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RETURN To an Order of the House for a printed return of all papers, correspondence, petitions and telegrams… British Columbia. Legislative Assembly 1890

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 53 Vic. Correspondence—Dismissal of Me. W. A. Staeret. 363
To an Order of the House for a printed return of all papers, correspondence, petitions
and telegrams with reference to the discharge of Mr. W. A. Starret, late Road
Superintendent in Yale District, and the employment of William Bristol in his
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works.
Lands and Works Department,
March 12th, 1890.
Similkameen, B. C, June 18th, 1888.
To the Honourable the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works:
Sir,—We, the undersigned residents of Similkameen and Fort Hope, being directly
interested in the traffic over the H ope-Siniilkameen trail, would respectfully call your attention
to the state of said trail.
We respectfully submit (having no certain knowledge of the amounts expended on the
said trail) that we believe through'the ignorance of the requirements and incompetency on
the part of the present Superintendent the moneys have been wasted and mis-spent, and that
if the present Superintendent is continued in charge the trail will soon become impassable.
We therefore respectfully ask the dismissal of W. A. Starrett, and recommend the appointment of W. Bristol, a former Superintendent, whose management and economizing always
gave satisfaction.
Trusting you will give this our petition your early attention, we remain yours, &c,
J. F. Allison, 3. P., Barrington Price, Roland Ryder,
Thomas Ellis, J. P., J. Oswald Coulthard, W. L. Flood,
R. L. Cawston, Jas. A. Fraser, Ag't H. B. Co., D. A. McDonald,
E. M. Allison, Luke Gibson, J. H. Bears,
J. H. Coulthard, J. P., William A. Yates, Chas. Galloway.
The Chief Commissioner to Messrs. J. F. Allison, Thos. Ellis and others.
Victoria, B. C, July 18th, 1888.
Gentlemen,—I have the honour to acknowledge the reeipt of your petition, dated the
18th ultimo, for the dismissal of W. A. Starret as Superintendent of work on the H ope-
Similkameen trail, and recommending W. Bristol for the position. I am also in receipt of a
petition protesting against Mr. Starret's dismissal.
I have, &c,
(Signed)    F. G. Vernon,
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works. 364 Correspondence—Dismissal of Mr. W. A. Starret. 1890
Mr. James Wardle to the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Woi-ks..
Hope, B. C, July 16th, 1888.
Hon. Sir,—A few days ago a petition addressed to you was in circulation round here
requesting that you would discharge Mr. Starret and employ Mr. Bristol, and as a great
many of the settlers were indignant that such injustice should be done to Mr. Starret, they at
once got up a petition to protest against Mr. Starret being discharged.    Petition enclosed.
Hon. Sir,—As I am requested by a number of voters to write you in regards the matter, I
beg to inform you of a few facts. In the first place, some five or six years ago Mr. Bristol
gave up the trail work, and very highly recommended Mr. Starret, who had been working with
him on the trail, and for three years Mr. Starret has given very good satisfaction to every one.
I suppose I have travelled the trail more than anyone else, and I can speak with truth
that the trail was never kept in such good condition as it has been for the last five years, not a
hoof having been killed or any accident occurred in that time. I came over it the latter part
of May this year and the road was splendid. I have enquired of a large number of travellers
who all pronounce it the best mountain trail they have ever seen. I have asked all the
Similkameen people who came in, and one and all say it is good, even the parties who got up
the discharge petition cannot deny it.
In regard to Mr. Bristol I have nothing to say except he is an American citizen, and
scarcely qualified to fill a Government position in British Columbia. I would also call your
attention to the discharge petition, that they are all opposed to you in politics, and canvassed
against you, with the exception of two or three, and Mr. Galloway, who is one of the latter,
and he informs me he was worried and pressed into signing the petition, and that he did it also
to help Mr. Bristol, who is an old friend.
In regards the petition enclosed you will observe that we had not time to send it round
the district, but the names that are on it are all supporters of you.
