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[Photograph of Taiwan Legislative branch members and the National Assembly delegates from overseas] International Photo


The photograph was a gift to Henry Lock-tin Lee from Zhang Daofan, head of the Taiwan Legislative branch. Henry Lock-tin Lee is in the second row, fourth from the right. The following words are written on the frame: "Spring of the 43rd year of the Republic of China. After the second meeting of the first National Assembly meeting in Taipei's Zhongshan Hall to elect the second President and Vice President, a banquet was hosted by Zhang Daofan and Huang Guoshu, the head and deputy head of the Taiwan Legislative branch and the overseas Chinese office of the Taiwan Legislative branch. Guests included Members of Parliament".; 此照片為臺灣立法院院長張道藩所贈。 第二排右四為李樂天。相框上有以下文字: 「中華民國四十三年春第一屆國民大會代表第二次會議在臺灣臺北之中山堂開會選舉第二屆正副總統會後承立法院正副院長張道藩黃國書及立法院僑政委員會全體設宴歡迎并邀僑選立監委作陪」。

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