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RETURN To an Order of the House directing the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works to send down to the… British Columbia. Legislative Assembly 1887

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 50 Vic.        Further Correspondence—Philip Kelly's Pre-emption. 489
To an Order of the House directing the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works to
send down to the House a copy of a letter written by W. Norman Bole to the
said Chief Commissioner, dated 24th March, 1887, written in reply to the Chief
Commissioner's letter of 5th March, 1887, respecting Philip Kelly's claim to
certain land north of Lot 204, G. 1, New Westminster District, addressed to said
W. Norman Bole; and also a copy of letter of 24th March, 1887, written by said
W. Norman Bole, enclosing said letter to Chief Commissioner and Honourable
Jno. Robson.
Provincial Secretary.
Provincial Secretary's Ofice,
6th April, 1887.
Legislative Assembly,
Victoria, 24th March, 1887.
Sir,—I have the honour to acknowledge receipt of a letter dated 5th March, 1887,
respecting Mr. Philip Kelly's claim to certain land near Lot 204, G. 1, Burrard Inlet, bearing
your official signature, but clearly showing, from its tone and diction, that the real writer is
Mr. John Robson. But as you have assumed the responsibility thereof, I must, perforce,
address my reply to you.
With respect to your opinion as to the nature of the charge made against Mr. Warwick,
I am in no wise concerned ; neither was your lecture a la Turveytop called for or requisite,
as, whatever other claims you may have to distinction, I was unaware that you claimed to be
considered the Government Chesterfield ; and you will, therefore, allow me to exercise my own
judgment as to the proper mode of conducting correspondence, even with so high and mighty
an individual as the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works, &c, undeterred by your volunteered opinion, as I would have you bear in mind that I am neither a slave nor a follower of
the Government.
I should have treated your letter with the silent contempt it deserves, were it not
that, under the cover of a lecture on politeness, you maliciously seek, on the mere ipse dixit
of your servant, to slander my professional reputation, falsely charging me with neglect
of my professional duties towards Mr. Kelly; and not content with writing the letter in
question, you caused the same to be published without awaiting my reply. However, the
reason for your action is apparent, the letter in question evidently intended as a mean and
spiteful way by which Mr. Robson, through you, is trying to get even on me for my part in the
debate of the 10th March, 1887, when, in the discharge of my public duty, I had occasion to
make some severe remarks on the conduct of the Provincial Secretary,—as I desire distinctly
to state that the charge you have thought proper to make is absolutely and entirely without
any foundation.
I am, etc,
(Signed)        W. Norman Bole.
The Hon. Wm. Smithe,
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works,
VICTORIA : Printed by Richard Wolfesdbn, Government Printer,
At the Government Printing Office, James' Bay.


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