BC Sessional Papers

INDEX. British Columbia. Legislative Assembly [1936]

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Accidents  G 7, 43
Active creek   E 9
Aeroplane transport in Omineca Mining Division    C17
Adams plateau  D 28
A. G. Henderson Syndicate, Ltd C 25
Alameda   (Nicola)    D 23
Alberni (Alberni)    F2
Alberni Mining Division :
Report by Resident Mining Engineer  F 2
Aldebaran   (Nass  River) B 14
Alexandra (Nelson)   E 19
Alexandra coal mine G 24
Alexandria Gold Mines, Ltd  F7
Alice Arm  B 17
Alice M. Fraction  (Greenwood)  D9
Allies (Kamloops)   D 26
Alone   (Portland  Canal)  B 33
Alpha Mines Syndicate E 28
Amandy   (formerly Amanda)   (Greenwood).. D6
Amelia  (Greenwood)    D9
American Smelting and Refining Co B 24
Amiga  (Omineca)   C4
Anchor (Greenwood)   D5
Anderson lake  F 27
Anderson Lake Mining and Milling Co., Ltd...F 27
Anyox    B 11
Apex   (Alberni)     F4
(Osoyoos)     D19
Argentine Syndicate  B 24
Argo (Greenwood)    D7
Arntfield Mining Syndicate E 22
Arraicana  (Osoyoos)   D 17
Ashcroft, Epsom salts at F 22
Ashcroft Mining Division :
Report by Resident Mining Engineer F 20
Askalta Oil Co  D 5
Assay Office, report by D. E. Whittaker A 43
Assayers'  examinations  A 43
Astra   (Vancouver)    F14
Atlin Gold Mines, Ltd B 36
Athabasca, group   (Nelson) E 2, 3
Athelstan   (Grand  Forks)  D3
Atlas Exploration  Co  C 9
See also Duthie Mines, Ltd.
Atlin Mining Division :
Report by Resident Mining Engineer B 34
Gold, placer  B 36
Atlin   Pacific   Mining   Co.,   Ltd.    (formerly
Norgold Mines, Ltd.) B 34
Atlin Ruffner Lead-Silver Mines, Ltd B 36
Aurum group  (Cariboo) C 22
Aveling coal mine G 31
Babine Gold Mines, Ltd C 11
B.A.  Fraction   (Greenwood) D 10
Baker creek   (Quesnel) C 33
Bald Mountain  (Skeena)  B9
Bald mountain  (Cariboo) C 25
Barbara   (Portland   Canal) B 31
Basque, Epsom salts at F 22
Bayview Mining Co., Ltd. (Portland Canal)..B 18
See also United Empire Gold and  Silver
Mines, Ltd.
Barkerville,  tungsten  near  C1
Barkerville section  C 20
Barkoola  (New Westminster) F 16
Batchelor  (Vernon)    D 34
Bay   (Greenwood)     D8
Bayonne   (Nelson)    E 26
Bayonne Gold Mines, Ltd E 26
Bear creek  (Nelson).    See Oscar creek.
Bear river (Portland Canal) B 18
Bear River ridge B 18
Beaton, placer   (Atlin) B 37
Beaver, McKinney   D 9
Beaver, Wallace mountain  D 9
Beaver creek   (Quesnel) C 34
Beaverdell     D 9
Beavermouth (Quesnel)  C 33
Bell (Grand Forks)  Dl
(Greenwood),  dividends declared       7
Bella Coola Mining Division :
Report by Resident Mining Engineer  B 2
Belle creek  (Omineca)  C 17
Belmont-Surf Inlet Mines, Ltd  B 5
See also Princess Royal Gold Mines, Ltd.
B.E. Mining Co.    See Twin Lakes Gold Mining Co., Ltd.
Bendor   (Kamloops)    D 26
Bentonite, production  A 11
Berlin Fraction (Similkameen)   D 21
Beverly   (Vernon)    D 32
Big Boy   (Clayoquot)  F5
Big Chief  (Fort Steele) E 30
Big Hope Fraction   (Omineca)  C8
Bighorn   (Atlin)    B 35
Bighorn river  (Atlin) B 34
Big Missouri Mining Co., Ltd B 25
Big Missouri Mines Corporation B 25
See also Big Missouri Mining Co., Ltd.
Big Patch (Nelson) E 11
Biggs'  mine  G 25
Bill   (Osoyoos)    D 16
Birch  creek   (Atlin) B 36
Birdie (Atlin)  B 35
Birrel creek  C 34
Bismuth, production  A11
Bitter creek  (Portland Canal) B 23
Black Bear  (Nass River) B 14
(Quesnel)   C 32
Blackbird  (Similkameen)    D 21
Black Cat  (Cariboo) C 18
Blackcock  (Nelson)   E 13
Black Diamond  (Nelson)  E6
Black Hawk  (Vernon) D 34
Blackhill  (Portland Canal) B 24
Black mountain   (Omineca) C 12
Black Spider   (Vernon)  D 32
Black AVatch  Syndicate   (Nelson)  26 INDEX.
Blair, R C 33
Blue Bell No. 2  (Vernon) D 34
Blue Bird  (Grand Forks)  D3
Bluebird   (Kamloops)    D 26
Blue Flame mine G 30
Blue Hawk  (Vernon) D 34
Blue Jack   (Vancouver) F 14
Blue Jack Mines, Ltd F 14
Blue Jay, Okanagan lake D 34
(Vernon)    D 32
Blue Lead (New Westminster) F 16
Blue Mule   B3
See   also   Haida   Gold   Mines,   Ltd.,   and
Boas  (Grand Forks)  D3
Bob creek   (Omineca) C 18
Bobbie Burns creek E 27
Bobjo Mines, Ltd B 36
See also Atlin Ruffner Silver-Lead Mines,
Ltd., and Atlin Pacific Mining Co., Ltd.
Bonanza  (Nass River) B 11
Bonanza creek  (Nass River) B 12
Boulder City   (Nelson) E 15
Boulder creek  (Atlin) B 36
Boulder creek (Fort Steele) E 30
Boulder Mill creek E 15
Boundary creek  (Greenwood)  D 7, 12
Boundary Creek Mining Co., Ltd D 12
Bounty   (Greenwood)     D 9
Bowser river  B 29
Box (Omineca)  C 13
Bradian Mines, Ltd. F 28
Bralco Co  D9
Bralorne Mines, Ltd B 7, 19, F 28
Accidents    G 47
Cadmium, production  A II
Cadwallader creek  F 28
Cairn Gorn (Greenwood)  D5
Cambria    F 14
Cameron river    F2
Camp creek  E 34
Camp McKinney Gold Hill Mining Co  D 9
Canada Coal Development Co., Ltd G 31
Canada Lode Gold Mines, Ltd D 20
See also Hedley Sterling Gold Mines, Ltd.
Canadian American Mines, Ltd D 10
See later Carmi Gold Mines, Ltd.
Canadian Boy  (Grand Forks)  D3
Canadian Collieries (Dunsmuir), Ltd G 22
Canadian Girl  (Nelson)  E6
(Similkameen)    D 21
Canadian Rand Gold Mines, Ltd F 28
Canary  (Omineca)    C9
Capitol Hill (Portland Canal) B 24
Capital Prize  (Greenwood)  D6
Cariboo,   McKinney    D 9
Cariboo Coronada Gold Mines, Ltd C 25
Cariboo Coronada Mining Syndicate C 25
Cariboo Consolidated Gold Mines, Ltd C 22
Cariboo Gold Quartz Mining Co., Ltd C 20
Cariboo lake  C 32
Cariboo Lode Mines, Ltd C 20
Cariboo Mining Division :
Report by Resident Mining Engineer C 18
Lode-mining    C 1
Tungsten    C 1
Cariboo Northern Development Co C 15
Brandyicine  group   F 13
Brewer creek   (Vernon) D 32
Brick,  production   A 11
Bridge Island Gold Mines, Ltd F 10
See also Morris.
