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PETITION. British Columbia. Legislative Assembly 1878

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 598 Cassiar Petition. 1878
To the Honourable the Speaker and Members of the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia.
The humble petition of the undersigned miners and residents of the Cassiar District:
That the principal camps at present discovered in Cassiar, and where gold
mining is carried on, are situated respectively at Dease Creek, Thibert Creek, McDame
Creek, and "Walker Creek. A sketch showing the relative position of each accompanies
this petition.
The only present means of communication between tho different camps is by water,
by way of Dease Lake and Dease River. It generally takes two daj's to go from Dease
Creek to McDame Creek, and three or four days to return at low water, and longer at
high water.
Towards the close season, the lesser lakes marked upon (he plan speedily freeze
over and portages have to be made, and the ice not being of sufficient thickness to bear
the weight of the boats and crews, travellers experience great difficulties and are exposed to hardships.
Most of the mining is done on McDame Creek, and fully two hundred men travelled
up river last fall, on the way out of the country, when the ice was in the condition just
On account of the state of the river, miners have to leave their claims in the fall
from two to three weeks earlier than they need otherwise do.
Animals have been driven from the head of Dease Lake to McDame Creek in five
days, and the parties driving report the line ot country being such as a trail could be
readily made over, and the distance is estimated at about sixty-five (65) miles according
to the proposed lino shown on the plan.
Were a trail made, the necessity for haste and tho difficulty experienced in coming
out in the fall would be avoided, and a section of country traversed by creeks would be
opened up and probably many discoveries made, and a speedy means oi communication
between the creeks would bo established.
It is estimated that a first-class trail (including bridges) could be constructed for an
expenditure of three thousand dollars.
Your petitioners respectfully pray that a trail may be made over the line of country
And your petitioners, as in dutj7 bound, will ever pray, &c.
(Signed)      Andrew Donahue,
James McLakty,
William Larkin.
and 178 others.


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