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Vancouver freight - protection of switching revenue on through billing to Pacific Great Eastern Rly points Canadian Pacific Railway Company. Travelling Auditor (Vancouver) 1957

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 P October 23rd 1957.
%. A.F. LePage, Item No. 30.
Vancouver, B.C.
With reference to your Oct. 8/57 would advise that the
Switching revenue at Vancouver on through billing is protected
by this office.
Aud. Frt. & Stn. A/Gs
(Copies from form AFSA i+F) F.57/3000-LGC
Oct. 8th 1957*
Mr. G.C. Brooks,
Montreal, Que*
Cars ex V.L.I. Rly to P.G./. Rly.
I attach copies of V.L.I. Rly. Junction Passing Reports
#144 and #145 Oct. 2nd. and 3rd. 1957, covering four cars ex
Marpole^ B.C. destined to stations on P.G.E. Rly.'
As these cars are covered by through billing, no switching
charges from Vancouver to North Vancouver will be protected by
this office.
It is our understanding switching revenue due C.P..R. on all *
"cars from and to P.G.E. Rly* moving under through billing will
s be protected by your office. '
Will you please confirm if our understanding is correct,
if not, please say what action should be taken by this office.
A.F. LePage,
General Agent
Enc. FORM  101 Va^
FILE OR CLAIM      Q     #     73332
Vancouver, B.C. October llth, 1957
Mr. T. Hooks,
Freight traffic Manager,
' in- 1     m.
I sent yo- co/"   of mj letter of Septeafe be Mre&.F.
LePage, General Agent, YiMaaverf B.C. your file 0~D2. 29184 perte:
to method of collection of charges for air services 484 tut jjjjfitart-, i
rier b©tv ^ncotiver or V^ncouv-.'
Vancouver on traffic i   i , ier thr i etweer i        the
Pacific Great . and stations m the Great Borthi i     -d our
I&LI Branch or
fVl.,'-1,!    ' ' " <*
3   tC
he 4th in.
ff«rring to your letter of September 35th under file C 73332.
*o*i are correct in your under standing th i R*4t
through local settler i 1 presume the*
takes ear« .>f our revenue,, which should b€ controlled b-
fact that a copy of the passing report is sent to Mr. Brooks.
The waybills are not received in this office on &#a |v
changed through us to Great Korthern. ThstS are Mil  direct to
that carrier by     *   ,   . Railway so therefore we are unable to
place our function stamp on the waybills.
Falsing reports are  sent to us in duplicate md gmi
full routing including    .   •   *   and in some eases carry • nntai'
reading ■%• Great leathern via C.P.R.n
Formerly, whan this traffic was handled by barge under the
previous switching charge Mr. Brook1s copy of the passing report
was stamped showing the amount of switching due upon each car.
This was done at special request of the Andit Department. Mo
waybills were received here but I provided the    ,   „        tth a
lieate star.n at their request so that the waybills could, bm
stamped before tun. aver to connections direct. -
FORM  10.1 CSP
FILE OR CLAIM         (     73332
Vancouver, B.C. October 11th, 1
m Mm
Mr. T.
• lfThe mag §■ Oil or  that *mr division or s%dl-
on through traffic be collected here caulr-
arranged If collect io-           *?alar srntc1
The point to be considered would be whJch  carr
should be charged.  In other words shoal
cmr charge be assessed the   '?##«   .
th*   "*   ,   -• -                                 ction concerned fr
the Canadia
The passing reports mentioned by Mr. h
cific                    :nx% by                                -lines ** on so
ared by
mm esnents b
,   i              anel northbound
«ay be - co
and Tel*-
our revenue
pies of                                to .Mr.   «   •                                ..tor
.^eei^s, Montreal,             ,                  to em"
is protected.
100 lbs. ap
1 presume Mr. Breaks has been advised of the div3„s5
plicable for our intermediate service hetwe-           1 h Va
because 1 cannot find vhere this charge is published i
5# par
er, or
1 might explain that the waybills are delivered    -
to the   \   « .•/., or WAI or viee~ versa direct to avoid delay that
if they accompanied the cars.
* "..'-.. Ry.
m^jr be that
the matter
In the event car numbers are emitted trtm the passi
we are not receiving air revenue thereon and 1 aim the
to the attention of our Travelling Auditor here.
> '       T'tg'
pH0f%af|              W
FILEORCLArW-.     73332
Vancouver, B.C. October 11th, 195?
- 3 -
FORM  101 V^j^
•<B .
If it igs decided to change the present method of obtaining
:, through the Audit Office and local settlement is' to be aade in
111 observe %-r.  L.
look to for the
BiX). you please a#*
deed the question as to which
\Ll      An
' stant   General ent
cc: H. G. Letch, Esq.,
Travelling Auditor,
Vancouver, B.C.
Enclosed is copy of my letter of September 20th to
Mr. LePage. You will no doubt wish to make sure that all cars are being reported
to Mr. Brooks. It seems to me that some cars may be left off these passing
reports sometimes by mistake and if you find we are not properly safeguarded,
presume you will follow up with the General Superintendent, with a view to
having a check made of the cars as received from our connections,  JLf this is
not already being done.  It will then be a matter for someone to check the
passing reports to make  sure all of the cars are accounted for.
Will you kindly advise.
F.S.H# FORM  101 CLin
FILE OR CLAIM       Q.     73332
Vancouver, B.C. September 20, 1957
Mr0 A. F. LePage,
General Agent,
Vancouver, B.C.
On carload shipments of lumber and other commodities moving
under through rates from points on the Pacific Great Eastern Ry. to destinations beyond Vancouver on the Great Northern Ry., for instance, and
on which the Canadian Pacific is simply an intermediate carrier, is my
understanding correct that we do not obtain our revenue through local settlement but through Audit Office adjustment in Montreal. I presume the same
applies on traffic moving in the reverse direction when covered by through
I believe this traffic moves under through waybills and if
so, are the x*aybills stamped showing the junction point at which the
cars are received from or delivered to connecting lines? If not, what
method is followed to properly police the movement so that the Audit
Office will be able to protect our revenue.
I have in mind cars that might, due to emergencies, move by
car barge between Squamish and Vancouver as well as traffic interchanged
with the P.G.E. Ry. at North Vancouver
This question has been brought up as a result of the Association
of American Railroads stating it considers this revenue is a matter for
settlement between the interested carriers at Vancouver, consequently,
before taking steps to amend our General Division Sheet No. W. 18 naming
the switching charges, we would like to know if collection of such charges
can be properly handled here.
Your early reply will be appreciated.
Assistant General Freight Agent.
cc: Mr. T. Hooks FTM Winnipeg, Man.
Your letter August 13th file G-D2. 29184, It has been necessary for me
to write Mr. LePage for this information. I will advise you further
as quickly as possible.


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