Bridesville     D 9
Bristol Boy   (Greenwood)  D8
Britannia, fatal accidents G 45
Rail stop-block, illustration G 56
Britannia Mining and Smelting Co., at Quesnel    C29
B.C. Bonanza Mines, Ltd B 27
See also Spider.
B.C. Cariboo Gold Fields, Ltd E 31
B.C. Nickel Mines, Ltd F 17
Plan  F18
B.C. Silver Mines, Ltd B 24
B.C. Sodium Syndicate D 29
B.C.  Wonder   (Clayoquot)     F5
Bromley Vale coal mine G 31
Brooklyn Stemwinder Gold Mines, Ltd  D 8
R.R.X F30
Buena Vista Mining Co., Ltd B 25
See also Big Missouri Mines Corporation.
Bulkley Valley Colliery G 31
Bull creek  (Atlin) B 36
Bull  swamp   (Queen  Charlotte)  B2
Hunker Hill (Nass River) B 17
Bunker Hill   (Nelson)  E 24
Plan  E25
Bunker Hill Gold Mines, Ltd E 24
Bunker Hill  (Waneta)  Mines, Ltd E 24
Burns Basin Gold Mines, Ltd E 27
Buster,  Beaverdell    D 9
Butcher Boy   (Greenwood)  D 10
Cariboo No. 1   (Cariboo)    C 21
Cariboo Syndicate  C 33
Cariboo Xankee Belle Mining Co., Ltd C 30
Carmi (Greenwood)  D 10
Carmi Gold Mines, Ltd D 10
See also Canadian American Mines, Ltd.
Carpenter   creek    E 33
Carthage group  (Nelson)  E9
Cascade Coal Co., Ltd G 31
Cedar creek   (Osoyoos) D 19
(Quesnel)   C 34
Cedar Creek Mining Co C 34
Celista  (Kamloops)   D 29
Cement, production  A 11
Centre Star  (Nelson)  E9
Plan  E10
Challenger   (Osoyoos)    D 17
Chambers mine  G 26
Chickamin  river   B 30
Chieftain No. 1  (Nass River) B 12
China creek   F 2
Chisholm creek  C 27
Choate  F 17
Cholla  (Lardeau)   E 34
Chutine river  B 33
Clay, production  A 11
Clayoquot Mining Division :
Report by Resident Mining Engineer  F 5
Cliff   (Trail  Creek) E 37
Clifford   Fraction     D 6
Climax, McKinney   D 9
Clinton Mining Division :
Report by Resident Mining Engineer F 23 INDEX.
Clubine Comstoek Gold Mines, Ltd E 15
Plan of mine  E 14
Clyde  (Nelson)    E 16
Coal,  production  tables    G 2
Men employed   G 5
Foreign     G 6
Production    A 11
Registered names of coals G 16
Statistics    A 10
Coal and Petroleum Act All
Coal Creek Colliery G 34
Coal-dust G13
Coal mines, inspection G 18
Coal-mine officials, examinations for G 17
Coalmont    D 23
Coalmont Collieries,  Ltd G 27
Coal Sales Act G 15
C.O.D.  (Greenwood)     D6
Cody    E33
Coke,  statistics   A 10
Columario Consolidated Gold Mines, Ltd  C 2
Plan  C 2
Columario Gold Mines, Ltd.
See Columario Consolidated Gold Mines, Ltd.
Columbia Development Co.  (Atlin) B 37
Columbia river  E 34
Combination   (Nass  River) B 17
Comox  Colliery   G 22
Compagnie   Francaise   des   Mines   d'or   du
Canada   B 37
Comstoek  (Cariboo)   C 26
Confederation (Osoyoos)  D 17
Congress Gold Mines, Ltd :-. F 30
Consolation creek (Atlin) B 36
Consolidated   Mining   and   Smelting   Co.   of
Canada, dividends declared   A 7
Consolidated   Mining   and   Smelting   Co.   of
Canada, description of plant E 37
Drilling at Swansea E 32
At Salmon Gold B 29
At Atlin  B 36
Copper, price   A 8, 10
Copper, production  A 11
Copper bay  (Queen Charlotte)  B4
Copper Chief  (Osoyoos1 D 18
Corbin Collieries, Ltd G 37
Corless creek  C 18
Cornish mountain  C 25
Corona  (Nicola)   D 23
Coronada Extension Gold Mines, Ltd C 25
Coronation   (Lillooet)    '. F 28
Cosalite  (Cariboo)    C 26
Cosalite  (Cariboo)    C 22
Cottonwood canyon, Fraser river C 27
Coughlan Gold Mines, Ltd E 34
Coulter creek  (Portland Canal) B 30
Cousin Jack   (Quesnel)    C 29
(Similkameen)    D 21
Cow mountain  C 20
Cowie's mine  G 26
Cracker creek  (Atlin) B 36
Creek  (Grand Forks)  D3
Criterion (Lardeau)   E 34
Crow's Nest Pass Coal Co., Ltd., dividends
declared   A 7
Reference   G 34
Cultus creek  (Nelson)   E 26
Cumshewa (Queen Charlotte)  B4
Cup   (later Gold)   (Omineca) C 13
Cyanide-mill,  Union   D 3
Cyclone  (Osoyoos)   D 18
Dangerous occurrences  G 13
Dardanelles   (Fort Steele) E 29
Dark Horse  (Osoyoos) D 17
Datun.    See Dayton.
Dayton  (not Datun)   (Greenwood)  D9
Dead Deer  (Similkameen) D 21
Deadman   (Slocan)    E 33
Deadman river  F 20
Demers Placers, Ltd E 34
Dentonia Mines, Ltd  D 5
Derby   (Vernon)    D 34
Devonshire (Vernon)  D 34
Dickson, James, report as Chief Inspector of
Mines     G1
Dictator Gold Mines, Ltd  D4
Diadem   (Omineca)     C5
Diatomaceous earth, production A 11
Dividends declared  A 7
Dividend-Lakevieiv  (Osoyoos)   D 13
Dixon creek  D 26, 29
Doctor  creek   E 28
Dolomite,  production  A 11
Dome  (Cariboo)    C 18
Dome creek, tributary of Fraser river C 18
Dome mountain  • C 11
Dominion (Greenwood)   D 8
Donnamore  (Kamloops)   D 28
Doratha  Morton      F 8
Dorothea (Osoyoos)   D 16
Dorreen   C 1
Douglas creek (Skeena), gold, placer B 11
Drag-lines  (Quesnel)   C 34
Dragon mountain  C 29
Duncan  Fraction. (Greenwood) ; D9
Dundee Gold Mines, Ltd  E 7
See also Ymir Dundee Gold Mining Co.
Dunn, Robert, synopsis of laws A 32
Dunwell  Mines,  Ltd B 19
Plan and section B 21
Duthie Mines, Ltd C 5, 9
Dynamo (Greenwood)    D 7
Dynamo Mines Syndicate.    See Dynamo Mining and Milling Co.
