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Bear ye one another's Burthens; or, the valley of tears: a vision [between 1795 and 1798]

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n-i n       -        ■■ -&fe   -■-    •■■■
| LJ/N D A Y   R E-\A D I N G.
Bear ye one aric^her'^J|Li|^hen^
. a    HiSii O/sH^      imM
■: Sbkf by J. MARSHABIifrf ;^p^p^
(Printer to the Cheap Repository for M^afaa^ I^Ffth
ligiousxTraits) No.  17,  Queen-Stcpet,  Gbeapfide, and
No^Aldermary Church-Yard, Jr^ R. . WJWTE, Jg??,
cadilly, 'London.' :•
By S. HAZARD, at Bath f :atid% all Boc^^^New^'
men, and HawfeefeS^Sn T&vth and Co^tl^C^^^^^
Gnat Allowance willbe'mad^tiShopkeepersand Hmfij^gftfi^^l
[ Enterectj^t Stationeri Hall. 1
 kf^&icftllir's Burdens,
ONCE' uponii lyri^rnethought I fet out upon a
long jouVfieyy arid tfee place through which T
travelled a ppeared to he^: Jjarj^Va 1 [eywhJGfe.wa |
namef^^^^^l^^irTOl^lbi^^^^^^y forr^^ful
advelt^^l^i^^J^^PA^pafrettg^s comrpohfjyifieet
wttli i^^^/^u"Wyj^iro u gh^^j l^^^lfp^ blejffu fe
mod i^^^^"%^;^^i^ntei^^^^^^^MM'f.ty-
i n g, i»p|>- $&£d^mp* '•*$$&*&9©ts*P^M|^^^8^ im •
This fe%vau^'Vw^ fujMoTf^eoplei^/^ll colours,
ages^^u^'G^^s^d-^^^raif^ia^ whether
;^6iufwr^wGK^^^^iWj^i^' all.^j^Q^^tv^il^p^ the
fame|.||j|dj2||i^^ different
little:p^hs;y.EiSh all, le^^te^the. fame common end.
N^^^^&^'^mall^l^ tha t^o t w i thfl|fi4in g
the $n||ren||^^ of
this Y^te^^|t^'ipf P^plc? J^^l^^i^fei^^ach
OiLjjiiHaaeTliNprffch he;iwssroert5ied to carry^mrough
JKe toil and heat of the day, until he fhould -ar-N
'titfe. fejp^J§Fger or fliorter courfe at his'journey's
'iPtf; *'i3|fi^^|fejrfhens*".^ould   in   general   have
^^^^ne^^Igrimage^cjfdpe intolerable,had not
theJ^pr^ 9&the ValleJ^put of his great cptnpaffion
for the]fe?,poc^PilgraEf^^i^>vided amprtg* other
t])in^^^l following rrjteans for their relief.
Ipiln' thjeUv-full-view over the entrance of-r^he Valley, there were w^ten in great letters the follow-'
ing words, ||||
 IS*. )
sm$e4r ye one -finothey^^^tJ^^.-^^^S^K
Nowi^/faw in my vmfn-thli^nSaB^^^the' *R|P*
•vellers  hurried on ^thpptyftopping  to read this,
inftruftion, and others, though" they had "^|ce read
k,  yet paid little or-ho'^tten-^prf'tVri^^'thi'rd-fort
thought it very good advice rarJ^^lel^'eiople^bu^
very feldpm applied it tpithemfe,lV*ess^vln  fl$#rVf
ftftf that too manytpf thofe people•'\^rev'of^pini;Ptt/,
that-they *had burthens efttfugh of their*-oVr* .aria
ifeat there was therefore no occafioli to l^k;£uf)Ori
itlpm thofe of otheTs.^p eacli triedr^e^make-hil^Wtt
load as light, and his-ow|£4ourney as ple.afont as'liS'
oould, without fo much as on,ee calling a thought
on a poor over-loaded neighbour.    Here however
T'liave to make .a rather lingular re'^rk, by.^hich
I fhall plainly fh.ew the folly offfiefe flmfh peppSIH
It was fo ordered,and contrived b.y%he Lord^gtn^;
Valley, that^lj^w'-one ftretc'hed'^KjSis^aTidrTOn:-
lighten a neighbour^ burthen, in^ac! he neWr^mrreoy
to find that%eat that momerfr^alfolrgmel^dHns &w$h
Befides, the obligation tP^bejlrxeach otneTy'ajpd' the
benefit of doing fo wefe mth^tfalV'^lf'a m|n/helpecf";
his* neighbour^ if^TOmmoniy. happewJoxima*t  fiprfe/;
cVtfeer neighbour came by-and by axrd.helped''&tif$^inp;
his;¥?frT$p-for there was no'ffujch trn^g'afewhat Wsf.!
