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BC Sessional Papers

INDEX. British Columbia. Legislative Assembly [1936]

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Abco Mines, Ltd.
..F40, G46
See also Waverley Tangier Mines, Ltd.
Accidents in collieries   G 7
Accidents in metal mines G 34
Ackworth (Greenwood)  D 14
Active creek  E 28
Acts relating to mining , A 42
Ada, Fraser river  C 30
Adams leases, Willow river C 26
Aeroplane transportation  B 1
Aiken lake  G 48
Ainsworth camp E 34
Alameda (Nicola)  D 14
Alaska (Greenwood)  D 14, G 52
Alaska Juneau Gold Mining Co B 27
Alberni canal  F 49
Alberta Pacific Oil Co G 44
Alexander claims (Lillooet)  F 56
Alice arm  B 26, 29
Copper deposits  B 24
Allan  (Nelson)      E 1
Allco Silver Mines, Ltd.
E19, G51
Alma (Slocan City)  E 33
Amandy (Greenwood)   D 2
Plan   D 2
See also Amanda.
Amelia (Greenwood)   D 16
American Copper Mines, Ltd  C 8
American creek (Portland Canal) B 23, 29
Anchor  (Greenwood)    D 10
Anderson creek (Nelson)  E 27
Anderson creek, tributary of Pykett creek F 3
Annie  (Trail Creek) G 51
Antler creek  (Cariboo)   C 36
Antler Gold Mines, Ltd C 36
Antler Placer Mines, Ltd C 36
Anyox    A 7
Argo (Nanaimo)  F 34
Arizona   (Lillooet)    G 41
Arlington (Nelson)  E 29, G 50
Ashloo Gold Mining Syndicate F 1, G 45
Ashlu creek 	
Assay Office, Victoria, report by Provincial Assayer _
A 44
A 44
Assayers' examinations 	
Astoria   (Greenwood)   	
Athelstan  (Greenwood)   D 10
Atlin area, placer  t B 28
Aurum (Yale)  . F 35
Australian system of mining C 14
Averil creek (Cariboo)  C 21
Ayerton & Cohen, London, Eng E 35
Badger (Peace River)  	
B.A. group (Greenwood)  	
Baity lease, Fraser river __G 23
Baker inlet, sericite at B 30
Balaclava  (Greenwood)   D 14
Baldy mountain (Greenwood)   D 16
Banker  (Ainsworth)   E 35
(Atlin)    B29
Barbara, Unuk river  B 27
Barbara Ellen (Cariboo)   C6
Barite, Unuk river  B 12
Barkerville area C 35, 36
Barnes creek  E 36
Barriere lake   D 7
Barrington placers  B 27
Base Metals Mining Corporation E 13
Bay (Greenwood)  D 10, G 52
Bayonne (Nelson)  G 50
Bayonne Consolidated Mines, Ltd. E 27
Beach placers  (Queen Charlotte)   B 27
Bear river (Portland Canal)  B 4, 26, 28
Bearcat (Kamloops)  D 10
Beaver (Greenwood)   D 14
Beaverdell D 14
Beaverdell-Wellington   A 7
Beaverdyke creek .
Beaver Pass area
Beiler creek 	
Bejay creek	
Bell    ...
Bell Mines, Ltd. ....
.. F9
. A7
Belmont-Surf Inlet Mines, Ltd. .... B 2
B.E. Mining Co D 13
Ben Ali (Portland Canal)           B 26
Big Boy (Clayoquot)  F 43
Big Boy Syndicate F 43
mine G 22
Big Missouri (Portland Canal)  B 27, G 48
Big Showing, Unuk river
Billings creek	
Birch creek  (Atlin)  	
Birdie L. (Fort Steele)
Birk creek 	
B ismuth	
Bitter creek
Black Bear (Arrow Lake)
...A 20
(Portland Canal)   B 4, 24
(Trail Creek)
Blackbird (Liard)  .	
Blackcock  (Nelson)           G 50
Black Colt (Slocan)  E 35, G 51
Black Diamond (Greenwood)  G 52
Black Grouse (Slocan)  E 33
Black Sheep (Clinton)  F 21
Blackwater (West Road) river C 6, 22
Blaeberry  river         E 25
B.L.K. (Portland Canal)  B 24
Bluebird (Trail Creek)  E 31
Bluehawk (Vernon)  D 13
Bluehawk Syndicate D 13
Blue Quartz (Cariboo)   C 5
Bonanza (Lillooet)   F6
Bonanza Cache Gold Mines, Ltd F 6, G 42
Border creek (Portland Canal)   B 8
Bosun  (Slocan)    E 35, G 51
Boulder City  (Nelson)   E 28
Boulder creek (Atlin)  B 28
(Fort Steele)  E 36
Boundary creek (Greenwood)  D 15
Boundary Creek Mining Co., Ltd D 15
 D 14, G 52
  C 6
 F 55
..A7, F55, G41
 A 19
 F 29
 F 13, 55
Bounty (Greenwood)
Bowron river
Bradian Mines, Ltd. .
Bralorne Mines, Ltd.
Bridge Island Golds, Ltd.
Bridge River area 	
Britannia (Vancouver)
Britannia Mining and Smelting Co...F 57, G 45
British Canadian Silver Corporation C 39
B.C. Bonanza Mines, Ltd.  B 29
B.C. Cariboo Goldfields  E 27
At Midway (Fort Steele)  G 53
B.C. Cement Co., Ltd G 31
B.C. Hydraulics, Ltd.  C 17
B.C. Nickel Mines, Ltd F 58, G 45
B.C. Sand and Gravel Quarry G 31
B.C. Silver Co. (Portland Canal) B 27
B.C. Sodium Syndicate D 16
Bromley Vale mine  G 26
Brucejack lake, Unuk river B 12
B.R.X. Gold Mines, Ltd F 55
Bryant (Portland Canal)   B 24
Buccaneer of the North (Omineca), lime..C 34
Buckhorn lake (Cariboo)  C 24
Buena Vista Mining Co B 27
Building-stone  : A 19
Bulkley Valley Colliery G 27
Bull river (Atlin)  B 28
Bullion Placers, Ltd.  C 16, G 44
Bunker Hill  E 30
(Nelson)  G 50
Burton   E 24, 34
Buster (Greenwood)  D 14, G 52
(Slocan)   E 33
Buzzer (Clinton)   F 21
Cairn Gorn Fraction (Greenwood)
Calhoun creek (Omineca) 	
California  (Lillooet)   	
Campania (Skeena)
.A 20
_ D3
.. C9
Canada Coal Development Co., Ltd. G 26
Canadian (Slocan)  E 35
Canadian American Consolidated Mining
Co.   C 8
Canadian Collieries (Dunsmuir), Ltd G 20
Canyon creek (Arrow Lake)  E 24
Capital employed  A 10
Cardinal Mining and Development Co F 35
Cariboo (Ainsworth)  E 34
McKinney  (Greenwood)   D 16
. C5
Cariboo Eagle (Cariboo)
Cariboo Gold Drop
Caribou creek (Arrow Lake)
Carinelle Placers, Ltd. 	
