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PETITION. British Columbia. Legislative Assembly 1891

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 54 Vict. Petition—Lien Act. 327
To the  Honourable the Speaker and Members of the Legislature of the Province of British
Columbia :
The humble petition of the undersigned residents of the City of Victoria, trading there
as merchants, lumbermen, mechanics, and others, sheweth :
1. That your petitioners observe with alarm the introduction of a measure into your
Honourable House aimed at the repeal of the present Lien Act, and the passage of an Act
taking away the lien of material men and confining it to labourers only.
2. That, as a result of an earnest endeavour, during fifteen years and upwards, to enact a
measure such as would do justice to the property owner, merchant, mechanic, labourer, and
material man alike, the present Lien Act is well calculated to the end in view, and having
received such a construction in the Courts as to carry out its true intent and meaning, we
think that hurried and imperfect legislation upon the subject is to be deplored.
3. That, under the existing Lien Act, the labourer is abundantly protected by a lien
preferable to that of any one else to the extent of a month's wages, and, since its passage, we
know of no instances where a labouring man has been deprived of his wages, whilst under the
provisions of the Lien Act during the last three years, when more buildings and works have been
constructed in the Province than in its whole previous history, the percentage of losses by
traders and material men (through bad debts) and mechanics has been very small indeed.
4. That we view the abolition of the lien of material men as a serious blow to trade, and
disastrous to the expenditure of capital.
Your petitioners therefore humbly pray—
That the proposed Lien Act may not be allowed to become law, but that the existing Act
may be retained.
And your petitioners, as in duty bound, will ever pray.
Albion Iron Works, W. F. Bullen, M'g'r, P. McQuade & Son,
W. P. Sayward, E. L. Etheridge & Mann,
Nicholles & Renouf, Smith & Clark,
Colbert & Warner, Victoria Lumber & M'f'g Co., L'd, H. 0
R. A. Brown & Co., Macaulay, Agent,
Braden & Stamford, Chas. Hayward,
J. B. Clarke, Elford & Smith,
Matthews, Richards & Tye, Losee & Morrison,
5. L. Kelly & Co., G. W. Powell, ) n  ,,      „ . n
Marvin & Tilton, W. D. Currall, J G  PoW1 & C°"
E. B. Marvin & Co., Muirhead & Mann,
E. G. Prior & Co., Johnson, Walker & Flett,
A. Lewis & Co., Joseph F. Wilson,
C. T. Penwill, Samuel Gray.
victoria, B. C. :
Printed by Richard Wolfenden, Printer to the Queen's Most Excellent Majesty


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