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PETITION OF VICTORIA CEMETERY TRUSTEES. British Columbia. Legislative Assembly 1879

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 390 Petition of Masons and Odd Fellows. 1879
To the Honourable the Legislative Assembly of the Province of British Columbia, in
Parliament assembled.
The Petition of the undersigned, the Victoria Board Cemetery Trustees, humbly
1. That your petitioners are informed that a Bill has been introduced in your
Honourable House for the purpose (amongst other objects) of cancelling the Letters
Patent by which the Victoria Cemetery Trust (now administered by your petitioners)
was originally instituted, and of transferring the Trust to the Corporation of the City of
2. That your petitioners are advised and believe that the said Bill is a Private Bill,
and that by its introduction as a Public Bill your petitioners, and all other persons, have
been deprived of the opportunity of appearing by Counsel and giving evidence before
the Private Bill Committee of your Honourable House.
3. That your petitioners believe that public sentiment is against the proposed
transfer of the Trust to the Corporation of the City of Victoria.
4. That your petitioners believe that the said Corporation are not in favour of the
proposed transfer.
5. That since the formation of the Boss Bay Cemetery in 1872, up to the present
time, deceased members of various Churches have been buried by their friends in the
Boss Bay Cemetery upon the faith that the privileges accorded to such Churches would
be continued.
6. That the change proposed by the said Bill will have the effect of annulling such
7. That to the members of several Churches the existing privileges are matters
of great importance, and the deprivation of such privileges would seriously wound the
feelings of the friends of deceased persons buried in the Cemetery.
8. That the proposed change would probably have the effect of forcing some of the
Churches to form Cemeteries elsewhere at their own exjuense, and so deprive them of a
benefit to which, as a part of the general public, they are clearly entitled.
9. That your petitioners have for some time past desired to sell the property known
as Medina's Grove, and buy additional land adjoining the Boss Bay Cemetery, and so
provide, in the fullest way, for every possible public want.
10. That immediately upon receiving the consent of His Honour the Lieutenant-
Governor, your petitioners are prepared to sell Medina's Grove and purchase land
adjoining the Boss Bay Cemetery, which has already been offered to them.
Your petitioners therefore humbly pray that your Honourable House may be
pleased to withhold your consent to the said Bill. And your petitioners will ever
pray, &c,
J. H. Turner,
J. E. McMillan,
B. P. Bithet,
P. McTiernan,
B. W. Pearse.
21th March, 1879.


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