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The history of Valentine and Orson [1790]

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Valentine md$j$rs(m+
Reader, you! IIfind this little Book contains
Enough to answer thy expense and pains /
And if with cautionyou will read it through,
' Twill both instruct, and delight thee too.
Printed for the Company of Walking
 + •#•■
Valentine and- Orson.
||||   CHAP, j
The Banijkmenf of the LadyBellifant, who is
delvigfrgd of Pcfjhjtine and Or/on at one
Birthy in n wood,
IT is- recorded, that PEPEN, King of
France, had a fair filter named Belli-
fant, who was married to Alexander, the
Emper^^li'Greece, and by him carried
to his. Capital at Constantinople; from
whence, after|l|iaving lived with great
virt^fe, fixe wa's banifhed throug%ithe
means, of a falfe aceufer, whom {he had.
feveft&Jy checked for hisimprudence j.and
though at the fame^me £he was big
,^|th Child, yet fhe was compelled to
 leave her hufband||:empire, to the great
regret of the people, attended only with
a fquire named Blandiman,   ^fe^
After great fatigue and travel, fhear-
;|reyed in the foreft of Orleans, "where fiud-
ing-her pains come thick upon her, fhe
difmiffed n'fr attendant for a midwife,
but before his return was del».v.et|p ;of
two lovely children, one of fwhie-b^was
conveyed away by a fhe bear, butj^flie
willing to fave it pulEaed on her-l^nds
and knees, leaving tBpother beMncfpJ
But before her return, King Pepin being
a hunting in the foreft, came to theKree
where fhe left the other babe,iand caufing
|$|to be taken. up, fent -illjctonurfe^ftncl
when it grew'up called his narr^.'Valen-
tine.—Blandiman at lengrh came back,
and inftead of finding his miflrefs found
her brother Pepin at the tree^e*. which he
declared all that had happened, and ho|||
his fifteiFfwas banifhed through the falfe
fuggeftions of the arch^jprieft^ which
when King Pepin heard he was greatly enraged againft the lady Bellifant, faying
the Emperor ought to have put her to
death; fo leaving Blandiman, he returned
to his-nobles'at Paris,—i^be lady Bellifant having, followed the bear tojfgo pur-
e, returned toithe place where fhe had
eft the other babeffbut  great was her
lorrow when Blandiman faid he had fejjal
her broker Pepin, but could tell nothing
of the child j and having comforted her
for the#fe of it, they went to the fea-fide
took {hipping, aha? arrived at the caflp
of the^Siant Feragus* in Portugal. .
Alhtnis while the bear nofffifhed the
infant amongft her yourigj ones, until|jj|
length it grew up a wild hairy man, dp*
p'iag great mifchief to all that paffed th^|
P^e foreft ; jp which we will leave hianjl
and return to the arch  prieft, who did
great rrSfchief, till he was impeached by
^merchant of having wrongfully accufed
the Emprefs j- upon which they fought,
and the merchant conquering, made cff|
prieft confets all his treafons,   the Em*
peror wrote about it to the King of
France, and he was hanged,
Valentine conquers his Brother in theWorejl'ffii
. Orleans.
NrOW  was Valentine grown a lufty
young mafi^Kand by   the King as
greatly gloved as if he had been his own
fon : commanding him to be taught the
ufe of arms^lin-which he fbon became To
expert, that few in thfflcourt dared to encounter him :   whichijthade Hufray and
Heny the King's.baftard fons^e%ceedingly
envy him.     At this juncture giie&tcom-
plaints were made^gainft the Wild Mans
frorri whom no Knight had efcaped with
his life-,|hat had encountered him ; whilpi|
made the King promife a tlVoir|and marks
to any that would bring hirh dead or alive,
which offer ncaie dare exceol'j but H^«|
fray an|l: Henry defired King Pepy|jp^
fend Valentin^: with a vie$|_of getting
rid of fo poweipj^i irival^fh the fling's favour, but his Majefty feeing their malady,
was very angry, telling them, he'j^buttj
:|r|ther lofe the beft Baron in the land.
