Historical Children's Literature Collection

The golden dreamer; or, dreams realised, containing the interpretation of a great variety of dreams [between 1840 and 1857?]

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f 6   S*   *
To iimm of the atmosphere, his a variety of in*
terpretations, and depends entirely on the different
appearances it has.    If you dream the sky is clear,
of a fine blue, calm and serene, then it is a good
omen \ you will be successful in your enterprises:
if you are soliciting any place of preferment, you will
surely obtain it,—if you are in love, you will surely
marry the object of your affections,—have you a
law-suit?  you will gain it,—are you in trade! it
will flourish and be profitable,—are you a farmer ?
good crops will attend you, your cattle will increase,
your pigs and poultry will be abundant, your commodities will fetch a good price at the market,—-'
are you married ? you will have many children, and
they will be dutiful and do srell,—are you about to
undertake a journey!   it will answer your utmost
expectations,-—are you going to sea f you will have
a pleasant and prosperous voyage,—are you in debit
you will speedily be enabled to extricate yourself from
it,—are you in prison f you will shortly be pet at
liberty*     To dream that it is full of thick, dark,
and heavy cloudy is an unfavourable token,—you
will fell sick, and perhaps die,-—disappointments
will attend your business.
Adultery. To dream of the committing of this
gin, forebodes great troubles and misfortunes?—if
you are m love, you will certainly &U in marrying
I&6 object of your wisfcd3,««-if yon have a fawsu^
it will eertaiiily go against you, by the irsacheay of
those who pretend to b@ yoar friends,-—if you an?
in business some heavy logs will happen to yon
Such a dream announces that you are in great dangei
of losing your liberty,—and if you arc  about  to
undertake a voyage to sea. omit It for the present*
for you will never reach the destined port.    T©
dream you are tempted to commit this crime, and
that you resist it, it is a happy omen,—every thing
wil. flourish with you,—fee sore it is a good time to
begin trade after such a dream,—if you have a lawsuit^ all will go on in your favour, with credit to
yourself, and confusion, to your opponents,—if you
are about to undertake a long journey, it will be
pleasant and successful to your object,—if you are
going to $m, you will have an agreeable voyage,
beautiful weather, and a quick arrival at the port
)f destination,—if you  are in love, do not desist
n pressing the object of your wishes, for they will
Apparel Ho ng mom .demonstrates tne events
hat are about to happen you, than dreaming of
rearing apparel; but almost every colour has a
liferent interpret tion, and much depends on its
spearing new or old, its fitting you, or being too
g or too little. We shall here explain them ae-
irding to their different significations. To dream
m are dressed in white, is a sure token of success
1 the first object jou undertake, and that you will
j 3 successful in love, and that your sweetheart is of
good temper ane' amiable disposition.    To dream
>u are dressed in green, denotes that you are about
; undertake a jot rney to your advantage, and thai
. tur sweetheart prefers you to alt other lovers.    To
 dream you are dressed in blach, is an unlucky omen;
some quarrel is about to happen between you and a
iriend or relation; sickness is about to attend you
and your family; death will deprive you of some
near friend or relation; law-suits will perplex and
harass you—if you undertake a journey, it will be
unsuccessful, and contribute much to injure youi
health and fortune—if you are in love, it denotes
that your sweetheart is very unhappy, and that sickness will attend her,—if you are a farmer, you will
be cheated by some knave, and your crops will turn
out indifferent; the murrain will attack your cattlef
and some dreadful accident will happen by the over
turn of one of your waggons,—if you are in business
some one will arrest you, and you will have grea
difficulty in settling the matter.   To dream you an
dressed in blue, denotes happiness; you will short!
be invited to some banquet or mexry making, whei
you will make some friends and be very happy, if yc
only avoid quarrelling, which some enemy to your wel
fare will endeavour to excite you to do,—your sweei
heart is by this colour denoted to be very faithful 1
you, and will make you very happy and comfortable
you will have many children, chiefly boys, who wi
turnout honest and good,—if you are in trade you wjj
prosper.   If you dream you are dressed in scarl
you are thereby warned of some very heavy calami
and a severe fit of illness—your sweetheart is by
announced to you to be of a turbulent disposition
much inclined to dispute about trifles, and liable t
Hake you very unhappy,—your children will 1
short-lived and of very unhappy tempers, much ir.
