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PETITION. British Columbia. Legislative Assembly 1876

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 726 Petition—Victoria Municipality. 1876
To the Honourable the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia.
The Petition of the Members of the Corporation of the City of Victoria, humbly
1. That whereas, in the year 1873, an agreement was entered into between the
Provincial Government and the Municipality of Victoria, whereby the appointment of
the Police Magistrate of this city, subject to the approval of the Governor in Council,
and the appointment and full control of the City Police were vested in this Municipality, in consideration that this city should pay the salaries and expenses thereof.
2. That a Municipal Amendment Act is now under the consideration of your Honourable Body, which, if it becomes law, will deprive this Municipality of its entire
authority over the City Police force.
3. That whilst the aforesaid " Municipality Amendment Act" threatens to take
away from this Municipality the powers herein referred to, the burden of the payment
of the salaries of the Police, as may be ordered by the Governor in Council, will still
have to be borne by this Municipality.
4. That in the opinion of this Council the control of Municipal revenue of this city
should remain in the hands of this Council, and that the change contemplated by your
Honourable Body towards this city through the aforesaid Act, as to the manner in
which so large a portion of its revenue should be expended, is at variance with the
spirit of Municipal institutions.
5. This Council therefore pray that your Honourable Body will, before the final
passage of the aforesaid "Municipality Amendment Act," take into your consideration
the wisdom of appointing a Committee of your Honourable Body to confer with this
Council upon the objectionable clauses contained in the aforesaid " Municipality
Amendment Act," so that they may be expunged therefrom.
And your petitioners, as in duty bound, will ever pray.
The above resolution was passed unanimously, and the seal of the Corporation of
the City of Victoria, B.C., attached (by order) hereto, this 27th day of April, 1876.
(Signed) Wm. Leigh, C.M.C,


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