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Lake O'Hara Mountain Lodge in the Canadian Rockies Canadian Pacific Railway Company. Canadian Pacific Hotels. Lake O'Hara Lodge 1940

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Nestles in
YOU might be a million
miles from the nearest
outpost,—when you get to
Lake O'Hara! And yet
this lovely mountain lodge
is only a two-hour horse-
back ride from Lake
Wapta. The trail is joined
by the High Line Trail from
Lake Louise three hours
ride from Lake O'Hara.
Cathedral, Stephen,
Wiwaxy, Huber, Victoria,
Lefroy, Yukness, Hunga-
bee, Biddle Amphitheatre,
Schaefer, Odaray, Opa-
bin,—these are the moun-
tain peaks circling the blue
waters of Lake O'Hara.
And from its shores you
look up to snow-topped
peaks soaring into the
blue, and back again to
the opalescent waters of
the ever-changing lake.
Mile- high fishing in Lake O'Hara i
Lake O'Hara Lodge in the Canadian Rockies
Lake O'Hara is considered by some, the fairest
jewel in the Canadian Rockies' crown, and won
the unstinted affection of John Singer Sargent, the
artist. It is a glorious mountain lake of incredible
and indescribable color: a color that is seldom
constant for more than a short time, that sometimes
changes with bewildering rapidity under the
influence of passing clouds or wind—like a magnificent opal in a marvellous setting of mountain
peak, glacier and forest.
Lake McArthur (7,359 feet above sea level) is just
three miles away; the Crystal Cave, only three-
quarters of a mile. Lake Oesa, Opabin Pass (8,450
feet), topping meadows rich in Alpine flowers, and
Odaray Plateau are all within three miles radius.
The twelve-mile trip to Lake Louise, over the
Abbot Pass (9,588 feet above sea level), is one of the
unforgettable experiences awaiting you at Lake
O'Hara. For this you'll take a Swiss guide along and
taste the excitement which Alpinists crave.
Canada  Welcomes U.S. Citizens . . . No Passports
Lake O'Hara Lodge is charmingly situated in the Yoho
National Park, British Columbia, in the heart of the Canadian
Rockies. Owned by the Canadian Pacific Railway Company,
it is operated by a lessee under Canadian Pacific supervision.
Open (subject to trail conditions) usually from about the
middle of June to early in September. Rates: from $5.00 per
day, and $31.50 per week, American Plan, including meals.
Lake O'Hara Lodge is eight miles by trail from Hector,
British Columbia, on the main line of the Canadian Pacific
Railway and is served by fast, air-conditioned trains.
Accommodation — for 36 guests, both in cottages with or without bath, and in rooms in main lodge.
Dining Room
Seating capacity for 33 guests.
Main Lodge — contains club room,  comfortably furnished
and with large open fireplace. Ladies' and
gentlemen's rest rooms, also bath rooms, etc.
Dining room leads off club room and is on
glassed-in verandah  overlooking the lake.
3 cottages (twin beds) with shower bath, toilet,  hot and cold
running water.
8 cottages (twin beds), without baths.
7 rooms (in main lodge), each with twin beds, baths and toilets
on same floor.
2 public bath houses.
Row boats for guests' use.
Saddle and pack horses for hire.
Postal address:
via Hector,  B.C.
Further information may be obtained from any Canadian
Pacific agent, or from the managers of Canadian Pacific hotels
and lodges.
During the closed season, communications regarding Lake
O'Hara Lodge should be addressed to any Canadian Pacific
agent, or to
General Manager of Hotels,
Canadian Pacific Railway Company,
Windsor Station
Montreal,  Canada
Cozy cabins with modern conveniences
Songs have been written, end pictures painted,
and stories penned,—about the beauties of Lake
O'Hara. But not till you see it will you believe that
such exquisite loveliness really exists. It has an
element of enchantment about it,—as if magic had
made and encircled it with a very special charm.
O'Hara deserves to be more than a side trip from
one of the nearby resorts. It's the sort of place in
which you can spend a whole summer, peacefully,
happily. For here, beauty and comfort form the
perfect composite for the vacationist. _ *****, ©*
Eleven log cabins and a main lodge comprise the
camp at Lake O'Hara. Here, in a setting of unsurpassed scenic grandeur, the visitor enjoys all the
conveniences of suburban living:—electric lights,
telephone and all the comforts and attractions of
home! The main lodge, with its central lounge and
alcoved dining room, includes seven comfortable
bedrooms,—in addition to the individual log cabins
which dot the lake's shore.
The air's like wine at Lake O'Hara, and here, a
thousand feet above Hector and Lake Wapta, you
feel that exhilaration which mountain dwellers know.
It's an easy eight-mile hike or ride from Wapta to
O'Hara, and the road is exceptionally good, and wide.
All the way along, you'll want to pause and admire
the new vistas opening out before you.
A typical cabin at
Lake O'Hara
As Tbu Live In A
Swiss "-Like Chalet Amid Magic Mountain Beauty	
Charming maple furnishings, in a color scheme of
warm autumn gold and pine-tree green are used in
the lounge at Lake O'Hara Lodge. Around the big
stone fireplace attractive groupings have been
achieved with chairs and couches, covered with
bright homespuns in orange, black and green. At
the windows, framing wonderful views of the lake
and the mountain peaks beyond, are rust-flecked tan
curtains. Indian pictures grace the walls, and on the
floor is a plain, grass-green rug.
Equally comfortable  are  the  furnishings   in the
dining room, with its blue-draped windows. Blue
curtains also hang in the bedrooms which are furnished in the same shining maple.
Lake O'Hara is so lovely you'll be content just to
sit and watch the wind and cloud shadows patterning its still blue waters, or rowing around in the
leisurely pursuit of mountain trout with which its
depths are so plentifully stocked. But there's many
a trail to entice the holiday-minded into exploring
this natural paradise. Hiking, climbing and riding
open the way for trips to nearby beauty spots.
The cheery lounge in the main Lodge MOUNTAIN LODGE


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