dined to be very sickly,—it surely denotes a quarr
and loss of friends.   To dream you are dressed
yeUow, is rather lucky than otherwise* your mm
heart by it appears to be very jealous of yvu, and
great pains will be requisite to prevent your separating—if you are married, keep a good look out,
for some one is abont to alienate the affections of your
partner—in trade it promises" prosperity; but soi$$
one will cheat you of a trifle not of much consequence—if you  are  a farmer,   you  will   have    a
abundant crop—if you undertake a voyage by i
you will be greatly the gainer by it; and if you
expect any place of preferment, after much trouble
you will attain it.    To dream you are dressed in
crimson^ denotes that the dreamer wiU live to a good
old age, and will be neither fortunate or unfortunate
through life : you are about to experience some very
pleasant news from a distant quarter, and from those
you thought dead.    Your sweetheart will be obliged
to leave you, but will continue faithful to you—if
you are in trade, you will experience some loss by a
person that you had great confidence in, but you will,
at nearly the same time, get a job that will amply
make you amends—it denotes a small dispute between a landlord and his tenant, which will be settled amicably to the advantage of the latter.   To
dream you are dressed in a variety of colours, de*
notes a variety of fortunes are abous to attend you i
old friends will daiert you, new ones will supply
their place—if you are in love, a quarrel will take
place between you and your sweetheart, which m?
after much uneasiness to both parties, b^ adjusied
by friends—be cautious in what you do for 8£in«
time, for many traps will be kid to ensnare jf$n
but on no account trust yourself on the water; relations will shortly die, and if you have any children, sickness will attend them—if you are sick at
the time of the dream, it denotes a happy and speedy
 recoftsy. To dream you ate fimMomliy dr$$t
and in good company, is very good for the dreamer ; he will rise considerably above his present condition—your sweetheart will prefer you above
others, and be very good tempered; whatever you
undertake will have a prosperous issue, and some
unexpected news of an agreeable nature will reach
you—expect to see a long absent friend return in
good circumstances; but avoid having a dispute
with any one, for it will go against you and do
harm, particularly if it be with your sweetheart.
To dream you are dressed shabbily, that your clothes
are ragged and torn, is a bad omen.
Asses. To dream you are riding on an ass, is
the forerunner of some foolish quarrel in which you
will he much in the wrong, and condemned by your
friends—if you are in love, it denotes that soma
misunderstanding will happen between you and
your sweetheart, in which you will be much in fault
—if you are in business, it foretells that you will
make some foolish bargain. To dream you are
driving an ass, denotes that you will fail into some
trouble, of which you will get the better, and that
you will be relieved from present embarrassments,
—if you are in love, it denotes that some quarrel
will take place betwixt your sweetheart and yourself, which will soon be mad© up again to your advantage. To dream an ass runs after you, denotes
that some slander will be raised against you by som&
foolish person, who will become themselves the victims of the scandal raised against you.
Acquaintance. To dream you quarrel or fight
with an aquaintanoe, it is an unlucky omen, it
forebodes a division among your own family, much
to ih$ injury and prejudice of the dreamer—if you
are ia love, yeut? mistress will prove unfeithW, and
marry some other man that she has told you she
most hates,—if you are in business, Suiae heavy logs
will befall you; you will disagree with some of your
best friends on the most trivial matters, which will
end in an open rupture,—if you are a farmer, expect
a bad crop, the murrain amongst your cattle i
that your pigs and poultry will fail and not fe*ch
f good prices,—if you have a lawsuit, depend that
your attornep will neglect you, that your witnesses
will be tardy and backward, and that finally you
will lose your cause. Do not for sometime under*
take a journey by land, or a voyage by sea; enter
for the present into no new undertaking, for you
will be unsuccessful; quit, if you can, your present
place of residence; and, above all, avoid lending
money, for you will surely lose it together with the
friendship of those to whom you lend it. If you
dream that you are with an acquaintance at some
place of public amusement, you may expect soon to
be called from home on business of importance.