call independence'in the wh6le^Valle^fJ   i^r^onerp/F
all thefe^ TravellerS,fjOTveyer ftoijjt'and' ftrongj coutoi^
"rrfpve on comfortaHly ^vitlic(at amflance, f^»r, fb Wr*
Lord of the Vafley^yhofe1 J&tys were .alr^of them,
kind and good, had exprefsly'^daineg/'^l
■•^PilSod ftill f©- watch' thl£ pfogrefs orthefeffoo'r
way-faring people, w|i6 mpViid flowly orr,~irKepo\^
i»any Ticke^iporMB^^rn.ib^^he^s'^? 'v^ousv-'
w ■ (% m      11
kinds on theirf backs; qfj^fuch fome were heavier,
and fome •we^lighter, fen from a burthen of one
jkirtd or o^r, not one Traveller was..|^tirely free.
%%$hi Widow.
j« JjL^rrp^ful; Widow,, oppreffed with the burthen
^f jgrieJ^^^^the lofs, cVfi^^^affeCtionate hufband,
■^reuj^lt halve been bowled down by her he^y load,
Jiad npt'ithe^^y-i^irigichild^n wityjftgreatj*lacr||gf|
|te$pe'4^§^rw?a}3d andi&jpporited her. Their kind-"
R©%^%»fF 1 F^^» II mueh-.lightened the loao)
wh^li, thi;e,aten,edja,t; firft. ,tp be intolerable, that fhe
§#eft; we,nt. on her way with c/i£arfulnefsi
3J^-w§|? The Hujbdhd. Ksw^
»SX|next faw a pQ£>f pld^rtan tottering under-^ur*
^fe^^^^^^^^ *lr%fi^ expjefted him;,ey^ry n$ijj£
;fl|m^Mtfink under M, I peeped ing^ his pack£
IfB&||g^t;was made up,of manyswd articles;_ there
^~l£&'$^$&$*■ °PPr?u^or>?ii^|»lle^j debt,,jjiiind w||jjttj
1'nflade by f^jp^^eavieft'pa^j undutifuLji|iild,reu.
1 wa^^^npgrinanow it was that he got|fyr|^&t5ej^
^p,,we.ir?ta^s/he aid, tilf.X fpied his wife, a kind,
tO^pf, Chri^^n, woman, who was doing  her ut-
■•IBiS^iB-|^ror-'^B^^e (lu'e1:^y &ot behind, gen^
J^dw^er "fliou^r tpVjthe bj$tthen, and carried a*
^uejiJarger prpppspion tp^it than appeared to me
Whe^T was at a. defiance-   She not only jfiiftained
jlrtrn by her ftren.gtjij Hui|gheered ^im by her coun-
^^l^^^^he .jpla>hjnv tfw, through much tribulation we muft enter into reft^ffiat " he that oyer-
Cometh fhall inherit all things.'^ In fhort, fhe ^
;;ii|^)pQrte3.bis faintin^vfpiriu[jthat he was enabled-
to " run with patience tEfc, raceiM-was /|gtvbefore
kirn." '   'e       Si
 (I )
fhe kind Neighbour. |   ^^^
An infirm blin^"wom||ft^^^epi^|b|wardwitn
a very heayf burthen^fp#hich were packed fickr
pefs and want, w^pM|j|ff otheri^jfefe raw
*" jffufte was 'fp^'eak^t $0&VM$tfMfc?e g0t ?n
at all, had itV|^^een forjgie .MM affiftance'of
anpl^r wc^an almM as popr.^ J^^^^ho^
y^P^vjKSdno.light burthen|gTher.P^'cheejff .