Hon. Sir,—If it was possible, I would suggest that you interview Mr. Starret, when, I
have no doubt, you would find his alleged faults were simply attending to his business.
I have, <fec,
(Signed)     James Wardle.
Hope, B. C, July 14th, 1888.
Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works, Victoria, B. C:
Hon. Sir,—It has come to our ears that certain parties have entered into some combination to petition you to discharge Mr. Wm. Starret from Government works in Yale and
Hope District.
Hon. Sir,—We, the undersigned, who have been witness to Mr. Starret's good work, do
beg and petition that the said William Starret do be kept on in the Government work for
Hope District as heretofore; that the money at his command has always been spent to the best
advantage.    By doing this you will confer a favour on
Your obedient servants,
Manuel Barcelo, Kermeous, James Wardle, Hope,
his his
Frank x Surprise, Ruperte   x   Deloe,
mark mark
J. W. Wirth, Hope, Frank Passingham,
Thomas Alvarez, Hope, A. H. Coppen, Hope,
E. Derdinger, Hope, C. E. Shuttleworth, Hope,
Peter Gundersen, H Hunter, near Hope,
Thomas Hicks, near Hope, Owen Jones,
Wm. Parke, Chas. A. Herrling,
M. J. Murphy, Eba B. Knight,
Robert Kennedy, Oliver Ingram,
Geo. Wilkinson, Hope, James Fraser, Hope,
James Corrigan, Hope, George A. Gouldsbrough. 53 Vic. Correspondence—Dismissal of Mr. W. A. Starret. 365
The Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works to Mr. James Wardle.
Victoria, B. C, July 19th, 1888.
Sir,—I have the honour to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of the 16th inst.,
enclosing a petition protesting against the dismissal of Mr. Starret as Superintendent of work
on Hope-Similkameen trail. I am also in receipt of the petition you refer to praying for Mr.
Starret's dismissal.
I have, &c,
(Signed)    F. G. Vernon,
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works.
Mr.  W. A. Starret to the Surveyor-General.
May 1st, 1889.
Hon. Sir,—I have the honour to inform you that there should be a movement made
towards opening and repairing the Hope trails at an early date.
I have, &c.,
(Signed)    W. A. Starret,
Road Superintendent, Hope, B. C.
The Surveyor-General to Mr. W. A. Starret.
Victoria, B. C, May 6th, 1889.
Sir,—I have the honour to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of 1st inst., and in
reply I am instructed by the Honourable Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works to inform
you that your services will not be required this season in connection with the Hope trails.
You will please hand over all tools and other Government property to Mr. Wm. Bristol,
who has been appointed to take charge of the work.
I have, &c.,
(Signed)    W. S. Gore.
The Surveyor-General to Mr.  Wm. Bristol.
Lands and Works Department,
Victoria, B. C, May 6th, 1889.
Sir,—The Honourable Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works has been pleased to
appoint you to take charge of the Hope trails and the Hope-Popcum road.
Mr. Starret has been requested to hand over to you, upon application, all tools and other
Government property which may be in his possession.
You will please make arrangements to commence work on the trails as soon as may be
necessary, and have needed repairs effected. The work should be well done, but all unnecessary
expenditure must be avoided.
Returns must be made showing the nature and extent of the work done at the end of
each month, also the names of the men employed and wages paid ; forms for this purpose, as
well as vouchers and pay sheets, will be sent to you. As you have been employed in a similar
capacity before you will know what is required without further instructions.
Your own remuneration will be at the rate of $100 per month during the working
season, and an allowance of $15 per month for horse hire.
I have, <fec.,
(Signed)      W. S. Gore,
Surveyor-General. 366 Correspondence—Dismissal of Mr. W. A. Starret. 1890
Mr. W. A. Starret to the Surveyor-General.
Hope, M!ay 10th, 1889.