Dancing. To dream you are dancing at a ball,
wake, or entertainment, foretells that you will shortly
receive some joyful news from an absent friend,
and that you are about to inherit some unexpected
legacy; it foretells success and happiness in love; that
your sweetheart is kind and true, and will make
you very happy in marriage; to the sailor it denotes
a pleasant and successful voyage; increase of children to married persons, and of business to those
in trade*
Demi To dream of this professed Qmmj to the
human race denotes that many dangers will threaten
you, all of which you will overcome; it foretells of a
lawsuiti in which your adversary wiU endeavour
^eretly to undermine you, nevertheless you will
get the better of him, and put him to shame; if you
are in love, it forebodes that some one is endeavouring
to alienate the affections of your sweetheart, but will
be unsuccessful; to the tradesman it denotes a good
deal of business, attended with many troubles; to
the poor it denotes good employment; and to the
sailor, a wife with a great sum of money.
Death. To dream you see this grim looking
bundle of bones, denotes happiness and long life;
and you will be either speedily married yourself,
or else assist at a wedding. To dream that you are
dead, also denotes a speedy marriage, and that you
will be successful in all your undertakings; to those
that are married it foretells young children, and that
they will be dutiful, and give you great comfort.
To dream you see another person dead, denotes ill
usage from friends; if you are in love, your sweetheart will prove false; if you are a farmer you will
lose money by horses, and be way-laid as you return
from market.
Dogs. To dream of these domestic and faithful
animals, has very different significations, according
to the maimer in which you see them,—if they fawn
and fondle upon you, then it is a lucky omen; if you
have had a quarrel with a friend or sweetheart,
it will be reconciled to your advantage; if you are
in love, your sweetheart will maxry you, and render you very happy; it denotes health, riches and
honour; if they are barking and snarling at you,
then depend that enemies are secretly endaavouriag
to destroy your reputation and happiness; if you
are in love, be careful of your present sweetheart;
if you marry him or her, you will be unhappy and
poor; if you dream they bite you, then it is a cer
tain prognostic that you will experience fcome loss j
If you are in love, your sweetheart will deceive you
and make you veiy unhappy.
Drowning. To dream you are drowning, or that
you see another drowned or drowning, portends
good to the dreamer, and denotes that he will escape
many difficulties^ settle near his native place, marry,
Jhave children, and become happy and rich: to the
lover it denotes that your sweetheart is good tempered and inclined to marry you. If you are a sailor
it foretells a favourable and a pleasant voyage.
Eating. To dream you are eating, is a ver^
unfavourable omen; it portends disunion among
your family, losses in trade and disappointment in
love—storms and shipwreck by sea. To dream you
see others eating, is of a contrary tendency, and
foretells success in ail your present enterprises; if
you marry the present object of your affections, that
you will grow rich, be happy, and have dutiful
Eyes. To dream you lose your eyes is a very
unfavourable omen; it denotes decay of circumstances, loss of friends, death of relations, and miscarriage in love—If a woman with child dreams of it,
it denotes tht*t the child in her womb will be very
unhappy, and before it arrives at years of maturity,
lose its liberty.
Feasting. To dream you are at a feast, denotes
that you will meet with mmy disappointments,
particularly in the thing which you are most anxious about: it love it forebodes much uneasiness
between sweethearts; and to them who are married, it foretells undutiful children, with many heavy
Fall    To dream you fall from any high pke@f
m from a tree, denotes loss of place and goods,—If
you are in love, it surely indicates that you will
aever marry the present object of your affections.
To the tradesman, it denotes decline of business ;
and to the sailor storms and shipwreck.
Fightmg. To dream you are fighting, denotes
to the lover ifa&i you will loss the object of your
affections through a foolish quarrel: it also forebodes
much opposition to your wishes, with loss of ehar-
■ acter and property. After such a dream I would
advise tho dreamer to quit his present situation,
because such a dream indicates that you will not
prosper in it; to the sailor it denotes storms and
shipwreck, with disappointment in love.
