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New fortune book, or conjurer's guide; the only real fortune-teller [between 1840 and 1857?]

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 1 Ij
Since that this ace is now your lot,
You will wed one that's fierce and hot s
But if a woman does draw it,
She will wed one with wealth and wit.
Hast not thou drawn the number two,
Thy spouse shall be both just and true;
But if a woman this now have,
Beware of a sly crafty knave.
You that have drawn the number three.
Great honour will your portion be;
But if a female draw the same,
She must beware of wanton shame.
The man that draws the number four,
Shall quite &rsake his native shore ;
But if the same for a woman findf.
Both hand and heart in love she joim*
 He tliat draweth the number five,
Where he was born he will best thrive ;
But if it's drawn by womankind,
Good luck abroad they sure will find.
He that can catch the number six,
Will have cunning and crafty tricks
But if a woman draw the same,
It will show that she is free from blame,
l#     #!
\+ ^
!# ♦
Since that the seven does appear,
Crosses thou hast great cause to fear;
Women whene'er the same shall draw,
Shall not fear crosses more than straw.
Hast thou then drawn the number eight,
Thou sure wilt be a cuckold great;
Females that chance the same to take,
They never will the truth forsake.
Hast thou turned up the merry nine,
Then guineas will thy pockets line ;
She that doth draw it to her hand,
Will die for love or leave the land.
O brave ! the ten, 'tis-' very well,
There's none in love shall thee excel;
Only the maid who draws the ten,
May wed, but nobody knows when.
This noble king of diamonds shows*
Thou longshalt live where pleasure flows,
But when a woman draws the king,
Great melancholy songs shell sing.
Now is the queen of diamonds far
She shows thou shalt some office
Oh! woman, if it fall to you,
Friends you will have not a few.
Is now the knave of diamonds come,
Be sure beware the martial drum;
Yet if a woman.draws the knave,
She shall much better fortune have!
He that draws the ace of hearts,
Shall surely be a man of parts ;
And she that draws it, I profess,
Will have the gift of idleness.
He who can draw this deuce shall j
Endowed with generosity;
But when a woman draws the card,
It does betide them cruel hard.
The man who gets hold of this trey,
Always bound, always obey;
A woman that shall draw this sort,
Will sure drink brandy by the quart*
He> that draws this four shall make
A faithful dove for conscience' sake ;
But if it's drawn by womankind,
They will prove false and that you'll find.
Note, that this five of hearts declares,
Thou shalt well manage great affairs;
But if it's drawn by fair women,
They sure will love all sorts of men.
The six of hearts surely foretells,
Thou shalt be where great honour dwells;
If it falls on the other side,
It then betokens scorn and pride.
Now this old seven, I'll niaintain,
Shows that thou hast not lov'd in vain,
Thou shalt obtain the golden prize ;
But with maids 'tis otherwise,
^ « Having 3w drawn the number eight,
*|  Shotf* thou art servile born to wait;
But if a woman draws the same,
She shall mount on the wings of fame.
By this long nine be well assured,
The love sick pains must be endur'd;
But the damsel that draws this nine,
Soon in wedlock hands shall join.
it   f
.Ji   ii ■ ii       "V —
This ten it is a lucky cast,
For it doth show the worst is past;
But if the maids the same shall have,
Love will their tender hearts enslave.
By this card surely 'twill appear,
Thou shalt live long in happy cheer ;
And if a woman draws this card,
She shall likewise be high preferred.
Now by this card it is well known,
Thou shalt enjoy still all thy own :
But women if they draw the same,
Shall sure enjoy a happy name.
He that doth draw the knave of h
Betokens he hath knavish parts;
But if a woman draws the knave,
She ne'er shall be any man's slave.
Thou that dost draw the ace of spades,
Shall be sore flouted by the maids;
And when it is a dainsel's lot,
Both love and honour go to pot.
Always this deuce betokens strife,
And with a scolding wanton wife;
But if a woman's lot it be,
Honour, great love, and dignity.
Thou that art happy in this trey,
Shalt surely wed a lady gay;
Whilst maids who now the same shall take
Join marriage with a poor town rake.
Now the same four betokens you
Shall be a chief of the forked crew;
Maids that do draw the same, shall meet
With certain joys always complete.
