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REPORT OF LIVE STOCK COMMISSIONER. British Columbia. Legislative Assembly 1909

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 9 Ed. 7 Report of Live Stock Commissioner. G 45
Department of Agriculture,
Victoria, 12th February, 1909.
Hon. R. G. Tatlow,
Minister of Agriculture, Victoria.
Dear Sir,—I have the honour to submit for your approval the following report on the
dairy and live stock industry of the Province :—
That the creameries are doing good work, and are being appreciated by the dairymen of
the Province, is shown by the fact that the number of creamery patrons has greatly increased
over last year ; more butter, of a better and more uniform quality, has been turned out; also the
market price paid for dairy produce has increased over last year. Not only is there an
increase in the output of creamery butter, but also in dairy. This latter increase is due to a
greater number of farmers who are going into dairying, but who live at too great a distance
from a creamery to make delivery practical or paying.
The number of milkmen delivering to city trade has increased throughout the Province.
In 1907 there were seventy milkmen peddling in Victoria; to-day there are over ninety, and
Victoria is no exception ; the number of milkmen have increased in proportion throughout the
Province, just as they have in this city.
In 1907 there were nineteen creameries in the Province, while to-day there are twenty-
two creameries and two cheese factories.
,In comparing the returns from the creameries for 1907 and 1908, we find as follows :—
1907. 1908.
Number of patrons  994 1,214
Pounds of butter manufactured  1,651,304 lbs.       1,846,977 lbs.
Gross receipts $549,421.43 $570,367.87
Sold per lb  32c. 34iC.
Amount paid patrons $466,824 .28 $491,267 .63
Cheese Factories.
1907. 1908.
Number of patrons                      20 37
Pounds manufactured               9,500 179,500
Gross receipts           $12,800 $22,680
Sold per ft                     13|c. 13|c.
Paid patrons           $10,500 $18,910
Companies Handling Milk.
1907. 1908.
Amount paid patrons $117,776.75 $286,942.47
Total amount paid patrons, 1907     $595,101.03
1908 $797,120.10
giving a gain of $202,019.07 paid to patrons during 1908. G 46 Report of Live Stock Commissioner. 1909
The greatest quantity of butter is manufactured in creameries, yet there is a quantity
which is made on the farms.    This quantity of dairy butter we may safely value at $125,000.
If we allow $5 for milk and cream consumed per year by each resident in British
Columbia, and allow 10 per cent, to the farmers for dairy by-products, we will find that the
dairy industry is worth to the farmers approximately $2,664,333, and to the Province about
$3,100,000 annually.
That there is greater interest taken in dairy work is shown by the growth of the Dairymen's Association. Since September, 1908, the membership has increased from 23 to 58.
At the annual Association meeting held a year ago there were in attendance eight members.
At the annual meeting of the same Association held this year there were 137 in attendance,
representing the ownership of 3,562 cows.
Our Dairy Inspectors report that the dairies have greatly improved during the year,
which report is indeed very creditable to the dairymen, and speaks well for the system of
inspection which the Government has established.
From this time on we hope that every dairy in the Province will be inspected regularly
twice a year, as the.Department has furnished Dr. Gibbons and Dr. Knight with itineraries
which will take them about six months to carry out. As the question of checking or eradicating bovine tuberculosis has been taken up, we can only hope that the movement will
receive the full support of the people, and eventually produce the desired results.
The question of holding a " Winter Fair and Dairy Show " has been brought before the
dairymen and live stock breeders of the Province. Such a show should be of great value from
the educational standpoint and in promoting the raising of high grade stock ; I do not mean
by this stock which excels to a high degree in fancy points, but in production and utility,
whether for milk or beef, bacon or mutton. Many of our breeders, especially in the east and
in the United States, have sacrificed utility for the fancy point; such breeding is not only
detrimental to the breed, but to the breeder's pocket.
We are encouraging the breeders to make use of the testing associations, and also to
weigh each cow's milk so that the unprofitable animals may be weeded out of the herd.
Poultry Industry.
The Province of British Columbia is admirably suited for poultry-raising, owing to the
mild climate and the nature of the soil. At the present time there is little interest taken in
this branch of agriculture, as many of our farmers do not realise the profit which can be made
by combining fruit-growing and poultry-raising.
In reviewing the egg production for the past few years, we see that there has been a
steady increase in the price of eggs put on the market.
In 1904-5 the average market price paid per dozen for eggs was 30 cents.
In 1905-6 „ .. .. 34    ,,
In 1906-7 ., ii ii 37    i,
In 1907-8 ,i .. ii 40    ii
In 1907 the lowest price paid per dozen was 25-30 cents.
ii highest n ii 90 n
In 1908 the lowest „ n 30 n
ii highest ii ii 90 n
The reasons for this increase in price is accounted for in that eggs have been marketed in
a fresher, cleaner condition, that they are being better packed, and also that fewer eggs have
been imported into the Province from the East. 9 Ed. 7 Report of Live Stock Commissioner. G 47
Fresh eggs handled in Victoria during the past year were 2,630 cases, 78,900 dozen, or
946,800 eggs.
The eastern eggs imported into the city 1,500 cases, 45,000 dozen, or 540,000 eggs.