Fire. To dream of the subtle elements, denotes
health and happiness to the lover* marriage with
the object of your affections, and many children: it
also denotes that you will be very angry with some
one on a trifling occasion. To dream you see burn- [
Ing lights descending, as it were from heaven, is a
very bad sign indeed; it portends some dreadful
accident to the dreamer, such as being hanged, losing your head, having your- brains dashed outj
breaking your legs, getting into prison, or other
strange accidents.
Flying. To dream you are flying, is a vary e^
cellent omen; ration of fortune, that
yon will arrive at dignity in the state, and be happy. If yon arcs in love, your sweetheart will be
true to you, and if you marry you will faavt mmj
Fortune, To dream you make a sudden fortune
Is a very bad omen 5 to the tradesman it denotes
losses in trade, quarrelling with his creditors, and
tie loss of liberty; to the love? it denotes that your
sweetheart does not return your lovej to the saHof
it indicates storms and shipwrecks.
Friend. To dream you see a friend dead, be*
tokens hastj news, of a joyous nature; if you are
fa love^ it foretells a speedy marriage with the object
of your slfigciiong.
JFhdL To dream of fruit, has different inter*
gretationSj recording to what ths fruit is that you
dream of. Apples betoken long life and success;
a boy to a woman with child; cheerfulness in your
sweetheart and riches by trade.—Cherries indicate
disappointment in love, vexation in the marriage
state, and slight in love,—Figs are the forerunners
of prosperity and happiness,—to the lover they
denote the accomplishment of your wishes,—to the
tradesman, increase of trade,—they are also indicative of a legacy.—Gooseberries indicate many
children, chiefly sons, and an accomplishment of
your present pursuits;—to the sailor they declare
dangers in his next voyage,—-to the maiden a roving husband; and to the man a rakish wife.—
Nuts, if you se$ clusters of them, denote riches and
happiness, to the lover success and a good tempered
sweetheart—if you are gathering of them, it is net
a good omen, for yo 1 will pursue some matter that
will not turn out to your advantage; if you craci
them, the person ^iio courts you, or to whom yo*
pay your addressee will treat you with indifference*
and be very ufifaithfhl.—Oranges sire very hai
omens; they fo^jbod© loss of goods and reputation-
attacks from th? aves, wounds, and fickleness in ihf
object of your tSections.—Pears prefigure elevatiof
in life, accumulation of riches and honour, success
$a undertakings and constancy in love. If a wo-
mtsk with child dreams of them she will have &
 girl who will matry one far above her rank before
she is seventeen—Strawb rries denote to women
with child a good time, and a boy; to a maiden,
speedy marriage with a mm who will b come rich,
and make her happy; to a youth, they ianote that
his wife w22 be sweet tempered, and bring him
many children, all boys; they foretell riches to the
tradesman and the sailor.
Gallows. To dream of the gallows is a most
fortunate omen; it shows that the dreamer will
become rich, and arrive at great honours; to the
lover it shows the con ummation of his most sanguine wishes; for a woman with child to dream of
the gallows, signifies that she is pregnant of a son,
will have a good time, and that the fruit of her womb
will become very rich.
Gifts. To dream you have any thing given to
you, is a sign that some good is about to happen to
you; it also denotes that a speedy marriage will
take place betwixt you and your sweetheart.
Grave. To dream you see a grave, foretells sickness and disappointment,—if your are in love, depend
you will never marry your present sweetheart; if
you go into the grave, it shows you will experience
a loss of property, and that fabe friends will defama
you,—-if you come out of the $rave, it denotes success in your undertakings, that you will rise in the
world and become very rich ; aid if you are in love,
c you will speedily   narry your sweetheart,—if
i take another out of the grave, you will be the
ins of saving the life of a person, who will be a
r^ry great friend to you, and receive some unexpected legacy.
Hmiged. To dream you see p^bple hanged, or
yon are goina tn he handged jowseif, denotes
§*at you will rise above your present condition by
Hilfa. To dream of travelling over steep hills,
shows that you will encounter many difficulties,
and enter upon some arduous undertaking: if you
descend the hill hastily you will get the better of
all your difficulties and enemies, and become rich;
to the lover it shows rivals, who will give great uneasiness.
