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The oriental canker in Canada [unknown] 1912

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Array  The University of British Columbia Library
ii  I I - HH:
Copyright, Canada, 1912
J  "The
Oriental Canker"
"The Yellow Peril
in Canada" J ! 	
1*btrat*fc In
(fomaifcttt lorntg MmwmlpuA
©tp 3Pamtlg Htfe  CONTENTS
I/. Envoy  ..         15
Chapter I. " Some facts about
Chapter II. Reflections on the
Missionary 31
Chapter III.    The  Canker   at
»; Work    ....       37
Chapter IV.       The   Economic
Aspect    ...        53
Chapter V. The Futility of, etc.       61
Chapter VI. The   Remedy,
Some Suggestions       73
The Author has issued the following
little work from purely patriotic motives
and has done so anonymously to avoid
notoriety to a certain extent, but also
partly, from discretion, as he is of opinion that such action as may be necessary in combating the evil set forth,
should be taken by the people in concert,
to avoid calling into play that treachery
and vengeance which is the known prerogative of the Oriental.
Further, the writer having resided
both in China and Japan for some
considerable time, is only too painfully
aware of the conditions that most
white people are ignorant of, the
worst features of which can from
their nature only be half described or
hinted at in these pages.
11 He feels that in the unprecedented!
wave of prosperity that is passing over1
Canada, the people have been blind or
indifferent to the "Oriental Canker"
which is insidiously eating at the social
and economic heart of this great Dominion.
If the complacency with which the
administrators of Canada view this
question is the result of taking a "broad
view," it would appear that this "broad-
mindedness" has taken the shape of
wilful blindness, especially when we
consider the ever increasing number of
horrors that by accident find their way
into the papers, due to the contaminating
influences of Chinese (and to a lesser
extent Japanese) aliens domiciled among
If this effort will have caused responsible Canadians to pause and enquire
into the question, it will be worth while
and amply repaid.
12 The above depicts a group of the better class of
Chinese Merchants, who, while undesirable as
citizens of a White Man's Country, are immeasurably superior to the scum that forms the Bulk
of   the Chin*** Immigration into .Canada.
13  "L Envoy
He hails him from the Orient
And its pestilential climes
Where the climate is improved upon
By his diabolic crimes.
He comes with all the cunning
The bestial filth and sin,
That have been his ghastly heritage
Through the ages that have been.
His passport is his countenance
Repulsive,   cruel   and   hideous,
That brings him here to propagate
A Canker, foul, invidious.
He takes our wealth and freedom
Procured at the white man's price
The wealth he sends to his own foul
With the freedom covers his vice.
15 h
They say, "He's quiet,  peaceable"
How much so, none can tell
Till we take the toll of our women
(aye and kids)
That he's sent on the road to H L
Till we take the toll of infection
From his laundry and cafe,       §|1
Till we lift the lid of the Canker
How shall we say him nay?
Deriding, he flouts our laws
In defence of our women passed
For he has "white help" to evade
our courts	
How long shall our heritage last?
IF it requires hundreds of generations of deteriorating conditions
to produce a degenerate, how many
generations of the better conditions
and influences will be required to
evolve a proportionate regenerate?
It would be too much to attempt to
describe China fully in a work of this
size, so we must confine it to some of
the customs and conditions of modern
China that bear on the question at issue.
The most outstanding feature of that
country seems to be putrescence, an
impression that is gained by the visitor
17 on first landing on Chinese soil by the
awful stench that is as unpleasant as it
is peculiar to the "Flowery" land and
in a lesser degree to Japan.
In the bazaars one sees fish and other
perishable articles of food exposed for
sale, all more or less in a state of decomposition; this appears to be a result
of the national disposition to regard as
luxuries such things as rotten eggs,
stale fish and offal, etc., which though
putrid in the eyes of the white man,
are merely considered | ripe" by the
Chinaman. Also, the fact that cats,
dogs, rats, etc., are deemed to be great
delicacies in China, would tend to prove
that the Chinaman is, to say the least,
"a gross feeder."
Chinese history and "civilization"
date from upwards of four thousand
years, but though we are indebted to
them for the invention of the compass
and gunpowder, they have not yet discovered or applied the advantages of
plumbing or the elements of sanitation,
18 this, it can easily be imagined, is a
condition that would go a long way
toward confirming the overwhelming
impression of filth and disease that assails
the nostrils of the traveller, and the
putrescence referred to above.
The diabolical cruelty, and fiendish
cunning with which Chinese officials are
wont to torture their victims even today, *
are proverbial among seafarers, missionaries, and other travellers who have
the opportunity to observe Chinese
customs, but which are almost beyond
the conception of ordinary white folks,
whose very nightmares fall far short of
the unspeakable horrors of the Chinese
torture chamber.