Dynamo Mining and Milling Co  D 7
Eagle (Skeena)   B9
Eagle creek  (Similkameen) D 23
Eagle river  (Queen Charlotte)  B2
Eastern Mineral Survey District (No. 5) :
Report by Resident Mining Engineer  E 1
Edith   (Vernon)    D 32
Edye pass   B8
Electric   (Greenwood)     D6
(Nanaimo)   F 10
Elkhorn   (Nass River) B 14 INDEX.
Ell-Tee   (Nelson)     E4
El Oro  (Portland Canal) B 24
Emperor Mines, Ltd B 23
Empire    D 16
(Kamloops)   D 26
Endako    C 13
Engineer   (Portland  Canal) B 24
Engineer Gold Mines, Ltd., Inc B 35
Enid-Julie Mines, Ltd  F 8
Enterprise  (Greenwood)    D5
Enterprise Co C 22
Epsom Refineries, Ltd F 22
Epsom salts, Ashcroft, Basque F 22
Erie creek  E 23
Esperanza Mines, Ltd B 14
Euphrates  (Nelson)    E4
Euphrates Mining Co., Ltd  E4
Eva  (Lardeau)   E 34
Evans  (Fort Steele) E 29
Evening Star  D 32
(Trail Creek)    E 37
Evinrude  (Omineca)     C7
Ewings Landing  D 30
Excelsior  (Greenwood)    D9
Explosives     G 9
Fairtide  (Queen Charlotte)  B4
Fairview Amalgamated Gold Mines, Ltd D 14
Fairview  camp   D 16
Falcon   (Vernon)    D 30
Falkland, gypsum at D 29
Fanny  bay    F 8
Fees, table of A 37
Federal Mining and Smelting Co., at Duthie
mine     C 7
At Sally  D 10
At Stemwinder  D 14
Feeney property   F 13
Ferguson  E 36
Fern (Nelson)    E6
Fertilizer plant at Trail E 38
Fiddick mine  G 26
Fiddler creek   C 5
Fife, cape, sands  (Queen Charlotte)  B2
Fireclay, production  A 11
Fire Fly (Grand Forks), Lightning peak  D4
Fire lake  F 15
First  Chance   (Greenwood)  D4
Florence   (Portland  Canal) B 33
(Similkameen)    D 21
Flux, production  A 11
Flying Dutchman  (Golden) E 27
(Nelson)      E 4
Foggy Day   (Lardeau) E 36
Fort Steele Mining Division :
Report by Resident Mining Engineer E 29
Placer   E 32
Forty-nine creek   E 24
Foster   (Cariboo)    : C 27
Foster Ledge Gold Mines, Ltd C 27
Francis No. 1   (Kamloops) D 26
Franklin camp   D 3
Franklin   River    (British   Columbia)    Gold
Mines, Ltd  F 2
See also Franklin River Gold Mines, Ltd.
Franklin River Gold Mines, Ltd  F 2
Free  Gold   (Omineca) Oil
Freeland, P. B., report as Resident Mining
Engineer   D 1
Free miners' certificates A 32
French Creek Development Co., Ltd E 34
French flats   (Quesnel) C 33
French   Snowshoe   creek C 29
Gagen creek  C 28
Geological Survey of Canada, work in British
Columbia    A 30
George E.   (Portland Canal) B 20
Georgia  (Trail Creek)  E 37
Georgina   (Nanaimo)     F7
Gertrude (Osoyoos)   D 17
Gypsey (Vernon)  D 34
Gypsey No. 1 (Osoyoos) D 16
Glacier creek  (Omineca)   C5
(Portland Canal)   B 19
Glacier Gulch  (Omineca)  C5
Gladys lake  (Atlin)  B 36
Gold (formerly Cup group)   (Omineca) C 13
Gold, lode  A 11
Gold, placer  A 11
Atlin    B35
Baker creek C 33
Camp creek  (Revelstoke) E 34
Carnes creek   E 34
Columbia river  E 34
Cherry creek   D 34
Deep creek  (Vernon)  D 34
Dixon creek  D 29
Douglas  creek   B 10
Dutch creek  E 29
Gold, placer, Findlay creek E 29
Fraser river  F 23
Fort Steele  E 32
Forty-nine creek  E 24
French creek  E 34
Grand Forks   D3
Goldstream (Revelstoke)  E 34
Hall  creek   E 24
Heffley    D 29
Jamieson  creek   D 29
Kamloops   D 29
Kitsumgallum lake  B 10
Lardeau  river   E 36
Leech river   F 1
Lillooet river  F 33
Louis creek  D 29
May  creek    D 3
Mission creek  D 34
McLeod river  C 15
No. 2 District   CI
Noble creek   D 29
Pend d'Oreille river E 24
Quesnel river  C 33
Revelstoke Mining Division  E 34
Rock creek  D 12
Rover creek  E 24 INDEX.
Gold, placer, Salmo river E 24
Sauchi creek  C 15
Scotch creek  D 29
Siwash creek  (Vernon)  D 34
Squaw creek  B 36
Smith creek (Revelstoke) E 34
Tatshenshini river  B 36
Texas creek  F 33
Thompson river  F 23
Trout creek  D 34
Two Brothers lake C 16
Vernon    D 34
Windermere Mining Division E 29
AVoods lake   D 34
Yale  F19
Gold Belt Mining Co., Ltd E 16
Gold Cliff  (Portland Canal) B 18
Gold Coin Syndicate C 32
Gold Coinage  (Nelson)  E5
Gold Commissioners  A 45
Gold Cup (Atlin) B 35
(Nicola)   D25
Gold Drip   (Trail Creek) E 37
Goldfield   (Kamloops)    D 28
Gold Mountain Mines  (Similkameen) D 19
See also Pollock.
Gold Reef (Nass River) B 15, 17
Gold Run, Unuk river B 33
Gold Run Exploration Co B 36
Goldside Mines, Ltd F 32
Golden Age (Nelson)  E4
Golden Crown   (Omineca)   C2
Golden Eagle (Omineca) CI, 12
Golden Eagle Fraction  (Greenwood)  D5
Golden Fleece  (Similkameen) D 23
Golden Mining Division :
Report by Resident Mining Engineer E 27
Golden Zone   (Osoyoos) D 19
Golskeish   (Nass River) B 11
Goodenough (Nelson)   E 12, 13
Good Hope (Osoyoos) D 17
Goose lake  D 32
Graham island  B 2, 3
Beach sands   B2
Granby Point  B 11
Granby  Consolidated  Mining,  Smelting,  and
Power  Co B 11
Grand Forks Mining Division :
Report by Resident Mining Engineer  D 1
Grandoro Mines, Ltd D 15, 16
See also Grandoro Mining and Milling Co.
Grandoro Mining and Milling Co D 15
See also Grandoro Mines, Ltd.
Grange  Mines, Ltd F 23
Granite creek   (Similkameen) D 23
Green Timber plateau F 23
Greenwood Mining Division :
Report by Resident Mining Engineer  D 5
Grindstones, production  A 11
Grizzly Gold Mines E 32
Guest  (Similkameen), placer D 23
Guggenheim Bros B 24
Gull   (Portland Canal) B 33
Gun creek  F 32
Gypsite, production A 11
Gypsum, production   A 11
(Kamloops), Falkland  D 29
See  also  Gypsum,   Lime  and  Alabastine,
Canada, Ltd.
