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Banff Golf Course Canadian Pacific Railway Company. Canadian Pacific Hotels. Banff Springs Hotel 1929

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—The Beautiful
SMARTEST — most cosmopolitan — most
fascinating mountain resort of this con*
tinent! Headquarters of Rocky Mountains National Park, a magnificent region of
peak, glacier, forest, lake and river protected
by the Canadian Government, containing
2751 square miles. The little town lies
embowered in pines, lawns and flowers;
through it frisks the Bow River, green and
cold from the glaciers—around it, so close
that you can walk to them, are Cascade
Mountain, Sulphur Mountain, Mount Rundle,
Stoney Squaw, Mount Inglismaldie, and a
hundred others peeping over their shoulders*
Through Banff's bright, busy streets throbs
a colorful mountain life—visitors from all parts
of Canada, every state of the Union, Europe,
Asia—Indians on ponies, gay ten-gallon-hatted
cowboys, scarlet-coated troopers of the Royal
Canadian Mounted Police, and mountain-
sheep wandering unmolested up to the town*
Not only because of its own beautiful
environment has Banff been for many years
one of the most popular mountain resorts!
Part of the reason has been famous Banff
Springs Hotel. This magnificent structure,
situated on a crest overlooking the junction
of the Bow and Spray Rivers, with the snowy
Fairholme Range beyond and Sulphur Mountain behind, has become the centre of a
tradition, of charming, gracious hospitality
and a background of joyful life.
Entirely reconstructed two years ago, Banff
Springs Hotel dominates the view like a great
baronial Scotch castle. And inside it's the
same—its lounges remind you of the stage
setting for "Macbeth", while its dining
rooms cater for the eye just as much as their
Canadian Pacific cuisine ministers to the
lusty mountain appetite!
So let's take that for granted. But there's Tennis, too—dancing every night at the hotel—and
Scenery! No part of the Rockies exhibits a greater variety of sublime and romantic scenery,
and nowhere else are good points of view and features of special interest so easily reached.
Beautiful hikes all around, easy mountain climbs for the beginner, and really hard ones for the
seasoned. In the town—a zoo, museum, recreation grounds: a little way beyond, the Buffalo
Park, with herds of this almost extinct animal.
Boating and launch trips along the beautiful Bow River—fishing at Lake Minnewanka.
And then Banff would have become famous for its Hot Springs if it hadn't been for its scenery,
for it has five, of remarkable medicinal properties, and radio-active. Two of them have bathhouses and swimming pools; and then at Banff Springs Hotel is the most beautiful swimming
pool of the continent, just below the hotel terrace, into which hot sulphur water is piped.
To say nothing of Motoring on the first-class roads the National Parks Department have
built! Scores of short runs, and for longer runs there is the "Kicking Horse Trail" to the Yoho
country and the celebrated Banff-Windermere Road over the Rockies into Kootenay National
Park. Forty-two miles from Banff is another famous mountain resort—the exquisite Lake Louise—
beyond that again, Emerald Lake and the Yoho Valley, all reached by road.
And if you like the outdoors-life, Banff is one of the recognized centres of trail-riding,
and you can go riding on sure-footed mountain ponies, with or without guides, on trips that
last from two hours to two weeks.
is a Canadian Pacific Hotel—one of the chain of fourteen
hotels from the Atlantic to the Pacific owned and
operated by the "World's Greatest Travel System."
Open from May 15th to October 1st.
For further information, reservations, etc., apply
to the Manager, Banff Springs Hotel, Banff, Alberta,
Canada, or to any agent throughout the world of the
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SURROUNDED on all sides by massive peaks, the Banff Golf Course, constructed by
the Canadian Pacific, is truly a kingly setting for the Royal and Ancient game*   Mount
Rundle and her sister peaks, watching and brooding, tower above the course in Olympian
grandeur*   Had the Gods of Greece played, surely this were an ideal setting!