 However Valentifie defired leave  of
his Majefty to gOv|§ the foreft, .refolving
either tOj conquer the Wild Man,   or die
in the attempt.    Accordingly having fur-
nifhed  himfel£ISwith,^( good  horfe  and
arms, he fet forward on his journey,-and-
aftejftwo daysj^travelling, he arrived iff*
the  foreft: j in   the eveningl^e tied -Ww
horfe to. a large fpreading ^|^i|md got
*ip in a tree- himfelf, for his fecuritjp
[Cohere he refted that night^
Next morning he beheld the Wild Man
:||pverfirig the foreft in fearch of his prey,
at length he came to tbe|£ree where Va-
iffpntine's horfe flood, from whom he pulled many hairs,   upon  which  the horfe
kicked?fam.    The Wild Man feeling the
pain, was going to tear him to pieces,
which Valentine feeing, made fignsj|ts if
he would fight|birn, and accordingly  he-
leaped :^awn,^tnd gave him a blow,   Dpi
the. Wild Man caught hnjfknd threw him
-to i^e ground.    Then taking up Valen-
$H|f|Mtfhield,   he "t^sheld it with amazed
with refpeft to the divers colours thereon
emblazoned, jj vigil
|||Valentine being much brCtfjed, got up
and wetfeibwards-Jlls brother|in great atag|
ger :   but Orfon ran to a tree, and then
 they engaged; bujpboth being terrible
wounded gave out by4|*bnfent; after
§$|frich Valentine fignified to Orfon, th||||
if he wpjild yield to himphe would order matters fo as fi^fhould become a ration]*} creature.
Orfon thinpffg that he meant him no
harm, ftretche||;forth his hisd to hin^s|
upon which he bound him, and then ij|tf
himlfp Pa^* where he prefented ruin to
lining Pepin, who rjad the Wild Man baptized by the namet§f Orfojii, from his be-
ing%taken in a wood.   J^rfon's^aftioMf
during their ftay tlifere very much amufed
the court, that at ,leh^pjtl|ex6uke of Ac-
quitain fent le|ters importing, that|who-
■ foever   wpiild    overthrow   the 'l^reen
Knight, a^gagan champion, fhould have
his daughter Fazon in rrjlrriage.   ||jpon
which^ropofition Valetmine fet out for
|i|jjat proy^pe, aH%nded byphjs brother
Orfon, bj^whichj|M|;^|MeM'Sme fp the
khowleEge bf^s parents, as we {hall find
hereJifter,- j §mM
 (   8   )
ZX(? j%$/ between Orfon and the Green.
AFTER iy^^MjIrney^alentlne and
.|®||qJ| arrived at Duk||>Savary's palace in ^cquit^in;  andjnfa|$ng known
the reafori;l(n|f? theyj^ame there,  were
prefenti%*i|§3Fazon;  to whom Valentine
:jtg||^idrefred himfelf |§||i
*<Speet creati^^King B^pin.has lent
■jfrte hitherJpth the brayeft Knight in all
§ps realm to fight the Green Knight^|$ho
::ffi^gh he hisafjmb and naked, is endued
withpuch valour, that no' KniJ|ft undelj
the fun is able to c^>pe with him."
During this fpeech fhe viewecl Orfof&
narrowly^ and he ner; butlEupper ,ccoming
in, interrupted them,  and they|l^t dowh
to ea/j^p
Whilft thej^vere^h the midft of |fp
their fe|ftings, the Green Knightfentered
faying, Duke Acquitain  haft  thou  any"
more Knights to^feope with me for thy
daughter ?     Yes, replied ifier Duke,|J§|
have feventeen, and tj|dh fhewed them tp|
 him. The Green Knighififien faid to
them,||eat your fill, for t^fmorrow will
be your laft. ^rfon hearing whai5*)jK||
faid, was mi|ph incehfed againphim, and
fudd£niy rifing from the table, threw the
Green Knight with fuch force agatnft the
'■$$$>. as laid hinf. Mead for Tome time;
IwBicfev^ry much plpfed tm*whole company.