The Province used not only all her local supply of poultry and poultry produce, but
imported $720,000 worth of eggs, and $1,500,000 worth of poultry and poultry products from
the East. The C. P. R. inform us that about 40 cars of dressed poultry were brought in last
year. This state of affairs should not exist, and I may say will not, after the agriculturists of
this Province become more enlightened along the line of poultry-raising. What has been done
in connection with the butter trade affords us an excellent example. If the farmers would
collect the eggs regularly every day, have them graded, packed and shipped from a central
distributing point, such a system would tend to encourage poultry-raising, as it would bring
an increase in the price paid for eggs.
Last fall one Farmers' Institute asked that we send them a speaker to talk to their fall
meeting on poultry subjects.    This spring  we have six applications for such a speaker.
The dairymen are beginning to realise that dairy farming and hog-raising are almost
inseparable, if profit is to be considered. Hogs require little attention outside of feeding,
mature early, and give a large profit for the food consumed. Within the last year many herds
have been established in the Province, especially along the Delta and Lower Mainland.
During 1908, 14,278 hogs were brought into British Columbia over the C. P. R., many being
slaughtered and used for human consumption, while a few were imported for breeding purposes.
Much of the land in British Columbia is admirably adapted to sheep-raising, especially
the land which is high and rough, as sheep do better on hilly and on rough land than elsewhere. Much of the land which at present is useless and unproductive could be utilised for
sheep runs, and would give a profit.
Although there is a decrease in the number of sheep raised in the Province, owing to the
ranges being cut up, yet the sheep-raising industry is becoming more prominent, pure-bred
flocks are being established in many sections throughout the Province.
Two years ago, when the Dominion Government took the census of breeders of pure-bred
sheep in this Province, only 11 names appeared in the directory. On looking over the entry
lists of exhibitors of pure-bred sheep at Victoria and New Westminster fairs, for 1908, I find
that there were 33 British Columbia breeders represented. The quantity of dressed mutton
imported from Australia during the past year amounts to 15,000 carcasses. In addition to the
above, there is a large quantity of mutton received annually from Seattle, amounting to
between 30,000 and 40,000 carcasses. The number of eastern- sheep brought into British
Columbia during 1908 by the C. P. R. Co. was 2,340 head, and by other transportation
companies during the past year 11,400 head. This gives a total of about 50,000 carcasses of
mutton and 13,740 head of sheep imported during 1908 by this Province.
I have the honour to be,
Your obedient servant,
Live Stock Commissioner. G 48
Report of Live Stock Commissioner.
List of Creameries, Cheese Factories and Companies handling Milk.
Name and Address.
No. of
Lbs. of
per lb.
Amount paid Patrons.
Abbotsford Creamery Co., Abbotsford .
$20,050 00
$16,500 00 (for 8 mos.)
Delta Creamery Co., Ladner	
20,532 35
16,288 90
New   Westminster  Creamery   Society,
New Westminster	
43,182 95
35,083 84
Edenbank Creamery Co., Sardis	
67,827 22
57,809 70
White Valley Creamery Co., Vernon ..
3,282 90
1,500 07 (for 6 mos.)
Richmond Dairy & Produce Co., Van-
4,284 80
4,378 36
Victoria Creamery Co., Victoria	
51,431 86
• 38f\
49,564 00
Cowichan Creamery Co., Duncans	
66,164 86
61,166 85
Salt Spring Id. Creamery Co., Ganges
12,980 70
10,488 95 (for 10mos.)
Okanagan Creamery Co., Armstrong...
4,500 00
3,150 00
Alberni Creamery Assn., Alberni	
4,577 28
3,483 36 (for 11 mos.)
Surrey Creamery Co., Cloverdale	
3,282 90
1,500 00
Nanaimo Creamery Co., Nanaimo	
27,011 35
24,431 20
Vancouver Creamery Co., Vancouver ..
47,000 00
40,500 00
Comox Creamery Co., Courtenay	
30,019 00
25,998 50
Ford Saxon Creamery Co., Vancouver .
28,050 00
23,650 00
Sumas Creamery Co., Upper Sumas ...
16,513 20
12,661 00
Glenbrook Creamery Co., Mission Jet..
9,717 40
8,250 00
Peerless Creamery Co., Abbotsford....
1,150 00
880 00
Chilliwack Creamery Co., Chilliwack ..
89,004 00
71,580 75
14,278 78
18,138 00
$570,367 87
$491,267 63
B, C. Cheese Co., Langley	
Murray Cor. Cheese Co., Murray Corner
14,080 00
8,600 00
$11,550 00
7,360 00
$ 22,680 00
$18,910 00
Selling Milk, Etc
Richmond Dairy & Produce Co., Vancouver, paid 65 patrons for milk and cream   $72,673 47
Victoria Creamery Co., Victoria, »    80     » »      100,460 00
City Dairy & Produce Co., for Vancouver,        „    25      „ „      50,000 00
Almond Dairy Co., Hammond, //    44      » n      63,800 00
,942 47
Printed by Richard Wolficndkn, Printer to thf Queen's Mnst Excellent Majesty.


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