Carmi (Greenwood) _.
Carmi Gold Mines, Ltd.
Cariboo Gold Quartz Mining Co., Ltd..
 C 35, G 43
Cariboo Gold Syndicate  C 35
Cariboo Lode Mines, Ltd.  C 2
Cariboo mountain (Liard)  _ B 21
1 Cariboo Nickel "  C 32
 E 35
 C 17
 G 52
 D 14
 D 14
Cascade creek (Portland Canal)  B 29
Cascade Sand and Gravel quarry G 31
Cayoosh creek   F 6
Cedar Creek Hydraulic Mines, Ltd C 37
Cement   A 19
Central camp  D 11
Centre Star (Nelson)      E 28
(Trail Creek)  G 51
Chambers' mine G 22
Chapleau (Slocan City)   E 32
Charlson creek (Cariboo)  C 23
Cherry creek (Kamloops), sodium D 16
(Vernon)      D 15
Clayburn Co., Ltd     G 45
Cliff  (Slocan)    E 35
(Trail Creek)       E 31
Clubine Comstock Gold Mines, Ltd E 28
Coal, prices   A 9
Tables   A 18
Production tables  G 2
List of registered names of B.C. coals .G 16
Coal-dust G 13
Coal-mine officials, examinations for G 17
Coalmont Collieries, Ltd. G 24
Coal Sales Act G 15
Coast Quarries, Ltd. G 31
Coke   A 9, 18
Colpe Mining Co., Ltd G 47
Columario Consolidated Gold Mines, Ltd.
 C7, 35
Columbia (Portland Canal)  B 28
Columbia Development Co. (Atlin)..B 28, G 47
Columbia Kootenay (Trail Creek) G 51
Columbia river, placer  E 36
Columbia Tungsten Co., Ltd. C 40
Common Johnny creek  F 10
Compagnie Francaise des Mines d'or du
Canada    B 28
Comstock (Slocan)  E 35
Congress Gold Mines, Ltd.
Connover creek 	
F56, G42
Consolidated Gold Alluvials of B.C., Ltd.
 C 12, G 43
Plan  C15
Consolidated Mining and Smelting Co..... A 7
Big Missouri      B 27
(Cariboo)    C 36
Fife, lime G 52
Manson creek C 38
Nugget gulch  C 36
No. 7 (Greenwood)  D 11
Ottawa  E 32
Procter, lime  G 51
Rossland properties  E 30
Salmon Gold B 27
Selwyn mountain C 11
Slate creek (Omineca)  G 48
Sullivan (Fort Steele)  E 33
Trail smelter  E 26
Contact (Ainsworth)  . E 34 INDEX.
Contact No. 1 (Nelson)   E 1
Copper camp (Greenwood)   D5
Copper deposits  B 29
Alice Arm area  B 24
Copper King (Nelson)   E2
Coquihalla river  F 35, 58
Corbin Collieries, Ltd.  G 30
Cornucopia  (Liard)   B 16, 21
Corona (Nicola)
Coronation (Lillooet)
Corrigan creek
Coughlin Gold Mines, Ltd.	
Cotter creek  (Clayoquot)  	
Cottonwood creek (Victoria)   F 52
Cottonwood House (Cariboo)  C 37
Cottonwood river (Cariboo) ... C 37
Cottonwood River area C 27
Cougar, Fraser river  C 6
Cougar Mining Syndicate   C 6
Coulter creek (Cariboo)  C 36
Council (Liard)  B 21
Cowichan lake  F 52
Cowie's coal mine  G 23
Cracker creek (Atlin)  B 28
Crater Lake Mining Co D 14
Crawford (Liard)   B 17
Crescent (Greenwood)  D 10
Creston Hill (Nelson)   G 50
Criterion (Lardeau)   E 31, G 51
Crow's Nest Pass Coal Co., Ltd.  G 28
Crystal creek (Lillooet)  F 12
Cub  (Slocan City)   E 33
Cumberland (or Daly group), Unuk river
 B 9, B 11
Cumshewa (Queen Charlotte)  B 26
Cumshewa inlet  B 26
Dalvanie mountain (Liard) B 22
Dalvenie (Liard)  B 22
Dalvenie Syndicate  B 22
Daly group.    See Cumberland.
Dardenelle (Omineca) 	
Dawn (Cariboo) 	
Dawson (Liard) 	
Daybreak (Ainsworth) 	
Dayton (Slocan City)	
Deadman river (Ashcroft).
Dease lake	
__C7, 35
  C 7
 E 35
 E 35
 F 57
..B22, 28
 B 12
 G 31
 D 15
 E 12
Dease river	
Deeks Sand and Gravel Pit	
Deep creek (Vernon)	
Delphine creek '.	
Dentonia Mines, Ltd. D 10, G 52
Devil's canyon (Cariboo) 1C 36
Diadem, Skeena river (Omineca)  C7
Diatomite A 20
Dibble Mines, Ltd	
Dickson, James, report as  Inspector of
Mines   G 1
Divelbliss creek B 10
Dividend-Lakeview (Osoyoos)  D 12
Doctor creek (Windermere) E 11
Dolly Varden (Nass River) B 29
Dolly Varden formation B 24
Donovan creek (Cariboo) C 36
Doris (Alberni)  F 54
Dragon creek (Cariboo) C 36
Dry silver ores, Slocan camp E 32
Duffey lake . F 6, F 9
Duncan river (Ainsworth) E 36
Dundee (Portland Canal) r B 24
Dunn, Robert, synopsis of mining laws A 33
Dunwell Mines, Ltd B 26
Dutch creek E 36
Eagle, Porcher island .
 B 26
  B 3
Eastern Mineral Survey District (No.
Report by Resident Mining Engineer  E 1
Eastern Star Fraction (Greenwood)  D3
Eastman Red Gulch Placers, Ltd. C 36
Ecstall river B 26
Ecuador (Greenwood)  D 16
Edmonton and British Columbia Mining
Syndicate C 20
Edye Pass (Skeena)  B2
Plan  B 3
Eight-mile lake C 36
El Capitan (Victoria) F 52
 G 12
  B 8
 G 50
Electricity in collieries
Elkhorn (Greenwood) —
Elliott (Lawlaton) creek
Ellison creek	
Emerald (Nelson) 	
Empress (Clinton)  F 24
Enterprise (Greenwood)  D 10
(Nicola) D 14
Enterprise creek (Slocan) E 33
Erie creek (Nelson)  E 2, 29, 36
Esperanza Mines, Ltd. B 29
Euphrates (Nelson)  E 27
Eureka (Arrow Lake) E 35
Eureka creek E 36
Eva (Lardeau)  G 51
Eva creek (Lardeau) E 22
Evening Star (Trail Creek) E 31, G 51
Evindsen creek B 24
Ewen (Fort Steele) G 53
Excelda (Windermere)  G 53
Excelsior Prospecting Syndicate B 23
See also Virginia K.