Gypsum, Lime and Alabastine, Canada, Ltd...D 29
Haida Gold Mines, Ltd  B 3
Hall creek  E 4, 24
(Nelson)    E 5, 15
Hall dredge   (Quesnel) C 34
Hamilton Creek Gold Mines, Ltd F 22
Hardscrabble   (Cariboo),  tungsten   CI
Hard Times Fraction  (Greenwood)  D9
Hardy mountain   D 1
Harkley gulch  (Portland Canal) B 23
Harrison lake  F 15
Hastings arm  B 12
Hat creek, coal on G 31
Hattie  (Trail Creek)  E 37
Hayes creek  D 23
H.B. (Nelson)   E 5
Hebson (Quesnel)   C 31
Hecla   (Osoyoos)    D16
Hedley creek  D 19
Hedley Amalgamated Gold Mines, Ltd D 18
See also Peggy.
Hedley Gold Hill Mining Co., Ltd D 19
Hedley Gold Mining Co., Ltd D 17
See also Kelowna Exploration Co.
Hedley Mascot Gold Mines, Ltd D 18
Hedley Sterling Gold Mines, Ltd D 20
See  also   Patsy   and   Canada   Lode   Gold
Mines, Ltd.
Heffley creek  D 29
Helen  (Greenwood)    D6
Helen Mining Co  D 7
Hellroaring creek  E 29
Henderson  (Omineca)    C9
Henderson   (Omineca),  section CIO
Henderson creek   C 8
Henri creek   (Similkameen) D 19
Hercules  (Lardeau)   E 36
Hercules Consolidated Mining, Smelting, and
Power Co  F 8
Hidden Creek   (Nass River) B 11
Hidden creek   (Nelson) E 9
Highland   (Nass River)  B 17
Highland Chief (Greenwood)  D9
Highland Lass  (Greenwood)  D9
Highland Lass, Ltd., dividend declared  A 7
Highland  Queen    D 9
Hobson Silver Lead Co., Ltd  E 6
See also Ymir-Yankee Girl Gold Mines, Ltd.
Home  (Quesnel)   C 32
Homestake, McKinney   D 9
(Nass River)  B 15
Plan and section B 16
(Skeena)     B 6
(Vernon)    D 32
Homestead  (Similkameen)   D 21
Horsefly  river    C1
Horsefly section  C 32
HoWe Sound Co., dividends declared  A 7
Huckleberry creek   E 9
Huckleberry mountain  C 12
Hudson Bay mountain, manganese  C 5
Hummer (Omineca)   C4
Hydraulic  C 34
Hydro-electric development   G 7
Hydro-electric power (Cariboo)  CI INDEX.
Ideal  (Vernon)   D 34
Ideal Gold and Nickel Mines, Ltd F 19
I'll Chance It  (Nass River) B 14
Imperial   (Greenwood)  D9
Incomappleux  river   E 35
Independence   (Cariboo)    C 24
(Osoyoos)     D 15
Indian   (Omineca)     C4
Inspection of coal mines G 18
Inspection of mines, report by Chief Inspector
of Mines   G 1
Jamieson creek  D 26, 29
Jalcin  (Grand Forks)  D3
Jeannie  (Skeena)   '.  B8
Jennie Long  (Nicola) D 24
Jewel  (Greenwood)    D5
Jewel lake    D 6
Jim Hill   (Greenwood)  D4
Jingle Pot  mine G 25
Johns  creek   D 17
Jolly creek   (Greenwood) D 12
Kalamalka Mines Syndicate D 32
Kamloops Mining Division :
Report by Resident Mining Engineer D 26
Gold, placer D 29
Kathlyn lake   C5
Keithley    C 29
Kelly   (Vernon)    D 34
Kelowna Exploration Co D 17
See also Hedley Gold Mining Co.
Kenneth   (Portland  Canal) B 24
See also Argentine Syndicate.
Keremeos creek  D 19
Ketehum creek  B 31
Key   (Windermere)    E 28
Killam gravel mine C 27
Killarney  (Grand Forks)    D4
Kimberley Goldfields Consolidated, Ltd E 30
Kimberley Goldfields Syndicate E 30
King  (Portland Canal)  B 23
See also Emperor Mines, Ltd.
Lake Kathlyn Anthracite Coal Co., Ltd G 32
Lakelse lake  B 10
Lakeside Mines, Ltd D 33
Lakeview  (Greenwood)    D6
Lake View  (Nelson)  E6
Lakeview Mines, Ltd.  (Portland Canal) B 22
L. & L. group (Portland Canal) B 24
Lantzville Collieries, Ltd G 24
La Porte group   (Skeena)  B9
Lardeau creek, placer E 36
Lardeau Mining Division :
Report by Resident Mining Engineer E 34
Last Chance   (Slocan)  B 33
Last Hope (Omineca)  C8
Lawless creek  D 23
Lawn Hill  (Queen Charlotte)  B2
Lawsan Landing B 34
Lay, Douglas, report as Resident Mining Engineer   C 1
Lead, price  A 8, 10, 11
International Placers, Ltd D 23
Iona (Nelson)     E5
Iron and Steel Bounties Act, 1929 A 39
Iron Dollar  (Omineca)  C8
Iron oxide  A 11
Isaac creek  E 34
Iskut river  B 33
Island Mountain Mines, Ltd C 22
Plan  C23
I.X.L. Leasors, Ltd E 37
Jolly Jack  (Vernon) D 32
Jowett, Mrs E 36
Jumbo (Omineca)    C8
(Trail Creek)    E 37
(Vcmon)    :...D31
(Vernon),  Monashee mountain D 34
Jumbo No. 1  (Osoyoos) D 17
Junction  (Osoyoos)    D 17
Juno   (Nelson)    E 2, 3
King Midas Mining Co  F 6
King Mining and Development Co C 33, 34
King Tut   (Kamloops)  D 28
Kitsalas canyon and mountain   C 4
Kitsault  river  B 14
Kitsumgallum lake  B 10
Kleanza   (Omineca)     C2
Kleanza Co  C2
Kleanza mountain   C2
Klondyke No. 1 Fraction   (Nelson)  E6
Knauss creek   C 5
Kootenay  (Queen Charlotte)  B3
See also Blue Mule.
Kootenay Belle   (Nelson) E 19
Plan    E21
Kootenay Belle Gold Mines, Ltd E 19
Kootenay harbour  (Queen Charlotte)  B3
Kootenay lake  E 26
K. Partnership    C2
K.V.  (Cariboo)   C 26
Lead   (Fort Steele) E 31
Leech river   F 1
Lemon creek (Quesnel) C 32
Le Roi, McKinney  D 9
Liard Mining Division :
Report by Resident Mining Engineer B 33
Lightning creek  C 28
Lightning peak   D 3
Lightning Peak group (Greenwood)  D4
Lillooet Mining Division :
Report by Resident Mining Engineer F 26
Placer    F33
Lily May   (Fort Steele) E 29
Lime and limestone A 11
Limestone for flux A 11
Limpid creek  E 23
Lincoln    D 28
See also Wallace.
Lincoln creek  (Atlin) B 36
Little Joe   (Omineca)  C8 INDEX.