Ne^^o^.<piany Knights wetSito fight
the Gr£en KnightApt|t he overcame and
:|[iew thenvia^^ till at laft,  Orfon being
■jtfitielph Valentme's aripaur, c|me to the
Green Knight's rSavilioh^ahd defying lamjf;
•$Ke$jt, began ,^^^^ft. defpera^^^nbat
:^'.^p^a was heard  of, and fhe-Grteen
Knight made fo gre|^.^^^ke at him, as
to cut offfthe top of his helmit,  half his
Jffileld, and wounded
this ferved|Snly to
Orfon, who coming up to him cj|} footj
;.tPok hold of him,  and pulle&fhim from
his horfe, got aftride him, andwasjuft
goingltb kill him, but was pre vetoed by
the fti1f^^|^i-0ival t^r^^fentirie, whp$p|
|8fpieded with Orfph\tp fpare hfc life^l^n
^^^f^on of his turning Chilian, ¥ricl
acquara^ig King P|p|S^^w he was c?6%£
him much;||;But
enrage the valiant
 j ThlKGreengKnight haviug^promifed to
perform^il that was defired, J&ey led hl^l
Ijjpfoner to the city of Acquitain, anj|the
Duke received them with great joy^iand
offered the lady Fazon to Orfon ; bjit he
|^^l|l not marry her till his broker had
won the Green Knight's fitter, lady Clea||
mond ^^^^Mffithey ^|a^r|tlked wit|§the
enchanted head of braf1p0K|.ow his paren^
and get the proper @|e of his tongue; whif|t|
when tWe^dy knew {hifjivas very ferryj be-
caufe^^wpp Orjtpn, and wasrefolvedltaj
marl|r: none but;J|||pwho had sOJCpmM
conquered the Green Knight.   |||f    p^
^^gCHAP. l|||
Falentine and Orfon go infearch of Lady
Cleriniondy who had the Brazen Head
|||p in her poffefjtoiffil
VpENTINE and Orfon having taken
leave of the Dilke of fequitain a^d;|
his daughtj^ Fazon, plpceeded on  thei^|
journey^ju fea^h of the lady Cierimond,
and at ipft came to ^j}wer of burniflied
brajgl^^^i  upon enquiry, they difco-
v$$red td|~be kep"by iGjlerimond, filler to
Feragus and, the defeated Giien Knight,
and having dernandedteirtrance was refufei|X§
it by the centinal who guarded the gatep
which provpfc|3P|||ilentine to; th^fdegre^
that he run againfthim with fuch fury that
the centinal fell down dead immediately.
The lady Cleri|§bnd beheld all this dispute, and feeing themjerave Knights, Ee|%
5*§|ived them courtepjjfl^.—-Valentine hav-?
ingprefented tokehsfrom the Green Knight
told.helpy he i^pie there for the love of
her, and to difcourfe with|in^|iijknowing
Head,  concerning^their parents^^fter
pinner, ,the lady took them by the han^yfe
and led the^p to the chjfj&b£r of rarities,
where the Head was placed betiyfen four
pillars of pure jafper,when, as they en|frj$|^
l^fmade the following fpeech to Valentin%j|
!i*?Thou ,farn|ftfteKnight of royal extract
art :c3alled ^lenti|$ the ^ajient^jwhoof
right ought to maf^r the lady Clerimon<p|
Thpjiart,  fon to the Enfperelf. of Gree§§|
of Feragus, in PorJ||&Ji where they have
refided for twentj&^years.    Em^Pepin is
thine uncle, and the Wild K|atf tbMbro-
thejp; the Emprefs Bellifant brought ye|
-&o forth in the foreft of-Wrleans*:'"he vMi
taken away by a ravenous bear, and thou
waft taken up by thy uncle Pepin, who
^Sught thee up;to man'seftate. Moreover
I likewife tell thee, that thy brother fhall
never fpeak till thou cutteft the thread that
grows under his tongue.
The Brazen Head having ended  his
g|j$3|agji5 Valentine embraced Orfon and cut
the thread which grew under his tongue;
and the dj recti y reflated many-furprifing
things. After which Valentine married
Lady Clerimond, bjgi; not before fhe turned
In this caftle lived a dwarf, named Pa-
colet, who was an enchanter, and by his
art -Md contrived a horfe of wodciffandin
the forehead a fix0 pin, by turning of
which he cctiftld convey himfelf to the faff^
theft part of the world. §|p
This enchanter fli^tef|,ortugal, and in-
^^^^FeragusPf: his fiber's nuptials,  aJii|^
of her fufning CJpriftian ; which fo enraged
himj|fri||!he fwore by Mahomet he would
make her rue it, afi^there^bn he g^'
ready ri|siileet, aud failed towjfrds the castle of Clerimond, Jpiere |when he arrived
|||&c||ncealed his mM^earom his fifteip' and
alfo the two Knights, telling-them that l$e£
Ipna^to fetch t^n^ntb Portugal, the b||||
ter to fot^mnizett:hemarria|^^id he would
turn Chriftian W? their arrival at the caftle,
all which they believed, and foon after embarked with him. '^hen he had got them
on board, he ordered them to be put in
Uvi0i^^$.ch fo grieved his fifblFClerimond,
thatihe would have thrown-|b^™lf into
the fea had fhe hot been ftp^ped.