The five of spades gives you to know,
That you must thro' some troubles go 5
But if a woman, it foretells
Her virtue others far excels.
The six foretells whene'er you wed,
You'll have a young crack'd maidenhead;
Bat if a maid the number draws.
She'll wed a man of loud applause.
Now as the seven comes to hand,
It does entitle you to land;
But maids with this shall wed with those
That have no money, friends, or clothes.
This eight of spades foretells you shall
Wed a young maid, fair, straight, & tall;
If to a maid the same shall come,
She weds the brother of Tom Thumb.
Now by this nine to art foretold,
I Thou shalt wed one, deaf, lame, and ol
Females when they draw this odd chance
Shall of themselves to wealth advance.
'Tis seen by this long ten of spades.
That thou shalt follow many trades,
And thrive by none; but women, they
By this chance shall not work, but play.
By this brave king, observe and note,
Oil*golden streams shall always float;
But women, .by the selfsame lot,
Shall long enjoy what they have got.
Here is the queen of spades likewise,
Thou soon shalt unto riches rise ;
A woman by the same shall have
What her own heart can wish to crave.
This is a knave, pray have a care,
That you fall not into despair;
Women who the same shall choose,
j May prove great flats, but that's no news.
He that doth draw the ace of clubs, ^
From his wife gets a thousand snubs;
But if maids do it obtain,
By this they shall rule and reign.
• *
t  t
t, *#
Not# that this deuce doth signify,
That thou a loyalist shait dife;:;~
The damsels that the same shall take,
Never will their good friends forsake.
You that by chance this trey have drawn,
Shall on the wanton harlot fawn:
A woman that shall draw this trey,
Shall be the lass that ne er says nay.
Now by this four we plainly see,
Four love brats will be laid to thee:
And she that draws the same shall wed
Two rich husbands and both well-bred.
By this five we plainly see, thou
Wouldst wed with any dirty sow;
This same five drawn hy virgins, they
Shall wed a husband kind and gay.
By this six thou art wed, we know,
To one that over thee will crow;
Maids that can draw the same shall be
Bless'd with good husbands kind & free
Thou that hast now the seven drawn,
Shall thy best breeches lay in pawn;
Maids that draw the same shall wear
Jewels so rich, without compare.
fr f #!
♦ f
By this club eight, tho' whig orquaker,
Thy fate must be a cuckold maker;
Ye maids that draw the same are born
To hold both fools and fops in scorn,
By this brave liine, upon iny life,
I soon shall wed a wealthy wife ;
She that shall draw the same shall have
One that is both fool and knave.
Now for this number halfa-score,
Shows that thou wilt be wretched poor;
Maids that can draw this number still,
Shall have great joy and wealth at will.
Here comes the king of clubs, and shows
Thou hast some friends as well as foes ;
Maids that do draw this court card shall
Have very few, or hbtie at all.
If the queen of clubs be that thou hast,
Thou shalt be with great honour grac'd ;
And women if the same they find,
Will have things unto their own mind.
See how the surly knave appears,
Pray take care of both your ears;
Women whene'er the same they see,
Will be what they oft use to be.
The signification   of Moles on any part of tht
A  Mole on the middle of the forehead denotes
riches and advancements by the favour of friends.
A mole on the right part of the forehead, signifies prosperity and success in riches and love af*
fairs; in the left thou shalt meet with many
crosses and disappointments.
A mole on the eyebrow shows a man to be incontinent, and given to love women; but if a
woman, it signifies a good husband.
A mole between the eyes, inclining towards the
nose denotes the person to grow rich by marriage.
A mole on the nose signifies speedy and frequent marriages, and the party to be fruitful in
A mole on the right cheek shows the party to
be prosperous in worldly affairs ; but covetous and
desirous to circumvent other people.
A mole on the left cheek shows to a man crosses in his affairs ; to a woman, loss of honour, and
danger of life in child-birth.
A mole on the right lip denotes the -person
greatly to be beloved, and to be fortunate in love
A mole on the left lip signifies the party shal
be rich hy the death of relations.
A mole on the chin demonstrates the person
wise, but promises no great riches.
A mole on the neck denotes him honourable
and prudent in his actions; but if a woman, it
shows her of a weak judgment and apt to believe
the worst of her husband.