The notorious Captain Kidd was a
child in cruelty and ferocity compared
with the hordes of Chinese pirates that
infest the sea board and even the rivers
of China, the existence of whom
alone, constitutes a blot on the face of
the world, and condemns China to the
lowest place among the nations in the
civilized scale.
19 The man who first gave the Chinese
the name of "Celestial" perpetrated the
most colossal piece of irony conceivable.
To call them "Demoniacal" would be
to anathematise the demons of the
lower regions as we are in the habit
of picturing them.
Capital offences in China are punished
by public execution, when the offender
is led to the roadway, made to kneel
with hands tied behind and has his head
struck off by means of a huge two-
handed sword; often there are as many
as a dozen executed together, the heads
being placed on the walls of the town or
city as an example to the public generally.
This method of executing criminals
must necessarily be a revolting spectacle to any white man, but the most
horrible thing about the procedure is
the fact that the native spectators, including women and children, are as
indifferent and apathetic as we would
be at the sight of cattle being butchered
in our own country.
1 As a further illustration of the
cheapness ||with which lifepis held
in this strange land, we may point out
the custom obtaining in modern China
(a relic of that barbarism which shows
little sign of diminution) of substitution, by which the friends of a condemned person, if moderately wealthy,
can get some debauched, diseased, or
otherwise wretched being to take the
place of the condemned one, in consideration of a sum that will enable him to
have a final carousal and perhaps help
his survivors, in either case he will
almost certainly be under the influence of
opium when the heads man finally disposes of him, and incidentally lets the
real offender go free.
We will now endeavour to describe
some of the lesser immoral or unmoral
evils that are rampant in the "Flowery
Kingdom," or republic, as it is now.
By lesser evils are meant those that
will bear publication. It is to be
regretted that the worse ones cannot be
more than hinted at in decent language,
J as it is felt that a knowledge of them
would help the reader to understand
more fully, the depravity that finds its)
expression in the faces of Orientals!
An impression that grows on acquaintance with China is the astounding
and flagrant immorality of its people.
The most depraved prostitutes of other
countries have yet to learn the depths
and limits of human degradation from
The visitor might be surprised at
first to notice that immorality does
not constitute an offence against Chinese
law or society, which it does more or
less, in even the most backward of other
countries. A little observation, however, would reveal to him how impossible
it is to compare China with other lands,
for the simple reason that the word
"immoral" is interpreted in China, to
mean "unmoral."
The single woman in China does not
appear to have any restraint placed
upon her at all in this respect, there are
1 f
certainly none upon the men. If he married
woman on the other hand, is subject to
the will of her husband, body and soul,
who is under no moral restriction himself.
An unholy custom that still finds
tolerance and use in the ranks of Chinese
society, is that which permits of a husband placing his wife or daughter (if
not already under the "protection" of
her own husband) in a local brothel, if
his financial position warrants it from
an Oriental viewpoint.
It is impossible to expatiate on some
of the grosser evils of China for obvious
reasons, but we might refer to the fact
that "incest" is a comparatively common practice of the Chinese and that
judged by any other standards of the
whole world, the vice of the Chinaman
is superlative; he is sunken to the lowest
conceivable depths of bestiality.
The opium habit, which is a vice in
itself, may to a certain extent be responsible for some of the excesses, but
we imagine that it will take more than
23 This depicts a Chinese Opium Den of the better
****•» tne »qualor, filth and stench which character-
1** these infamous resorts defy description.
L the abolition of opium in China to establish a decent code of ethics and
morality   in   that   country.
Perhaps the cheapness in which life is
held in China, is due to the indiscriminate breeding that results from the awful
immorality. The birth of a girl or
"Cow Child" is the occasion for commiseration and grief on the part of the
parents and sympathisers, but that of a
boy or "Bull Child" is celebrated with
great rejoicing and festivity; in this
respect, there is, or was until recently,
a board with a notice, at one part of
the Canton river, which forbade the
throwing of "Cow Children" mto the
river at that point.
The Chinaman is the product of so
many centuries and generations of loathsome conditions of indescribable filth,
that he is almost immune from the
ordinary diseases that find their source
in unsanitary conditions of living; yet
we are all more or less acquainted with
Chinese relief funds raised in Canada
and elsewhere to combat the ravages
25 Chinese "Junks" which abounds in Chinese
waters and prey on each other and even on large
steamers with a ferocity that is proverbial in the
East. i.   mi.I.. ii ii liiii
that arise (in protest) in China from time
to time.