House. To dream of building a house is a very
favourable omen; if you are in trade it denotes
success—if in love, that your sweetheart is good
tempered and faithful, and will make you very
happy. To dream your house is burnt down, denotes
much trouble and many difficulties, with the loss of
goods and reputation. To dream you see your
house on fire, foretells hasty news, and that you will
lose a near relation.
Hunting. To dream you are hunting fox, and
that he is killed, shows much -trouble through the
pretensions of false friends, but that you will discover
them and overcome all their machinations—if you
are hunting a hare, it is indicative of bad success:
you will be disappointed in your favourite object,
be what it may—hunting a stag, if he is caught
alive, denotes good to the dreamer, and that he will
ba successful in all his present undertakings.
Keys. To dream of key% is favourable to a
person in trade—and to a sailor they denote soms
' gift, and the dreamer will become rich. To dream
you lose a key foreshows anger, and that you will
lose a friend. To dream of finding a key, denotes
an addition to your estate. If you are married, it
also foretells the birth of a child: if you give another key, you will be speedily married; in love
keys betoken faithfulness, and a good tempered
Knnm. To dream of knives is a very unpro-
pitious omen; it betokens lawsuits, poverty, disgrace, strife, and a general failure in the pursuit of
your projects; in love it'denotes a happy marriage
with the object of your affections, and that you will
become, by industry, rich, and settle your children
Letters. To dream of receMng letters, is demonstrative of your being beloved by a person of
the opposite sex, who is very much your friend,
and will do all in their power to render you happy.
To dream of writing letters, shows success in enterprise^ and that you will receive some very pleasant
Light To dream you sea a great light is a
happy presage, it denotes that you will attain to
great honours and become Yevy rich,—in love it
ihowi a sweetheart c£ an amiable disposition, that
you will marry well, have children, and be very
happy,—if the light disappears all of a sudden, it
betokens a great change in your present situation,
much for the worse, it portends imprisonment, and
Iobb of goods, with unexpected misfortunes.
Linm. To dream you are dressed in chm linen,
denotes that you will shortly receive som@ glad
tidings,—that your sweetheart is faithful, and will
marry you,—that you will be successful in all you?
present undertakings, mid that you will receive a
handsome present from an agreeable youth,—if your
linen is chequered, you will get a legacy from eome
friend, and many a very industrious person,—rif it
is dirty, then it denotes poverty, a prison, and disappointment in love, with the loss of something valuable.
Ma^mg%. To dream yon are married, is ominous of death, and very unfavourable to the dream
er; it denotes poverty, a prison, and misfortunes.
To dream you assist at a wedding is the forerunner
of some pleasant news, and great success. To
dream of lying with your newly married husband
or wife threatens danger or sudden misfortunes,
and also that you will lose a part of your property.
To the sailor, it augurs storms and shipwrecks, with
a narrow escape from death.
Milk. To dream you are selling milk, denotes
that you will be crossed in love, that you will ba
unsuccessful in trade. To dream your are drinking
of milk, is the forerunner of joy fid news and great
success: if you are giving milk away, it shows you
will be successful in love, and marry happily, have
children, and do very well. To see milk flowing
from, the breast of a woman, denotes success in
trade, and in love, that you will have m$my children,
and that they wiU become rich hy the industry of
their parents.
Mother. To dream you see your mother, is a
certain prognostic of some agreeable adventure
being about to happen to you, and that you will
hear from a friend at a distance. To dream you
sea your mother dead forebodes trouble and adversity, and that you will become very poor.
Mum. To dream you hear delicious music, Is
a very favourable omen; it denotes joyful news from
a loug absent friend,-—to married people, il denotes
sweet tempered children,—in love, it shows that
your sweetheart is very fond of yon, is good tain*
pered, sincere and constant. Rough and ' tiiscor*
dant music foretells trouble, vexation, and disappointment.