A mole on a man's shoulder signifies adversity,
and threatens him with an unhappy end; but a
woman having a mole on the same place shows
she shall abound in honour and riches.
A mole on the back demonstrates much Jaboui
and sorrow.
A mole on the left arm, promises labour, but
on the right, riches gained by industry
A man or woman having a mole on their wrist
or hand, denotes increase of children in marrhigp,
but affliction in old age.
A mole on the breast promises the party advancement by fiivour of great ones.
A man or woman having a mole near tlie heart
upon the breast, shows them irreligious, wicked,
and malicious.
A mole on the belly demonstrates the party to
>e beloved, and to gain riches and advantage hy
A mole on or near the privates, promises ability
In duties, vigorous in love, and successful in many
I   A mole on the right knee promises success in
ve and several marriages.
A mole on the left knee, crosses and disappoint*'
A mole on the right leg promises plenty, and
in easy life; but on the left travel and poverty,
and the like on
the heels.
the right or left foot or any part of
but cannot/signifies you will fell into some sudden
To dream one's teeth or eyes fall out, signifies
tiie loss of some dear friend.
To dream a horse or any other creature you
ride on, runs swiftly and you cannot stop it, denotes captivity or unexpected losses.
To dream you put on new apparel, signifies a
^change of your condition.
things. r , ..„   d„nifi>s7 * T°dream of one or more suns or moons, signi
To dream you  fight and overcome, sigmhes    fies the party to have so many husbands or wives.
victory or success over your enemies. lo dream you  are discoursing with spirits,
To dream one puts a gold ring on youi  fingej   sigmfin you shall discover searet things.     P
sonifies speedy marriage ; but il it seems to bie«k        To dream an dd ^.^ fe courting you, si    fc
To dream you see a flock ot birds that , ng an* cr0sses and troubJe
.•:.„ ^^Mu/nrnmisesvou good news, 01 that \oi*
Of Dreams and their Interpretation.
TO dream of fire denotes anger. ^
To dream you fly, signifies hasty news ot JranD ,,
chirp merrily, promises you g
will soon grow
. soon grow nun.
fo dream you swim in a tempestu
ous water
very shining, ».^rrrr
lipsed, crosses and disappointments.
To dreaiii of finding small pieces of silver
notes "" '    ~A~ in f%^^
side, with gold in it, signifies you
To dream oi uuumg «•«•»- r--    ,    .
!cs disappointments *$£$&%& d
To dream you see a purse Hang oy j
i „,u* crnW in it, signifies you shall iind m<
To dream you are in a spacious chamber richly
furnished, signifies advancement by the means of
great ones.
To dream you hear music, signifies mirth and
^ To' to"m you see the snn and moon oroad an| joll^.
™rv shining, signifies honour and riches, an To dream of dancing, signifies a happy life
ri. T     ......    „i?   £^?linfr   email
lo dream you carry books, signifies you shall
have preferment by learning.
To dream of the cackling of geese, signifies
troublesome visitants.
To dream of embracing, signifies love and mar
To dream you are fighting and overcome, W
tokens your success over your adversaries, or ej
cape by strength and resolution, in some dangf
laid before you \
To dream you climb a hill with pain, betokeif
difficulty in obtaining your desire.
To dream that bees fly about you, light on yoif
and do you no harm, betokens many friends, ant
success in love. r
To dream you see ants busy at their work, d<$
notes riches coming by industry.
To dream you are sliding and fallen upon ie(|
betokens loss of preferment.
To dream of hawks, vultures, and other bircl
of prey flying about you, betokens you ha\|
powerful enemies, that seek to disturb your peace
To dream you are called and see no body, be
tokens you shall be married to one whom you yef
know not. j
To dream you are fishing, and have good sua
cess by taking great fishes, promises you gool
To dream you see gold strewed in your wayl
betokens advancement by gifts or legacies, or somf
estate falling to you by the death of relations.
To dream of a flock of water fowls flying to tin
sea or rivers making a merry noise, betokens the)
storm that threatens you is over and a happy tim4
is coming. |
^To dream you see a man or woman going to b|
hanged, denotes you will be importuned by some
friends for assistance.