Little Manx (Osoyoos) D 13
Little Mustang creek C 26
Little Snowshoe creek C 29
L.L. and II.   (Portland Canal) B 23
Plan and section B 24
Long Chance (Quesnel)  C 32
Longsley  (Nelson)     E9
Lome creek (Omineca) C 18
Lost Cabin (Nelson)  E4
Lost Horse (Osoyoos) D 17
Lost valley   (Cariboo) C 28
Louis creek, placer D 29
Lowrie creek  C5
Lucky Date   (Portland Canal) B 24
Lucky Jack  (Lardeau) E 34
Lucky Luke  (Omineca)   C4
Lucky Strike (Nass River) B 17
Mackay leases   Fl
Mackay Gold Syndicate B 30, 31
Mackay lake  B 30
Macaivber (Osoyoos)   D 16
Magnesium sulphate  A 11
Mak Siccar Gold Alines, Ltd. D 15
Mamie   (Omineca)     C7
Plan   C 7
Mamont (Greenwood)    D7
Mandy, Joseph T., report as Resident Mining Engineer  B 1
Manery creek D 15
Manganese (Omineca)    C5
Hudson Bay mountain   C 5
Maple Leaf  (Greenwood)   D6
Marathon   (Similkameen)    D 21
Marmot   (Portland Canal) B 24
Marmot river  B 24
Maroon mountain  (Skeena) BIO
Martin creek (Cariboo) C 25
Mary Reynolds Mining Co D 25
Marysville Mining Co E 29
Marie  (Vernon) D 32
Mariposa  (Lillooet)    F 26
Martin gulch   Fl
Mascot   (Skeena)     B9
Mascot Fraction   (Osoyoos) D 18
Mastodon  (Nass River) B 12
Mine-plan  B 13
Maud (Nass River) B 17
(Portland Canal)   B 24
May   (Greenwood)    D 10
(Osoyoos) D16
May creek  (Grand Forks), gold, placer  D3
Mayflower   (Portland  Canal)  B 24
May Queen (Fort Steele) E 31
Melville creek  (Portland Canal) B 30
Men employed   A 23
Meridian Mining Co., Ltd E 34
Metalliferous Mines Regulation Act A 40
Inspection under  G 42
Mica All
(Skeena)     B10
Michel Colliery  G 35
Michigan   (Similkameen)    D 21
Midas  (Quesnel)   C 29
Middlesboro Collieries, Ltd G 29
Midnight   (Trail Creek) E 37
Midway (Fort Steele) E 31
Mighty Midas  (Trail Creek) E 37
Mill, Vidette  F 20
Grange    F 23
Columario   C 3
Dentonia   D 5
Athabasca  -  E 2
Twin Lakes  D 16
Mill, cyanide, Reno E 19
Nickel Plate  D 18
Mineral Act  A 32
Mineral claims, staking of A 33
Mineral creek   F2
.Mineral Survey and Development Act A 38
Mines Development Act A 38
Mining Corporation of Canada B 35, E 6
At Proserpine  C 24
Mining industry   A 7
Mining Issues Corporation  C9
Mining laws, synopsis, R. Dunn A 32
Mining Recorders  A 45
Mink gulch  (Cariboo) C 25
Miraculous  (Osoyoos)   D 17
Mitchell harbour   B 3
Moltka   (Osoyoos)    D 16
Molybdenite (Omineca), at Stella C 13
Monarch (Osoyoos)   D 16, 17
Monashee Mines Syndicate, Ltd D 11
See also New Monashee Mines, Ltd.
Monashee mountain  D 33, 34
Money Spinner Gold Mines, Ltd F 15
Monitor   (Slocan)    E 33
Moody   (Grand Forks)  D3
Moody creek  (Grand Forks)  D3
Moonlight   (Cariboo)    C 26
Morehead creek  (Quesnel) C 34
Mormon Girl   (Nelson) E 24
Morning  (Alberni)     F4
(Similkameen)    D 21
Morning Glory No. 1   (Greenwood)  D9
Morning mountain (Nelson)   E2
Morning No. 2 (Greenwood)  D4
See also Dictator.
Morning Star  (Nelson)   E8
Morning Star (Fairview) Gold Mines, Ltd D 13
Morris   (Nanaimo)    F 12
See   also   Bridge   Island   Gold   Mines   Co.,
Mosquito creek, tributary of Lightning creek..C 29
Mosquito King   (Kamloops)  D 29
Mother of Cloud  (Skeena) B10
Mount Evelyn Mines, Ltd.    See Skeena Gold
and Silver Mines.
Movie  river    E 30
Placer    E 32
Munro group B 26
McCulloch creek  E 34
McDougall  river   C 13
McGillivray creek  F 27
McKee creek  (Atlin)  B 36
McKee lake   (Quesnel) C 32
McKendrick mountain C 11
McKinney camp   D 9
McLair (not McLaren) creek (Omineca) C 16
McLaren creek (Omineca).    See McLair creek.
McLeod  (Grand Forks)  D3
McLeod river  C 13, 14, 15
McQuillan creek   (Portland Canal)  B 31
McRae creek      D 3 INDEX.
Nabob  (Skeena)    B8
Nanaimo Mining Division :
Report by Resident Mining Engineer  F 6
Nancy   (Osoyoos)    D 17
Nancy Bell (Nanaimo)   F 11
Nass River Mining Division :
Report by Resident Mining Engineer B 11
National Gold Mines, Ltd F 27
Nelson  (Osoyoos)   D 19
Nelson Mining Division :
Report by Resident Mining Engineer  E 2
Placer   E 24
Nest Egg  (Trail Creek) E 37
Newmont Mining Corporation C 22
New AA7estminster Mining Division :
Report by Resident Mining Engineer F 15
Nicholson creek   (Greenwood)  D8
(Omineca)     C 5
Nicholson Creek Mining Corporation  C 5
Nicola Mines and Metals, Ltd D 24
Nicola Mining Division :
Report by Resident Mining Engineer D 23
Nigger basin (Quesnel) C 29
Nigger creek (Quesnel) C 32
Noble creek D 29
Noble Five creek  (Omineca)  C2
Noble Five Mines, Ltd E 33
At Athbasca, Venus   E 2
Nodaway  (Greenwood)    D9
Noman creek  — E 5
Non-metallics, sodium carbonate D 29
Gypsum D 29
Kamloops Mining Division D 29
Mica   (Skeena)    B 10
Sericite   (Skeena), mica BIO
Non-shipping mines  A 30
Norgold Mines, Ltd. (later Atlin Pacific Mining Co., Ltd.)    B34
Noranda   (Quesnel)    C 32
North-eastern Mineral Survey District
(No. 2) :
Report by Resident Mining Engineer  C 1
Northern Reef Gold Mines, Ltd C 14
Northland Mining Co., Ltd B 28
North Star   (Greenwood)  D5
North Thompson river D 26
North-western Mineral Survey District
(No. 1) :
Report by J. T. Mandy   B 1
No. 2  (Greenwood)  D8
O'Donnel river (Atlin) B 36
Office statistics  A 48
Ogo Fan No. 1 (Greenwood)  D9
O'Grady, B. T., report as Resident Mining
Engineer   E 1
O.K.  (Trail Creek) E 37
Okanagan valley  D 30
Olalla creek  D 19
Old Bill (Nelson)   E7
Old Red Alill E 37
Oliver   (Osoyoos)    D 17
Olivine mountain D 23
Old Bird  (Greenwood)  D5
Olympic Gold Mines,  Ltd F 31
Pacific Mines,  Petroleum,  and Development
Co., Ltd B 18
Palmer Bar creek  E 32
Palmey   (Portland  Canal) B 24
Parvenue Mines.    See Twin Lakes Gold Mining Co., Ltd.