'Pecqlet comforts the Ladies, and delivers
Vdjjgntine anaiOrfon,fyjf0J£ PrifdJh^^mM
WHEN they were come to Portugal,
he put Valentine and Orfon in a
dungeon, fed them with bread and water,
but allowed his fift^ Clerimond the liberty
of the caftle, wherlfjfhe meets tbeEmprefs
Belljfant, who had b|^fa confined tweij^l
.years jh the ca||^|E Feragusi She feeing
her fo-fg$l of g^i^^pmforts herj enquiring
the reafbn which fhe told her||\i The En>-
prefs was mighty grieved,» but Pacolet
comforted them by telling them he mould
releafe thera all that evening, which ihe accordingly did in the following manner :
 In tllcl. dead of the night he goes to the
dungeon, where layL Valentine and Orfon
bouB^^i^^liains, and touching the doors
with his magical wajtd they flew open ; and
coming to the Kniglits^.he rejeafed them
and condu^p^them^p the apartment
^wbere Bellifant and Clerimondjwere, who
'ffo'pxe exceedingly tranfported ; but Pfgp^tit
hindered them from difcourfing long by
tellij^^pem they muft depart before the
guards of Feragus awakecjt which would
put a flop to hislproceedings,
So Pacolet led them teethe gates of the
Igiiftlei and having prepared a fhip he conveyed'tpem to Lady Fazon, at the City of
Acquitajfr; next morning when Feragus
heard of their efcape, he was enraged|p the.
laft degree. The Knights and Ladies being,
out of danger, foon arrived at Acquitain,
to the great joy of Lady Fazon, who w&$£
foojagafter married ffo Orfon with great fo-
lemnity ; upon wh&b' tilts and tournaments
were p^formed for mari^ays; but Va-
lenfiie carried the prize by overthrowing
at leaft above an hundred brave Knights.
 *5 "•")
|§§P|| Vg||
'0Jgalentine diesi'Mnd Orfon turns Hermmftk
NO^^alentine^eing g^alty diftrefted
[.if? his rfand for the death of Ms fa-
iffer, (who late^.died) refolyiep to make a
Ipgrimage % the >$pjbly Sepulch^; and
ther^p^ taking leave of his wife Clerimond ; and giving the government of the.
Empire unto his bMther, he departed, to
the greatfbrrow o£|^jl, particular his mother Bellifant, and the fair Clerimond.
Valentfne, latter feven years absence returned, dreffed like a poor palmer, begging
vJctuals at the gate of bis own palace; and
at length being fiaf;and about to die^rhe
called for Clerimond and made himfelf
known to her, t|V which fhe was ready to
give up the.gn^^ll f||| Wm
At laft havj% recommended the care of
her to his brotrpr,- and^ the Emprefs, his-
dear mothe"|i and bleffing.:$$ them, i|e|
turned on one fide, aftd breathed out his
noble fottl from his illuftr|pus body, to the
great grief of alljlbe valiant Knights of
Ch||ftendom, ;§§iwhom lie had been a no-
ble example, and a generous reliever of.—
Bu^pitimond never could efpoufe any
one, but betook her to a fingle life, always
lamenting the loss of her beloved hufband.
After hislfcleath, Orfon governed the Empire with great wifdoitfind juftice for feverirt
ivfcars, till at length, feeing the frail date of
yEwi'man affairs, he gayfcnhe clrarge of his
Jfmpire, \^fe£and CkiiOT^,':re|pe ween
j|Cr«gS?t, and tnjni turning Hermit, he be»
came a refident^pf thetfbrefts and woods,
where, after living to a gr^t age, this magnanimous and invincible hero furrenderigS
ifra^iffecly unto never fparing djifnf;and
H^ foul to the immortal dMti^^jf whole
attributept had^BtMie refemblancjyi
Thus reader ^you may fee fjkdt none with fi&iuLi
Th^'gteat in ■valour^^or^'va/l command,
Theimghty force of death's all conquering hand.
jfe.   Finis.   •$?■


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