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REPORT OF BUREAU OF INFORMATION AND IMMIGRATION. British Columbia. Legislative Assembly 1903

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 3 Ed. 7 Bureau of Information and Immigration. J 31
Bureau op Provincial Information,
Victoria, B. C, 4th June, 1903.
Honourable R. 67. Tatlow,
President Executive Council, Victoria:
Sir,—I have the honour of submitting my annual report as Secretary of the Bureau of
Information and Immigration, for the twelve months ending 1st May, 1903.
Owing to the large number of inquiries from prospective settlers and the unusually active
demand for land, the work of the Department has been considerable during the period in
question, more particularly within the past four or five months.
The number of letters received was    3,696
The number of letters sent out    4,166
A very large percentage of inquiries were from bond fide farmers in quest of land. The
origin of the inquiries, as to countries, was as follows :—
From the United States  45 per cent.
From Canada ,  43      n
From Great Britain      9      n
And from other countries      3       n
Owing to the peculiar conditions of the Province in respect to available lands and the
character of the country generally, the question of taking advantage of the great Western
movement, which has set in, is perhaps one of the most serious problems now confronting
British Columbia. It is now not a matter of attracting settlers to the Province, but of satisfactorily disposing of them upon their arrival.
It is impossible at the present time to ascertain, even approximately, the number of
persons who may be classed as immigrants; but it is within the knowledge of the Department
that there has been a considerable inflow of population, and that a number of persons have
become actual settlers, in many cases purchasing land from private owners. As a result there
has never before been such a demand for farm lands.
During the year the following number of publications have been distributed, mainly to
actual inquirers whose addresses are on file :—
Year Book  700
Agricultural Report  500
Agricultural Pamphlet  1,098
Mining Report  602
Mining Pamphlet  1,088
Crown Lands Surveys Report  400
Cowichan Pamphlet  500
C. P. R. Pamphlet ,  500
Victoria Board of Trade Report  1,666
Vancouver        n                 n         •  1,666
Salt Spring Island Pamphlet  1,311
Victoria Tourist Association Pamphlet  2,000
Vancouver          u                    n  2,000
Farm Lands Pamphlet  100
New Westminster Pamphlet  300
Land Act  205
Sketch Maps of Province  4,000
Other maps  600 J 32
Bureau of Information and Immigration.
Bulletin No.
6    4,500
7    2,500
8    1,000
9    3,000
12    1,000
Complete sets of the foregoing literature, with maps, were sent to the British Journalists,
to the British Head Masters, to the Boer Delegates, to Sir Edmund Barton and party, to Hon.
Mr. Borden and party, to the Delegates of the Presbyterian Assembly, all of whom were
visitors to the Province, and also to the leading newspapers and libraries, Dominion Immigration
and C. P. R. Agencies and Tourist Associations.
Since the organisation of the Bureau of Information the following Bulletins have been
published, in addition to the amended edition of the Year Book and Compendium published
in 1901 :—
Bulletin No. 1—Mining in British Columbia    2,500
2—" British Columbia of To-day "       1,080
3—Population of British Columbia    1,035
4—Skeena River District, including Bulkley Valley. . .   1,000
5—Good Roads       500
6—Finances of   British  Columbia,   Budget Speech of
Hon. J. D. Prentice    5,000
7—Mining in British Columbia    2,500
8—" B. C, a Field for Immigration "    1,000
9—The Great Undeveloped Areas of British Columbia..   3,500
10—Agricultural Conditions    3,500
11—General Review of Mining in British Columbia. . . .   3,500
12—"The Britain of the Pacific"    1,000
13—The Markets for British Columbia Fish and Fishery
Products    1,000
There are printed and ready for distribution, Bulletin No. 14, entitled " Markets for
British Columbia Pulp and Paper," in which exhaustive details are given; Bulletin No. 15,
" The Timber Industry," which deals with forestry and manufactured products ; Bulletin No.
16, dealing with the Fishery resources of the Province. Bulletins are also under preparation
dealing with the Iron and Steel Industry, and Markets for Lead and Copper and Timber.
The Year Book of 1903, which will be largely made up of some of the Bulletins already
enumerated, will appear in complete form in about thirty days.
I have the honour to be,
Your obedient servant,
Secretary Bureau Information and Immigration.
Printed by Riciurd Wolfenden, I.S.O., V.D., Printer to the King's Most Excellent Majesty.


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