Chinese ideas of cleanliness and morals
are so vague and incomplete, their food
is of such a nature and is prepared in
such a manner compared with the conceptions of the remainder of humanity,
civilized or otherwise, as to stamp them
forever as the "Hogs of the human
It would be superfluous to discuss the
general shortcomings of the Chinaman's
appearance both physical and facial,
but it must be conceded that though the
faces of other members of the Human
family, from the negro to the Australian
aboriginal, have at least some traces of
such qualities as Mercy, Kindness
and Sympathy: the face of the average
Mongolian, especially the Chinese, is
devoid of any sign of the finer attributes of Humanity. In fact, the
only thing that differentiates the Chinaman from the lower anthropoids appears
to be Human intelligence, his possession
of which, we must admit, even though
it be travestied in the pursuit of inhuman
The reader will be able to appreciate
this chapter if he will, in conjunction,
take a good look at the face of the next
Chinaman he meets, at the same time
remembering the fact that the "countenance is the index of the soul."
28 Chinese   do   not   object   to   bad   meat  for  their
Restaurants except so far as the price is concerned. i -
IS the necessity for spending huge
sums   of   money,   and sending fl
people from all parts of the world to
a country for missionary work, an
indication that the inhabitants of
that country are degenerate? If so,
is it compatible with reason that the
latter be allowed to mingle with the
races that produce the missionaries,
especially degenerate males un-ac
companied by their women-folk?
31 IT is said that the missionaries in China
have the hardest fight of any, and
this can easily be realized when one considers the kind of people they have to
deal with, and the fact that Christianity
of any creed, is unalterably opposed to
the bestiality that constitutes the bulk
of the pleasurable attractions of Chinese
fl       life* - m    -8-
Every country that professes Christianity in the world, finds its quota of
missionaries in China supported by
funds that are well nigh incalculable in
the aggregate, yet there is little apparent
improvement and what little there is,
we fear, is superficial; indeed the Christian missionary appears to be held in
supreme contempt by the prospective
Chinese convert.
The writer admits the necessity for
missionaries or some more effective
means of reform, in the intell^ts of
humanity in general, but it is incd$i£
ceivable that conditions which are the
outcome of countless generations,  can
= 1
be removed by a few years of missionary work, especially when the resistance
on the part of the Chinese themselves,
is taken into consideration. Often we
hear of missionaries being murdered for
trying to propagate a religion among
the Chinese, that is only half as old as
their own; a religion, moreover, that
deprives them of half the pleasures of
existence judged from their own depraved standpoint.
All honor to those who risk life and
health in an endeavour to lighten the
dark moral atmosphere of China;
but when we consider the stupendous outlay in missionary work, both
physical and financial, compared with
apparent results, we may be pardoned
for wondering if it is worth while and
if the same outlay could not be utilized
in improving home conditions and
As a matter of fact no white man
having experience in China and the
East  will  concede  that  a   Chinaman
33 II
can ever take up Christianity seriously,
and where he claims to have been converted it is only a matter of self-interest
and not of the spirit.
The Missionary will in many cases
aver that his efforts have been rewarded
with success, though we, from our own
observations, would incline to the opinion that this faith on the part of the
Missionary  is  almost  a  fanaticism.
However, one thing is certain, \ and
that is, that any "Chink" servant who
applies for a job with white folk in the
East, who poses as a Christian, is almost
invariably more dishonest, if possible,
than his pristine unconverted fellow
country-men, and it is this consideration that is responsible for the undoubted
scepticism of all white folk other than
the  Missionaries  themselves.
Another thing ihat would tend to confirm the above is the fact that the Missionary, though qualified perhaps to
report on the more superficial aspects
. of Chinese Social Customs, etc., is comparatively speaking, wofully ignorant
of the seething rottenness that obtains
below the surface, more or less, and
which shocks the moral and physical
susceptibilities   of   the   layman.
Apart from this, however, is it not a
colossal anomaly that Canada should
see the necessity for and support by
huge contributions, missionaries in China,
and at the same time allow degenerated
Chinese males to enter Canada and
debauch our womenfolk? For that is a
certain result of Chinese immigration:
Surely the necessity for missionaries in
China is synonomous with the necessity
for keeping the yellow man out of Canada
or, for that matter, any country that
supplies the missionaries.
There are some well-intentioned Canadians who say "let them come and get
the benefit of the White man's influence
and environment," our answer to them
is, that it is manifestly absurd to expect
that  the  Oriental  will  become  Occi-
a !
dental by mere .residence in a white
man's country and the donning of a
white man's garb. Besides, even as no
sane doctor would attempt the cure
of leprosy or other contagious disease
by contact with the healthy, so is it
equally preposterous to expect that the
placing of "moral lepers" among the
comparatively "morally healthy" will
have any result but contamination and
disaster to the latter.
N.B.—As a matter of fact we have
evidence which shows that quite a
number of Chinese domiciled in Canada
were discovered to have leprosy, and in
some cases deported.
36 1
IF there be no harm in our
young women and girls being
employed by and with Orientals,
how is it that no White Man worth
the name can bear to think of HIS
WOMENFOLK being so employed ?