Exploration in No. 1 District  B 1
Explosives, use of  G 9
Fairview Amalgamated Gold Mines, Ltd. D 12
See also Flora.
Fairview camp D 12
Faith (Alberni) 	
Falkland D 16
Gypsum  G 32 INDEX.
Fall river, Manson C 39
Fawn Mining Co E 29
Federal Gold Mines, Ltd F 56, G 42
Federal Mining and Smelting Co. D 13
Feeney creek  F 33
Fern (Nelson)  E 27
Fertilizer at Trail E 26
Fewright creek (Portland Canal)  B7
Fiddick mine G 22
Field E13
Fife, lime at G 52
Findlay creek E 11
(Windermere)   E 36
First aid G 39
Fisher Maiden (Slocan) E 34, 35
Fitzhugh sound B 30
Flora, Fairview Amalgamated (Osoyoos) D 12
Florence, Unuk river B 11
...A 20
_.C 21
Fort George canyon, Fraser river ...
49 creek (Nelson)     _E 36
Four-mile creek (Quesnel)  C 38
Frances (Lillooet)  F 12
Francis (Portland Canal)  B 26
Franklin camp D 11
Franklin River (British Columbia)  Gold
Mines, Ltd F 49
Fraser river at Whites Landing  C 5
Free miners' certificates A 33
French creek (Omineca)  C 36
(Revelstoke)   E 36
French Creek Hydraulic Placers, Ltd. C 36
Fry creek E 36
Fuel A 10
Fuel-oil competition  G 6
Gates creek	
Geiler (Nanaimo), report by P. B. Free-
land  F58
Geking creek (Portland Canal) B 10
Gem Gold Mines --G 45
Geological   Survey  of  Canada,  work  in
British Columbia A 32
George (Liard)  B 16, 19
George creek (Cariboo) C 24
Georgia (Trail Creek)  E 31
Georgina (Nanaimo)  C 46
Germansen Creek Placers, Ltd. G 48
 C 38
 C 38
 C 38
 C 39
 C 28
 F 22
_i__B 28
 G 31
  B 4
 B 23
 B 23
 C 35
...B 9, 10
 B 22
 C 39
Germansen Landing
Germansen Mines, Ltd. ...
Germansen Placers, Ltd.
Germansen river	
Gibbon leases, Manson	
Gibson creek	
Gibson Hydraulic Association
Gilley Bros.' quarry	
Gipsy (Portland Canal)
Glacier creek (Portland Canal)
Glacier Creek Mining Co., Ltd.	
Gla,cier Gulch (Cariboo)	
Globe, Unuk river	
Gnat creek (Liard)	
Gold (Omineca)
Gold, placer, Ainsworth E 36
Atlin B28
Arrow Lake E 36
Barnes creek E 36
Beach placers B 27
Barrington river B 27
Camp creek (Revelstoke) E 36
Canyon creek (Golden) E 36
Columbia river E 36
Coughlin Gold Mines, Ltd E 36
Dredging  C 37
Duncan river E 36
Dutch creek E 36
Erie creek E 36
Eureka creek E 35
Fife Cape B 27
Findlay creek E 36
Fort Steele E 36
Forty-nine creek  E 36
French creek (Revelstoke) E 36
Fry creek E 36
Gold Pan creek B 27
Gold, placer, Golden .
Holding river	
Lemon creek	
Little Muddy river .
Moyie river	
Palmer Bar creek	
Pend d'Oreille river.
Perry creek	
 E 36
 E 36
 E 36
 E 36
 E 36
 E 36
 E 36
 E 36
Quartz creek  (Golden) E 36
Queen Charlotte B 27
Revelstoke E 36
Salmo E 36
Sawmill creek E 36
Skookumchuck river  E 36
Slocan City E 36
Stikine river B 27
Toby creek E 36
Vernon D 15
Whatshan lake E 36
Wild Horse creek E 36
Windermere E 36
Winfield D 15
Wood river E 36
Gold, lode, deposits  E 1
Bridge river F 55
Cranbrook  E 27
Greenwood  D 2, D 10
Jexoel  D 2
Kootenay lake E 27
Nelson     E 27
Squamish  F 1
Gold-silver-lead-zinc deposits, Smithers .. C 39
Topley area C 39
Gold Belt (Nelson)        G 50
Gold Belt Mining Co E 29
Gold Coin (Vancouver).   See Golden Coin
Gold    Commissioners   and   Mining   Recorders _  A 45
Gold   Crest    (Kamloops).     See   Copper
Gold Cup (Nelson)  E 28
Gold Cup Mining Co  E 28
Gold Drop (Trail Creek) G 51
Gold Fern (Nelson) G 50
Gold Fern Mines, Ltd E 27
Goldfield (Clayoquot)  F 39
Gold Finch (Liard)  G 51 INDEX.
Gold King (later Gold Coin)  (Vancouver) F 3
Gold Leaf (Nass River) B 26
Gold Mountain Mines, Ltd. D 12
See also Pollock.
Gold Pan creek, placer B 27
Goldpeak (Clayoquot)  F 38
Gold Ridge (Lillooet) F 12
Gold Run, Unuk river B 10
Goldside Mines, Ltd F 13
Gold Viking (Slocan City) E 32
Golden Cache (Lillooet) .  F8
Golden Coin group (formerly Gold Coin;
formerly Golden King)  (Vancouver)   F 1
Golden Eagle Fraction (Greenwood)  D3
Golden Fawn (Nelson)  E 29, G 50
Golden Fleece (Osoyoos) D 14
Golden Gate Mines, Ltd. ..... F 57
Golden No. 1  (Clinton) F 21
Goodenough (Nelson)  E 28, G 50
Good Hope (Liard)  B 21
Good Luck Fraction (Greenwood) D 11
Gracey creek B 10
Graham island, beach placers B 27
Granby  Consolidated  Mining,   Smelting,
and Power Co., Ltd.   A 7
At Anyox B 29, G 47
Grand Forks D 11
Grandoro Mines, Ltd. D 13
Grange Mines, Ltd F 57
Granite (Nelson)  E 27, G 50
Granite creek, Hastings arm B 26
Granite Mining Co. C 30
Gravel A 19
Great Western (Arrow Lake) E 35
Greenwood area, gold, lode  D 2
Grizzly  (later Roosevelt)  B4
Grizzly Mining Co  B 4
Grouse mountain  (Omineca) C 40
Grull-Wihksne Gold Mines, Ltd E 27
Guggenheim Exploration Co. C 17
Gun lake _: F 56
Guyet Placers, Ltd C 36
Gypsum A 20
Falkland D 16
Gypsum, Lime, and Alabastine, Canada,
Ltd.  D16
Half-mile creek
Hall creek  (Nelson) El, 27
Hamilton Creek Gold Mines, Ltd. __F 57, G 44
Hansard area C 6, 37
Hardscrabble (Cariboo)  C 40
(Nelson)  E 27
Harrison creek, Manson river C 28
Harrymel creek  B 7
Harvey creek (Quesnel) C 38
Hastings arm B 26.
