Police, are such sights as the cavern,
"Hole-in-the-Wair, and eight-mile long Mount
Eisenhower. Keep a sharp lookout for bears, elk
and deer — and don't be too surprised if you spot
a sneaking coyote on the fringe of the woods.
tne Trail-riding; boating on Lake
Louise; mountaineering —
roped to expert Swiss guides;
walks through wooded trails
to the Plain of Six Glaciers,
or Lake Agnes, where Tea
Houses serve light meals —
these are your days at Chateau
Lake Louise. At night, smart
bands delight dancers, concert
recitals are held and cheery
log fires make conversation a
pleasure. Outdoor life is
quite informal, dress in the
evening is optional. Jackets,
ties and skirts are always worn
in the dining room.
Trail io l»W&* v L' WaP*« y
Like Louite
& \
ii».-.-,»-..a- ■' ,.u—- t
Chateau Lake Louise, named
for the jade green gem that
mirrors many-faceted Victoria
Glacier, is an oasis of modern
comfort in an age-old mountain
wonderland. Mountain trails
carpeted with native Alpine
wild-flowers entice you to
exploration by trail-tested pony
or afoot. Poppy-decked terraces
and rock-gardened lawns
separate hotel and lake front
and at the west end of the
terrace, its southern exposure
trapping day-long sun, is the
glass-screened pool where
swimmers revel in warmed
glacial water.
ven Picture windows that frame the timeless, everchanging beauty of
Lake Louise, the glistening snow-caps of the mighty mountains
and the glittering splendour of Victoria Glacier emphasize the
graciousness of dining at Chateau Lake Louise.
Many-hued Iceland Poppies, for which Lake Louise is famous,
fringe the terraced greensward stretching from your window to
rippled, jade green lake.
Deft, friendly service and meals cooked for connoisseurs
characterize this dining room beside the placid lake.
J-welve Spacious and homey, the Lounge
is the centre of indoor activity
at Chateau Lake Louise.
Picture windows, here and in
the Dining Room, command
views of the lake and its
overhanging glacier. Steam
heat, at your own control,
warms every room while the
keen mountain air induces
sound sleep on modern,
comfortable beds.
een ez/CHttt
Striking scenes on the Icefield Highway .xy x:.::.,-.......■■:--y
■::■■:.:>■.. ■.■   ■■ v.:
U j-aL uLL
Emerald Lake Chalet, a motor drive from Banff or
Lake Louise, is reached direct from Field, B.C.,
on the transcontinental line of the Canadian Pacific.
Quiet mountain informality is the keynote of the
central chalet and its surrounding cottages. Horses,
canoes, guides and fishing tackle are available.
And, all around, the wild life of the Canadian
Rockies goes on undisturbed,
een. LakeWapta
Within a fifteen mile radius of Chateau
Lake Louise, Canadian Pacific offers hospitality,
deeper in the mountains, at Lake Wapta,
Lake O'Hara, Yoho Valley and Moraine Lake
mountain lodges. Operated, on the American
Plan, by lady lessees whose specialty is
homeyness, these lodges consist of a central
chalet and comfortable cottages. This is "blue
jeans country" where riding, hiking, canoeing,
fishing, climbing, keen mountain air and
abundant wild life contribute to your
The first three are motor rides from Banff and
Lake Louise. Lake O'Hara is reached, by
steady saddle pony or afoot, from Hector, B.C.,
where Canadian Pacific transcontinental trains
stop for Lake Wapta guests. Lake Louise is
the station for Moraine Lake Lodge, and
Yoho guests find Field, B.C., the nearest point.
Yoho Valley Idyll
Lake O'Hara Enjoyment of "Gracious Living in the Canadian Rockies"
starts with your first contact with the Canadian
Pacific. Like any Canadian Pacific holiday, your visit to
Banff, Lake Louise, Emerald Lake, Yoho, Lake Wapta,
Moraine Lake or Lake O'Hara comes all in one package*
Hotel reservation, rail tickets, sleeping-car reservation,
travellers cheques — Canadian Pacific takes care of it all*
And, if you plan to break your journey to Canada's
mountain empire with stops at interesting
Canadian cities, there are Canadian Pacific hotels
to ensure your comfort from sea to sea.
The nearest Canadian Pacific office or your own
agent will arrange your trip.
(    |N    J


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