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REPLY Of the Federal Government to the Resolution of the 2nd of February, 1910, of the Legislative Assembly… British Columbia. Legislative Assembly 1911

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 2 Geo. 5 Lands in Dominion Railway Belt. M 29
Of the Federal Government to the Resolution of the 2nd of February, 1910, of the
Legislative Assembly : That a respectful Address be presented to His Honour the
Lieutenant-Governor, asking him to call the attention of the Dominion Government to the urgent necessity of some action being taken looking to the better
settlement of the lands in the Dominion Railway Belt throughout the Province.
Provincial Secretary's Office, Provincial Secretary.
12th January, 1911.
The 11th of April, 1910.
At Government House,
Victoria, B. 0.
Sir.—With reference to your letter of the 11th February last, transmitting copy of a
resolution of the Legislative Assembly with respect to the settlement of the lands in the
Railway Belt, I have the honour to inform you that the same has been duly considered by the
Governor-General in Council, and to state that His Excellency's Government is of the opinion
that all the lands in the tract in question that have not already been patented, or that are not
covered by homestead entry, timber licences, grazing lease, or Indian reserve, are open for
free homestead entry.
Owing, however, to the necessity of procuring definite information for the adjustment of
conflicting claims in the Columbia Valley and in the territory adjacent to Shuswap Lake, it
was considered advisable to make no final disposition of any of the lands within these districts
for the time being, and they were, therefore, withdrawn from homestead entry on the 16th
June, 1909. As matters have so progressed that the question in dispute can now be equitably
adjusted, it is hoped that the lands in question will be again opened to homestead entry at
an early date.
I am further asked to request that the Legislative Assembly of the Province may be
informed in the sense of this communication.
I have, etc.,
(Signed) Thos. W. Paterson,
Lieutenant- Governor.
The Honourable the Provincial Secretary.
victoria, b. c.:
Printed by Richaed Wolfenden, I.S.O., V.D., Printer to the King's Most Excellent Majesty.


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