Hattie (Trail Creek)  E 31
Haylmore creek (Cedar creek)  (Lillooet)   F9
Hayward (Similkameen)  D 15
Hedley Amalgamated Co. G 47
Hedley camp D 11
Hedley Consolidated Gold Mines, Ltd D 12
Hedley Gold  Mining  Co.    See  Kelowna
Exploration Co.
Hedley Mascot Gold Mines, Ltd. __D 11, G 46
Hedley Sterling Gold Mines, Ltd._D 12, G 47
See also Patsy.
Helena Gold Mines, Ltd G 48
Herbert arm F 40
Herbert Arm Gold Mines, Ltd F 43
Hercules Consolidated Mining, Smelting,
and Power Co F 57, G 45
Hewitt (Slocan)  E 35
Hidden Treasure (Greenwood) D 14
Highland Chief (Slocan) G 51
Highland Lass (Greenwood)  D 14, G 52
Hillside Sand and Gravel Quarry G 31
Hireen Placers, Ltd.  C 17
Highland Lass, Ltd.  A 7
..C2, 19, 37
Hixon Creek (Cariboo) 	
Hixon Creek (Cariboo) Gold, Ltd. ...     _...C 19
Hixon Mother Lode, Ltd. C 37
Holding creek E 36
Home Gold Mining Co., Ltd F 58
Homestake, Adams lake (Kamloops) G 46
Jamieson creek  D 9
Hope (Slocan)  E 35
Hopeful (Liard)  B 16, 20
Houlton (Nelson)   E 2
Houseman creek (Cariboo) C 36
Howard (Nelson)  E 28, G 50
Howe Sound Co.  A 7
Hughes creek (Nelson) E 27
Humphrey lake C 28
Huntsman (Osoyoos)  D 13
Hydraulic area C 16
Hydro-electric development  G 6
Hyland Basin C 39
Ida (Portland Canal) B 28
Idaho (Trail Creek)  G 51
Ida May (Lillooet) F 55
Ideal Gold and Metal Mines, Ltd G 45
Independence (Osoyoos)  D 13
Inspection of mines, report by J. Dickson G 1
Inspection of coal mines G 19
Inspection of metalliferous mines G 33
Inspection of quarries G 31
Inyo (Greenwood)  D 14
Iron, bog
A 20
Iron and Steel Bounties Act, 1929, synopsis of A 40
Iron Horse (Trail Creek)  G 51
Iron Mask (Trail Creek) G 51
Island Mountain Mines Co., Ltd C 35, G 43
Ivanhoe (Slocan)  E 35
I.X.L. (Trail Creek) E 4, G 51
Plan   E 7
Reference E 31
Jackpot (Greenwood)  D 10
Jackson (Ainsworth)  E 35
(Stikine)  B 29
Jamieson creek ...
Jayjay creek	
Jeanie  (Skeena)
. D9
Jenny (Greenwood)
Jewel lake	
Jewel Lake camp
Jimmay creek	
Jingle Pot mine
Jolly creek (Greenwood).
Jones claims (Cariboo)...
... D 5
... D 3
_ D2
__C 29
... D 15
__C 27
Kalamalka Gold Mines, Ltd.
Kamloops area	
Kamloops Homestake Mines, Ltd.
Kane creek 	
Kean creek (Liard)
Keithley creek .
Kelowna Exploration Co.  D 11
See also Hedley Gold Mining Co.
Kennedy Lake Gold Mines, Ltd F 46, 48
Kennedy river  (Clayoquot) F 46
Kenny creek C 28
Manson  C 38
Ketch (Cariboo)  C 36
LaBrant creek B 10
Ladner creek F 35
La Fontaine  (Cariboo) C 12
Lakeview, Jamieson creek (Kamloops)....D 10
(Osoyoos)  D 12
L. and L. Consolidated Mines, Ltd. B 28
L. and L. Fraction (Portland Canal) B 28
Lang creek (Liard) B 15
Langara, Tatlayoko lake (Nanaimo) F 33
Lantzville Collieries, Ltd G 21
La Porte (Skeena) B 26
Lardeau area  E 31
Lardeau camp E 21
Last Chance (Omineca) C 40
(Portland Canal)  B 23
Last Chance creek (Cariboo) C 36
Lavington (town)  D 13
Lawlaton creek (Lillooet) F 11
Lay, Douglas, report as Resident Mining
Engineer   C 1
Lemon creek E 32, 36
Lead, statistics  A 9
Lectures to prospectors A 31
Legal Tender (Greenwood) D 10
Len King creek   B 8
Leora (Clayoquot) F 46
Le Roi (Trail Creek) G 51
L.H. (Slocan)  E 31
Lightning Creek Gold Mines Ltd. (formerly Lightning Creek Gold Gravels
and Drainage Co.) C 12
Mabel (Greenwood)
Machynlleth-V oel  (Vancouver)
Madge mountain 	
Magnesium sulphate	
Mak Siccar Gold Mines, Ltd	
See also Tiger.
..D 13,
. D5
. D6
A 20
Josie Nos. 1 and 2 (Trail Creek)
Jubilee (Greenwood) 	
Jumbo (Trail Creek)	
Jumping Jack (Liard)	
Juniper (Osoyoos) 	
Juno (Nelson)	
_G 51
-D 11
, G51
...B 17
-D 13
_E 27
Ketchum creek (Portland Canal) B 7, 27
Key (Windermere)  E 11
Keystone (Nelson)  E 29, G 50
Keystone mountain (Nelson)  E2
Kicking Horse (Golden) G 53
Kilgard quarry G 31
Killarney (Grand Forks) D 15
Kimberley Goldfields Consolidated, Ltd.,
 E 27, G 53
Klondike Fraction (Liard) B 21
Koeye river B 30
Lime-quarry  G 32
Kootenay Belle (Nelson)  G 50
Kootenay Belle Gold Mines, Ltd E 29
Lightning creek (Cariboo) C 12
Lightning Peak (Grand Forks) D 15
Lightning Peak camp D 15
Likely area C 37
Lillooet area         F 12, 57
Lily May (Trail Creek) E 31
Lime A 19
Ritchie (Cariboo)  C 34
Koeye river B 30
Limpid creek (Nelson) E 30
Little Daisy (Slocan)  E3
Little Gem (Lillooet) F 56
Little Muddy river, placer B 27
Little Sullivan (Fort Steele) E 27
Little Wonder (Portland Canal) B 23
Lizard creek (Lillooet) F 12
Long lake (Portland Canal) B 29
Loughborough Gold Mines, Ltd F 57, G 45
Lowhee creek C 36
Lowhee Mining Co. C 36
Lowrie creek (Omineca)    C8
L.T. (Slocan City) E 33
See also Olympic.
Lucky Boy (Ainsworth) E 34
Glacier creek (Portland Canal) B 23
Lucky creek, Barkley sound F 54
Lucky Date (Portland Canal) B 26
Lucky Luke (Omineca)  C7
Lucky Strike, Hughes creek (Nelson) E 27
Lucky Thought (Slocan) E 35
Lulu (Portland Canal) B 23
Mamie (Cariboo)   .