Patmore (Cariboo)    CI
Patmore group  (Omineca)  C5
Patsy   (Similkameen)    D 20
Paul creek  (Osoyoos) D 17
Pawn  (Portland Canal) B 32
Pay Day  (Grand Forks)  D4
Peggy   (Osoyoos)    D 18
(Vernon)    D 32
Pemberton area  F 26
Pend d'Oreille river E 23
Placer   E 24
Perry creek  E 30, 32
Philip creek   (Omineca) C 18
Phillips arm  F 6, 7
Phoebus   (Nelson)     E4
Phoenix   (Omineca)     C5
Omineca Mining Division :
Report by Resident Mining Engineer  C 2
Gold,  placer  C 14
Onyx   (Kamloops)    D 29
Orlando   (Osoyoos)    D 16
Oro Fino   (Osoyoos) D 15
Oscar creek   (Nelson)  E6
Osoyoos Mines, Ltd D 13
Osoyoos Mining Division :
Report by Resident Mining Engineer D 13
Ottarasko river  F 13
Ottawa   (Similkameen)    D 21
Ottawa creek  E 36
Otter creek   (Atlin) B 36
Owl   (Portland Canal) B 33
Phosphate,  production   A 11
Phosphate-mining Act, 1925 A 39
Pilot Gold Mines, Ltd F 32
Pine creek (Atlin) B 36
Pine Knot  (Similkameen) D 19
Pinewill Mining Co D 29
Pinkerton (Cariboo)   C 20
Pioneer (Omineca)   C 11
Pioneer Gold Alines of B.C., Ltd., dividends
declared   A 7
Reference    F 28
Accidents    G 47
Pitman     C 2
Placer claims, staking of A 33
Placer-mining Act  A 32
Placer-mining  leases   A 35, 36
Platinum, production  A 11
Platinum, Tulameen river D 23
Playfair Gold Mines, Ltd B 23
Plan    B24
Pleasant Valley Mining Co., Ltd G 30
Polestar (Kamloops)   D 26 INDEX.
Pollock    D19
See also Gold Mountain Alines, Ltd.
Porcher island   B 6
Porcupine   Goldfields   Development   Finance
Co., Ltd  E6
Porter-Idaho  (Portland Canal) B 24
Portland   (Portland  Canal) B 29
Portland Canal Mining Division :
Report by Resident Mining Engineer B 17
Pottery, production  A 11
Pre Cambrian Gold Mines, Ltd D 29
See also White Elephant.
Premier Gold Mining Co., Ltd., dividends declared   A 7
Reference   B 24
Premier Gold Alining Co., at Arlington E 23
At Alexandria   F 7
Pride of Emory  (Yale) F 17
Prince George C 18
Quarries, inspection of G 39
Quartz for flux A 11
Quartz Mountain   (Fort Steele) E 30
Quatsino Mining Division :
Report by Resident Mining Engineer  F 6
Queen  (Nelson), section of workings E 18
Queen Charlotte islands  B 2
Gold, placer   B 2
Princess Royal Gold Mines, Ltd  B 5
See also Belmont Surf Inlet Mines, Ltd.
Princeton    G 30
Production  tables   A 11
Production, computation of ■ A 8, 10
Prosecutions  G 14
Proserpine Gold Mines, Ltd C 24
Proserpine mountain (Cariboo) C 25
Proserpine Syndicate  C 24
Prospectors, aid to A 38
Lectures to  A 30
Prosperity  (Portland Canal) B 24
Prout plateau  B 30
Providence   (Greenwood)     D6
Province   (Portland Canal) B 26
Provisional Free Miners' Certificates (Placer)
Act  A 37
Pueblo Fraction  (Greenwood)   D9
Pugsley  (Skeena)    B5
Queen Charlotte Islands, beach sands  B 2
Queen  Charlotte Mining Division :
Report by Resident Alining Engineer  B 2
Quesnel Mining Division :
Report by Resident Mining Engineer C 29
Quesnelle Quartz Mining Co., Ltd C 19
Plan of workings C 19
Radiore Co. of Canada, at Duntcell B 19
Rainbow   (Cariboo)    C 20
Rainbow Hill  (Nelson)   E 5
Rampalo   (Grand Forks)  D4
Raven mountain  D 23
Redbird (Skeena)   B9
Reed creek  (Omineca)  C 13
Registered names of coals G 16
Relief-Arlington Mines, Ltd E 23
Reno Gold Alines, Ltd E 15
Section E 16
Accident   G 45
Republic (Greenwood)   D8
Rescue-stations  G 14, 18
Revelstoke AIining Division :
Report by Resident Mining Engineer E 34
Gold, placer  E 34
Revenge, Beaverdell   D 9
Revenue Mining Co., Ltd C 36
Reward  Mining  Co C 22
Rhone Fraction (Osoyoos) D 16
Richardson mine  G 26
Richfield Cariboo Gold Mines, Ltd C 25
At Fire lake F 16
Richfield creek  C 13
Richmond, A. M., report as Resident Alining
Engineer    F 1
Richter  pass   D 17
Rico Aspen  (Omineca)  C8
Rio Grande   (Omineca)  C8
Rio Grande Syndicate  C 8
Riprap, production  A 11
Rob Roy  (Greenwood)  D9
Robert Dunsmuir   (Nicola) D 25
Rock creek (Greenwood), placer D 12
Rock Creek Consolidated Placers D 12
Roddick   (Yale)    F 19
Roderick   Dhu    (Greenwood)   D6
Roderick Dhu  mountain  D 6
Rosalia   (Nelson)     E9
Ross  mill     C2
Rover creek   E 24
Royal Development Co  D 1
Rubble,  production A 11
Ruby   (Queen  Charlotte)  B4
Ruby creek  (Atl-'n) B 36
Rupert  (Queen Charlotte)  B3
See also Haida Gold Alines, Ltd.
Ruth and Francis  (Portland Canal) B 24
Saddle Mines, Ltd C 29
Sailor, McKinney   D 9
Sally   (Greenwood)     D9
Sally Fraction  (Greenwood)  D9
Sally Alines, Ltd  D9
Salmo river, gold, placer E 24
Salmo-Malartic Mines, Ltd E 22
Salmon-Bear River Alining Co., Ltd B 25
Salmon Gold Alines, Ltd B 29
Salmon river (Portland Canal) B 24
Sand and gravel  A 11
Savona Gold Mines, Ltd F 21
Sawmill creek   (Fort Steele) E 30, 33
Scotch  creek   D 29
Second Relief   (Nelson) E 23
Sericite (Skeena)   B 10 10
Shamrock  (Osoyoos)   D 17
Shatford creek  D 19
Sheep Creek camp E 15
Sheep Creek Gold Alines, Ltd E 17
Sheffield Gold and Silver Mines, Ltd D 23
Shelly Syndicate  F 22
Sheridan,  placer lease C 34
Shipping-mines A 23-A 29
Shoal bay  F 6, 7
Shoal Bay Alining Syndicate F 10
Shoemaker creek  D 19
Shuswap lake  D 29
Silver, production  A 11
Price  A 8, 10
At depth, Hudson Bay mountain  C 5
Silver Cloud  (Greenwood)  D8
Silver Cup mountain (Lardeau) E 36
Silver Lake (Omineca)  C6
Silverine   (Trail  Creek) E 37
Silversmith Mines, Ltd E 33
Silver Spot  (Greenwood)  D3
Similkameen Mining Division :
Report by Resident Mining Engineer D 19
Gold, placer  D 23
Similkameen river  D 19
Simons  (Lillooet)    F 32
Siwash creek   (Yale) F 19
Siwash Gold Placers, Ltd.  (Similkameen)....D 23
Six-mile    mountain,    south-east    of    Prince
George  C 19
S.K.   (Portland Canal) B 32
Skaret creek  C 18
Skeena Development Syndicate G 31
Skeena Gold and Silver Mines, Ltd  C 9
See also Alount Evelyn Alines, Ltd.