IN the preceding pages we have attempted to show something of the
Chinaman that will help to form an
estimate of his ethics and morals wherein they differ so entirely from those of
the white man. We now ask the
reader if he or she could endure the
thought of a sister or daughter, having
to work either with,  or for, a yellow
37 master, to be in daily intercourse with
him as a subordinate, to be under the
uncanny influence which the Oriental
seems to exert over the white girl, or
^to be in a position of familiarity which
breeds contempt and often leads to lifelong misery and shame?
Ah "Opium Joint" was raided last
December, in Saskatoon, in which two
white girls, who otherwise had the
appearance of respectability, were
arrested. The police were notified by
the owners of the house who, being
respectable people, laid complaint regarding the unusual demeanor and the
uproarious conduct of the devotees of
Opium, in the place at all hours of the
day  and  night.
Now and again one sees in the newspapers, accounts of some poor girl who
marries a Chinese or Japanese as one
way out of her shame, though from what
we know of such unions they are a
living death for the wife; there are
hundreds of other poor girls who find
their way to the brothels as a result
C A Story without ^words of Oriental contamination in the first
place. The Orientals whom we have
nursed in the bosom of this fair land.
Chinamen are in the habit of approaching white women in this country with a
familiarity that no white man would
ever dare to assume. Only recently
at a Western City, a "Chink" laundryman
called at a house for the weekly "wash,"
a little girl of fifteen answered the door,
when the said "Chink," taking her by
the sleeve, asked her "are you mallied?"
and said "I want mally you;" the little
girl ran in and told her father who sent
the yellow man about his business.
Again, a lady whose husband is a business man, answered the door to the
"Chink" laundry-man in her kimona
dressing gown, as soon as he saw her,
he boldly came inside and with a smile
that was intended to bewitch, said
"you got plitty alms," when the lady
withdrew in horror the would-be charmer told her reassuringly that "You no
like, you no pay, lots plitty gals no pay
for laundry."
40 ^
The husband was asked afterward
why he didn't prosecute the man and
replied, "What's the good, it would
only raise a stink round my house."
And this appears to be the common
attitude of White folks under similar
The above may not sound very tragic,
but it serves to illustrate the fact that
these creatures will "take the privilege of
ignorance" in their attitude toward our
females, even children, always remembering that any unwelcome attentions
on their part will be dismissed with the
remark "he's only a Chink and don't
know any better." What of the results,
however, when he gets what he assumes
to be encouragement?
Who has not seen the hard careless
look or unutterably sad face of the
waitress in the Chinese restaurant? or
of the kitchen girl who has been too long
under the spell of the " Chink " cook?
or heard the insolent chaff that passes
between yellow master and white servants in these places?    This in itself
41 j i ----- * ft
should awaken the observer from the
apathy with which the general public in
Canada view the " Oriental Canker,"
and cause him to boycott the Chinese
restaurant  forever.
A case was reported recently in
Toronto where a white woman sought
separation from her Chinese husband
on account of unspeakable cruelties and
unnatural vile habits on his part. It
was stated by the wife, who was eighteen
years of age, that she had contracted
leprosy and other venereal diseases
from her husband who had also sent her
as a prostitute among his fellow countrymen.
Another case that may be remembered
by the reader shows how a highly respectable young lady in New York who
taught Sunday School class attended by
Chinese "pupils," was debauched and
finally murdered by the foul yellow
fiends to whom she had preached the
gospel; the Gospel that endorses mercy
and purity.    Ye  Gods.
42 1
• i      i i       - ,    I
As is natural with a race that revels |
in "ways that are dark, etc.," the Chinese
are very fond of secret societies and
other organisations that do not always
aim at mutual benefit and social fraternity, but more often than not exist
for the more sordid motives of plunder
and murder.
That Canada is not altogether free
from these social pests, may be gathered
from the following cutting from a newspaper as late as October the 19th, 1912.
Montreal, dt., Oct. 18—Search warrants issued yesterday and acted upon
by the police in Chinatown have revealed a dastardly wholesale murder
plot and an organised murder fund for
carrying out the orders of the Chinese
secret society known as Chick Long
Tong, whose headquarters are at 78
Lagtuchetiere Street.
One contract in Chinese writing signed
by Lee Yuk Sung, who some time escaped from  Montreal after the  shooting
43 I
of Moon In in a Chinese gambling "joint*
shows that Lee Young is entitled to a
total indemnity of $1000 for the work
he did in trying to shoot up a gambling
"joint" in which tribute was not paid.
"I bind myself for life and death," was
the condition which Lee Yuk Sung
agrees to in this contract, which is signed
in red ink.
Sum Sen Sun who was one of the
best known Chinese in China town,
especially amongst the gambling fraternity, was found hanging by the
neck in a tree in the Mountain Park
late this afternoon."