ffiy.^l^^Mt het^pjg H^d ^fl^^fe^^OTlffite
who w,as  ft ill m<^, heavily laden.  |gbjj| Jrie^l
had indeed littleV^v$pthing to give, bu|||prery
|pice p£kind§eis is NothingJo^|j||^gg|^And
m, much tpr degree"WM^M^ pI ^^Sflft^lthe
^manner  pFlpelpuag^^t ^Etene^^^ burp^^j
Son&had^geoarfe, rough Cjumfy ^ay^tfp&:
peiaWc^^^^; though'in fad it mi^|§4#
reahp^-vet'feemed, by; galpsg the Travellem.tp
^Stpje load it was intended tp.Jight^,; w|j|£
I observed in: others thatXo cheap^Jindnefs a|||--
mild worepor even^n, arr^ctiohate look made a
poor burthened wre^J moyf fe, c^irily,^^he
/bare feeling that fom^ljujnah being c^ed for hisy
feemed to lighten the loadpil$t to r«turn to this
kind neighbour.    She had a little old book in her
band, the covers or^|kwerer.worn!,put by much
When fhe faJSpjJjfr, blil^^^Sstea(:3)r.^
fhe would reacfl^rl'a fe^«Ml^«^c0^p
fuch as the following-—^^^^r^^^^p
fpirite for theirs is the kinggbm of hea^
veh^v" Blefied are they tha|^#rn, fbr'.th^y fhall
be c^trd)prted.'«^^^fill never^aye'^ee np^for-
Take thep^^^Sorou^ light afBitl^5^|iich is but
poor in.
ment, :wQr^y9ypuk~for usga far more ex-
- and eternal weig^^-feglory'^M       |pl
- ^"mpus Mihiuer,' firflph^tlrft^pl^^le^^r?■.pJ^T
d iff re fled 'na^n^ywnpe worldly .^h^;3ii^|tr.^..'to-
: ^^flinaw^iQ^ear? fw?!t "fuddenfy 'rblfjpy.ed^'by i
jgopyd'Hi^^wv^hp come^up and ^ppkar^5f8E?fic£
i'^^rw^im'gryoft^f CTV^jifhPulders. 'T^P^url^eii of
^f^fe^atnn t^E:*.aivjBw..^ecam^;*^^aBle@^^fe.
IfKnmfrer, being no r longer "f>owed dSw|^Sy'- the
l?fP&hporajr didrefTes*bf 'fnsfpeop*feV*^^pltej^'himfe 1 f
■^nearfu|l^Bx^is^wn part of the3M|?$if'' And it
■was pleafanirvtp fee wwtnbfe two perfohsj' neither
ff^inem. yeryvurp^* ohrieh/^fr heal thy,' 'by/thus
lllindly unin^^rogerabrf were enabled to bear the
i^li^rjmtpf ^wnole pSn^;:'tJTOugn' fihgly'^either of
InenT^Hj^ Tiave funk u^perVthe 'aftemprf^S^id I
. i^nTe%Se^^ne ^great grjef I felrdifcing my whole
ronjnie^w^, that^frai not fee more of this union
;.^K|«OT©w^ik ^Snclri'ef^ T)y which alt|fche bnrthens
\^JSSght Ka^e^^en'fo'eglh^'divide^l^ilt troubled me
to ^bfex^^^^M^P1^^'^^:^^^^ tl^^ajiey
there wai*^?pt oaS.^p^p^equently brokeijr^han.