Skeena Mining Division :
Report by Resident Mining Engineer  B 4
Skookum  (Vernon)    D 34
Skookum Boy   (Nelson)  E5
Skylark   (Greenwood)     D8
Slate, production  A 11
Slate creek   (Similkameen)  D 23
Slocan Mining Division :
Report by Resident Alining Engineer E 33
Slocan-Alonitor Silver Mines, Ltd E 33
Slocan Star  (Slocan) E 33
Smith creek  (Revelstoke) E 34
(Similkameen) D 21
Smithers    C 5
Snowden   (Greenwood)     D9
Snoiv Shoe  (Osoyoos)  D 17
Sodium carbonate  A 11, F 23
(Kamloops)   D 29
South Thompson river D 28
Sovereign Creek Gold Alines, Ltd C 28
Tabor  (Cariboo)   C 18
Tabor creek  C 18
Taku river  B 33
Talc,  production  A 11
Taseko lake F 24
Taseko-Motherlode    F 25
Tatlayoko lake  F 6, 12
Tatshenshini river, gold, placer B 36
Taxation Act  A 41
Taxation of mines A 42
Taylor basin  F 32
Taylor (Bridge River) Gold Alines, Ltd F 29
Southern and Central JIineral  Survey
Districts (Nos. 3 and 4) :
Report by Resident Alining Engineer  D 1
Speculator   (Osoyoos)    D 17
Speedwell   (Kamloops)    D 28
Spider   (Portland Canal) B 27
Spokane (Atlin)   B 34
Spokane-Idaho Copper Co  E 4
Spondulix (Omineca)   C8
Squaw creek  (Atlin), gold, placer B 36
Spruce creek   (Atlin) B 36, 37
St. Teresa (Fort Steele).  E 30
Standard   (Osoyoos)    D16
Standard Fraction, Beaverdell  D 9
Stanley   C 27
Star  (Portland Canal) B 24
Star of Hope (Osoyoos) D 19
Starveout Fraction   (Greenwood)   D7
Statistical tables  A 11
Stella   (Omineca), molybdenite C 13
Stemwinder  (Greenwood)    D8
(Osoyoos)     D13
Stemwinder Mountain Mines, Ltd.    See Hedley Amalgamated Gold Alines, Ltd.
Steven  creek   D 23
Stevens, placer lease C 34
Stewart Alining and Development Co., Ltd...B 19
Stikine AIining Division :
Report by Resident Alining Engineer B 33
Stikine river  B 33
Stone, production  A 11
Storm   (Nass River) B 17
Stronach mine  G 25
Sugar creek   (Cariboo) C 26
Sullivan   (Fort  Steele) E 31
(Nelson)  E 27
Sulphur,  production   A 11
Sulphide creek  (Portland Canal).    See McQuillan creek.
Sulphurette (Portland Canal) B 31
Sulphuretf.es Prospecting Syndicate B 33
Summit   (Nass  River)  B 17
Sunrise   (Osoyoos)    D 17
Superior Mines, Ltd  D 5
Surf Inlet   (Skeena).:  B5
See also Princess Royal Gold Alines, Ltd.
Surf Point   (formerly Trixie)   (Skeena)  B6
Plan   B 7
Surprise   (Nanaimo)    F 11
Susie  (Osoyoos)    D 14
Swakum mountain  D 23
Sivan, placer  D 23
(Osoyoos)     D 17
Swansea, B.C E 32
Sylrain   (Quesnel)    C 32
St. Lawrence  (Greenwood) D 10
Taylor River Gold Mines, Ltd F 2, 4
Taylor-AVindfall Gold Mining Co., Ltd., plan
of workings   F 24
Telkwa    C 11
Coal at  G 31
Tenas creek  D 19
Tenderfoot  (Omineca)      C2
Tertiary   (Cariboo)    C 27
Testalinda creek  D 17
Tetradymite   (Omineca)     C6
Texada  island   F 11
Texas creek F 33 INDEX.
Texas Creek Placers F 33
Texas Yankee Girl, Ltd  E 6
Thelma (Nicola)  D 23
Thornhill mountain  B 10
Thudegade (not Two Brothers) river (Omineca)    C16
Thunder Hill. (Greenwood)  D4
Tiger  (Osoyoos)   D 15
Tiger Fraction   (Greenwood)  D6
Tillicum creek  E 23
Timber Line (Quesnel) CI, 32
Tipperary   (Cariboo)    C 24
Toboggan creek  C 6, 8
Top   (Portland  Canal) B 33
Topley    C 1, 12
Topley-Richfield Alining Co., Ltd C 12
Topley Silver, Ltd C 12
Torpedo group   (Vernon) D 33
Torres  (Osoyoos)    D 15
Trade Dollar (Omineca)  C6
Trail Creek Mining Division :
Report by Resident Mining Engineer E 36
Tranquille creek  D 26
Treaty creek (Portland Canal) B 30
Union   (Grand  Forks)   D3
United Empire Gold and Silver Alines, Ltd.
See Bayview Mining Co., Ltd.
Unuk  (Portland Canal) B 31
Trites Gold Alining Co., Ltd  E8
See also Two Star Alining Co., Ltd.
Trixie  (later Surf Point)   (Skeena)  B6
Trout Lake area E 36
Troy (Portland Canal) B 28
Troy No. 1  (Nicola) D 25
Tulameen area, zinc cut D 22
Tulameen Coal Mines, Ltd G 29
Tulameen river  D 23
Tungsten  (Cariboo)    CI
Hardscrabble     C 1
Tunnel Fraction   (Greenwood)     D9
Tuscarora Gold Mines, Ltd F 30
Twin John mountain B 30
Twin Lakes  D 15
Twin Lakes Gold Mining Co., Ltd D 16
Two Brothers lake (Omineca) C 16
Two Brothers river.    See Thudegade river.
Two Brothers Valley Gold Mines, Ltd C 16
Two Star Mining Co., Ltd  E8
See also Trites Gold Alining Co., Ltd.
Tyee (Kamloops)   D 26
(Nass River)  B 17
Unuk Jumbo (Portland Canal) B 33
Unuk river  B 30
Unuk Valley Gold Syndicate B 32
Usk     C 2
Valhalla  (Omineca)  02
Vancouver (Nelson)  E 19
Vancouver   and   Boundary   Creek   Development and Mining Co D 10
Arancouver island   F 7
Arancouver Island Gold Alines, Ltd  F 2
Plan   F 3
Report by Resident Alining Engineer F 13
Vanguard Extension   (Nass  River) B 17
Velvet Gold Alining Co E 37
Venus E 2, 3
Verna D.  (Portland Canal) B 32
Report by Resident Alining Engineer D 29
Gold, placer  D 34
Victoria  (Alberni)    F 2
Victoria Mining Division :
Report by Resident Alining Engineer  F 1
Victoria Ventures, Ltd B 36
Vidette Gold Mines, Ltd F 20
Plan  F20
Vidette lake  F 22
Asking Gold Mines, Ltd D 15
Arolcanic ash, production A 11
AValker House   (Cariboo) C 26
Wallace  (Kamloops)   D 28
See also Lincoln.