Stanley Thompson of Toronto, internationally known golf architect, has employed all
the artifices of modern golf architecture with an ingenuity seldom surpassed* The route of
play, the location of tees, and the selection of greens have been so arranged as to afford
picturesque vistas of the Bow and Spray Rivers, alternating with new and unique views of
the surrounding mountains*
(From a painting by Adam Sherriff Scott)
The course measures 6640 yards* Its length alone challenges the ambitious player*
There are three sets of tees, however, giving it an elasticity that accommodates all types of
golfers* In addition, the bunkers and fairways have been so planned as to provide three alternative routes of play* The indifferent golfer may select a leisurely round-about way, which
may not often result in birdies but still gives a sporting chance for par* The ambitious player
may select the bold, more direct route* The wary one will hesitate, for any deviation from
the "straight and narrow" is promptly penalized* These alternative routes have been
ingeniously planned; they are truly mental hazards*
The holes are admirably balanced* Every shot in the bag must be employed—testing
brassies, long irons, accurate mashies, and crisp mashie niblicks* The sequence of the holes
obviates any similarity of shots*
The short holes are carefully interspersed in each nine* Every type of "one shooter",
from the full drive to the mashie-niblick, will be found at Banff* The 12th is an exceptional
hole of 135 yards, called the "Lagoon"* The green is surrounded by the waters of the Bow
River* The setting is most picturesque, the blue of the river seen through the shapely spruce
and firs which guard the green* Number Eight is another testing water hole of 155 yards,
across a miniature lake called "The Devil's Caldron"*
J&Sfr*'' M •■••»'
S :'^%"
The long player has been given ample opportunity to extend himself. There are a
goodly number of holes of 400 yards and over to test the par golfer. In addition, optional
long carries are available and alluring for any one equal to the task.
Number Seven, 490 yards, is a unique piece of architecture, being practically carved
out of the mountain side and called "Gibraltar," because through the tree-lined fairway the
cliffs of Mount Rundle face sheer like the famous rock itself.
The greens are undulating swards of creeping velvetty bent, ensuring at all times
uniform putting surfaces. The putting areas have been modelled to fit the required shot,
long far fours having more generous areas than iron shots.
The start presents a breath-taking spectacle. Down a short path from the hotel lobby,
the club house is situated on a sheer cliff, at the base of which the Bow and Spray Rivers
join. The scenic features are superb. To the left, and to the west from the club house and
first tee, there is a rocky gorge of 600 feet, at the end of which tumble the Bow Falls. To the
right, the fast flowing Spray River hustles down through a Y shaped valley, heavily wooded
to the sky line.   The first tee is on a precipice, some fifty feet above the Spray River, with a
GREEN FEES at Banff Springs Hotel Course are
$3.00, per day or per round: $15.00 per week: $50.00
per month: or $75.00 per season.
A fully equipped pro-shop is operated at the
Club House. The caddies include several Indian boys
drawn from the Stoney Indian Reserve at Morley.
carry, if straight, of 50 yards to the fairway beyond, which is reached by means of a cable
bridge. The fairway is cleared through pine and fir trees. It is difficult to keep "the eye on
the ball" amid such surroundings! Having quieted the emotions and negotiated the Spray
River, the approach to the green is comparatively simple, as it well might be.
The Home hole of 435 yards is a wonderful finish to a wonderful round, presenting
a wonderful view down the valley to the slopes of Sulphur Mountain, where Banff Springs
Hotel, from its lofty eyrie, lifts its massive walls and gleaming turrets to the sky. Only the
par golfer may reach the green in two, which is heavily bunkered and flanked by the Bow
River, the falls of which are 400 yards distant. From the 18th Green, one recrosses the Spray
River to arrive at the Club House lawn, where the pleasant 19th hole awaits amidst ideal
surroundings. A   ROYAL   SETTING   FOR   A   ROYAL   GAME
drive across the Spray
iver  opens  the course.
Mount Rundle towers high above the course,


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