 Natk. To dream your nails are growing long
is very good, and denotes riches, prosperity, and
happiness, great success in love, a good, industrious husband or wife, with dutiful children,—it also
foretells that you will suddenly receive a sum of money
that will be of great use to you,
NightingaU. To dream of this pretty warbler,
is the forerunner of joyful news, great success in
business, of plentiful crops, and of a sweet tempered lover. For a married woman to dream of a
nightingale, shows that she will have children who
will be great singers.
Old Women. For a man to dream he is courting an old woman, and that she returns his love,
is a very fortunate omen; it prefigures success in
worldly concerns,—-that he will marry a beautiful
young woman, have lovely children, and be very
Onions. To dream of this useful vegetable denotes a mixture of good and bad luck,—if you are
eating them, you will receive some money, recover
some lost or stolen things, or discover some hidden
treasure; your sweetheart will be faithful, but of a
cross temper,—it also denotes attack from thieves,
and a failure of crops,—it shows that you will be
engaged in some disagreeeble quarrel, perhaps with
your own family. If you are throwing onions away,
it is the forerunner of mischief and quarrels,—if you
are in love, you will fall out with your sweetheart,
—if you are in trade, you will quarrel with your
customers and servants,—if you are gathering
onions, it betokens the recovery of some sick person
of your family,*—the receipt of some unexpected
news of a joyful kind, and a speedy removal fr&m
your present situation.
Oven. To dream you see an oven, foretells that
you are about to be separated from your family by
changing your present residence ;—it shews you an
attack by thieves in some bye place, and also that
your sweetheart is of a roving disposition, little
likely to make you happy.
Oysters. To dream you are eating oysters, is a
very favourable omen; if you ar in trade, your
business will increase very fapt, and you will become rich; if you are a former, you will have plentiful crops; if you are married, your wife or husband will be very fond of you, and you will have
many children. For a maid to dream of eating
oysters, shews that she w?U be quickly married to a
young man who will thrive much by industry, and
have many children by her; to a man, it denotes
that he will marry a real virgin, who wiH be very
fond of him, and bring him many children.
Palm. To dream on are gathering of palm,
denotes plenty, riches, and success in undertakings
and is a very good men indeed; to a married
woman, it is a certain token of her bearing children ;
to a maid it foretels a sudden marriage with the
youth she loves, that she will have many children
by him, and that she will live very happy in tha
married state.
Pit. To dream of falling into a deep pit, shows
that some very heavy misfortune is about to attend
you, that your swe theart is false, and prefers
another; to a sailor t forebodes some sad disaster
at the next port you touch at. To dream you are
in a pit, and that you climb out of it without much
trouble, foreshows that you will have many enemies,
and experience mue* trouble, but that you will
overcome them, and   surmount your difficulties.
marry well and become rich; to a sailor, it denote!
that he will experience shipwreck, and be cast on a
foreign shore, where he will be hospitably received,
fall in love, mwtry a rich and handsome wife, quit
the sea, and live at ease on the shore.
Pictures. To dream you are looking at beautiful pictures, foreshows that you will be allured by
false appearances into some unprofitable concern^
that you will waste your time on some idle project^
and that you will always be in pursuit of happiness
without attaining it; in love it denotes great pleasure in the enjoyment of the beloved object, it
promises a handsome wife, a good husband, and
beautiful children.
Paper. To dream of paper is a good omen; if
it is quite clean, you will be very successful in
your undertakings, many the poison you love,
have good and dutiful children, and be very happy;
if it is dirty und scribbled upon, then it shows temporary want, and some unpleasant altercation; if
it is plainly written, you will receive hasty news of
f% good nature, make an advantageous bargain, and
obtain some money by a legacy; if it appears rumpled and carelessly folded up, it shows that some
difficulties will occur which will give you much pain;
if it is neatly folded, you will obtain your favourite
wish, be what it may.
Peacock. To dream of seeing this beautiful bird
is a very good omen ; it denotes great success in
trade ; to a man a very beautiful wife, much riches,
and a good place; to a maid a good an* ?ich husband ; to a widow, that she will be courted by one
who will tell her many fine tales, without being
sincere; it also denotes great prosperity by sea* and
a handsome wife in a distant part
■Pigeons. To dream you see pigeons flying, imports hasty news of a pleasant nature, and great
success in undertakings; they are very favourable
to lovers, as they announce constancy in your sweetheart, but also that the person you love will be absent from you a long while on a journey; if your
lover is at sea, they denote that he has a pleasant
voyage continues faithful, and will return rich.