Mammoth   (Slocan) E 34, 35, G 48, 51
Mandy, J. T., report as Resident Mining
Engineer   B 1
Manery creek D 13
Manson creek C 38
Manx (Osoyoos)  D 12 INDEX.
Martel Gold Mines, Ltd.	
Martin (Liard)  	
Martin leases (Omineca) 	
Maryhill Sand and Gravel Pit.
Mary McQuilton (Clayoquot)
Mary Stuart (Clinton)
_G 44
...B 21
_C 29
... Gl
....F 40
-.F 28
Mascot Fractional (Osoyoos)  D 11
Mastodon (Nass River)  B 26
(Revelstoke)   G 51
Mayflower (Portland Canal)  B 26
(Trail Creek)  E 31
Meadow creek  F 34
Men employed  A 23
Collieries   G 5
Meridian Mining Co., Ltd.
Mesilinka river	
Metal prices 	
Metallic (Slocan)
..E31, G51
 C 29
  A 8
 E 33
Metalliferous Mines Regulation Act, synopsis of  A 41
Meteor (Slocan City)  E 32, G 51
Methane in mines  G 37
Michaely Silver Lead Co E 33
See also Red Rock.
Mickelson creek (Windermere)  E 12
Middlesboro Collieries, Ltd G 24
Midge creek  E 27
Midnight (Trail Creek) E 4, 9, 31
Midnight Syndicate  E 11
Midway (Fort Steele)   E 27, G 53
Mighty Midas (Trail Creek)  E 31
Miller (Portland Canal)    B4
Millie Mac (Arrow Lake)  _-.E 35
Mine-rescue stations  G 14, 18
Mines Development Act, synopsis of A 39
Mineral Act, synopsis of  A 33
Mineral Basin (Portland Canal)   B 5
Mineral claims, location, etc., of A 34
Mineral   Survey  and  Development  Act,
1929, synopsis of A 39
Mining Corporation of Canada, reference.-E 13
On Unuk river  B 9
Mining industry (J. F. Walker)   A 7
Mining laws, synopsis of A 33
Minto Gold Mines, Ltd F 56, G 42
Mission creek (Vernon)  D 15
Mitchell creek (Portland Canal)   B9
Mjolner Gold Mines	
Mohawk (Clinton)  	
Molly Gibson (Grand Forks) 	
Jamieson creek (Kamloops) 	
Molly Hughes (Slocan)  E 33, G 51
Molybdenum creek (Omineca)   C7
Monarch  (Golden)   E 13, G 52, 53
Plan  E14
..._C 37
.... E 2
....F 22
.. G 52
... D 9
Monashee camp 	
Monashee Mines Syndicate, Ltd,  D 13
Monitor  (Slocan)   E 34
Moonlight (Portland Canal)   B 29
Moose, Princess Royal island   B 2
Moose Syndicate  C 37
Mormon Girl  E 30
.F6, 9
Morning Glory (Lillooet) 	
Morning Glory No. 2,  Camp  McKinney
(Greenwood)    D 16
Morning Star (Slocan City)  E 33
(Trail Creek)   G 51
Morning   Star   (Fairview)   Gold   Mines,
Ltd D12
Morris property, Tatlayoko lake F 29
Morrison  (Cariboo)     C2
Mosquito creek (Cariboo)  C 12
Motherlode  (Nelson)   E 30
Mountain Chief (Slocan)  E 35
Moyeha (Clayoquot)  F 45
Moyeha river  F 42
Moyie river  E 36
Mac (Liard)   B 16, 20
McAllister  G 51
Macauley creek (Kamloops)  D 14
McCloskey drift (Atlin)   B 28
McClure creek (Clinton)  F 25
McClure mountain (Clinton)  F 22
McDame creek  B 12
Plan  B14
McDonald cut stone  G 32
McGregor river, dredge on C 37
Mackay (Kamloops)   D 10
 B 9, 27
 B 28
 D 16
 C 38
MacKay Syndicate
McKee creek (Atlin)
McKinney camp 	
McLeod river 	
Napanee (Greenwood)  D 14
Nechako Golds, Ltd C 37
Nechako river C 37
Nellie V. (Portland Canal)  B 23
New Denver  E 33
Nicholson creek (Greenwood)   D 5
(Omineca)     C7
Nicholson Creek Mining Corporation.-C 7, G 48
Nickel deposits, Williams lake C 32
Nickel Plate  (Osyoos)   D 11, G 46
Nicola   D13
Nicola Mines and Metals, Ltd D 13, G 47
Noble Five  (Slocan)   G 51
Noble Five Mines, Ltd.  E 34
Non-metallics, No. 1 District, sericite—B 30
Lime at Ritchie  C 34
Non-shipping mines  A 31
Nootka Gold Mining Syndicate  F 40
Norn claims C 27
North-eastern   Mineral   Survey  District (No. 2):
Report by Douglas Lay  C 1
Northwestern Aerial Prospectors, Ltd. B 29
North-western   Mineral   Survey  District (No. 1):
Report by J. T. Mandy  B 1
Production     B 1
North Point, Fraser river  C 30
North Point Mining Co.  C 30
North Star (Fort Steele), placer  G 53
(Greenwood)    D 3, G 52
Birk creek (Kamloops)   D7
Plan     D 8
(Peace River)   C 11
North Thompson river .
Northern Air Express-
Northern Airways	
Northern Hill	
.D 7, 14
  B 1
  B 1
....... B 4 INDEX.
Northern Light group (Lillooet) .
Northern Mining and Milling Co.
Northern Reef Gold Mines, Ltd. ...
Northern Ventures, Ltd. 	
 F 13
 G 45
 C 38
.C38, G48
Northwest Anthracite Syndicate  G 27
Nugget (Nelson)  E 29, G 50
Nugget gulch (Cariboo)  C 36
No. 7 (Greenwood)  ...
D 11, G 52
Observatory inlet B 29
O'Donnel river  (Atlin)   B 28
Office statistics, Gold Commissioners and
Mining Recorders  A 48
O'Grady, B. T., report as Resident Mining
Engineer   F 1
Ohio No. 7 (Nelson) E 28
O.K. (Trail Creek)  E 9, 31, G 51
O.K. mountain (Trail Creek)   E4
Okanagan lake D 13
Old Bird (Greenwood)   D3
Old Hogem  C 38
Oliver leases (Cariboo)  C 36
Olympic (Greenwood)  G 52
Olympic (Slocan City).   SeeL.T. (Slocan
Olympic Gold Mines, Ltd.  F 56, G 42
Omineca Placers, Ltd.	
Omineca Gold Quartz Mines, Ltd.
 C 7, 35, G 48
Ore Hill (Nelson)  E 30, G 50
Ormond Mines, Ltd G 46
Oro Fino (Osoyoos)  D 13
Oscar Lind coal mine  G 26
Oscarson (Fort Steele)  G 53
Osilinka river C 29
Osoyoos-Hecla  (Osoyoos)   D 13
Osoyoos Mines, Ltd.  D 12, 13
See also Dividend Lakeview.