^^^^^   '#$<? .NegVets.. ^fe
^Sb^l^led a fwaT^^'r^piQ'r black men, women,
^jfind' child^feflv^a' mulmude^hich^no' mati, could
i-ir|!mb£r^^ ; Jtid fweated,
andj^fe^tu^^CT,f^,^eavT^I-!oads than I had yet
feerf*'^Btt{lfor'«^ile no man helped tlieih;; at length
a"few''iWnra- trav^Sf^^j^o^chetf with the for-
ffrwful figjlog of thde millions, and yeffi$px£^^
did the^^^rni^B^^^w'tc* 'ip^.Vurth.eris^but
 r-nujjtber^^ias, notj||niteig^ual: to the woi^hey
,had undertak^^i^fe>erceived, howeveF, thaf they
never loft fight of thofe. ppo^=|feavy,4adten J^gtcli^ir^
arid as tke number of thef^generousrtQVft^iil'n^CFfiafrj
•©dj^^^siira oomfpftabfe-.hop.e,;,!!^*4^?!^^ a^^f^at'
blacks got  out  of ther■ ValJ^fo rth^y^hite^oTfquldc
fairly divide t!he burthen ji and the; loads.would ffc
effeclually lightened^^^^^^^^^£^^^^ £8&iii':
f^pfVmong.fch5l^velle^s^^>|^;pcc^;onrtp remark-
that thofe, who moft^ifked a]^$fjftuggled<|j|nder
their burthen's, only-jfpade them fo^niiich thejhea-
vier; for their flioulderisJtecaujg-extrem.elyi^Ped^
by thofe vain ftr^ggles-hj^Tlhe Ipad,, jf bOii^e patiently, would in theven4|-^iaye turned.^yen, to ijftfik
advantage of the bearef§||i|^%,fo th9^||itdj|||j the
ValleyTj^d kindly decreed):^^^.^ tja|£befe grj^m-
ii^jrs they had.all the fmartiandin^ne/of ;the >bene^j^
But the^h^ng whifeli ma4e«aU:.theffeburth^ns ieem*
fo very heavy was, that .in every- one^ithputuex-
cepti on£» there was a-certain innettjgfcrf&Uet, wfujeji^
molt of the Travellers tookj§j^ains to epnfi^yjjjand
-carefully wrap up; and while they we'rei^rward
enough, to con}Main: of the ptheii^part of theifj^^
t&ens, few faid a word about this;. though in truth
it was the preffing weight ofr|r.his fecret pacquet
which ferveki t© render the general burthen fo into-
lerable&"In fpite of all'their cautioner contrived*
to. get a peep at it, I found in each that this pacquet
had the fame- label; the word Sin was written on
all as a general title, and in ink fp,black that they
could not wafh it out.    I obferved that moft of^
them took no fmall pains to hide the writing; but
I was furprized to fee that they did not try to get
rid of the load but the label, ^[f any kind friend
who affifte'd thefe people ia bearing their burthens,
 >ut fo much as hint at the fecret pacquet) or ad-
nfe|tfeem to get rid of it, jft|ey look-fire at once,
and coinmonly denied they, had any fuch article in
thei.r portmanteau ; #nd it was thofe whofe fecret
Racquet 1 welled ^o'ftlil^-fi^^ienormous fize* who
mohVftOutty denied diey had any.
I faw with pleafure, however,'-that fome^who
had long laboured heartily to get rid of this inward paccjlietfat lengS* foyndiffeSSIrcftflliminifhed,
and.tHe more this pacquet fhrufilsjin fize, the lighter
v&s the other part of their burthens alio.
Therij methoHght,*^Il#&£^nce, T heard a voice"
as; tt 'had befen the voice ofean angel, crying out
arid faying,   *4 Ye "unhappy Pilgrims, why are f& *|
troubled about thfe^bifrthen^hich ye are doomed
to bear through this "Valley of Tears? Know ye not
that? as foon'as''ye fhall have ^efcaped out of this5
Vaftey, the whole burthen fhall drop off, provided
ye negle£t not to remove that inward weight of Sn&
•which pri#f^>ally^ppreffes yPu? Study then the
whole Wilf'-Pf the Lord of this Valley. Learn from-
hrm- how this heavy part of your burthens may now
be'leffened. and how at 1 aft it fhall be removed for
e'verl*|-Be comforterf^Paith and Hope may cheer
you pven in this Valley.7 The paffage,  thdugh it'
feems long to weary Travellers, is comparatively'
fhort; for beyond it there is a Land t5f everlafting \
-Reft, where ye fhall hunger no more, neither thirft
any more-, where ye fhall be led by living fountains of waters, and all tears  fhall be wiped away
froimyour evesy|£ Z.
THE     E Ig ®.


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