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[Bookplate for Elora Mechanics’ Institute] [between 1857 and 1869?]

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ELORA Mechanics’ Institute. RULES and REGULATIONS 1.—The Library shall be open each Tuesday and Friday Evening from 6 1/2 to 8 o’clock, during which time only, Books will be given out or taken in by the Librarian. 2.—No member shall be permitted to take out more than one book at a time—and no book shall be kept out longer than four weeks, under a fine of 5 cents for the first week, and 10 cents for each succeeding week, until four weeks beyond the time allowed have expired ;  after which time any further de- tention should render the holder liable to be sued for the first cost of such volume—or the whole set if the work comprises more than one volume—together with the accumulated fines. 3.—Members shall be held responsible for the loss, soiling, tearing or defacing of books while in their care, and shal pay for such damage or loss as the Library Committee shall de- cide—no penalty to exceed the first cost of the book or series of books as the case may be. 4.—The Librarian has authority to refuse to receive any book presented to him, which he has reason to suppose has been in any way damaged in the hands of the holder—until the Library Committee shall have investigated and reported on the case to the General Committee. No member in arrears for fines, or whose case is being considered by the Library Committee in regard to the loss or damage of a book, shall be allowed to take any volume from the Library. 5.—Any member returning a book, after having had it for four weeks, may again take it out provided that no other member of the Institute desire the same volume. OBSERVER PRINT. A - 202


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