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ADMINISTRATION OF MINERAL LANDS IN RAILWAY BELT. British Columbia. Legislative Assembly 1890

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 53 Vic. Mineral Lands in Railway Belt. 461
Copy of a Report of a Committee of the Honourable the Executive Council, approved by His
*       Honour the Lieutenant-Governor on the 18th day of March, 1890.
The Committee of Council have had under consideration an approved Report of a Committee of the Honourable the Privy Council of Canada, dated the 11th day of February, 1890,
having reference to the administration of the mineral lands within the Railway Belt, and
submitting a modified proposition to that made by the Provincial Government in settlement of
the matter.
The Government of Canada propose as follows :—
(a.) The Government of Canada will not hereafter make any leases or other dispositions
of any minerals in the Railway Belt in British Columbia, excepting coal, other than by patent
in fee simple of the lands wherein they lie, to the intent that the minerals in the said Belt,
other than coal, may be administered under the mining laws of the Province :
(b.) All lands of the Dominion which may be for sale from time to time, within the Railway Belt, containing minerals within the meaning of the Mineral Act (B. p.), not being Indian
reserves or settlements, or portions thereof, and not being under license or lease from the
Dominion Government, shall be open to purchase by the Provincial Government at the price of
$5 per acre :
(c.) Any lands sought to be acquired by the Provincial Government under the last clause
shall be set apart from alienation by the Dominion, upon the Provincial Government depositing
in the Department of the Interior a written application therefor, with such description thereof
as to enable them to be identified, and thereupon the consideration money shall immediately
be paid, and in all cases where the land sought to be acquired has already been surveyed under
the authority of either Government, such survey shall be accepted as conclusive and the grant
issued thereon; but where the land sought to be acquired has not been surveyed, then, before
the issue of the grant, it must be surveyed at the expense of the Provincial Government by a
Dominion Land Surveyor acceptable to both Governments :
(d.) Nothing in this agreement shall apply to coal lands or interfere with the operation of
sub-section 4 of section 29 of the Dominion Lands Act :
(e.) The foregoing clauses of this agreement may be terminated at any time by either
Government passing an Order in Council to that effect, and communicating the same to the
other Government.
The Committee of Council deeming it desirable that an understanding with the Dominion
Government, with regard to the subject in question, should be arrived at without delay, agree
to the above proposals, as contained in clauses a to e, and advise that this Minute be approved,
and that a copy be forthwith transmitted to the Honourable the Secretary of State for Canada.
Clerk Executive Council.
victoria, b. c. :
Printed by Richard Wolfenden, Printer to the Queen's Most Excellent Majesty.


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