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FURTHER PAPERS Relating to the non-fulfilment by Canada of the Railway Clause of the Terms of Union. British Columbia. Legislative Assembly 1876

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 39 Vic. Further Papers—Railway Question. 737
Relating to the non-fulfilment by Canada of the Railway Clause of the Terms of
By Command,
Provincial Secretary.
Provincial Secretary's Office,
llth May 1876.
Copy of a Report of a Committee of the Honourable the Executive Council, approved by
His Excellency the Lieutenant-Governor on the 22nd day of April, 1876.
The Committee of Council respectfully request Tour Excellency to acknowledge, by
telegraphic despatch, the receipt of Lord Carnarvon's telegram of the 13th April, 1876,
and to state that the Legislature of this Province will remain in session about twenty
days from this 22ud day of April, and that this Government again urge that it is of the
utmost importance that the decision upon the Petition from the Legislative Assembly to
Her Majesty, respecting the Railway question, be communicated to the Your Excellency
before the House is prorogued.
(Signed)       T. Basil Humphreys,
Clerk of the Executive Council.
The Lieutenant-Governor to the Secretary of State for Canada.
Government House,
(No. 25.) Victoria, 22nd April, 1876.
Sir,—I have the honour to state, for the information of His Excellency the
Governor-General, that, upon the advice of my Ministers, expressed in a Minute of
Executive Council, a copy of which is herewith enclosed, I have to-day addressed to
the Right Honourable H. M. Principal Secretary of State for the Colonies, a telegraphic
message and also a despatch by mail, a copy of which is also enclosed, containing a transcript of that message in further relation to the Petition from the Legislative Assembly
of British Columbia to Her Majesty the Queen respecting the Canadian Pacific Railway.
I have, &c,
(Signed) Joseph W. Trutch.
T he Lieutenant- Governor to the Secretary of State for the Colonies.
22nd April,
Earl Carnarvon, London.
My Ministers request me acknowledge your telegram thirteenth instant, and state
Legislature will contiuue sitting twenty days, and again urge most important that decision on Petition be communicated before prorogation.
(Signed) Joseph W. Trutch.
Secretary of State for Colonies to Lieutenant-Governor.
27th April.
Lieutenant-Governor, British Columbia.
I entertain great hope that difficulties of Railway question can be satisfactorily
overcome, but fear it will be impossible for my reply, which must be fully considered,
to reach British Columbia within time mentioned in your telegram of twenty-second.
(Signed) Carnarvon.


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