Ottarasko creek F 33
Ottawa (Slocan City)  E 32, G 51
Otter creek  (Atlin)  .. ____B 28
Ouray (later Velvet)  (Nass River) B 24
Pacific Eastern Gold, Ltd.  F 55, G 42
Pacific Lime Co.  G 31
Pacific Pulp and Paper Mills, limestone
for  B 30
B 16, 19
Paige (Liard) 	
Paladora (Arrow Lake)           E 31
Palmer Bar creek  E 36
Palmey (Portland Canal)  B 28
Palmita (Slocan)  E 35, G 51
Parvenue Mines, Ltd.  D 13
Patsy  D 12
See also Hedley Sterling Gold Mines,
Pavilion Gold Mines, Ltd.  G 44
Pawn, Unuk river B 27
Pay Cheque (formerly Pay Day)  (Grand
Forks)  D 15
Payne (Slocan)  E 35
Peace River area  C 10
Peace River Mining and Milling Co C 11
Pend d'Oreille river  E 33
Pend d'Oreille River area E 30
Perrier   (Nelson)    G 50
Perry creek   G 53
Perry Creek Gold Mines, Ltd G 53
Phair creek  F 6
Phoenix area, gold, lode D 2, 10
Phosphate Mining Act, 1925, synopsis of .A 40
Pilot Gold Mines, Ltd F 56, G 42
Pine creek (Atlin)        B 28
(Quesnel)    C 38
Pine Creek Mining Co. C 38
Pinegrove creek   ._ ._  C 12
Pioneer Gold Mines of B.C., Ltd	
 A 7, F 55, G 41
Pioneer Sand and Gravel Co.  G 31
Placer claims, location, etc., of  A 34
Placer Engineers, Ltd.  C 38, G 44
Placer-mining Act, synopsis of A 33
Placer-mining leases  A 36
Placer training camps
Pleasant Valley Mining Co., Ltd..
Plettville (town) 	
Plug Hat mountain	
Pole Cabin creek (Golden) 	
Polestar (Kamloops)  	
Pollock (Osoyoos)
..A 31
A 20
. D9
See also Gold Mountain Mines, Ltd.
Pontiac (Portland Canal)   B4
Poorman (Nelson)   E 27
(Trail  Creek)    G 51
Porcher island   B 2
Port Hope (Slocan City)  E 32
Portland (Trail Creek)  G 51
Portland Ganal area, silver-lead-zinc deposits  B 23
Portland Canal Mining and Development
Co., Ltd.   B 4
Porto Rico (Nelson)  E 27, G 50
Potlatch, Taku river (Atlin)       .... B 29
Potosi   (Grand  Forks)    D 15
Precambrian Cariboo series  C 12
Pre Cambrian Gold Mines, Ltd. D 13
Premier Gold Mining Co., Ltd...    .
_   A 7, B 9, 26, 27, E 29, G 48
Prince George area C 37
Princess (Nelson)   E2
Princess  Royal  Gold Mines, Ltd.   (later
Surf Inlet Consolidated Gold Mines,
Ltd.)    B 25
Princess Royal island  B 2
Procter, lime-quarry at  G 51
Producers Sand and Gravel Co. ■_ G 31
Production tables  A 11
Prosecutions  G 13
Providence (Greenwood)  D 3, G 52
Provisional free miners' certificates A 38
Ptarmigan river (Liard)  B 22
Pykett creek  F 3, 5 INDEX.
Quadra island 	
" Quartz City " 	
Quartz creek, Manson	
Quartz creek, McDame creek ...
Quatsino Gold Copper Co., Ltd.
Queen (Nelson)
__F 58
.-B 19
_C 39
... B 15
Queen Charlotte, beach placers
 C 17
,E 30, G 50
 B 27
Queen City Mining Co., Ltd.  C 36
Quesnel Forks area C 37
Quesnel river, placer C 37
South fork  C 37
Quesnelle Quartz Mining Co., Ltd—C 2, G 44
Plan   C 3
Radio, at McDame Post B 13
At Dease Landing B 13
Rainbow (Greenwood)  G 52
Rambler (Ainsworth)   E 34
(Greenwood)    D 14, G 52
Ramos creek C 12
Raven Mountain  D 14
Raven Mountain area  D 14
Reco (Slocan)  E 35
Redbird (Skeena)  B 25
Red Rock (Liard)  B 16, 18
(Nelson)  E 33
Red Triangle Coal Co G 26
Relief-Arlington Mines, Ltd E 29
Renny's coal mine  G 23
Reno  (Nelson)   E 30, G 50
Reno Gold Mines, Ltd A 7, E 30
Republic (Slocan City)  E 32
Revenge (Greenwood)  G 52
Reward Gold Mining Co., Ltd G 44
Richardson mine  G 22
Richfield (Omineca) „ C 39
Richfield Cariboo Gold Mining Co G 44
Richfield Gold Mines, Ltd C 35
Richmond, A. M., report on Nos. 3 and 4
  D 1
Rio  (Slocan)   ..
Ritchie.    See Teddy Glacier.
Ritchie, lime 	
Riverside (Portland Canal)  ...
(Slocan City)  	
Rock creek (Greenwood) 	
Rocky Ridge (Liard) 	
Roosevelt   (formerly Grizzly)
Roosevelt Mining Co. 	
Ross Mining Syndicate,
D 15
Ltd. (N.P.L.). E34
Rossland camp, report by J. S. Stevenson.. E 4
Reference to camp
Royal creek (Greenwood) 	
Royal Development Co. 	
Royal Inland  (Kamloops)  	
Ruby creek (Atlin)  	
Fraser river (Cariboo) 	
Ruth (Portland Canal) 	
Ruth (Slocan)  E 35
Sable creek 	
Safety-lamps, use of
Salaries and wages ...
Sallus creek 	
Sally (Greenwood) ..
Sally Mines, Ltd. .__
Salmo-Malartic   (Nelson)
..A 10
Salmon Gold (Portland Canal)
Salmon Gold Mines, Ltd.
...G 50
...B 27
...B 27
Salmon river (Portland Canal)  B 5, 29
Salmon River area  (Portland Canal) B 26
Saw Francisco (Trail Creek)  G 51
Santiago Mines, Ltd F 57
Sargent, H., report as Resident Mining
Engineer   E 1
Savona Gold Mines, Ltd.  G 44
Sawmill flat  C 36
Scheelite, north point, Fraser river C 30
Schufer (Omineca).    See Silver Creek.
■ G50
...F 56
_B 30
.... F 6
...E 25
...D 11
...E 35
Second Relief (Nelson)
Selwyn (Peace River)
Selwyn mountain
_E 29,
Senator Gold Mines, Ltd.	
Sericite, Baker inlet	
Seton lake	
Seward (Golden) ....	