Plays. To dream you are at a play, is the
forerunner of great good luck; it betokens great
happiness ia the marriage state, and very great
success in business; to a maid it shows speedy
marriage with a young man, who will be very successful in business* and acquire riches and honours
to make her very happy.
Purse. To dream of finding a purse, is a very
favourable omen; it denotes great happiness and
unlooked-for prosperity; in love it is the sure token
of a speedy marriage, and the being dearly beloved
by the object of your affections* To dream you lose
your purse, shows the loss of a friend-; in other
respects it denotes some pleasant adventure is about
to happen to you, by which you will be the gainer;
to the sailor it denotes the loss of his sweetheart
while at sea.
Racing. To dream you are running a race, is
a token of good, presages much success in life, and
that you will speedily hear some rory joyful news;
in love, it denotes that you will conquer all your
rivals, and be very happy in the union with the object of your affections* To dream you are riding a
race shows disappointment and anger, bad success
in trade and in love; to a married woman, it denotes the loss of her husband's affections, and that
her children will be in trouble,
Rainbow. To dream you see a rainbow, denotes
great travelling and change of fortune; it also foretells sudden news of a very agreeable nature; it
announces that your sweetheart is of a very g®#d
temper, and constant, and that you will be vmy
happy in marriage: have great success in business
through the means of trading with foreign parts.
Ravens. To dream you see a raven is a very
unfavourable token, it denotes mischief and adversity; in love it shows falsehood, and to the
married they forebode much mischief through the
adultery of your conjugal partner; to the sailor
they betaken shipwreck, and much distress upon a
foreign shore.
Ruling. To dream your are riding, if it be with
a horse, is very unfortunate; expect to be crossed in
love; if you are in trade, business will decay,
and you will be very near bankruptcy; if you are a
sailor it denotes perfidy in your sweetheart, and
loose conduct with one of your shipmates; but if
it be with him, then expect the reverse of these
things will happen, and that you will obtain a sum
of money by some speculation of which you have
but an indifferent opinion.
Rods. To dream you are whipt with rods denotes that you will meet with a perfidious friend,
who will go very near to ruin you; it also betokens
your being shortly at a merry-making, where you
muit be careful of quarrelling; if you do, it will
turn out to your disadvantage; in love it denotes
your sweetheart to be of a fickle disposition, and
little calculated to make you happy.
River. To dream you see a flowing river, and
that the waters are smooth and clear, presages
happiness and euccess in life; to the lover it shows
constancy and affection in the object of your love,
and that if you marry, you will pass a very happy
and contented life, have fine children, mostly girls,
who will be very beautiful; to the tradesman and
farmer, it shows prosperity and gain; to the sailor,
that his sweetheart will be kind and constant, and
that his next voyage will be lucrative and pleasant.
If the water appears disturbed and muddy, or has
a yellow tinge, then it denotes that you will acquire
considerable riches; if you have a lawsuit, such a
dream surely foretells that you will gain your cause.
Sheep. To dream you see a flock of sheep
feeding, is a very favourable omen; it denotes success in life; to the lover it indicates your sweetheart to be faithful, of an amiable temper, and
inclined to marry you; in the married state, it denotes children, who will be very happy, become
rich, and be great comforts in the evening of life;
to the tradesman, it foretells increase of business,
and accumulation of wealth, but also forewarns
him that he has a servant unworthy of his confidence ; to the sailor nothing can be a greater sign
of good luck, his next voyage will be pleasant and
lucrative, and his sweetheart kind and true.
To dream you see them dispersing, and running
<way from you, shows that pretended friends are
endeavouring to do you an injury, and that your
ildren   will  meet   with   persecution   and   great
oubles;in love, such a dream shows your sweet-
art to be fickle,  and little calculated to make
m happy.    To dream you see sheep shearing is
udicative of loss of property, and the affections of
the person you love, also your liberty.    To dream
you are shearing them yourself, shows that you will
gate an advantage over some person who meant to
harm yo&, and that you will get me better of faculties, and marry the object of your affections.