To dream one has their sweetheart in their
arms, denotes speedy marriage, and a great deal
of happiness in their enjoyment.
To dream of many suns and moons, signifies
you will be happy in children, and that they will
rise to great promotion.
To dream that you see aged people lively and
nimble, jocund and merry, betokens long life with
a healthful constitution.
To dream you repose on beds of flowers, denotes
marrying into a rich family.
To dream you are bit -by a serpent, signifies a
speedy journey, or some hasty news.
To dream you fight and overcome, signifies
you'll get the better in law suits, or other controversies.
To dream that a lion fawns on you, denotes
favour of great persons.
To dream of black coffins and mourners, denotes
the death of some friend and relation.
To dream you see a friend dead, denotes the
party to be in good health.
To dream you are in a field of standing corn,
betokens prosperity and joy.
A woman dreaming she kisses another woman
denotes disappointment in love and barrenness.
To dream you are sailing peaceably on a calm
water, denotes a peaceable and quiet life ; but if a
storm arise, expect troubles,
For a woman to dream a ring is piit on her
finger, denotes success in love and marriage ; but
if it be suddenly snatched away or fall off, it signifies disappointment in love, the breaking off the
To dream you see a sow or pigs, denotes fruit-
To dream you are hunting the hare, and she
escapes, betokens loss and disappointment in business.
To dream a gold chain falls from off your neck,
betokens the loss of the favour of friends.
To dream you are courting a beautiful woman,
betokens flattery.
To dream you are forced against your will to
descend from any pleasant hill, betokens falling
from promotion, and disappointment in preferment.
To dream of a sudden fit of joy at the sight of
any thing, betokens the arrival of friends.
To dream you are at banquets but do not eat,
betokens scarcity.
To dream you put a new glove on, and it remains so, betokens new friendship, or marriage.
To dream you fall into a deep pit, denotes some
sudden surprise and danger.
A woman to dream she is with child, denotes
sorrow and heaviness.
To dream you quench fire, denotes overcoming
anger, and recovery from sickness.
To dream you hear a voice but see not who
ers it, denotes you shall be deluded by a feign-
To dream you are walking in a garden of flow
, and among groves of trees, denotes much plea-
re and delight to ensue from virtuous conversion.
JTo dream of moons contending in the firma-
mt, denotes division among friends and relations.
U?o dream of drinking unmeasurably, denotes
m shall fall into some violent disease.
|e several lines of the hand, by which a true
judgment in telling fortunes may be made.
E most significant in palmistry, are thus de-
bed, viz;.    The line of life reaches from the
st, almost to the root of the fore finger.    The
lie line is in the middle or table of the hand,
tjfd in some hands runs along the four mounts,
irticipating of the influence of the respective
anets governing them: the middle running across
e hand, and sometimes obliquely it takes its
ginning at the rising of the fore finger, near the
le of life, ending at the mount of the moon,
he line of the brain usually called the liver line:
^ches to the table line, making a triangle thus
The girdle of Venus begins near the joint of
lie little finger, and ends between the fore finger
d  middle finger.    The line of death or great
' ^fortunes,  when it appears plain,  and there-
fore it is called the sister line, ending at its enjpfthe planets and signs; but (Lit craveVon Jl^^
and the percussion is between the mount of Venn W (he   body is mainly significative we k '
and that of the moon, the wrist lines commonl;! good or bad fortune in men and women and     ** °'
called Roseata, and are known by the joints th^Wcjeratand by their outward Darts rtiPiV «!„ "
part the hand. ifeaTS^M ^^^^^^
  i Cs • forthe 1    T   " *! pW^eSS of their
fj l0.r .the face, &c. is under the governmenf
Secret characters; marks, or letters, in the hand,-   pd dominion of the planets; thus the forehe d
fating to good or bad fortunes in men or womer,j M governed by Mars, the right eye by Sol  th
THERE are many letters often formed in the han by Saturn, the nose by%Venus Jndthem' ^ 'if'
called sacred characters, and of these I shall spea,Mercury. As for the signs of the Zadino n
briskly, as they relate to good or bad fortune; /governs the height of the forehead LeTlheTZ
A found between the mount of the moon and h(j|yebrow, Virgo the right cheek Libra th 'hi
low of the hand, denotes sickness and losses; if |ar, Scorpio the nose, Sagittarius the left
appear toward the mount of Venus, it denotes st, papricorn the chin, Aquarius the left eve p*™'
cess in love affairs, and prosperity. If a T be iijhe cheek, Aries the left ear, Taurus tL'^Sf
the mount of Venus, it denotes success in love ijjf the forehead. miaaie
fairs;  but if it come so low as to cut the line
life,  then'it denotes crosses and misfortunes]
love, and much mischief..-, A P on the ball of ^ Good or bad fortunes known by the eue«
thumb, denotes honour and preferment, Q in » • mouth, #c. of men or women     '
angle or hollow, many marriages, and X vexatu
End tr0uWe' WlltZ dffn,°te ?G F^ ^out and courage.