Shamrock (Osoyoos) 	
Shannon  (Slocan)   	
Sheep creek (Nelson)  E 29
Sheep Creek Gold Mines, Ltd E 30
Sheffield Gold and Silver Mines, Ltd D 14
Shipping-mines, 1935  A 24
Shoal Bay Gold Mining Syndicate G 45
Shufly  (Kamloops)   D 10
Silbak Premier Mines, Ltd.  B 26
Silver, statistics   A 9
Silver, Fraser river  (Cariboo)  C 30, 31
Silver Basin  (Portland Canal)    B 6
Silver-copper deposits, Grouse Mountain
area  C 40
Silver creek   (should be Woolsey creek)
(Revelstoke)   E 19
Silver Creek (formerly Schufer) C 39
Silver creek, Manson C 38
Silver-gold deposits (Slocan)  E 32
Silverine (Trail Creek)  E 31
Silver lake, Manson  C 38
Silver-lead-zinc deposits  B 23
(Portland Canal)  B 28
(Fort Steele)  E 33
(Golden)  E 25
(Greenwood), Wallace mountain D 14
(Windermere)   E 11
Silver Queen (Arrow Lake)  E 24
(Lillooet)     F 9
Silverton  E 33
Sirdar (Fort Steele)  E 33
Siwash creek (Vernon)  D 15
(Yale), placer  G 45
S.K., Unuk river  B 27
Skeena Development Syndicate  G 27
Skookumchuck creek E 36 10
Skylark  (Greenwood)    G 52
Slade-Cariboo Placers, Ltd C 12, 36, G 44
Slate A 20
Slate creek, Manson C 38
Slocan area
Slocan City
Slocan-Monitor Mines, Ltd.
Slough creek (Cariboo) .	
Smithers area
Snow Creek (Liard) 	
Snow creek (Arrow Lake)
McDame creek ...
_E 3, 31, 34
 E 32
 E 34
 C 36
 C35, 39
 B 16
 E 24
 B 16
Snow flake (Revelstoke)  E 19
Sodium (Kamloops)  D 16
Cherry creek D 16
Southern and Central Mineral Survey
Districts (Nos. 3 and 4):
Report by A. M. Richmond  D 1
Spider (Portland Canal)  B 29
Spokane  (Clinton)   F 25
(Grand Forks)   D 15
Springer creek E 32
Spruce creek (Atlin)  B 28
Spud Valley creek F 38
Squamish area   F 1
Squaw creek (Atlin)  B 28
Standard (Slocan)   E 34, 35, G 51
(Nanaimo)    F 33, 34
Standard Frac
Stanley area „
Stave Lake area
Stevens creek 	
Stevenson, J. S.
Report on Rossland camp
Stewart  (Cariboo)
(Greenwood)   D 14
 C35, 36
 F 57
 D 14
 F 38
Stikine river  B 27, 29
Stone creek (Cariboo) _
Stump lake	
Sullivan (Fort Steele)  .. ....E 33,
A 20
Sulphurets creek   B 7
Summit, Sheep creek (Nelson)  E 30
Sunshine (Portland Canal)  B 28
Superior (Liard)  B 21
Superior Mines, Ltd.  D 3
Plan   D 4
Supplies    A 10
Surf Inlet (Skeena)  ...G 48
Surf Inlet Consolidated Gold Mines, Ltd.
(formerly Princess Royal Gold Mines,
Ltd.)    B 25
Surf Point (Skeena)   B 25
Susie  (Osoyoos)    D 12
Sweet Home  (Kamloops)   D 14
Sweet Mary (Greenwood) G 52
Taku river  B 27, 29
Talc  A 20
Tamarack (Nelson)   G 50
Tanzilla river B 22
Taseko Motherlode Gold Mines, Ltd F 22
Plan  F 23
Taseko river F 17, 26
Tatlayoko lake  F 29
Tatlayoko Lake Gold Mines, Ltd.  F 29
Tatshenshini river B 28
Taxation Act, synopsis of A 42
Taylor-Windfall Gold Mining Co F 17
Plan  F18
Teddy Glacier (Lardeau)  E 21, G 51
See also Ritchie.
Teddy Glacier Mines (1933), Ltd E 21
Plan       E 22
Telluric Gold Mines, Ltd F 57, G 44
Ten-mile lake (Cariboo)  C 27
Terry Consolidated (Queen Charlotte) B 27
Texas creek ._ F 58
Theda Bara (Revelstoke)  E 36
Thelma (Nicola)  D 14
Thibert creek, placer B 28
Three in One (Peace River)  C 10
Thunderbird Mines, Ltd E 12, G 53
Tiger (Greenwood)   G 52
(Osoyoos)    D 13
Toby creek (Windermere)  E 12, 36
Tom creek, Manson C 38
Tom lake (Omineca)  C 28
Tommy creek  F 56
Tommy K. (Clayoquot)  F 48
Topley  (Omineca)    C 39
Topley area C 39
Topley-Richfield Mining Co., Ltd.  C 39
Toquart  (Alberni)  F 54
Trail smelter  E 26
Trixie (Skeena)  B 25
Troup creek (Vernon)  D 15
Trout creek, McDame creek B 15
Troy (Slocan)   E 34
Tulameen Collieries, Ltd. G 25
Tungsten deposits, Fraser river C 30
Wells area C 40
Tuscarora Gold Mines, Ltd.  F 56
Twin John mountain B 11
Twin Lake (Lillooet)  F 11
Twin Lakes Gold Mining Co D 13
Tyaughton creek  F 13
Tyee (Clayoquot)  F 46
Tyee Consolidated Mining Co G 46
Una (Peace River) 	
Union (Grand Forks)
United Empire Gold
 D 11,
and Silver Mines,
Unuk Finger mountain 	
Unuk Jumbo (Portland Canal)
Unuk river	
Barite on 	
.-_.B 28
 B 11
.. B 10
.B 7, 27
 B 12
Unuk River Mining and Dredging Co..B 9, 11
Unuk River Mining, Smelting, and Transportation Co.   B 9
Unuk Valley Gold Syndicate B 27
Ural (Trail Creek)  E 31
Usilka lake (Omineca)  C 29
Usk area C 7, 35
Utica  (Ainsworth)    E 35, G 51 INDEX.
..._G 32
... G 32
Vananda quarry	
Vancouver Granite Co.	
Vancouver island, report by J. S. Stevenson  F 35
Vancouver Island Gold Mines, Ltd G 45
Van Isle (Clayoquot) F 40
Van Winkle C 35
Velvet (formerly Ouray) (Nass River)—B 24
(Trail Creek)  G 51
 E 27, G 50
 B 27
Venus (Nelson) 	
Vera D., Unuk river
Vevey creek	
Viccal (Clinton)
Vick (Clinton) ...
War Eagle (Trail Creek)	
Waverley Tangier Mines, Ltd	
See also Abco Mines, Ltd.
Wayside Consolidated Gold Mines, Ltd..
Wellington (Greenwood)
Western Mineral Survey District (No.