The writer is in possession of a
large number of newspaper cuttings but
space will not permit the inclusion of
them all, so he proposes to insert a few
copies of the more recent ones that
bear out the contention that we are
getting our share of the effects of Oriental bestiality from the yellow immigrants that we are still allowing to come
into   this   country.
44 ^
"Winnipeg Telegram," Dated Aug*
ust 24th, 1912
"The case in which a white woman,
a Mrs. Tooke, was charged with keeping a disorderly house, and also with
allowing the defilement of girls under
fourteen years of age.
"Several came forward and stated
that they had for a period of two years
been of the opinion that the establishment was not respectable. The fact
that a great many Chinese visited a
white woman's house at all hours of the
day and night was a feature of the
evidence. The witness on whom the
most interest was centred was the little
girl whom Mrs. Tooke had hired ostensibly for the purpose of minding the
baby. With quivering lips, and in
spite of her tender years, a blush of
shame on her cheek, the child, who is
barely twelve years of age, told the court
how she had been put on the road
which has but one ending   ..."
45 11 Saskatoon Daily Star,'' Dated August 27th. 1912
"Mrs. Kaybashi, a white woman,
looking deathly white and clasping a
month old infant in her thin arms, told
her horrible story. With quivering voice
the delicate woman told the magistrate
how she had been kept in a little shack
by her husband as a prostitute, the
revenue from which was used to maintain what remained of her little home,
squalid quarters though they were.
Only recently she had given birth to a
baby. According to her story the little
babe was born on June the 30th. Her
husband worked very little and frequently brought men to the house for
immoral purposes. A colored man had
also brought some. The revenue from
this source, she said, went toward
keeping her alive, While she was in
the hospital sick, her husband had not
visited her until sent for. He had also
struck her on several occasions. The husband   testified    that: "he liked   her
i ^
very well when he was not drunk
but that on these occasions he
knew   nothing   about   her."    Her
marriage took place in Fernie, B.C.
She was advised by the magistrate to
return at once to her own people in
Manitoba, placing the child where it
could be decently cared for. . . . The
Japanese husband got a six months
term which was in the opinon of
the writer grossly inadequate for
such a monstrous offence against
humanity at large.
Saskatoon Phoenix
Kingston, Ont., Oct. 21,1912—There
was to have been a marriage yesterday
between a Chinese laundry man and a
sixteen-year-old Kingston girl, but the
father of the girl learned of the plan
and took his daughter home. The
girl had been at the laundry on Friday, helping the Chink with his work.
Clergymen have been notified not to
marry the couple.
- §
The Calgary "Eye-Opener"  Dated
September 7th, 1912
"The Lord's Day Alliance, and the
Ministerial Association, are certainly
very strong, and fussy over easy and
non-essential reforms such as the prevention of ice cream on Sunday, anti
boxing laws and so forth. But neither
they nor the police seem to make much
headway when it comes to improving
people's morals and making this a clean
city. The city is as full of pimps as
ever and the streets of a night swarm
with young girls who should be at home
with their mothers. This week there
was revealed a shocking case in Calgary
(north side.) A white married woman
gave birth recently to twins, which have
since turned out to be "Chinks!" When
the awful truth was discovered, probably
by the doctor, the husband fled in horror,
and has not been heard of since. This is
perfectly true, and is something for the
local moral associations to ruminate over.
N.B.—It was subsequently ascertained
48 that the woman had been employed as a
waitress in a Chinese restaurant. Let
us not judge the poor creature too harshly in this horrible case, we imagine that
the punishment has been more than sufficient; besides, are we not to blame for
allowing our women folk to come under
the undoubted and unholy influence of
the Oriental, who seeks to destroy his
victims against their will and inclination;
Indeed the very atmosphere surrounding
the ordinary Chinese restaurant would
tend to undermine the moral resisting
power of the white girl who enters it.
The incredible folly with which we
have allowed the Chinese to monopolise the restaurant and laundry work of
this country may be difficult to undo,
but for the sake of aH that makes life
worth while, let us keep our young womanhood out of their villainous clutches.
The writer can cite only too many
similar cases, but what of the vast
majority of them that are never exposed
from fear of publicity on the part of the
49 k
victims, who prefer not to advertise the
mode of their destruction and the way
they went down to the underworld?
The innate cunning with which the
Chinaman pursues his unscrupulous intrigues almost from birth, would also
tend to make discovery and exposure
Apropos of the encouragement given
to Orientals to attend our Sunday
Schools by well-meaning divines, it
would be as well before closing this painful chapter, to recall a case of a Presbyterian Sunday School class largely attended by Chinese, which was deserted
in a body by the yellow pupils, when for
some reason best known to himself, the
pastor placed a young man teacher in
charge of the class, at the same time removing the young lady who had hitherto
presided. Perhaps the reader, is acquainted with Sunday schools having
Oriental students, and can recall some
similar instance, that would lead one to
conclude that they do not attend Sunday
60 A "Chink" laundry man can 'wash' for- four
hundred persons with two barrels of water. To
appreciate this let the reader try washing for fifty
persons with that amount of water. School for any more lofty purpose than to
cultivate the society of the female
The writing of this chapter has
almost made the author shudder, as
it is a theme, the contemplation of which
might well bring tears to all self-respecting manhood, and an overwhelming sense
of shame that such things are rampant in
the midst of this, our boasted civilisation.