y;gtrtiv 5    Tl °f a V*™^ h«mo5r.
Yes PaUlf coloured denote a woman much give-.
Vhysiognomy, or good or bad fortune, told by * / love, out unstable and inconstant; greenish little
lines of the face, and first of the planets rfs standing inward, denote wisdom and councils
governing signs. GJZV" ^T**'  &C-    A larSe ™& much
»ngmg down, denotes covetousness.    A  round
Physiognomy, as to the lines of the face a A loum
n osp.
nose at the extremity, with small nostrils, denote'
in a man pride and incredulity; in a woman, much
given to love and lust.    A red nose naturally so,
denotes contentions with turbulent and quarrelsome persons, if in a female the gristle of the nosf
seems to part with the bone, or to be dented a
the end, she hath undoubtedly lost her virginity
A great mouth standing unseemly wide, denott
the party foolish, but a great babbler, divulgir
false stories, and delighting to  make mischie
A little mouth, well proportioned,   denotes   th
party wise, peaceable, loving, and chaste.     Th
ears large and thick, denote a defect in memor||j
and foolish; little   and   thin  the contrary.    1
fleshly face denotes a merry arid cheerful persorir
a thin lean one, a wise, malicious, and covetoij
person. ^^
Good or bad fortunes known by the hair, ch
and eyebrows, of men and women. \
The hair of the head thick and soft, denotes t|j
man of an affable mild temper; but curled han:
black hair, denotes the party treacherous, roujlj
and much given to anger.
Gold hair denotes the party treacherous.
Red hair inclining to black, denotes the pa|
wise, but crafty and subtle in mischief.
Chesnut coloured hair signifies the party of fair
condition, mild and well disposed.
A long chin denotes malice, fraud, and vexations ; and a man leacherous and foolish.
A little chin denotes a man effeminate, yet
haughty and proud.
A square chin roundish or little oval denotes
the party loving, affable, and of a good temper.
A lean wrinkled chin denotes the party unfit for
marriage duties.
Fine little eyebrows denote affability, love, and
constancy, bending and overhanging brows the
Eyebrows short and narrow, denote the party
of a soft and pliable temper.
Eyebrows long with long hair, denote the party
clownish and morose, yet with great ability at
Young men and maids who fain would know,
Your fortune good or ill :
In short you need no farther go
Than to this book, which will
Inform you well of every thing,
Ordained for your lot;
Whether fortune will riches bring,
Or whether she will not ;
Whether you shall the party have,
The which you fain weuM wed :
Whether in love you shall outbrave,
Before you seem to breed ;
Whether you shall live to be eld,
Or die when you are young ;
Whether you shall get store of gold,
When friends you come among;
Whether you're born to cross the seas,
Into some foreign land,
Or live at home in pleasant ease,
With servants at command.
Whate'er is lawful to bo known,
To men or women-kind,
Will in this book be clearly shown,
If vou the rule will mind.
Directions for the Readers^ by v>hich they shall be truly informed
of all the mysterious Rules and methods of the new Fortune Book.
Take a new pack of cards, shuffle them well together, he or she
that holds them, spread them on the table with their faces downwards. The males or females, young and old, who are to draw, let
them first shut their eyes, then lay their right hand upon tho left
breast repeating these words, Honi soit qui mal y pm*e. Then
look upon the number and have recourse to tho book, m shall ihey
have satisfaction in their good or bad ftrtim*.


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