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[Group Photograph of Overseas Kuomintang Members in Taiwan] Zhongguo guo min dang


Henry Lok-tin Lee noted on the bottom of the photograph: “Overseas Kuomintang members return to Taiwan to attend the second national conference on February of the 43rd year of the Republic Era (1954). The picture is taken in the office of Zhou Zhirou, the chief of staff of the Kuomintang government.” The overseas Kuomintang members include the Chief of the Overseas Kuomintang Members Committee, South African representative Li Boyu, Canadian representative Henry Lok-tin Lee, Cuban representative Zhang Peizi, Zeng Duojia, the Chief of Staff of the Kuomintang Zhou Zhirou, women's representative Li-Zhang Ruifang (she was an overseas student of Vietnam), eastern United States representative Chen Zhonghai, Cuban representative Xu Rongyuan, Overseas Chinese Committee member Zheng Shanbi, and Mexican representative Tan Xinming.; 照片底部寫有:「民國四十三年二月海外國大代表返國出席第二次會議於臺北由僑委會派員引導拜侯各機関首長與參謀總長周至柔將軍攝於總長辦公室。樂天誌。」人名從左到右依次是: 僑委會科長、南非僑選代表李伯宇、加拿大僑選代表李樂天、古巴僑選代表張培梓、占尾架僑選代表曾多家、參謀總長周至柔將軍、全國婦女代表李張瑞芳(由安南回, 她是越南僑生)、美東僑選代表陳中海、古巴僑選代表許榮媛、僑委會職員鄭善蔽、墨西哥僑選代表譚新民。

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