Hon. Sir,—I was much surprised to receive your letter of 6th inst., having always carried out your instructions and doing my duty as I thought, and, as I understood, you thought.
It would have been a great convenience to me had I known this last fall, as I have been looking
forward to this employment for the last five months. I had been under the impression that a
person need be a citizen to hold a position under the Government.     This  Mr.  Bristol  is not.
1 have turned over the tools, as desired, to Jeremiah G. Bristol, alias Wm. Bristol, the newly
appointed Government Road Superintendent for Hope District. The accompanying is a list of
them, a copy of which I have given Mr. Bristol.
As there is no Government ware-room at Hope, and carrying tools is so cumbersome,
especially late in the fall, that it is customary for men working on the mountain trails to cache
them in safe places convenient to the work. This was done as usual last fall, and I did not
have a moment's warning in which to gather them up this spring.
I have, &c,
(Signed)     W. A. Starret.
P.S.—As soon as tools are worn out they are thrown away.    Those I gave to Mr. Bristol
last fall were not returned.
(Initialed)    W. A. S.
List of Government tools, parcel of vouchers, &c, left in charge of James Wardle, Hope:—
3 shovels, 9 axes, 2 brush-hooks, 1 steel square, 1 one-inch  augur, 1  l|-inch  augur, 1 fly tent,
2 steel drills.
List of tools on Similkameen Trail, under east end of 9-mile bridge:—3 picks, 2 pick
handles, 1 heavy line, 1 heavy hammer, 1 small blacksmith hammer, 3 steel drills. One grindstone at 14-mile house. Six steel drills at 27-mile post. One grindstone at 32-mile post. One
shovel at 38-mile post. One pick and shovel at 43-mile post. Two wheelbarrows inside my
gate on Hope-Popcum Road.
Hope-S"icola Trail:—1 l|-inch augur under cedar log at east end of Ladner's Creek
Bridge, cached by William Gardner in September, 1887.
(Signed)    W. A. Starret.
Mr. W. Bristol to the Surveyor-General.
Hope, B. C, May 9th, 1889.
Dear Sir,—I am in receipt of your favour of 6th inst.,  and have carefully  noted  contents.    Mr. Starret has handed me the tools in his possession.
I leave here in the morning with  one  man  to  cut out fallen timber between here and
Allison's, and to acquaint myself with what repairs are immediately needed.
My predecessor informed several persons that the Nicola Trail  was  abandoned.     Please
instruct me in regard to this.
I am yours truly,
(Signed)    W. Bristol.
The Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works to Mr. Wardle.
Victoria, B. C, May 18th, 1889.
Dear Mr. Wardle,—Mr. Wm. Bristol has been placed in charge of the road work on
the Hope-Similkaineen-lSricola Trails for this season at the urgent request of a number of
settlers who, from frequently travelling over these trails, should be in the best position to
judge of the value of the work performed by the men in charge of the road work. Considerable
dissatisfaction has been expressed at the manner in which the work has been performed and
the expenses incurred during Mr. Starret's regime.
Mr. Bristol, as you know, was in charge for many years before Mr. Starret, and he
appears to have given very general satisfaction.
There was no occasion to notify Mr. Starret. Foremen of road parties are employed
from time to time during the season in the same manner as the men, and are supposed to work 53 Vic. Correspondence—Dismissal of Mr. W. A. Starret. 367
as well as superintend.      The only permanent officer employed  by  the Department   on road
work is Mr. Stevenson, the District Road Superintendent.
From the number of valuable bridges which require attention at all seasons of the year,
especially those spanning the Fraser and Thompson Rivers, as well as such structures as the
Lillooet Bridge, we find it in the public interest to retain the services of one competent
Superintendent during the whole year.    Trusting these explanations will prove satisfactory,
Believe me yours very truly,
(Signed)    F. G. Vernon.
Printed by Richard Wolfenden, Printer to th   Queen's Most Excellent Majesty.


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