Spit To dream you are in a kitchen turning
a spit, is the forerunner of troubles and misfortunes; expect to be robbed, to lose your trade, to
\ become very poor, and that your friends will desert
you % if you are in love, it shows the object of your
jctions to be of a bad temper, lazy, and doomed
to misfortunes and poverty.
Starching. To dream you are starching of linen,
shows you will be.married to an industrious person,
and that you will be successful in life, and save
money ; il also shows that you are about to receive a
latter, containing some pleasant news.
Squirrel To dream of a squirrel, shows that
enemies are endeavouring to slander your reputation ; to the lover? it shows your sweetheart m of
a bad temper, and much given to drinking; if you
have a lawsuit, it will surely be decided against
you : if in trade, sharpers will endeavour to defraud
you: and you will quarrel with your principal
Swimming. To dream you are swimming with
your head above the water, denotes great success
in your undertakings, whether , they Iw love, trade,
se&s or farming. To dream of swimming with your
head below the water, &hows that you will experience
some great trouble and hear soma very unpleasant
news from a person you thought dead* In trade il
shows loss of business, and that you will perhaps ba
imprisoned for debt; in love it denotes disappointment in your wishes.
Stoans. To dream of seeing swans denotes happiness in fch© marriage state; and many children.! who
wiH become flesh sad respeetiibte in your old ~&ge*
•with joy m& happiness; to the lover, they imoU
constancy and affection in your sweetheart; in track
they show success, but much vexation from the disclosure of secrets.
Tempests. To dream you are in a storm or
tempest, shows that you will, after many difficulties^
arrive at being very happy, that you will become
extremely rich, and marry exceeding well. For a
lover to dream of being in a violent tempest, denotes that you will have many fonnidabie rivals,
who after causing you .a great deal of vexation
and uneminess, you will triumph over. It also
forebodes you will receive good news from a long
absent jiend, who is abroad, and who will have
overcome many hardships and extreme difficulties.
Thunder and Lightning* To dream you hear
distinctly thunder, and see lightning, is a very good
omen; it denotes success in trade; good crops to
the farmer; and a speedy and happy marriage-'to
the lover. If you are soliciting a place, you will
obtain it; if you have a lawsuit, it will go in your
favour; it also indicates speedy news from a far
distant country, intimating that a near relative has
obtained a very lucrative situation, in which he wil
have an opportunity of doing his friends a great
deal of good.
Trumpet To dream that you hear the sound of
a trumpet is a bad omen, and denotes troubles ane*
misfortunes; to the tradesman it presages the, loig
of business; tfee farmer bad crops; to the lover
insincerity m the object of your affections.
Trees.    To dream you see  trees in blossom de- '
notes a happy marriage with the present object of
your affections, and many children, who will &U do
extremely well in Efe; to the tradesman it denotes
success in business, and to the sailor pleasant and
lucrative voyages, To dream you are climbing
trees, denotes that you will make a fortune, and
rise to honours and dignities in the state. To
dream you are cutting down trees, foretells heavy
losses by trade and by sea; and also the death of a
near relation, or most dear friend.
Water, To dream you are drinking water, denotes great trouble and adversity in trade, loss of
business, and being arrested % to the lover it shows
your sweetheart is false, prefers another, and will
never marry you.
Wheat. To dream you see, or are walking in a
field of wheat, is a very favourable omen; and
denotes great prosperity and riches i in love, it augurs a completion of your most sanguine wishes,
and foretells much happiness, with fine children,
when you marry; if you have a lawsuit, you will
gain it, and you will be successful in all your undertakings.
The foregoing pages are published principally to show the superstitions which engrossed the mind of the population of Scotland
during a past age, and which are happily disappearing before the
progress of an enlightened civilization. It is hoped, therefore,
that th® reader will not attach the slightest importance to the
solutions of the dreams as rendered above, as dreams are gemer&lty
ik@ result of a disordered stomach, or an excited imsgia^oa.


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