IF it requires only one barrel of
water for a Chinaman who
doesn't know what a bath is, to
"wash" the dirty linen of two
hundred persons of all nationalities
and habits, what is "Prairie Itch?"
There is yet another phase of the
"Oriental Canker," which though not
potent enough at present to show any adverse effect on the extraordinary wave
of prosperity that is passing over Canada,
is one which we can term the "Economic
It is well known that Chinese laundry-
1 men and restaurant keepers (in fact ali
Orientals more or less) spend a very
small amount on the luxuries of life;
while these businesses as conducted by
the Oriental are among the most lucrative
in the world. Where then do the surplus funds of these people go? From
careful enquiry we have ascertained that
some few Chinese invest in real estate, as
a sort of speculation that appeals to the
gamblers instincts within them; but by
far the greater part of the money amassed by Chinese and Japanese in the Dominion and America generally is sent
to their own countries where as far as
the Dominion is concerned it is dead and
positively a loss.
The obvious result of this procedure
is the impoverishment of this country
by the exact amount that is diverted, plus
the earning and developing power of the
same. We can therefore reasonably conclude that the Oriental, in addition to
being a moral scourge, is a decidedly
negative asset economically.
1 When withdrawing money from the
Canadian Banks the Chinaman almost
invariably asks for gold which he puts
into a bag and shakes in order to get
the'' gold-dust.'' This sounds like a fairytale but may be verified from enquiries
at any Bank in the Dominion.
Perhaps the most anomalous and
deplorable condition arising from the
immigration into this Dominion of
Chinese, apart from moral consideration, is the fact that these people, who
are admittedly the most unclean of the
human race, have practically established
a monopoly of the restaurant, kitchen
and laundry work; the callings above
all others that demand the greatest
amount of cleanliness, in the interest of
the public health.
From enquiries made throughout the
Western Provinces we have ascertained
the fact that the proportion of Chinese
laundries to those controlled by whites,
is upwards of sixty to one; the proportion
of restaurants run by Orientals is not
^ so great, being approximately fifty to
one; as regards the cooking, however,
we find that a large proportion of the
restaurants controlled by whites and
nearly   every    hotel   employ    Chinese
"chefs-" ■- IS w H
It follows that the number of white
females employed in these places, in
subordination and familiar intercourse
with these creatures, is necessarily a
large one, and even the most "broad-
minded" among us cannot ignore the
possibility at least of contamination as
a result.
It is well known that the Chinese
laundryman can "wash" for two hundred
persons with one barrel of water, a feat,
that, we venture to suggest, could not be
performed successfully by any white
man. Another trick that finds favor
with the ordinary "Chink" in the laundry, is that of filling his mouth with water
and expectorating it on the article to be
ironed as a sort of convenient sprinkler;
there are many similar disgusting   habits
I The Chinese 'Chef' is preferred to White ones,
not on account of superior cooking ability or cleanliness, but simply because he has the reputation for
being able to affect economies in the way of disguising bad food, etc., that are quite a consideration in the employers estimation, although perhaps
not  conducive to the health of the customer. peculiar to Orientals in this trade, that
while not conducive to the health of
their customers, are after all only what can
be expected of such creatures. The writer
has personally seen conditions in
some Chinese kitchens, that were so
unspeakably filthy as to constitute a
grave public danger, and he feels certain
that a large percentage of typhoid and
other preventable diseases in Canada is
due to the existence in the country of
the Chinese cook, caterer, and laundry-
There can be no doubt that enough
White folk could and would be found to
carry on these businesses in even the
most remote parts; White people moreover could be expected to be more efficient
than Orientals; if only from the standpoint of cleanliness, and incidentally,
the public health. To this we might
add that the money earned by White
caterers, cooks, and laundry men might
reasonably be expected to be utilised
in the development of our own country.
v With these arguments in view and
accepting them as feasible, we can only
assume that from the moral, social and
economic standpoints the Oriental is
not only undesirable in the ordinary
meaning of the word, but, as a citizen
is this country, is emphatically, and indisputably, a curse
5tl I ^
IF on account of certain objectionable features that would result
in harmful effects on the community, a certain immigrant
has a prohibitive tax of $500.00
placed on him before being allowed
to enter the community; what
amount of evil and injurious contamination can be assessed at
$500.00? and how much of each is
the average Chinaman capable of?
