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PETITION. British Columbia. Legislative Assembly 1891

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 54 Vict. Closing of Saloons on Sunday. 425
To the Honourable the Legislature of the Province of British Columbia.
We, the undersigned adult residents of the Province of British Columbia, respectfully
represent to your Honourable House—
1st.—That the liquor traffic, carried on as it is at present in this Province with
comparatively few legal restrictions, is a source of unspeakable mischief, and is a standing
menace to the public welfare.
2nd.—That a very large part of the mischief wrought arises from the sale of intoxicating
liquors on the Lord's Day and during the hours of the night usually devoted to rest.
3rd.—That legal restrictions imposed on the liquor traffic, in order to be effective, should
be Provincial in character, inasmuch as it is very difficult to enforce restrictive enactments in one
municipality or district, when similar enactments are not in force in neighbouring municipalities
or districts.
Believing, therefore, that the closing of saloons, bars, shops and other places where such
liquors are sold would materially lesson the evils complained of, and be a great benefit to the
community at large, we do hereby earnestly pray your Honourable House to enact such
legislation as will secure the closing of such places throughout the Province from 7 p.m. on
Saturday, till 7 a.m. on Monday in each week, and from 11 p.m. till 7 a.m. during the rest of
the week.
And your petitioners, as in duty bound, will ever pray.
T. Bryant,
F. Tracy,
D. Renwick,
David Morgan,
Kenneth McLean,
Jonas Newberg,
And one thousand six hundred and seventy-four others.
victoria b. c.:
Printed by Richard Wolfenden, Printer to the Queen's Most Excellent Majesty,


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