Report by B. T. 0'Grady	
Windfall (Clinton) 	
Walker gulch (Cariboo) _
Washburn (Cariboo)
Washburn Lateral (Cariboo)	
Waterloo Consolidated Mines, Ltd.
Wayside (Lillooet)
Wellington (Ainsworth)
Wellington camp	
___.D 15
_G 42
.....E 34
... D 14
.... D 10
... _C 40
Wells area (Cariboo) C 35, 36
Wesko Exploration and Development Co.,
Ltd.  E 28
West Road (Blackwater) river C 22
Plan of Baity lease C 23, 37
Western (Slocan)  E 35
Western Exploration Co., Ltd. E 34
Western   Fuel   Corporation   of   Canada,
Ltd G19
Western Hope (Skeena) B 25
Westwood's coal mine
Whale Channel Mines, Ltd.
Whatshan lake	
White Elephant (Vernon)..
White Hope (Slocan City).
Whites Landing area	
. B2
.. C5
Vick creek (Clinton).
Victor (Slocan)
Victory (Portland Canal).
Vidette Gold Mines, Ltd. _
Vidette lake
..E 35,
Virginia K. (Portland Canal).
Vital creek	
_.E 31
...F 28
...F 26
...F 27
.F 28
White water (Ainsworth)  E 34
(Atlin)   G 47
(Slocan)    E 35
Taku river B 27
Whitewater Deep (Ainsworth) G 51
Whittaker,  D.  E.,  report as  Provincial
Assayer A 44
Wide West (Osoyoos) D 13
Wilcox (formerly Wilcock) (Nelson)	
 E 28, G 50
Wild Horse creek (Fort Steele) E 36
Williams creek C 36
Williams lake, nickel at C 32
Willow Placers, Ltd C 24
Plan C25
Willow river (Cariboo) C 24
Wilson creek (Atlin) B 28
Wilson Landing D 13
Wilson Mining and Investment Co., Ltd... G 25
Windpass Gold Mining Co., Ltd D 14
Winfield (Woods Lake) Placers D 15
Wingdam C 12, 36
Winner (Greenwood)  D 10
Wisconsin (Nelson)  E 27, G 50
Wolf No. 3 (Nass River) B 25
Wonderfid (Slocan)  E 35
Wood river (Golden) E 36
Woods lake  (Vernon) D 15
Woolsey Creek (not Silver creek)  (Revelstoke)  E 19
Wren (Greenwood)  D 10
Wright creek (Atlin) B 28
W.W.W. (Alberni)  F 49
Plan  F50
Yankee Boy (Grand Forks).
Yankee Girl (Nelson) ...
Ymir (Nelson)
Ymir Centre Star (Nelson).
D 11, G 52
 G 50
.E 28, G 50
 G 50
Ymir Consolidated Gold Mines, Ltd. E 28, G 51
Ymir Dundee Gold Mining Co., Ltd. E 28, G 50
Ymir Yankee Girl Gold Mines, Ltd E 29
Yukon Border Placer Golds, Ltd C 38
Zeballos river .
Zinc, statistics
. A9
Zymoetz river
Abco Mines, Ltd.  F 42
Allco Silver Mines, Ltd. (N.P.L.)  E 20
Amandy Group   D 2
Ashloo Gold Mining Syndicate  F 2
Baity Lease  C 23
Consolidated Gold Alluvials of B.C., Ltd C 15
Edye Pass Group   B 3
Fort George Canyon, Fraser River C 22
Geological Sketch-map of Unuk River Area (Insert) B 8
Gold Crest Group   D 9
Index Map of Province (Insert) A 48
I.X.L. Group   E7
Mabel-Jenny Group    D 6
Monarch Group E 14
McD ame Creek, Liard B 14
North Star, Kamloops   D 8
O.K. Group  E7
Quesnelle Quartz Mining Co.  C 3
Superior Gold Mines, Ltd.   D 4
Taseko Motherlode Group  F 23
Taylor-Windfall Group  F 18
Teddy Glacier Group  E 22
Vick Group F 27
Willow Placers, Ltd C 25
W.W.W. Group  -F50
Opposite Page.
Placer Training Camp, Fraser River Frontispiece
Allco Silver Mines, Ltd.—No. 4 Adit E 10
Alberni Canal, China Creek—Rocking Gold-bearing Gravels  F 7
Cedar Creek Hydraulic Mines, Ltd.—Drag-line Scraper C 18
Columbia Development Co., Spruce Creek, Atlin B 16
Crawford Group—Quartz Vein, McDame Creek, Dease River Area B 17
Edye Pass Group, Porcher Island—Vein showing B 17
Fraser River North of Quesnel—Placer Training Camp C 19
Grand Forks and Valley of Kettle River D 11
Kootenay Lake, East Side of, showing Folding in Sedimentary Rocks E 11
Nanaimo River—Placer Training Camp  F 6
Emory Creek, Fraser River—Placer Training Camp      ._ F 7
Slate Creek, Manson Area—Drag-line Operation of Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada, Ltd C 19
Slate Creek, Manson Area—Road-making by above Company C 18
Squamish Area—Suspension Bridge over Ashlu Creek  F 6
South Thompson River Valley, East of Kamloops D 10
Teddy Glacier Property—Pack-train :. Ell
Unuk River Area—Twin John Mountain B 16
Wallace Mountain Mining Camp, showing Beaverdell Railway Station D 11
Windermere Area—Thunderbird Property, looking East from E 10
Windpass Mining Company's Mill, North Thompson River Area  ... D 10
victoria, B.C.:
Printed by Charles F. Banfield, Printer to the King's Most Excellent Majesty.
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British Columbia.   Department of Mines.
Annual Report of the Minister of Mines for the year
ended 31st December, 1935, being an account of mining
operations in the Province. Edited by John F. Walker,
Provincial Mineralogist. Parts A, 48 pp.; B, 30 pp.;
C, 40 pp.; D, 16 pp.; E, 36 pp.; F, 58 pp.; G, 53 pp.; in
one volume, plates, maps, 1935.
Victoria, Government Printing Bureau, 1936.
Walker, John F.    (Provincial Mineralogist.)
Annual Report of the Minister of Mines of British
Columbia for the year ended 31st December, 1935, being
an account of mining operations in the Province.   (British
a Columbia,   Department  of  Mines.)    Parts  A,   48  pp.;
B, 30 pp.;   C, 40 pp.;  D, 16 pp.;  E, 36 pp.;  F, 58 pp.;
G, 53 pp.; in one volume, plates, maps, 1935.
Victoria, Government Printing Bureau, 1936.
Annual Report of the Minister of Mines of British
Columbia for the year ended 31st December, 1935, being
an account of mining operations in the Province.    Edited
« by John F. Walker, Provincial Mineralogist.    (British
* Columbia,   Department  of  Mines.)    Parts   A,   48  pp.;
09 B, 30 pp.;  C, 40 pp.; D, 16 pp.; E, 36 pp.; F. 58 pp.;
G, 53 pp.; in one volume, plates, maps, 1935.
Victoria, Government Printing Bureau, 1936. 


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