61 In the year A.D. 1901 it was enacted
by the Federal Government that all
Chinese entering Canada must pay
a tax of $100 per head, in order to
put some restraint on the ever increasing
hordes of these people that threatened at
the time to swamp the whole country.
In 1904 it was found that this
restriction was not adequate to minimise
the danger to any appreciable extent, and
the sum was therefore raised to $500 per
head. It was satisfactory to note that
the increased tax was a little more efficient as a check, but the number of Chinese entering this country is still increasing to an alarming extent.
As a matter of fact, in A.D. 1886
there were only 211 Chinese immigrants;! in A.D. 1911 the number
for that year had grown to 7585,
Now the question arises as to the desirability of allowing these alien Orientals
62 ifr
into the Dominion at all. The United
States had a much larger population than
Canada has now when the first Chinaman
became domiciled in that country, and
the U. S. Government found it necessary
to prohibit Chinese immigration altogether, as even restricted immigration
failed to minimise the danger from their
point of view. This Dominion having
a much smaller white population, is in a
worse position in this respect than ever
the U. S. was, and, in addition to this
consideration, is it not reasonable to assume that we are getting a large number
of those Orientals who would otherwise
have gone to the States, had they been
Canada is passing through a similar
stage of development to that already
undergone by the U. S. A. and, being
a new country, she has a glorious opportunity of profiting by the mistakes of
older nations; in many directions she is
doing so, but in the matter of perhaps
her greatest evil, the "Oriental Canker,"
she is woefully indifferent to the evidence
63 of its existence and malign effects, that
must be apparent to the most casual
The total number of Orientals in
Canada at the last census was upwards
of 150,000, and though this would not
seem a very dangerous proportion at first
sight compared with the total population
of the Dominion, the fact that there are
no Chinese females, and very few children, included in that figure, puts an
entirely different complexion on the
Tak;ng the total number of Orientals
in Canada as being all adult males
and then comparing the same with
the total number of white adult males
in the Dominion, we get a proportion
that is, to say the least, disquieting, especially when it is considered that the
Oriental is ^almost wholly degenerate,
unable to become assimilated, and is
possessed of evil propensities, both
moral and physical, far in excess of
those of the white man,
I ^
This is   only   one   of   the    unsanitary  and   filthy
tricks  preformed in  a  "Chink"   laundry: Looking at the question from this
standpoint, it is hardly credible that the
authorities are so indifferent to the
menace as it really is at present; indeed
it is not too much to anticipate, that
with the proportion of Chinese to white
males, as it has been allowed to grow,
and is still growing, the Chinese in
Canada will be a repetition of the
Israelites in Egypt, but with far
more disastrous results to Canada
than was the case with Egypt, and
they will be far more difficult to get
rid of.
A law was passed by the Provincial
Government of Saskatchewan in April
last, introduced by the Hon. A. Turgeon,
which prohibits Orientals in the province from employing white female help
in their places of business; the new law
came into force on the 1st of May 1912,
though up till today there have been only
two prosecutions, one at Moose Jaw
without result, and the other at Saskatoon
which ended in a fine of ten dollars being imposed.   The latter case was de-
i fended by a "white" lawyer who pleaded
that there was no definition of the term
"white" as applied to females, and actually succeeded in securing an adjournment. When the magistrate subsequently became enlightened as to the
meaning of the word "white," he passed
sentence almost apologetically, that is
judging from the newspaper reports of
the case.
After four months of the new law,
Chinese and Japanese are still employing white girls as waitresses in their restaurants all over the province of Saskatchewan, including those fined in
Saskatoon; yet we Canadians are wont
to boast to the American that our laws
are kept and enforced better than his.
If the above case of a vitally necessary
law, resulting after four months, in two
convictions and no cessation of the evil
to combat which it was passed, is a
sample of the efficient application of
the laws of this country, the sooner we
adopt civilized methods of adminis*
tration, the better.
m^L^ There is undoubtedly a lamentable
lack of effective public opinion in Canada
comparatively speaking, except perhaps
at "election times," when it appears to
run riot. Such public opinion as finds
expression in the Press of the Dominion
seems to be governed by Party Politics,
local boosting, advertising returns, and
a feverish desire to screen the low standard of efficiency that is apparently a
necessary and inseparable condition
attached to the development of new
The reader may ask what this has to
do with the subject under discussion,
but we have digressed in the endeavour
to find some reason for the silence which
the newspapers of our country have
hitherto observed toward a question
upon which, nine out of ten white men
are agreed; further, the tendency of the
people, especially in the West, to ask
"how much is there in it?" before taking
active part in any question affecting
the public welfare, may to a certain
extent be responsible for the extraor-
I dinary apathy exhibited by the public
toward the Chinese immigration and its
baneful effects on the welfare of the
whole nation.