Wallace mountain   D 9
Wallace Mountain Alines, Ltd D 10
War Eagle, AlcKinney  D 9
Waterloo  Consolidated,  AlcKinney  D 9
AYaterloo Consolidated Mines, Ltd  D 3
Waterloo No. 3  (Greenwood)  D3
Waukesha   (Osoyoos)    D 17
AVelcome harbour   B 6
Wellington, Beaverdell   D 9
(Fort  Steele)    E 29
AYellington-Extension Mines G 24
AVells, town   C 22
AVesko   Exploration   and   Development   Co.,
Ltd  E 9
West Fork   (Greenwood)  D4
Western Fuel Corporation of Canada, Ltd G 20
Western Mineral Survey District (No. 6) :
Report by Resident Alining Engineer  F 1
Whirlwind  (Osoyoos)    D 18
White Elephant  (Vernon) D 29
AArhitefish creek  E 29
White Pine   (Nanaimo)  F 10
White Swan  (Grand Forks)  D3
AVhiting river  B 33
AVhittaker, D. E., report as Provincial As-
sayer   A 43
Wilcox (Nelson)  E 13
Wild Cat  (Cariboo)   C 18
(Nass River)  B 17
(Osoyoos)     D 17
AVild Horse creek  E 6
(Fort  Steele)    E 29
Willcock   (sometimes  called  Wilcox)    (Nelson)   E 13
Williams   (Cariboo)    C 25
AArillow river   (Cariboo) C 25
AVilson creek (Atlin) B 36
AArilson Alining and Development Co., Ltd G 30 INDEX.
Windpass Gold Alining Co., Ltd D 20
Plan  D27
Windermere AIining Division :
Report by Resident Alining Engineer E 28
Winner   (Grand Forks)  D3
Winters creek  D 19
Yale  F19
Yale Mining Division :
Report by Resident Mining Engineer F 17
Yankee Boy   (Grand Forks)  Dl
Plan   D 1
Yankee Girl  (Grand Forks)  Dl
(Nelson)   E 6
Yankee  Girl,  Ltd.    See  later  Ymir-Yankee
Girl Gold Alines, Ltd.
Yankee Girl Consolidated Alines, Ltd  E 6
Yanks Peak   (Quesnel) C 30
Yanks peak  '. C 29
Yanks Peak Alining Co.    See Cariboo Yankee
Belle Alining Co.
Yellowstone   (Nelson)    E19
Ymir   (Nelson)    E 12
Zeballos river   F 6
Zinc, price A 8, 10
Zinc,  production   A 11
Wisconsin   (Similkameen)    D 21
AVitwatersrand  Syndicate  E 28
Woods lake  (Vernon) D 34
Wren  (Nelson)    E9
(Skeena)     B 9
Wright creek   (Atlin) B 36
Ymir (Similkameen)   D 21
Ymir camp   E 6
Ymir creek   E 9
Ymir Consolidated Gold Alines, Ltd E 12
Ymir Dundee Gold Mining Co., Ltd  E 7
See also Dundee Gold Alines, Ltd.
Ymir Gold Mining Co., Ltd E 13
See also Ymir Gold Alines Co., Ltd.
Yrnir-Wilcox Development Co., Ltd E13
Ymir-Yankee Girl Gold Mines, Ltd  E 6
York Investment, Ltd B 18, D 10
You and Me   (Nelson) E 23
Youcon   (Lillooet)    F 28
Yukon Border Placer Gold, Ltd B 36
Yukon  Fraction   (Nelson)  E6
Yuniman (Osoyoos)  D 19
Zymoetz  (Omineca)    C4
Zymoetz river   C4 ILLUSTRATIONS.
Index Alap of Province \ 48
Britannia Alining and Smelting Co.—Rail Stop-block G 56
B.C. Nickel Co.—Plan of Workings F 18
Bunker Hill Aline—Plan of Workings E 25
Centre Star Mine—Plan of AYorkings E 10
Clubine-Comstock Aline—Plan of AVorkings E 14
Columario Consolidated Gold Alines Co.—Plan  C2
Dunwell Mine—Plan and Sections of AVorkings, Ben Ali Mine B 21
Henderson Mine—Section of Workings C 10
Homestake Mine, Nass River—Plan and Sections of AVorkings B 16
Island Mountain Alines Co., Ltd.—Plan C 23
Kootenay Belle Mine—Plan of AVorkings E 21
L.L. & H. Group—Plan of Workings B 24
Aiamie Mine—Plan of AVorkings  C 7
Alastodon Aline—Plan and Section B 13
Queen Mine, Nelson—Section of Workings E 18
Quesnelle Quartz Alining Co., Ltd.—Plan C 19
Reno Aline—Section  .- E 16
Surf Point Aline—Plan of Workings  B 7
Taylor-Windfall Mine—Plan of Workings F 24
Tulameen Area—Alap showing location Cousin Jack Group D 22
A7ancouver Gold Mines Co.—Plan of Workings  F 3
Vidette Mine—Plan of Workings < F 20
Windpass Aline—Plan of Workings D 27
Yankee Boy, Grand Forks—Plan of Workings  D 2
Opposite Page.
Portland Canal Area—Alodel Map Frontispiece
Bralorne Aline—King Vein  F 1
Consolidated Gold Alluvials of B.C.—Interior of Power-house  G 1
Crooked River, Tributary of Parsnip River  C 1
Finlay River—Headwaters of at AlcLair Creek Valley  C 1
Fourth of July Creek, Atlin  Bl
Goldbridge, Bridge River  F 1
Morning Star Mine, Fairview  D 1
AlcLair Creek, Finlay River  C 1
Nelson—Air View of City -  E 1
Pre-Cambrian Gold Mines, Okanagan Lake  D 1
Quartz Creek, Tributary of McDame Creek, Liard M.D  B 1
Queen  Aline—General  View  E 1
Quesnel Forks—Old Town   C 1
Salmon Glacier, Portland Canal, looking towards August Alountain A 48
Second Relief Mine—General View  E 1
Similkameen River at Keremeos 0 36
Tatshenshini River Area—South-east towards Talbot Creek A 48
Texas Creek Placers, Fraser River  E 1
Twin Lakes, South-west of Penticton -0 36
Aridette Mine, North-west of Kamloops...  F 1
Printed by Chaki.es F. Banfield, Printer to the King's Most Excellent Majesty.
[Take this leaf out and paste the separated titles upon three of your catalogue cards.
The first and second titles need no addition; over the third write that subject
under which you would place the book in your library.]
British Columbia.    Department of Mines.
Annual Report of the Minister of Mines for the year ended
31st December, 1934, being an account of mining operations
g in  the  Province.    Edited by John  P.  Walker,  Provincial
§ Mineralogist.   Parts A, 48 pp.; B, 37 pp.; C, 36 pp.; D, 34 pp.;
E, 38 pp.; P, 33 pp.; G, 56 pp.; in one volume, plates, maps,
Victoria, Government Printing Bureau, 1935.
Walker, John F.    (Provincial Mineralogist.)
Annual Report of the Minister of Mines of British Columbia
for the year ended 31st December, 1934, being an account
c of mining operations in the Province.    (British Columbia,
^S Department of Mines.)    Parts A, 48 pp.; B, 37 pp.; C, 36 pp.;
"*! D, 34 pp.; E, 38 pp.; P, 33 pp.; G, 56 pp.; in one volume,
plates, maps, 1934.
Victoria, Government Printing Bureau, 1935.
Annual Report of the Minister of Mines of British Columbia
for the year ended 31st December, 1934, being an account
of mining operations in the Province. Edited by John P.
Walker, Provincial Mineralogist. (British Columbia, Department of Mines.) Parts A, 48 pp.; B, 37 pp.; C, 36 pp.;
D, 34 pp.; E, 38 pp.; F, 33 pp.; G, 56 pp.; in one volume,
plates, maps, 1934.
Victoria, Government Printing Bureau, 1935.     


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