The circumstances attending the brutal murder of the boy, Stanley Ross,
by a Chinaman at Sintaluta, Sask., some
time back, should have roused such a
storm of public indignation as would not
have been satisfied till every yellow man
had left the Dominion; yet the case was,
for some reason peculiar to some countries, and Canada in particular, practically "hushed up."
The power of the Press in coping with
such questions is unlimited and undeniable; if that power could be invoked, we
have no doubt that the date which is
surely approaching, for protective
measures against Oriental influences
in Canada, will arrive all the sooner.
In concluding this chapter the writer
feels it incumbent on him to invite the
readers attention to the tremendous a-
mount of zeal and energy expended by
i the various religious organizations in
Canada in the pursuit of their several
missions, such as the "loud-voiced Salvation Army; the Fanatical Lord's Day
Alliance," and the so-called "Social and
moral reform League," compared with
the almost criminal apathy and indifference that the same bodies exhibit toward the "Oriental Canker," which is
undoubtedly the most malignant scourge
that has ever attacked and infested a
young and susceptible nation.
Besides a vigorous defensive campaign
and Government action, if prayers will
help us, we need the prayers of every
man, woman and child in the Dominion
of Canada, and indeed the whole of
N.B.—Since the above was written
the writer has learned that the Secre-
retary of the Social and Moral Reform
League of Canada, the Rev. T. A. Moore,
has taken up the question, and, it is
gratifying to note, is in full accord with
the view that the time has long since
arrived for action.
It is said that the Chinaman eats everything
that is chewable and boils down the remainder
to a chewing basis.
IF a necessary law is passed by the
Saskatchewan Government and
after four months results in two
prosecutions without conviction and
no cessation of the evil to combat
which the law was passed; what is
the value of Canadian Provincial
Legislature? And would it not be
desirable to revert to the Legislation
of local affairs by the Federal, or
even the British Imperial Parliament, until such time as we are able i|
to negotiate our own laws and
enforce   them   successsfully ?
73 |N our concluding chapter we humbly
* suggest for the consideration of
authoritative administrators and others,
some methods that have occurred to us
as being practicable and effective in removing the "Oriental Canker" and have
tabulated same  as follows:—
1. Institute investigation by commission and thereby attract public
opinion, into the following conditions:—
(a) Number of Orientals engaged
in the Laundry, Catering and Cookimg
businesses in the Dominion, as opposed
to the number of white folks engaged in
same, and the total number of Orientals
(b) Methods adopted by Orientals
in said callings which will bear out the
contention that they are not compatible
with the public health.
(c) Number of Orientals treated in
the Dominion for, and deported on account of, leprosy and other loathsome
diseases during the last decade.
74 ^
(d) Number of white women married
to Orientals in Canada and the truth
exposed as to the average consequences.
(e) Number of white inmates of
brothels, and prostitutes in the Dominion
that have become so as a result of Oriental contamination in the first place.
(f) Number of white females teaching Sunday schools attended by Orientals as opposed to those taught by white
(g) Approximate amounts earned,
spent and invested in the Dominion by
Orientals with a view to ascertaining the
huge sums that are diverted to their own
II. The immediate passing of a law
prohibiting Oriental immigration en-
entirely, and making the law of Saskatchewan prohibiting Orientals from employing white female help, general
throughout the Dominion, including
therein a clause dealing with white girls
working in kitchens that employ Chin-
75 ese cooks, etc. Also making the violation of such law a jailable offence in
every instance.
III. Prohibit impecunious and other
irresponsible divines performing Oriental
and white marriages.
IV. Segregate all Orientals in one
part of each town or city in the Dominion and keep strict supervision as
to sanitation, opium dens, gambling,
etc., in general.
V. Impose a prohibitive licence on
all Oriental cooks, caterers, laundrymen.
VI. Send a commission composed of
representative and impartial administrators to see for themselves the unspeakable conditions and customs obtaining in China today, and also to ascertain the "classes from which our
Oriental  immigrants  are  drawn."
(It is suggested that their report would
be interesting reading for those worthy
Canadians who have been accustomed
to accept the Chinaman at something
more than his face value.)
76 VII. Discourage unprincipled white
employers of labor in the Dominion
from employing Orientals where white
men are available.
"VTII. Assist those Orientals who
choose to leave Canada as a result of
the new conditions, by assisted or free
passages to their own countries.
IX. The formation of a League on the
same lines as the powerful "Lord's Day
Alliance," to fight the evil and bring
the necessary pressure to bear on the
Federal Government.
X. Distribute literature attracting
attention of all ranks of Canadian
society to the "Oriental Canker" and
the desirability of keeping as far away
from Chinese, or Jap laundries and restaurants as possible.
imf   Rbsc    *FC xoi    Csf O-^v   1^32
-*~P N


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